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  1. GaryInOz

    Any suggestion for a good, free photo stitching software?

    +1 for Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor) - free from Microsoft on Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor (ICE) I've used it a bit - works really well. Just be sure to keep the exposure for each of the shots the same.
  2. GaryInOz

    A complete numb-nut needs help!

    Hiya, Have you tried Google's free photo editor 'Picasa'? It doesn't touch the original files, is easy to use, and allows you to 'export' the result to a JPEG in any size/quality that is appropriate... Just be careful when installing that you don't allow it free reign to all...
  3. GaryInOz

    Is There An Idiot's Guide to Oly 'myset'

    Although written for E-30 and called 'Custom Reset', the operation is the same. Have a look at: Customizing the E-30 You initially 'set' to the setting currently in the camera once (and for the mode P/A/S by the way), then you can reset to these settings at any time. Hope...
  4. GaryInOz

    Show churches

    St Chappelle, Paris, France. This is the lower chapel ceiling:
  5. GaryInOz

    Best noise removal software?

    Seems I'm the odd one out so far - Neat Image is my choice..... :cool:
  6. GaryInOz


    Taken in AC/DC Lane (yes, that's named after a famous Aussi rock group) in Melbourne.
  7. GaryInOz

    Hi. Just wanted to introduce myself.

    Gidday Vince.... Don't wait too long to start with :43:.... I took the plunge last year, and haven't looked back :thumbup:
  8. GaryInOz

    Show: Beaches

    İztuzu Beach, Turkey <table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a href="">[img]" height="600" width="800"...
  9. GaryInOz

    The Urban Image Thread

    Haven't posted for a while....but back into the swing again now. Took the EPL1 + 14-150 out last weekend into Sydney city: A couple from the new Centrepoint (Westfield) shopping centre: This is looking down the escalators surrounded by mirrors. <a...
  10. GaryInOz

    Hi from Istanbul

    Merhaba! Visited Istanbul last September and spent a few days there before touring down the Med coast. Enjoyed every bit of the visit, and found Istanbul a fascinating city. Here is on of my photos from the trip - this was taken while on a ferry, on the EPL1 with ZD 40-150+MMF2. Also...
  11. GaryInOz

    How to delete Same images in Picasa

    Hi Herman. If you go to the menu 'Tools' > 'Experimental' , you will find an option to search for duplicates. I believe this is done by name, and will order by folder. I file by date and event, so have a folder per month (named as YYMM - eg 1008 is August 2010), and any special events or...
  12. GaryInOz

    How to delete Same images in Picasa

    Hi Herman, I would suggest you 'right click' on those you don't want to see in the Picasa in the folder and the click on 'Hide'. This will ensure you don't delete the original image. It sounds like you have the same image file in multiple folders, or you may have RAW and JPG in same folder...
  13. GaryInOz

    How's weather?

    Wet in Sydney, and has been for a month or so now. Not a bad thing - in the state of New South Wales rain has just broken a 7 year drought :smile: It never rains, but it pours, as they say :wink:
  14. GaryInOz


    Hi Hansaplast26, Thanks for sharing - We have just returned from a couple of weeks in Turkey, and really enjoyed Istanbul, and your shots certainly brought back memories. Here's a couple of my favourites....both with EPL-1 + :43:14-42 Blue Mosque <a...
  15. GaryInOz

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia

    Hi Morbieus Welcome to the forum from another downunder.....
  16. GaryInOz

    relying on E-PL1 for this weekend's trip

    Yep, take the plunge and leave the 40D behind :thumbup: I've just returned from 7 weeks holiday overseas, and the EPL1 did us proud (one shot here and see my Picasa site link below for more.....). The only issue I faced was changing between 14-42 and 40-150 now and again, so last week, I...
  17. GaryInOz

    Aussie Icons

    Here's another one..... BTW, the 'spectacular flowering shrub' earlier in this thread is the 'Callistemon' - commonly called the Bottlebrush, and they are flowering profusely in Sydney at the moment, due to all the rain we have had recently.
  18. GaryInOz

    Hello from Brisbane

    +1 from an EPL-1 user :smile:
  19. GaryInOz

    A simple question for Aussie BHphoto customers

    Bought the 14-150 on B&H website on Thursday night last week, it was on my doorstep Monday morning 09:30 am :eek:!!!! And with the Aussi $ = US $, makes it a great purchase :2thumbs: So, now waiting on good weather to go and use it :smile::smile:
  20. GaryInOz

    A simple question for Aussie BHphoto customers

    Hmmm..that's a worry. Have you logged on and checked the tracking info on the order? This will tell you whether it has been shipped or not..... - Click on the track order link top right hand side after log in to BHPhoto - click on the order number, and this will display the summary - make...
  21. GaryInOz

    A simple question for Aussie BHphoto customers

    Hi Kosta, I've used them 3 times. Delivery cost has been about $60 each time with "UPS Worldwide Saver" and delivery has always been within 5 business days. Am planning on ordering some more kit soon, and will continue with same method. Can recommend....
  22. GaryInOz

    Showcase Olympus 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6

    Recent Europe trip <a href="">"600" width="800" /></a> <a...
  23. GaryInOz

    Any full size 43 lenses for small bodies like E-PL1

    Sure are - with the standard adapter. I recently took the EPL1 away including the (4/3) 40-150 as a compact tele....worked well. I have also used the ZD 70-300 with great success. This is taken using the 40-150 recently in Istanbul, Turkey - 1/400s, f5.5 at 137mm. This was taken from a boat...
  24. GaryInOz

    "A - Z pictures new style"

    O3 = Optics Wow, is this thread still going - well done! I've been on holiday overseas for 2 months, so haven't been around much lately. This is a telescope atop the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.... <a...
  25. GaryInOz

    Show Doors & Windows" /></a>"]<a href="">[img]" /></a>
  26. GaryInOz


    Did it work :eek:
  27. GaryInOz

    Greetings from Istanbul

    Welcome Greg. I'm also watching this thread with interest as we will be in Istanbul end of September - seems to be the place to be :cool:. Thanks for suggestions re places to visit. I am preparing the EPL1 for the adventure - first trip away without an 'anvil' :smile:
  28. GaryInOz

    "A - Z pictures new style"

    L6 of 12 - Low Light EPL1 1/10 sec at 42 mm, f5.6 and ISO 3200 :eek: + processed through NeatImage to reduce noise. No issues with low light here :smile:
  29. GaryInOz

    Help with aspect ratios explains it all, along with good examples of how things would 'look'. The 'native' mode of all 4/3 cameras, is 4:3.....funny that...:wink:
  30. GaryInOz

    Have any bird pictures?

    ZD 50-200 Mk1 in MF (It is actually quite slow in AF, slower than 70-300). I'll try and add the details to the original post... As I say, they are often around the yard here, as we live in a 'bushy' area. I have to admit to putting out a little birdseed for them now and again (except for the...
  31. GaryInOz

    Have any bird pictures?

    All found in our back yard: ZD 50-200 Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita ) - 150mm@ 1/160sec f4.5 <a href="">[img]"...
  32. GaryInOz

    'Aroma Festival' in Sydney today

    The annual Sydney Aroma festival (coffee, chocolate, tea and spice....) was held today. Each year they do an artwork - this year is Marilyn... <a...
  33. GaryInOz

    Show us your PEN!

    Two PENs :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:" /></a>"]<a...
  34. GaryInOz

    Show us your PEN!

    <a href="">[img]" /></a> :biggrin:
  35. GaryInOz

    Viewfinder E-VF2 on E-PL1 - Essential Option

    I use my VF-2 when I can't wear my reading glasses :biggrin: I find it useful in several ways: when I want stability when I'm taking movies (easier to stabilise and focus) in bright light when focusing manual I give it a :thumbup: for usefulness
  36. GaryInOz

    Gordon's Bay

    Hi Peter, Actually, I think the those pesky sodium lamps actually add something - the houses at the back aren't really that interesting anyway :smile: Gordon's Bay is a great little spot. We've walked the coastal track around the beaches there - a great day out. BTW, I note you use...
  37. GaryInOz

    "A - Z pictures new style"

    6 - Juice <a href="">[img]" /></a>
  38. GaryInOz

    Show "Numbers"

    <a href="">[img]" /></a> f5.6, 1/640s at ISO 200 - mZD14-42 @ 32mm
  39. GaryInOz

    Show "Poster, Billboard & Traffic Sign"

    <a href="">[img]" /></a> EPL1 + MMF2 + ZD70-300 + EC14 - 425mm@1/200s
  40. GaryInOz

    Olympus 70-300mm on E-P(L)1/2 - can this be done?!

    Another trick - If you aren't too concerned about having a movie button on the EPL-1, you can re-designate it to swap between AF and MF - this is what I have done. Using the movie button gives you fast change between MF&AF. Then in MF mode, the AEL gives me a single AF shot (as per Wrotniak...
  41. GaryInOz

    Pre-dawn at Jibbon Beach

    Yep, that's Sydney :biggrin:
  42. GaryInOz


    The Warratah - Telopea Speciosissima - Our State flower - . The state rugby team go under the same name (or 'Tahs' for short) :smile: <a...
  43. GaryInOz

    Pre-dawn at Jibbon Beach

    More great shots Peter :smile: When are you gunna come and take a few shots of the Northern Beaches :wink:
  44. GaryInOz

    "A - Z pictures new style"

    First "D" - for Day in the city (Darling Harbour, Sydney City) EPL-1 with 14-42 - f4.0, 1/60 @ 14mm.
  45. GaryInOz

    Mahon Pool

    Both interesting and moody shots with different atmosphere to the usual. Which pool is this? Might try having a go myself... :wink: And yes it was bl...y cold this morning. :rolleyes:
  46. GaryInOz

    Just when I thought I was cured ....

    Yeah Bill, I also "succumbed" to the 40-150+MMF-2 deal. :biggrin:
  47. GaryInOz

    One advantage of live view

    Good point.
  48. GaryInOz

    Is the Electronic Viewfinder worth it?

    +1 :thumbup:
  49. GaryInOz

    Went whale watching yesterday Port Macquarie (north of Sydney) where the whales have just started their northwards migration. Gotta say, taking a photo while in a 1-meter swell in a 'rigid-hulled inflateable' boat is not any easy thing to do! I took the EPL-1 with Zuiko 40-150 (+mmf2) and VF-2. The VF-2 was...
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