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  1. Snowonuluru

    Lets talk CAF settings with the EM1MK11 and firmware 3.1

    I wish one or more of the contributors here would make a video that covers all the aspects explained in this thread, and the other related threads. So far, videos related to CAF and CAF-TR for the E-M1 MK2 on YouTube were all posted before firmware 3.1.
  2. Snowonuluru

    Share Birds

  3. Snowonuluru

    Full Frame Image Thread

  4. Snowonuluru

    Dear John, or kiss and make up for M43

    One can easily stay with E-M5 for a long time to come, because I believe there must be many hardly used E-M5 that are going for very little money.
  5. Snowonuluru

    C&C Too much?

    To me, nature is full of weird and wonderful things. Many sorts of colors and effects do occur in nature. One person's view of what is natural may be limited by his/her own experience. And if you create an image that is within an "average" range of perception, how will it stand out? Also, it...
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    Share Birds

  7. Snowonuluru

    Trouble focusing on birds

    On the E-M1 mk2, you can set focus distance limits. If you can keep those limits within a range suitable to the situation, you may have a better experience.
  8. Snowonuluru

    Showcase Tamron SP AF 180mm F3.5 LD (IF) Macro 1:1

    @piggsy Wow! What can I say! Wow! I wish I can do AF as well as you do MF!
  9. Snowonuluru

    I am back to Olympus for good

    I did note that. However those weren't choices presented to an individual, instead, they were situations of what happened to two separate individuals who scored their own unrelated situations. IMO, that is a big difference.
  10. Snowonuluru

    I am back to Olympus for good

    I don’t have the scientific data to say what I say below, but I will use the frontal cortex’s ability to simulate: The experiments mentioned in the talk gave subjects choices which are of equal merits or the differences between which were limited to a narrow range. In such instances, any...
  11. Snowonuluru

    I've woke up to what really matters (to me)

    Life, a continuous tussle between needs and desires.
  12. Snowonuluru

    show Are-Bure-Boke - "grainy, blurry, and out-of-focus"

    Been looking through old photos at my mother’s some of which I took when I started out with a TLR. I’m afraid (?) many of them fit in here. Mine were “created” in the late 50’s/early 60’s. So they preceded the are-bure-boke definition. Had I known about it then, I could have claimed pioneer...
  13. Snowonuluru

    Bokeh is highly overated.

    Bokeh is just one element out of many that one can control in creating an image. Bokeh is the visual quality of the out-of-focus area of an image. The quality or nature or characteristic or effect can be affected by the lens optics, aperture, the amount of out-of-focus of the background or...
  14. Snowonuluru

    Full Frame Image Thread

  15. Snowonuluru

    E-M1X: I must be doing something wrong

    How about this situation: Tracking a ballet dancer moving into a pirouette sequence, and fire off a burst for the duration of the pirouette (or figure skating).
  16. Snowonuluru

    Full Frame Image Thread

    Canon 5D (Classic) with adapted Komura 75-150 MF lens
  17. Snowonuluru

    EM1X in action by mu-43 users

    I imagine that when zooming, the camera has to change IBIS focal length setting at the same time. The sensor meanwhile is moving around to compensate for movement, so the relative position of the image of the object being tracked is probably moving with random perturbations in addition to the...
  18. Snowonuluru

    Trapped inside. Need ideas please.

    Easy! Browse in various gear sites and use your PayPal account!
  19. Snowonuluru

    Black and White Landscapes

    Reduced contrast and clarity, just for a change.
  20. Snowonuluru

    Engadget asks if M43 Cameras have a future

    I sometimes wonder what "would have been great" shots people missed due to inadequacy in their gear that cause them to have so much angst about gear.
  21. Snowonuluru

    EM1X in action by mu-43 users

    An extreme durability test?
  22. Snowonuluru

    You just got a new Olympus... what are the first settings you change?

    Thanks! I've been advising friends who don't care about post processing to set jpg at super fine. Just wanted to be sure I have not misled them! :)
  23. Snowonuluru

    You just got a new Olympus... what are the first settings you change?

    Hi, I curious as to why you would choose fine over super fine?
  24. Snowonuluru

    Battery warning level E-M5.2

    + means more charge remaining when battery symbol starts flashing, so you get earlier warning, while - means the opposite.
  25. Snowonuluru

    Going to take a wander down camera memory lane

    I found this old thread while looking for information on four thirds cameras: Anyone miss their Olympus E-xxx (Sorry I don't know how to attach a hyperlink to the thread.) Might be an idea to merge this with that.
  26. Snowonuluru

    EM1X in action by mu-43 users

    Seems governments all over the place use the same "reason" of road safety to reduce speed limit. Not sure if the real reason might be something different, like money, for instance.
  27. Snowonuluru

    7Artisans - an interview

    The Man behind the Lens: Li Qing (7artisans 28mm 1.4 FE+) -
  28. Snowonuluru

    first contribution

    ? Not awesome?
  29. Snowonuluru

    Photo of a black hole

    From Galaxy M87, therefore about twice as big as M43.
  30. Snowonuluru

    Focus point stuck on side of box..can't move back to middle.

    IMO, it is unfortunate that someone is talked out of buying an excellent camera.
  31. Snowonuluru

    If I had known...

    It is too easy to get adapters for almost all the mounts in existence to use almost any legacy lens with no effort. For those "specials", there are also already trail blazing folks who have posted their ingenious contraptions here on this forum. With the IBIS which can be set to match...
  32. Snowonuluru

    EM1 Mark II File Name Arrangement

    The default Pmdd can be set to any fixed alphabet or number of your choice, if you want, and let the remaining four digits run from 0000 to 9999.
  33. Snowonuluru

    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    M42 to Canon EF adapter with AF confirm. Then I can use my MF lenses with my FF Canon 5D without the M43 crop factor effect. More variations to play with!
  34. Snowonuluru

    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    E-M5 + Mir-1 37mm f2.8
  35. Snowonuluru

    Sharp joining M43

    And I heard earlier that M43 is dead! Bet those doomsayers won't be saying sorry anytime soon.
  36. Snowonuluru

    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    E-M5 + Mir-1 37mm f2.8
  37. Snowonuluru

    Eye tracking with Olympus 5 Mk II

    I understand that on Olympus, CAF and sequential high works continuously only up to the first shot. I agree with @Drdave944 regarding use of touch screen. Using the flip out screen and angled away from subjects, SAF, and silent shutter, you can take pictures without subjects being aware of you...
  38. Snowonuluru

    Photo Association

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