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    Showcase Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 PRO

    Do you mean the blue colour banding? They look like jpeg artifacts to me: Image Posterization Happens worst in pure colour areas (all red, blue or green) and when you boost contrast - I used to get it in stage lights a lot with jpegs.
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    C&C brooklyn bridge

    Lovely shot! Just a technical observation - at f/16 you're getting into diffraction territory. Given the dynamic range isn't huge at blue hour you can get the same long shutter at iso100 and f/8.
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    Does anyone use instagram? Follow chain?

    You definitely deserve to be there - always loved your stuff! Snowhead here so I'm loving Reuben Krabbe's feed, cheers for the list @ahinesdesign :)
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    Does anyone use instagram? Follow chain?

    Hi folks, new starter on instagram here, really like it for finding great photography. Malc D (@sucker_for_sunset) • Instagram photos and videos
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    Showcase Panasonic 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6

    Loving the size of this little lens, it's pretty much always in bag now...
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    Hood for pl25,1.4

    I use the B+W rubber hood after trawling a bunch of threads on dpreview. It's tiny collapsed and feels decent quality: BW Collapsible Rubber Hood 900 - Lens Hoods Caps Also available at B&H if you're in the US.
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    Shutter speeds too low?

    As you say, I'm using auto ISO (with a limit of 1600) - quite happy with image quality up until then. But the camera keeps shooting at ISO200 in a range where there's highly likely to be motion blur - it's really annoying! I know I can set the ISO myself, but didn't need to do this on my E-M5...
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    Shutter speeds too low?

    Hi folks, I just bought a GX80 after having my E-M5 for a few years. Generally loving the camera, but it's showing a nasty habit of defaulting to 1/60th of a second when I'm trying to shoot people indoors (P or A modes usually). It looks like Panasonic haven't made a minimum shutter speed...
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    The Urban Landscapes/Cityscapes Thread

    OK, hope this is the right thread...there a few cityscape threads now! Canary Wharf in London taken on a freezing cold ride home from work a few days ago :) GX80, 45mm, 6s, clipped to a railing on an Ultrapod.
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    High praise for the Panasonic 25mm f1.4

    I use a little collapsible rubber hood from B+W after seeing others recommend it - folds flat and barely adds any size to the lens: B+W 46mm #900 Rubber Lens Hood 65-069591 B&H Photo Video
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    Rescued kitty.

    Love this, great big-hearted story and lovely shots - thanks for posting! He's probably a little older than 5-6 weeks as his eyes aren't blue. I *think* most kittens are born with closed eyes that are blue when they open...though I'm not an expert, just a cat-person :)
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    Open letter to Panasonic and Olympus about Dual IS

    Exactly the same for me, I bought the 12-35/2.8, 35-100/2.8 and 7-14/4 as they're all smaller than Oly lenses. Now I'm looking at panasonic bodies as my next upgrade from my E-M5 I... and Olympus lost a customer due to their lens strategies. Is now a good time to ask for standardised batteries?!
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    Metabones AutoFocus with Canon EF Zoom...Wow!!!!!

    From reading over on another forum the incompatibility of the speed-booster version and Olympus cameras is a *physical* limitation to do with the Olympus shutter. The speedbooster and Olympus shutter physically don't fit in the space, but there's more space to the Panasonic shutter mechanism.
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    Kipon EF-M43 AF Adapter Performance

    Is there any way to combine this with a speed booster? Or do we just have to wait for an EF-MFT speed booster in one unit? I think an auto-focusing 70-200/f2.8 L lens would be quite impressive!
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    I came in expecting some band photos, nice surprise!
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    A few from the Blue Mountains, NSW

    Kept reading the title as not-safe-for-work! Lovely photos :)
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    Yet another UWA fast prime in the works

    Ahhh, I misread. That's the 2x Anamorphic lens - the last paragraph of the press release at the end: The Veydra Mini Anamorphic 2X 25mm T2.2 M4/3 should be available at the end of 2015. We will simultaneously develop other longer focal lengths with the aim to make a 3 lens set available...
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    sharp lens 100mm recommendations ?

    Surprised at the lack of love for Olympus - I have an old OM 100mm/2.8 that's a great lens. Replaced with a new Panny 35-100/2.8 that's better, but for the price/focal length it's a great small, light lens.
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    Considering discontinuation of Tapatalk support at

    The website works just fine on my android tablet/phone - no reason to use tapatalk here and happy to ditch another app ;)
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    Visiting NYC

    As a follow-up, any suggestions for where to go the 3rd time you're in New York? I've been to most "must see" places: TOTR / ESB / Central Park / Bridges / Dumbo / Highline / Times Sq / Gd Central / The Met Not to say I won't go back to them - bloody love it here!
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    Visiting NYC

    At TOTR there's a small floor above the floor with all the glass windows - that's where I was perched with my tabletop on a stone plinth...froze my hands, but *fantastic* views! Also no glass in the way...but if you shoot wide you'll have the observation deck in shot.
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    Cityscapes from the Tokyo World Trade Center in Japan

    You've just given me an idea to reuse some old rubber collapsible screw-on lens hoods I have - they'd eliminate reflections well and let you reframe with the flat rubber pressed against the glass.
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    Visiting NYC

    I shot for about an hour with a little pedco ultrapod II balanced on a stone column at TOTR last month - had the 35-100/2.8 on the cam most of the time, plenty of folks with much bigger gear and tripods. Definitely wait for building lights to come on at blue hour, the effect is gorgeous! I...
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    Panasonic 35-100 owners !!!

    Silver - do you ever use flash indoors? I have the tiny fl300r, bounced off the ceiling and shooting at ISO800 I've had some really great indoor evening shots from friends weddings (not as the paid 'tog btw!). I do usually use my Oly 17mm for that but the flash'll really help out with f2.8.
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    Favorite Lightroom presets

    You'll find after a little while there are a few base setups of the sliders you tend to prefer - save these as your own starting points. Then as skellington says, once you've tweaked one how you like it - copy settings, then paste onto similarly lit shots. A real time-saver! One tip I found...
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    Super zooms.

    *Very* similar situation to me! I really did like the convenience of the Oly 14-150, think the Pan 14-140 has a better reputation though. For quick travel shooting or beach/outdoor activities they're great (no risky changes!) I think adding the 9-18 and samyang 7.5mm is what made me give up on...
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    Super zooms.

    If you don't already own a "fast" lens like the 45's/25's/20/17 primes I'd recommend getting one to get you something that expands the range of shots you can take. I did the same a few years back (superzoom lens to avoid changes), and it's useful - but adding something really sharp and fast will...
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    Speedweekend on ice

    Always love your photos Grid! Thanks for sharing ;)
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    Can't get the wright colours (red guitar)

    I *think* the photo's overexposed a little - pickguard too white and red colour too weak suggest the guitar's too "hot" in the picture. The rest of the background is dark, the camera's exposing the whole image not just the bit you're interested in :) Take the guitar somewhere with better...
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    which compact table tripod for e-pl5 + 12-35mm?

    Second vote for the pedco ultrapod II, useful to be able to fix it to posts with the velcro strap. It feels a bit plastic, but I managed a decent set of low light shots with my em5 and lumix 35-100/2.8 at full zoom in NY last year. *Much* sturdier than a gorillapod - don't get one if you're...
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    Best lens for low light/night city/street photography

    I could never get my 20mm to focus on anything moving in low light - AF really annoyed me. The 17mm/1.8 never leaves my bag, love it for city work. This is hand-held with the em5 and 17mm:
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    I guess this is a m4/3 Olympus camera...sort of. Who will buy one?

    Can't wait to be able to buy one of these, soooo many possibilities. Price would have to be low - e-pm2 level or less hopefully, but I'd love it as a pocket cam on holiday. Anywhere I don't want to take my 'real' camera this thing would be prefect...concerts etc.
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    m43 fisheye

    Without question, the samyang 7.5mm! I bought one without ever owning a fisheye and love the damn thing! It's really sharp, easy to use (you don't need AF) and pretty damn small. Just remember to keep your fingers/feet out of shot, you'll have a blast ;) This is taken in the French Alps with it:
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    DIY grip for E-P5

    I've a small sugru extension on my e-m5 grip, been there a year and makes a great difference! I went a slightly different route and moulded it to my fingers - but I'm not planning on selling it ;)
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    e-pl5 with samyang 7.5mm - MF Assist?

    Yup, as said - no electrical contacts so the camera doesn't know when you're turning the ring. That said, dof is *huge* with this lens, you tend to only need to focus on things closer than 6 feet away.
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    EM10 and cold weather temps

    Just beware of condensation when you come back inside. I keep my camera in a plastic bag and squeeze as much air out of it as I can before coming back inside when I'm skiing. Think of what happens to (eye) glasses when you come in from the cold, then picture the inside of your camera like that!
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    LR5 Photo Optimization Techniques with Tim Grey

    Can't believe no-one's made a "50 shades of Grey" crack yet! Thanks for the link :)
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    LR 6

    You can upgrade usually machines to 64-bit, I did this with our old Vista laptop and the licence code worked fine. You may also find there's a free upgrade to Windows 10 soon as MS are trying to move everyone off older windows versions. Bear in mind a backup's really important for this - it's...
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    What cheap lenses are considered the 'best' optically?

    Oops, should have read more than the title I suppose - sorry! Still, you'd certainly be in amongst the action ;)
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    What cheap lenses are considered the 'best' optically?

    The samyang/rokinon 7.5mm fisheye is a wonderful lens, cheap and sharp with an interesting persective - you can also defish it in software easily. MF, but everything from 1m or so is usually in focus at that field of view.
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    Featured: 'and so it's finally launched and our questions answered...' by letsgofishing

    The majority of customers are standing in a shop with little knowledge of how old the camera is - if it's on the shelf it's a 'current' product. And they'll see a full-frame camera (must be better, right?) for a similar price...and buy that one. Us nerds on the forums are in the minority here...
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    Featured: 'and so it's finally launched and our questions answered...' by letsgofishing

    While this is true, there's a lot more competition in the market now - I think that price will fall rapidly. Or perhaps I just hope it will ;)
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    Indoor/backyard photo project/ideas list

    Hi all, please can you share photography ideas and/or links for a friend of mine that's stuck indoors over the winter? After some searching here I didn't find many threads about it - but please share the link if there's a large thread here already. Or any other indoor/winter project links...
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    Oly 17/1.8 or Oly 25/1.8

    A bit off-topic but have you thought about a cheap, manual macro lens? Lots of fun stuff you can do indoors with macro :) Can't comment on the 25mm but I love my 17mm indoors - especially with a small flash like the fl300r.
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    Faster legacy lens worth it ?

    The OM100mm/2.8 is a really nice lens - I've only just replaced it with the Panny 35-100/2.8 - good wide open and not much bigger than a 50mm!
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    Sold my DSLR - guide me between OMD EM1/5/10.

    I own and e-m5 and love it, but if you like the feel of the E-M1, buy the E-M1. Otherwise you're just going to be annoyed by the fiddlyness on smaller bodies. I came to m43 from a Pentax Kx - and it's the decrease in lens size that makes the biggest difference with this system, not the bodies...
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    My first show! some questions about printing and selling work.

    Hi Pete, I've been looking at getting some large prints done - for a view of printers in the UK I'd recommend having a look around on the talkphotography forums. I've used ds colour labs ( based on their many recommendations and got great small (7*5) wedding prints...
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    Forum is wasting my screen space.

    Admitedly I use Android devices - but I just double-tap the column/table I want to zoom in on and it auto-fits e.g. the thread messages to screen width. Looks like Safari might do this too? Otherwise the forum apps probably hide all the...
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    LX100 > Ricoh GR

    You live in one heck of a gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing :)
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