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  1. melv

    Which digital camera(s) do/did you own?

    Zenith E with 58mm Helios lens Fujica ST705 with 55mm lens Contax 139 with zeiss 50mm f1.7 lens Bronica ETRS with 75mm lens Nikon 801 with 35 -70mm f2.8 lens then lost my way: a Konica APS compact camera (can't remember model no. etc) Minolta Dimage S404 (my first digital) then found my way...
  2. melv

    Samsung's Blunder: NX10 Can't use Leica M lens?

    Have a look at the top left corner of this page for Novoflex adaptors for the new Samsung: Melv
  3. melv

    SilkyPix Developer Studio 3.0SE

    Can Silkypix as bundled with the G1 be used on Mac computers? Melv
  4. melv

    Enjoyed a walk in town this morning...

    Nice shots Brian, Sheffield has certainly changed over the last few years (is still changing). I am currently uploading photos I have taken over the last few years of the River Don (that flows through the city) onto my Flickr account. An ongoing project and one more based on recording the...
  5. melv

    Panasonic G2 and G10 Officially Announced

    That'll do me! Specs look good! Even the touch screen seems to have initial favourable reviews. I agree with Amin however about the new lens, the previous one seems to be better made, i.e metal mount. Anyone wanna buy a D200 with 16/85 mm VR lens? Melv
  6. melv

    Countdown to G2 and G10 has started

    Seems they have moved that selector wheel from the front of the camera to the rear, to be used with the thumb and not the index finger? Melv
  7. melv

    Hi Fron N/West England

    Welcome Guy! I think you will find this a very interesting and informative place to visit. It sort of gets addictive; my other half is already giving me gip. You will find loads of helpful characters who will help you whenever they can. Melv
  8. melv

    Who will go for Pan G2 ?

    Hmm, good point John. And thanks for your kind words Melv
  9. melv

    Who will go for Pan G2 ?

    :smile: I agree with that sentiment. As of yet however, I have not committed to the m4/3 system because I want to see what Panasonic's latest will offer. Because I do not yet have a m4/3 camera I have been unable to post any pictures on this site. However, so you can get a flavour of my...
  10. melv

    Who will go for Pan G2 ?

    Hi Herman, I'm waiting to see what the new G2 is like (an all round improved version of the G1 I hope). Can't say I'm bothered about a touchscreen though, sounds a bit gimicky? I don't think we will have too long to wait. If its what I want I will get rid of my D200. If it is not, then I...
  11. melv

    Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f2.0?

    Hi Keliza I have the Voigtlander 20mm/3.5 lens currently being used on a D200 and I am more than happy with the results. It has that lovely precision engineered 'feel' to it as well. There are several reviews of the Ultron 40mm/2 out there and if memory serves me well they were all positive...
  12. melv

    Celebration of our PAD project.

    Hi Bill, I don't want to hijack this photographic thread and if you are at all remotely interested in my experience you can read it here "Midhopestones-Man on a Bike" (I kid you not!). Brian was refering to the Stocksbridge By-Pass...
  13. melv

    Celebration of our PAD project.

    Brian, I don't want to go all weird, and I consider myself to be a 'regular' sort of guy with a fairly responsible job. But...... Have you had any 'funny' (dare I say paranormal? oops I just did) experiences around Bolsterstone and environs? Reason I ask is that I had an 'experience' between...
  14. melv

    Celebration of our PAD project.

    Brian, where was the church yard photo taken? Hope? Very atmospheric, making good use of the fog we have had around here over the past couple of days. I'm getting a bit frustrated, not having a m4/3 camera and therefore not being able to post any pictures. I'm waiting to see what Panasonic...
  15. melv

    Aperture 3 - how to use it, RAW, jpeg and more

    Hi K Yes, a good point made there, just import the RAW files and work on them as and when necessary. Only make copies in JPEG if you want to export them e.g to flickr or as an email attachment. I don't believe compressed RAW files are that much bigger than JPEGs are they? Melv
  16. melv

    Aperture 3 - how to use it, RAW, jpeg and more

    BBW, I too have been mercilessly freeing up space on my Mac hard drive; about 100 GB of redundant DXO files actually. Some of these files were about 40 MB in size each! A3 now seems to be running quicker. Melv
  17. melv

    Morning Brian (Mosley) and anyone else

    Tha's a proper Dee Dah then Brian? Melv
  18. melv

    Aperture 3 - how to use it, RAW, jpeg and more

    I've had Aperture 3 for only a couple of days. My first impression is that it seems to be slow to process compared with LR2. I also seem to have come across a couple of minor bugs (or is it me?)
  19. melv


    I think I'm off to the show at NEC in March to have a look-see; I hope one of the new cameras will be a 'semi-pro' version of the G1 with an improved sensor. If so I'll ditch my Nikon gear pronto and take the plunge into the world of m4/3.
  20. melv

    Winter Multi Stitch Panoramas.

    They are wonderful pictures; snow does have its uses!
  21. melv

    Focus on Imaging 2010

    Anyone going to the Focus on Imaging exhibition at the NEC next month? I'm hoping Panasonic will be showing some new m4/3 stuff and there will be loads of other stuff to look at as well. Perhaps a few UK members could meet up?
  22. melv

    UK Only - who killed Archie Mitchell?

    Kudos to all those who thought it was Stacey!
  23. melv

    Rumor: Panasonic GH2 to use new 'dual exposure' sensor

    I've been holding off buying into the m4/3 system for a couple of months until I see what the Panasonic 'G2' has to offer. Whilst by all accounts the G1 is a cracking camera I can only imagine its successor will be even better. I would imagine that the sensor performance will be much better...
  24. melv

    UK Only - who killed Archie Mitchell?

    We'll find out pretty soon! Hang on in there!
  25. melv

    How many Photographers use Macintosh?

    Used a 24" Mac for a couple of years after having several PCs before. Prefer the Mac by far. Am in the process of changing from Lightroom 2 to Aperture 3 via iPhoto.
  26. melv

    GH1 Body only; UK

    Hello, in particular to those in the UK. Does anyone know where to find the GH1 body only in the UK and for how much? It is supposed to be on sale in January. Perhaps I am being a bit impatient? Melv
  27. melv

    where are all the great primes?

    There are some really nice, solidly made (i.e. not plastic) lenses made by Voigtlander that can be used via appropriate adaptors. Admittedly the maximum apertures are nothing to write home about, and they are manual focus. I have a 20mm F3.5 Color Skopar, currently in use on a D200, which...
  28. melv

    Manual lenses on GH1

    Hi everyone. Wonder if anyone can help? I currently use a D200 c/w 16 -85mm. I also have a Voigtlander 20mm color skopar. I'm seriously thinking of ditching the Nikon kit and getting a GH1. My plan would be to use the voigtlander with suitable adaptor on the GH1. Will using this lens...
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