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  1. Ephemeral Moment

    Share Birds

    Lapwing in Baldersdale
  2. Ephemeral Moment

    A few from Baldersdale

    Went to Hanna's Meadow at the weekend and a Lapwing was obliging in waiting for me to take its photograph and the bluebells were out all taken with the GX1 and 45-200mm lens
  3. Ephemeral Moment

    Lowepro Flipside 10L Pack

    Hi, that the sling version? How comfortable is the sling? Was worrying about space, but that is absolutely loads of space compared to SLR and lens :)
  4. Ephemeral Moment

    Nik Software Full Suite Now Just $126.65 Using Coupon Code "MU-43"

    Thanks, been putting off buying B&W conversion software, but when everything is cheaper than the one app :)
  5. Ephemeral Moment

    Fear of camera theft

    My solution to this was to buy a cheap digital compact, this goes along with my cheap pay as you go phone, nothing I'm attached to and nothing worth nicking :)
  6. Ephemeral Moment

    Greetings from ovengloves!

    Are you Joy Division Oven Gloves? :wink: :biggrin:
  7. Ephemeral Moment

    COMPLETED Panasonic 20mm f1.7 UK only

    Just to say, the lens arrived the day after it was sent in excellent condition Thanks :)
  8. Ephemeral Moment

    What are you listening to?

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Back in time with Matt Bianco :)
  9. Ephemeral Moment

    When did you decide to sell your DSLR gear?

    For the second time, four days ago :)
  10. Ephemeral Moment

    Returning after a two year absence

    Thanks all, just got home after getting the GX1, what a lovely little camera. The whole thing is lighter than the lens I usually had on my camera :) Touchscreen may take a bit of getting used to though, looking forward to getting out there and playing Edit: just noticed my avatar, that's a...
  11. Ephemeral Moment

    Returning after a two year absence

    I'm just going to buy a new m4/3 camera after travelling down the road of FF Canon and realising that I was using my phone camera or my compact more often than the main camera. Just waiting for the money I got for the 5D body then off to buy a GX1 with a couple of lenses :) Looking forward to...
  12. Ephemeral Moment

    The Pinwide - 11mm Pinhole Photography for Micro 4/3

    Finally arrived, really looking forward to my next day off to go out and practice with it :)
  13. Ephemeral Moment

    The Pinwide - 11mm Pinhole Photography for Micro 4/3

    Looking forward to my pinwide arriving :)
  14. Ephemeral Moment

    Congratulations to the winners of our 'People' photo contest!

    Congratulations to the winners and well done to all who entered :)
  15. Ephemeral Moment

    GF1, LVF1 and Panasonic 45-200mm up on ebay

    Thought it would be easier just to link to my Ebay profile Ebay Sales thanks for looking
  16. Ephemeral Moment

    Panasonic Lumix G Vario 7-14mm F4 ASPH Lens

    Panasonic Lumix G Vario 7-14mm F4 ASPH Lens Getting out of :43: as my main photography experience - keeping the EPL1 and Panasonic 20mm though Other bits will be going up for auction soon
  17. Ephemeral Moment

    Air and Space Museum

    Thanks for that info on the tilt transformer Ryan, will order one of those when I get paid... :thumbup::biggrin:
  18. Ephemeral Moment

    Air and Space Museum

    Those are stunners - I love how tilt does this to photos, it can be done at the software stage but this is more fun :biggrin: Is the lensbaby transformer :43: native? and if so where did you get it from? :wink:
  19. Ephemeral Moment

    Share: GREEN

    Another couple of greens, this time from the beach
  20. Ephemeral Moment

    post your ONE best photo of 2010

    Just a peaceful, but whimsical shot, the light blues go very well with the red of the ladybird Also the picture is naturally divided into thirds and everything seems to sit right in the eye
  21. Ephemeral Moment

    Saltburn Pier and a couple from the beach

    Taken as the light was fading, still handheld, GF1 and 45-200mm at the long end was the end of a great day out at the beach, too misty for much except textural shots
  22. Ephemeral Moment

    What are you listening to?

    Wish I Was Skinny by The Boo Radleys on Radio 6
  23. Ephemeral Moment

    Winter has set in, share your pics with us !!

    Went to York yesterday and the River Ouse had frozen over, very weird sight
  24. Ephemeral Moment

    Show us your personal pets

    Caledonia, May 1990 to December 2010 Caledonia was with us for 20 years but had recently been diagnosed with thyroid problems, cancer and kidney failure and her last couple of days showed a distinct decline - she has now gone, but we will always remember her hunting soft fruit (don't ask)...
  25. Ephemeral Moment

    What are you listening to?

    The Cure - Play for Today Now got to the Eighties in my travel through the 1001 Albums to Listen to Before You Die
  26. Ephemeral Moment

    Question on E-PL1 and Panny 20mm

    I had the 20mm on a GF1 but bought an EPL1 specifically for it to sit on there permanently - wonderful camera/lens combination Though if I was using the EPL1 for what you described I think I would be happy with the kit lens that comes with the camera and only move into the 20mm if I was getting...
  27. Ephemeral Moment

    Hello everyone, what you're up to?

    Work for me today, sending the boys home at the end of term - always fun, fraught and noisy
  28. Ephemeral Moment

    Share Birds

    Hi ric Wikipedia says "The name titmouse is recorded from the 14th century, composed of the Old English name for the bird, mase (Proto-Germanic *maison, German Meise) and tit, denoting something small."
  29. Ephemeral Moment

    Photo contest: 'People' - Voting Ends at Midnight GMT January 15, 2011

    A Sikh Elder from a festival earlier in the year GF1 with 45-200mm
  30. Ephemeral Moment

    What are you listening to?

    Starlight by Electric Light Orchestra (having a bit of a seventies flashback month) will soon be Christmas music only
  31. Ephemeral Moment

    I got the bargain of the century?

    Wish our CC were that lax - could do with a second GF1 body
  32. Ephemeral Moment

    Share Birds

    Like Barrie I always like to see a well stuffed Tit...
  33. Ephemeral Moment

    Pentax 645

    Well pleased as I've been meaning to get into Medium Format photography for a while now and have just picked up a Pentax 645 kit in near mint condition :smile: * Pentax 645 * SMS Pentax 75mm f2.8 lens * SMS Pentax 200mm f4 lens with two caps with some accessories all for £320...
  34. Ephemeral Moment

    [EXPIRED] WTB: Panny pancake in the UK

    Camera Price Busters is always a great place to look, sometimes the prices you find there are so cheap it's not worth doing much more searching
  35. Ephemeral Moment

    Share Birds

    A few more of my beady eyed friend I think these are Sanderlings (???) possibly a cormorant and a hawk of some description all taken on the GF1 with the 45-200mm Panasonic
  36. Ephemeral Moment

    What are you listening to?

    Beverly Hills by Weezer
  37. Ephemeral Moment

    What are you listening to?

    Dolphins by Fred Neil
  38. Ephemeral Moment

    Winter has set in, share your pics with us !!

    Here are a few from my work this morning:
  39. Ephemeral Moment


    Taken at Alnmouth
  40. Ephemeral Moment

    Share: GREEN

    another green from a local cemetery
  41. Ephemeral Moment

    "Show Door"

    A couple for the collection
  42. Ephemeral Moment

    Share - Beautiful People

    Another few to share from this years Whitby Goth Festival
  43. Ephemeral Moment

    Share: GREEN

    just a couple to share
  44. Ephemeral Moment

    Gateshead Millenium Bridge

    At night, high ISO (3200) on a not very fast lens but do like the shot
  45. Ephemeral Moment

    Beady Eyed

    This fellow kept watching me as I had my breakfast at Whitby a couple of weeks ago - and really didn't enjoy that he got none of it GF1 and 45-200mm lens ISO100, f9, 1/400
  46. Ephemeral Moment

    Showcase Panasonic 7-14mm f/4

    Well, just took delivery of my 7-14mm and really looking forward to adding to this thread :)
  47. Ephemeral Moment

    What are you listening to?

    On Spotify... The Fall: The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 been after this for ages and have been listening again and again for weeks
  48. Ephemeral Moment

    Three from York

    all using the 45-200mm Panasonic lens and GF1 not your usual tourist photographs :)
  49. Ephemeral Moment


    another one to show too many photographs... :wink:
  50. Ephemeral Moment

    A few from my blog

    Just so you all know - my name is Stephen - that Bill in my signature is my favourite photographer Bill Brandt As for larger examples, I generally don't post larger photos than 600px on longest side and 72dpi on the web, but you can see more of my work at The Ephemeral Moment, where I'm...
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