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  1. briandforever

    Greetings from Hong Kong

    waiting to see your hongkong pics :)
  2. briandforever

    Montreal Botanical Garden & Weddings

    It's a very beautiful place, great photo
  3. briandforever

    Snow in Venice

  4. briandforever

    Newbie Living in Bermuda

    Welcome Bermuda, :) Stunning scenery, work on royal carrebean before, but haven't had the chance to go there Please post more Picts oftenly :)
  5. briandforever

    From Costa Rica

    I was in the same path with you, deciding what m4/3 to get, this forum helps a lot :)
  6. briandforever

    Big HELLO from Perth (:

    Hi Perth, welcome, post some pictures after getting the ep2 :)
  7. briandforever

    Hello from Indonesia

    Hallo, I'm from Jakarta too, welcome :)
  8. briandforever

    the cobbler

    nice shot
  9. briandforever

    How about a few more EP2 pics. With all the EPL2 talk going on...

    what a place, must be fun great pohtos
  10. briandforever

    1st Pics with the GF-1

    nice photo series
  11. briandforever

    In a dark bar

    the 1st pic is very great
  12. briandforever

    Recommened Bokeh Lenses for EPL1?

    hi, if you have the budget 85mm will be great, but the cropping will be very tight :) here is sample from other forum that i've found: nikkor 85mm with m4/3
  13. briandforever

    Photo contest: 'People' - Voting Ends at Midnight GMT January 15, 2011

    affection e-pl1+kit lens i bought e-pl1+kit to take our 1st daughter's pictures. as i believe memories are very precious. i got e-pl1 the same day as she was born :)
  14. briandforever

    Wireless Flash Image thread

    i agree with your point of view :thumbup: the 1st angel pic is really good, makes me wonder how did you do it, but the 2nd one, makes me know right away how you do it :) :thumbup:
  15. briandforever

    Wireless Flash Image thread

    that's ok, if he/she has budget to spend and willing to learn more about flash, get the olympus, it is easier to start learning with TTL bounce indoor, and go to manual wireless flash from there. besides, if the cheap flash didn't work properly, it will be confusing and frustating. IMHO
  16. briandforever

    Wireless Flash Image thread

    sorry for the late reply. you can use any mode, but if you are using Auto or Program mode, the results will be out of your control, since the camera doesnt recognize the non-olympus flashes, they dont talk to each other, the camera try to expose as it is no flash used, the results always over...
  17. briandforever

    Wireless Flash Image thread

    even china made 50$ flashes can work. as long as they have hot shoe connector, it will work, but manually
  18. briandforever

    Wireless Flash Image thread

    you can win something with this picture, great idea, i should try sometime. great lighting joewoo
  19. briandforever

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    lol, the nikon 24-70 is my work horse for work. while the m4/3 is just for playing, to shoot my daughter, so 400$ is expensive for a toy. :rofl:
  20. briandforever

    Brand new to cameras and looking at the E-PL1

    Hi Dave, it's wonderful that you do social work with photography, or at least non-profit. photography is much more fun without thinking the money :) i am a wedding photgrapher using d700, and i'm not trying to convince anyone here to buy e-pl1. last time i went to a friend's wedding, i...
  21. briandforever

    Week 50 - Seven days & Seven 50mm lenses

    waow, you have 7 50mm lens :) nice
  22. briandforever

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    nikon 50mm f/1.8 nikon 24-70 f/2.8 tamron 90mm f/2.8 that's it, thats all i got. i really want to buy the expensive pana 20mm :)
  23. briandforever

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    waow... we can make that?
  24. briandforever

    iso 1600

    yes, me too, that's whay i printed out to see the real life result. this image posted here has been thru compression by photoshop
  25. briandforever

    iso 1600

    as long as you know how to control it, iso 1600-2000 still ok, just watch for under exposed area. of course smaller iso number is better. i shoot this with iso 2000, and i have print it out, i'm amazed with this "little" camera. im sure e-pl1 blew nikon p7000 or canon G12 in iso...
  26. briandforever

    the "ordinary household objects" image thread

    gorgeous, can use these for restaurants, on the wall or on the menu :bravo-009:
  27. briandforever

    'Kuwait Goes 'All In' for Mirrorless' at T.O.P. (Satire)

    the kuwait government has stock share on m4/3 company lol
  28. briandforever


    rudi, from seeing your pictures around this forum, you have dog, cat, fish, and now spider? what else that we haven't seen lol
  29. briandforever

    Show us your personal pets

    ooo, you dont know her, she is very adorable and very2 cute :)
  30. briandforever

    Show us your personal pets

    we love pug ! e-pl1 + sb800
  31. briandforever

    Protecting the camera

    im also thinking to protect the body from scratches... but the half skin case seems too expensive to me, im thinking stiker like aki-asahi
  32. briandforever

    E-PL1 Experience Diary

    could someone please tell me how to tilt the flash? i did search the manual but seems cant find it thanx :)
  33. briandforever

    will e-pl1 users upgrade to E-PL1s ?

    i hope so, since i just get my e-pl1 for a month, and feel wasting money if i have to upgrade to get the higher iso capability and AF speed
  34. briandforever

    will e-pl1 users upgrade to E-PL1s ?

    isn't that if the max ISO number raising high, the max iso capability also raising up? for example, EPL1 max ISO is 3200, thus, the maximum iso number we can use is 2000 if the max ISO number raise to 6400, the max iso we can use is 4000 ????
  35. briandforever

    will e-pl1 users upgrade to E-PL1s ?

    Olympus launches enhanced kit lens on Japan-only E-PL1s: Digital Photography Review sounds promising, with faster AF and ISO6400 what do you think?
  36. briandforever

    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    Barrie, thanx for the input, as im no where a macro shooter, im a portrait fotographer. you got me right, it was 5pm, iso 1000, f/2.8 and the shutter was 60-100
  37. briandforever

    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    is this sharp? the wind was blowing... epl1+tamron 90
  38. briandforever

    Nikon G to Micro Four Thirds adapters

    i am a nikon user im happy with this ebay
  39. briandforever

    E-PL1 image thread

    this is one of our home made product tamron 90mm, wind was blowing
  40. briandforever

    First pic published (sort of :) )

    that's the best picture in the catalog was this taken with 4/3rd camera?
  41. briandforever

    E-PL1 image thread

    great photos the white hibicus, how come you can get so close? is it cropped?
  42. briandforever

    How's weather?

    suggestion: let us share picture of the weather of ours
  43. briandforever

    The Pinwide - 11mm Pinhole Photography for Micro 4/3

    has the prototype arrived yet? cant wait
  44. briandforever

    Noise issue with Pana 20mm f1.7 lens

    waow, that is really is a noise! nice watch, i like watches
  45. briandforever

    the "ordinary household objects" image thread

    waow, you guys make great pictures out of ordinary objects... ill start looking around :)
  46. briandforever

    HELP! Which Nikon adaptor to buy?

    if you only have 50mm f/1.8 and dont want to add other lenses, than, get the cheapest adaptor. if you want to get nikon af-s lenses someday, and able to control the diapraghma from the adaptor, than get the Nikon G AF-S Lens to Panasonic GF1 G2 G10 GH1 Adapter on eBay (end time 03-Dec-10...
  47. briandforever

    The Flash/EVF Dichotomy

    i once had this thought, but i think this is the price we have to pay for smaller body :)
  48. briandforever

    So.. lost your hot shoe cover yet?

    keep mine in the box, never put it on, as i use flash a lot :)
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