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    Do you feel Olympus lenses render better on Olympus Bodies?

    Just a general opinion - to those who have Olympus bodies and have or have used lenses by both Olympus and Panasonic - do you feel that the Olympus lenses render better (with regards to color/contrast/sharpness) than Panasonic when used on your Olympus bodies?
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    AF of Panasonic Lenses on Olympus Bodies

    I just received the Panasonic 12-32 Pancake lens with the intention of using it on my Olympus Pen-F. I have been "testing" it against the Olympus 14-42EZ Pancake that I already have and noticed that in low to dim lighting, the Panasonic lens hunts much more often and even when it obtains AF...
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    Exposure differences between Panasonic and Olympus Lenses????

    Has anyone noticed a difference in exposure between Panasonic and Olympus lenses? I have the Pen-F which really - at least for me - screams for small primes and pancakes. I had the Olympus 14-42EZ pancake and got the Panasonic 12-32 Pancake to compare. And while doing some VERY unscientific...
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    "Issues" with the Autofocus on the 12-40 PRO Lens.

    Maybe I did not describe the scene properly - the branches were basically dark (almost sillioutted) against the sky with some snow on the top surface. Certainly enough contrast for the cheaper 14-42ez lens to quickly obtain AF. Thanks.
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    "Issues" with the Autofocus on the 12-40 PRO Lens.

    I have the EM10-II body and I have noticed at times that when I am shooting with the 12-40 PRO lens, it will have "issues" obtaining autofocus - even at times when there is very good contrast available. (Like shooting some snow covered tree branches against a very bright sky this afternoon.)...
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    Question about the AF on the Olympus 12-40 Pro Lens

    Thanks Dave and Pakky. I realize that it was during the back and forth "hunting", it was just on all my other m4/3 lenses, I was used to just seeing the scene/object to in an out of focus - same as when I would use manual focus and go back and forth. This "wavy" effect seems - at least to me -...
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    Question about the AF on the Olympus 12-40 Pro Lens

    Tended to notice it at the longer end of the 12-40, especially if I was using the 2x digital zoom (as far as the lens having difficulty achieving AF lock). But noticed the "wavy" effect whenever it was hunting.
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    Question about the AF on the Olympus 12-40 Pro Lens

    I just received a refurbished Olympus 12-40/2.8 lens and am very happy with the images, but there is something strange with the AF - at least compared to the other Olympus and Panasonic lenses I have had. When the lens (currently using it on the Olympus EM10-V2, previously on EM10-V1) when the...
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    Newer Olympus cameras - still a big advantage in RAW vs JPEG

    I have the EM10v1 and will soon be selling it to get probably the EM5v2 (though possibly the EM10v2) and each time I get a new camera - primarily because it takes a while for most RAW software to be updated for newer cameras - I shoot JPEGs a bit. Has anyone, who has one of the two cameras I...
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    Black Friday decision between EM10v2 and EM5v2

    There is a $300 difference between the EM10v2 and the EM5v2. I have the EM10v1 and am very happy with the size weight. I recently got the 12-40Pro and even though I was initially concerned with the balance of that lens on my EM10, I have found that it is (for me) a very comfortable combination...
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    sad reflection after an adventure in Iceland

    I have no issues with just taking a single lens or zoom lens on a trip. (We are leaving very shortly for a riverboat trip from Budapest to Prague along the Danube and my main lens will be the 14-42EZ. Though I will also take along the BCL Fisheye for some fun and the 17mm/1.8 for indoors/night -...
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    Any reason (besides weight/size) to keep both the 14-42 II R and the 12-50

    I had the 12-50 and still have the 14-42IIR (though I don't use it much since getting the 14-42EZ Pancake) and while I did like the zoom range of the 12-50, I think that the shorter zoom ranges of the various 14-42 lenses make them a bit sharper. And while I do prefer the smaller lenses (hence...
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    How do you like your Olympus M. Zuiko 17mm f/2.8 lens?

    Yeah - but the BCL lens is (1) cheaper and (2) cooler looking!!! And only "irrational" if you are using either lens for "serious" photography where a "real" lens is preferable.
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    A Small Surprise

    #1 - you have some great shots there and a wonderful testing of the lens. #2 - don't know if I could go an entire year with just a single focal length, but I do agree that it is a good way to improve your photographic "eye". #3 - Also agree about the fast prime - though my current fast prime is...
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    Olympus OM-D E-M10 Image Thread

    I know that Barry but to me OV3 is a really badly designed (or engineered) piece of software. Very slow and the interface is extremely "clunky" - and that is being polite. I have played with it on and off - mainly because I was waiting for Apple to update to see the two RAW files from my cameras...
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    Olympus OM-D E-M10 Image Thread

    Went out on a final "let's see if I like RAW with Apple Aperture vs Olympus JPEG" walks again in preparation for a two week riverboat tour down the Blue Danube. (Personal decision, while I do see the advantage of RAW in some circumstances and especially for people who do a lot of heavy post...
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    EM10 picture noise

    I agree with MNm43 - higher ISO noise is very subjective. I leave my EM10 set to Auto ISO and max it out at 3200 because that is the level that I feel the results require little if any noise work - but I am generally shooting JPEGs but the Noise Filter setting is on OFF. If you are shooting RAW...
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    Is there any 12- longish zoom in pipeline

    This is what I am hoping for. Have the EM10 and just felt that the 12-40/2.8 was just a bit too big/heavy for me. If they could keep the IQ close, lose the weather sealing but reduce the size/weight by about 1/3 I would be running to a store!!!!
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    Upgrading from EP-3 to M-10 or EP-5?

    You don't say what you did not love about the EM1. If it was the size/weight/bulk, then you might like the EM10 (I know I do). If it was because you rarely used the EVF, then the upgraded Pen would probably be better suited for you. And yes, the IBIS on the EP5 is the 5-Axis and it is great...
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    What are the real world differences between the PEN series and the OM-D series?

    I had the EM5 and hated it's mushy feeling buttons (yes I know it's the weather sealing) and went back to the EP5 but decided that I really missed having the EVF along all the time - probably a result of changing my P&S from the XZ-2 to the Stylus 1 - and got the EM10. Great EVF, nice relatively...
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    O14-42 EZ - I tried to make it hunt for focus

    Unfortunately most of the "kit" lenses (don't consider the 12-40 which came in a "kit" with the EM1 a "kit" lens) will have some difficultly in low light because of their slow aperture range. Not surprising, though from what I have seen the EZ seems better to me than all the other Olympus kit...
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    O14-42 EZ - I tried to make it hunt for focus

    Perhaps because they were not interested enough to reply? (For me I just did not notice the thread and I usually do read ones about the EZ pancake.) I have had mine since it was introduced and have never had a "hunting" problem anywhere in the zoom range, but then again I don't try to setup a...
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    O-MD E10 - What are the must haves (newbie alert!)

    I also got the OM to m43 adapter and while I don't have the Zuiko 28mm (too similar a focal length to what I had covered by my m4/3 lenses) I do have the 50mm/1.4 and love it. Attached photo is of our grandson using that lens - I know the body was not the EM10, but definitely the EVF makes this...
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    Is Oly 12-40/2,8 to heavy for E-M10?

    My reason for moving from 4/3 (not exactly large cameras) to m4/3 was the smaller size/weight. And as much as I love the pictures I have seen from the 12-40 (and actually was one click away from purchasing a refurbished one), I still don't love the size/weight on my EM10 (and no, I don't have...
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    Olympus OM-D E-M10 Image Thread

    I had the EM5 and now the EM10 and basically the same lenses. "Significantly better" - probably not, but there is at least to my eyes an improvement in DR and certainly noise at the higher ISOs. But I would not say "significant" and certainly not enough to justify selling one to get the other...
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    O-MD E10 - What are the must haves (newbie alert!)

    As others have said - first the batteries/memory cards and go out and shoot and get comfortable with the camera itself. The kit zooms (I have the same 14-42IIR and the 14-42EZ Pancake) are very good - but this is coming from a non-pixel peeper. Then go over the shots that you took the most with...
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    Swapping E-P5 <---> E-M10.

    That is possible - and I agree that the 5-Axis were very good - but from my personal experience (not only what I have read), having had both the EM5 and the EP5 and now own the EM10, I did not see any significant advantage in my shots.
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    Shoulder Bag Suggestion (EM10 + lenses)

    Ryan - I also responded to your PM - but no, I did not go with the Streamline 100. Could not find a parking spot near B&H to run in and try it and my salesman at Adorama did not have it in stock. He did have a similar bag that was supposedly the same interior dimensions (don't remember the name)...
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    Swapping E-P5 <---> E-M10.

    That is possible - I don't do a lot of macro shooting - but from what I have read, the two "missing" axises don't really impact on still photography. (And from what I have seen, going from the EM5/EP5 which both have it to the EM10 which doesn't, at least in my experience it has not made any...
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    Swapping E-P5 <---> E-M10.

    I went from the EM10 (through the EM5 and EP5) and as far as your "pros" for the EP5: (1) Yes it has the 5-Axis system, but unless you are doing a lot of video, you probably will not even notice the two missing ones as they really don't effect still shots. And the EM10 has the stabilization...
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    Swapping E-P5 <---> E-M10.

    Have not done any direct comparisons/testing, but for me I think that the IQ of the EM10 is a bit better. Significantly in normal images - no. A bit better as far as dynamic range and higher ISO noise - definitely. Enough to make the "improvement" the deciding factor - probably not for most...
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    One of Staten Island's Oldest Citizens

    EM10 + 14-42EZ + Digital Teleconverter. Was taking a walk through Clove Lake Park - actually to get some sample shots to test out Aperture's update for the EM10 RAW files, though this one the camera was reset back to JPEG only - and found this fellow enjoying the beautiful afternoon.
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    Swapping E-P5 <---> E-M10.

    I went from EM5 to EP5 and now EM10. Loved the EM5 but really never loved some of the mushy buttons and actually preferred the "range finder" look of the EP5, so went to that. But after updating my XZ-2 to the Stylus 1 I discovered that I liked having an EVF around all the time (my "excuse" with...
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    Does EM-10 have shutter shock issues?

    Klorenzo - I am like Harvey - leave it on all the time unless using the multiple shot modes which turns it off anyway. drd1135 - I also was never sure about the shutter shock with my EM10 but did do the update and while I am still not sure, some shots (when examined at 100%) do seem a slight...
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    Coming Soon ..... Superb First Impressions of My New E-M10 vs My Old E-M5

    If you do a lot of video you might notice the difference because the two "missing" axis are primarily used then. And the EM10 does make up for the two missing ones digitally, so I have not noticed any significant difference going from the EM5/EP5 to the EM10.
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    12mm on EM10 (focus peaking)

    That is what I have in one of My Sets - button to activate FP. I don't have the camera nearby right now, but I think I remember (always an iffy proposition) that if you just change the AF to MF on the camera, then you will get the Focus Peaking - assuming you have it set up as your manual focus...
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    Lens Suggestions for Riverboat Tour (Budapest, Vienna, Prague)

    Thanks for the examples - and I looked at the link to the previous thread and you have some beautiful shots there. My thinking right now is to take either the 40-150 for shots from the boat - or since I plan on taking my Stylus 1 (28-300mm eq) along as a backup, just to use that for the boat...
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    Shoulder Bag Suggestion (EM10 + lenses)

    Interesting as my EM10 with the 14-42 EZ would be about the same as with the 14mm. And as I would only be using the second pocket for the 17mm, it should not be as "snug" as you have it with the two Sigma lenses. One question - if you had one of the larger lenses on the EM10, would you still be...
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    Shoulder Bag Suggestion (EM10 + lenses)

    That seems interesting. Let me know how the camera fits. Thanks.
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    Shoulder Bag Suggestion (EM10 + lenses)

    I have several camera bags (probably like all of us) but looking for something a bit smaller. My smallest bag is a Lowepro Rezo 110 AW and for an upcoming trip I want to just take my EM10 and three Olympus lenses (14-42EZ Pancake, 17mm/1.8 and the BCL Fisheye) and the interior of the bag is a...
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    12mm on EM10 (focus peaking)

    I don't have the 12mm but do have the 17mm/1.8 and the EM10 and at least on the 17mm it does not work by using the manual clutch (wish it did). Know it does work - for some reason, probably the price - on the 12-40, but I know it doesn't work on my 17mm.
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    Lens Suggestions for Riverboat Tour (Budapest, Vienna, Prague)

    I have had this suggestion a few times (other forums) and I think that I will either do this or as I was planning on taking the Stylus 1 (28-300 eq zoom range) as a backup, might just use that when on the boat.
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    Lens Suggestions for Riverboat Tour (Budapest, Vienna, Prague)

    Had two "super zooms" - the Olympus 18-180 when I shot 4/3 and the Oly 14-150 which I was not really impressed with for the price. Ended up selling it and getting the 40-150 again for those times I needed the reach. And while I do like the convenience of these lenses, I just don't feel that...
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    Lens Suggestions for Riverboat Tour (Budapest, Vienna, Prague)

    I assume by the above comment (about the focal range) you were referring to the 14-42 not the 40-150. So thanks for the thoughts, Steve
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    Lens Suggestions for Riverboat Tour (Budapest, Vienna, Prague)

    My wife and I are taking a riverboat tour along the Blue Danube from Budapest (through Vienna) and on to Prague. While we have travelled a bit in Europe and have taken a riverboat before, we have never visited this area. Most of my "travel" shots tend to be in the wide to normal range. The...
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    EM1 usable hight ISO

    This should be a MAJOR deciding factor for you. Everyone's "tolerance" is totally different - even taking into account the final output of the photo. My background was film and compared to older "high" ISO (oops I mean ASA) films, today's camera outputs are amazing. (Try finding some old Kodak...
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    Perfect weather for Infrared in NYC

    It was bright and sunny here in NYC so I decided to take out my EPL1 that was converted to IR with me on my walk through Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island. Used the Olympus 14-42EZ Pancake for all. Shot JPEG+RAW with the camera set to Monochrome, so the more traditional shot (the B&W one) was...
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    Suggestion for best (non-rechargeable) AA batteries for hot shoe flash???

    I use Olympus Micro 4/3 DSLR (EM-10) and have one of their hot-shoe mounted flash units (FL36R) that I need for a conference I have been asked to take some photos of some of the speakers. What is the best (as far as flash recharge time) of the current non-rechargeable AA batteries? It has...
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    E-P5 vs E-M10 tracking?I

    Had the EP5 and sold it to get the EM10, and while I don't do a lot of CAF-TR, I would say that the EM10 is "better". Significantly better - again did not do enough with either camera to really comment - so I would tend towards "better but not significantly". As was pointed out, none of the...
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    EM5 for EM10 and some thoughts.

    I had the EM5 (then went to the EP5) and now the EM10 and don't regret it at all. As others have said, for most people the main source of dust is when you change lenses (so just don't do it on a beach in the wind) and for years the Olympus dust removal system has been considered one of the (if...
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