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  1. Hards80

    [FS] Vivitar Series 1 105 2.5mm Macro (FD mnt)

    Vivitar Series 1 105 2.5mm Macro (Kiron) in great condition. Clean glass, comes with caps and leather case. In Canon FD Mount. 200$ plus ship
  2. Hards80

    [FS] Sony Nex 5N kit Black

  3. Hards80

    [FS] Sony Nex 5N kit Black

    actually i did not get a pm from you. and if you do, you will need extra verification on identity since you joined today and its your first post.
  4. Hards80

    [FS] Viv Srs 1 105 2.5mm & Canon 50 1.4 FD SSC

    Can separate these. shoot an offer. Want to give this forum one last try before going to craigslist, great lenses and want them to go to a good person.
  5. Hards80

    [FS] Viv Srs 1 105 2.5mm & Canon 50 1.4 FD SSC

    will entertain reasonable offers.
  6. Hards80

    [FS] Viv Srs 1 105 2.5mm & Canon 50 1.4 FD SSC

    Vivitar Series 1 105mm 2.5 in FD mount. In excellent condition, no marks clean glass, comes with leather case too. I don't have to tell everyone here how special this find is. Also Canon FD 50 1.4 SSC also in excellent condition...
  7. Hards80

    [FS] Sony Nex 5N kit Black

    oh yes, i should have been more specific. it is the 18-55 kit.
  8. Hards80

    [FS] Sony Nex 5N kit Black

    $500 flat, includes UPS standard ship to 48 and paypal fees As the title says, its a Like New Sony Nex 5n black. I bought it for traveling, but I haven't really traveled much. I have only taken about 100-150 pics with it, mostly just testing it out. I have no real reasons to keep it around, but...
  9. Hards80

    COMPLETED Panny 20 1.7 (U.S)

    It will be on its way to a good new home in the morning =)
  10. Hards80

    COMPLETED Panny 20 1.7 (U.S)

    As the title says, up for sale is the Panny 20 1.7. Like new. 300 shipped to cont U.S.
  11. Hards80

    Viv Series 1 shots

    yes, i think having an adapter with a tripod mount would actually be a very nice idea and would be useful with some of these longer heavier lenses, it would sure make the balance point on a tripod better for the big viv.
  12. Hards80

    Viv Series 1 shots

    if i am carrying it around, i usually carry it by the lens, or have the lens pointing down. but i don't really worry about the heft on the epl1, its a solid connection and it hasn't really bothered me much. congratulations its a heck of a sharp lens with great build quality, you will enjoy
  13. Hards80

    Viv Series 1 shots

    thanks all for the kind words. this lens is definitely one of the better "finds" for me. its very sharp, pleasant oof areas, and great build. @bilzmale - yes, every one was shot with a tripod.
  14. Hards80

    Ordered a GH2 today...

    Congrats Ad. that is a great camera. I am looking forward to seeing some examples when you get it! @Rider - despite a nominal increase in MP early reports show that the new Panny sensor does better than the older sensor. it handles noise just as good or better, but the big news is the dynamic...
  15. Hards80

    Misty Morning

    these are good. i really like that 2nd shot. i really love the mood set by mist and monochrome. really classy.
  16. Hards80

    Share: GREEN

  17. Hards80

    Jupiter 8

    the optical design between the ltm and kiev mount are not different. so that will not make any difference. they were made for a long time, and glass formulas and coatings changed across time and across plants. also i think the later models had a more circular aperture when stop down vs the old...
  18. Hards80

    LCD screen on E-P2 vs E-PL1

    as ST mentioned i shoot the kiron viv 105 macro and a fd 1.4. basically my mf workflow is; using non-magnified view focus as close as i can, then pop down to magnified view for critical focus, then pop back out to confirm framing is still good and fire. i think that is pretty much the only way...
  19. Hards80

    Urbex with the G1

    this set looks very nice. i love the perspective and the angles you used for this set. the color and tones work really well.
  20. Hards80

    They stole it in Amsterdam..I need a new compact camera....

    for something not too expensive, and a nice cam to lend the girlfriend. and being used to canon, as others have mentioned the s90 is a great cam, and since its been replaced, you may be able to find a cheap used/refurbished unit. another good choice would be the sd4000, not quite as good in low...
  21. Hards80

    LCD screen on E-P2 vs E-PL1

    the ep2 screen is bigger for sure. but for me i have no problem with the epl1 lcd. i will still get the vf soon. but i have been shooting alot of mf lenses, and have never had a problem getting critical focus on the epl1 on the lcd. the dedicated magnified view button is quite handy too.
  22. Hards80

    Pentax/Cosmicar 25mm f1.4 Test drive

    very interesting lens. the swirl bokeh is interesting and it is quite sharp for a cctv. thanks for sharing.
  23. Hards80

    On the way to work...

    really nice. i love the simplistic composition of #2 here. keeps the emphasis on the great golden light. excellent.
  24. Hards80

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    Just got my Panny 20 1.7 in the mail tonite after work. Just had time to head down to the local preserve before it got dark. Was really windy today, so was relegated to shooting inside the timber. 1. @1.7 2. @2.8 3. @1.7 4. Orton Some Art Filter Fun, Because: Why not? I...
  25. Hards80

    It Only Takes A Minute, Girl

    i really like the simplicity of the last one. the low horizon is great
  26. Hards80

    Small Town Festival

    I like the mono treatment. Definitely always a safe bet when doing some street shooting. Many of these are a bit too busy, they work nicely for documenting the event. That said the 4th one up from the bottom is a really nice street shot of the guy waiting on the step, great expression, good...
  27. Hards80

    Macro Lens for E-PL1

    For true macro, you will not want to use AF anyway, this opens up a ton of options in the manual focus macro lens department, and to be honest most macro lenses are great. a few of note. Vivitar Series 1 105 2.5 (if you go to adapted lens forum, you can see some of my examples) Tamron SP 90 2.5...
  28. Hards80

    And a few from the FD 50 1.4 SSC

    Figured I would throw in a few examples from my newly acquired Canon FD 50 1.4 SSC. f1.4 f2.8 f1.4 f2.8 f1.4 f2.8 f1.4 f2.8 f2.8 f1.4 f2.8
  29. Hards80

    Viv Series 1 shots

    Figured I would show a few images for my first real post. These are from my Vivitar (Kiron) 105mm 2.5 macro. 1st - It mounted on my EPL1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  30. Hards80

    Greetings from Cleveland

    Hi Everyone. I have been participating in photography forums for a long time now, and been an avid photographer since 15. Added m4/3 to my arsenal in April with an EPL1. Currently have the kit and 20 1.7, as well as some FD lenses and adapter including a Kiron made Viv Series 1 105 2.5...
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