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  1. noodlehaus

    Show "Micro 4/3 Camera P*rn"

    Got this just a few hours ago. Really happy with the size. Will post more photos with the 20mm f1.7, 14mm f2.5, and 45mm f1.8.
  2. noodlehaus

    Are you looking forward to the Fujifilm FinePix X100

    aaaaaand here's a demo of the working HVF by engadget :D YouTube - Un vistazo al visor de la Fujifilm X100 - CES 2011 watch the part where the guy was passing his finger through the HVF, it's the real deal! can't wait for this camera!
  3. noodlehaus

    Sold and Re bought

    I had a similar experience :D I bought my E-P2 Sold it to Got the E-P1 + Bessa R3A Sold the E-P1 Got the E-P2 again :D
  4. noodlehaus

    Say Happy Birthday to Streetshooter

    Better late than never, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Don!!!
  5. noodlehaus

    4 legged fluffy creatures that turns your smile on

    Cuuuute!!! This is cheating! You can never go wrong with fluffy kittens and puppies! =)
  6. noodlehaus


    It seems like what Pana and Oly is taking time to deliver, Fuji's been silently working on it! This is really very exciting :)
  7. noodlehaus

    Any thoughts on the National Geographic Explorer NG 2343 Small Shoulder Bag?

    I bought the same bag for my wife a few months back. She/I don't use it much though, as I found it to be too inconvenient to use for its size (we found it to be too thick/wide). It was a bit too much for us because we always go out with just one body + one lens. We found the crumpler 4mil home...
  8. noodlehaus

    Fasting month Bazaar

    Same thing here in Singapore, Blu. Low prices and very lively after office hours :) Local groups here are already planning for a late night photo shoot tomorrow night and on friday. Thanks for sharing!
  9. noodlehaus

    Online Olympus Accessories Shop (Singapore)

    Just saw this from a local forum I frequent (Singapore): Seems like they sourced some products from different PEN accessories makers (aki-asahi, gariz, jnk) and created an online shop for it. Convenient because of the delivery but more expensive than going direct...
  10. noodlehaus

    EP2. The first few days.

    Congratulations on your E-P2, Drunkeld :) I'm pretty sure you'll really enjoy using it just like everyone else (myself included) in this community. I've been doing a lot of iAuto shooting myself as well, and it does take out the stress of having to think of the settings before shooting. Is the...
  11. noodlehaus

    Hello from Indonesia

    Welcome guntur!
  12. noodlehaus


    The "fuzziness" or "ghosting" surrounding the gloves and vase is because of the paper thin DoF of the lens. So even though the sides/edges are quite close to the points in focus (side of the gloves facing us or wrinkles, and decor of the vase), due to the thin DoF, is already starting to blur...
  13. noodlehaus


    The speed difference between f0.95 and f1.7 is very significant, Jon. The 10mm focal length difference (5mm x 2) is not so much though. The missing AF capability is something most people here can live with, as a lot of us already use manual lenses. This is going to be a delight to use in low...
  14. noodlehaus


    I'm definitely getting this lens and not telling my wife about it! This is something worth spending a night on the couch for! :D
  15. noodlehaus

    Iphone 4.01 UPDATE!

    Still haven't updated mine, still too lazy to do so :D
  16. noodlehaus

    New PL 25mm!?!?

    I've sold both and replaced them with sponges and a well-placed zipper for that periodic maintenance :D
  17. noodlehaus

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    No adopted lens here, and this is not mine as well. But notice anything different from this E-P2? This is from Vivosan's flickr stream. Vivosan's E-P1 set
  18. noodlehaus

    I sold my E-P2 and bought a Bessa R3A

    Somehow I'm having a hard time finishing a roll of film. With the film camera, I'm somewhat not as trigger happy than when I'm using digital.
  19. noodlehaus

    Hello from Singapore

    Welcome Saz! Welcome to mu-43 and congratulations on your E-PL1. You can always pickup a new EVF from funan (around SGD 300) if you really miss having a viewfinder :) I'm also located in Singapore, btw.
  20. noodlehaus

    Camera Porn

    Good lord, that blog post is poisonous. Beware clickers :D
  21. noodlehaus

    I sold my E-P2 and bought a Bessa R3A

    Lately I've really been wanting to get a new film camera after playing with the Yashica rangefinder I have for a while. I've also realized that the only 2 lenses that I use with my E-P2 are the 17mm pancake lens and the voigtlander 40mm f1.4 that I have. The 17mm being my day time lens and the...
  22. noodlehaus

    I sold my E-P2 and bought a Bessa R3A

    Will post pics soon as I can. Witing for a zhou leather case for the bessa and the jnk leather skin for the pen :)
  23. noodlehaus

    I sold my E-P2 and bought a Bessa R3A

    ... and an E-P1 :D After using the P2 for months, the lens that really stuck with me is the 17mm. Have also stopped using he EVF so Ive decided to sell the kit. With the money I got, bought myself a new rangefinder and a silver sexy P1 :) Really happy for myself!
  24. noodlehaus

    Leica X1 Images

    /startEnvy Please go away with your expensive and beautiful camera that produces superb images, this is for MFT only! /endEnvy With that out of the way, those are fantastic photos from the X1. I want to get one as well, but it's still too expensive for me :(
  25. noodlehaus

    New Panasonic M43 camera with fixed lens and rangefinder-style viewfinder [43rumors]

    Here you go folks: Olympus and Panasonic rumors Blog Archive (FT5) Awesome new Panasonic camera with m4/3 sensor, fixed 3x zoom lens and innovative Leica designed rangefinder! It's said to be announced this July :)
  26. noodlehaus

    Show "Yourself" Yip, that's me

    Me and my wife :D
  27. noodlehaus

    FromPJ Leather Finger Camera Strap

    np BB :)
  28. noodlehaus

    FromPJ Leather Finger Camera Strap

    When shooting, I have the middle finger in the loop. I think it's not really meant to be used for carrying, but more for securing your grip on the camera. Since I only use the neck strap that I have to secure my grip on my camera, I find this less of a hassle to use. Otherwise, a neck strap...
  29. noodlehaus

    FromPJ Leather Finger Camera Strap

    Asked a friend in Japan to get me these as the seller in Rakuten doesn't ship internationally. It was difficult to install as it was meant for rangefinder cameras that had lugs that protruded a bit more than the E-P1/2's. Can't be installed on the GF1, my wife was sad about...
  30. noodlehaus

    For those who like grainy B&W

    All the images in this thread are fantastic. I think that TrueGrain application is something worth getting!
  31. noodlehaus

    Voigtlander 50/1.1 Nokton

    Not that often hanzo, as we mostly shoot indoors or at night. Only time she used the evf with it was when we went to the beach.
  32. noodlehaus

    Voigtlander 50/1.1 Nokton

    I bought this for my wife and by far, this is her favorite lens. Below's a link to photos she's taken with it on flickr. She uses it with her GF1. VC 50mm f1.1 Nokton
  33. noodlehaus

    Something to do when you get bored waiting - a 5-shot panorama

    I haven't done panoramic shots yet. What software can I use for merging the shots for E-P2 raws?
  34. noodlehaus

    Showcase Canon 135 f/2.8 FD

    Wow, really nice shot and processing :)
  35. noodlehaus

    Loving the EP1 - From Perth

    Hi Max, The CV 40mm f1.4 is a cheap but really good lens. Well, cheap compared to the ones you mentioned you want to get :)
  36. noodlehaus

    Latin/Jazz trio shot with EP1 and 50mm 2.0 macro

    Wow, that was indeed fantastic, both the video and the trio! They're great. I'll try looking them up on youtube. They probably have performances recorded floating around :) UPDATE: Looked them up, it turns out they already have quite a following. Lots of videos on youtube under Berklee Latin...
  37. noodlehaus

    Singapore with GF1

    Nice shots Glenn. This is telling me to walk around and take shots as well. I'm also based in Singapore :)
  38. noodlehaus

    My Olympus Family

    Nice family photo there, Andy. They seem very happy together :)
  39. noodlehaus

    Epl1 Image stabilization easily disengages

    I gotta say it, if it's taking all of us to figure out how to kill that IS overheating problem of yours, Paul, then I think you really need to have that unit checked :D
  40. noodlehaus

    Epl1 Image stabilization easily disengages

    Hi Paul, yeah, my family back in Manila complains about the temps as well -- crazy hot. During daytime, you might want to go with IS turned off if you have enough light and high shutter speeds. Say maybe if you're able to get 1/250 or more, also depending on the focal length you have on. You...
  41. noodlehaus

    Rangefinder Style Normal Lens

    Thanks Sebastel. That's just perfect for daytime street shooting.
  42. noodlehaus

    Rangefinder Style Normal Lens

    The snapshot skopar lens has the snapping focus ring right? The ones that lock just like the aperture ring?
  43. noodlehaus

    Sony NEX 5 hands-on (size, form, burst)

    I love Apple's macbooks and iphone. But for cameras, I like them classic looking, not sleek and smooth and shiny :D
  44. noodlehaus

    Sony NEX 5 hands-on (size, form, burst)

    Saw this video on youtube. YouTube - Sony Alpha NEX-5 first hands-on (Greek) The camera does look very small. And what's crazy is how fast it is in burst mode.
  45. noodlehaus

    Tell me it ain't so, Shooter names his cameras, what?

    I call mine "The mistress" :D
  46. noodlehaus

    Rangefinder Style Normal Lens

    Slightly over 50mm, I have the VC Ultron 28mm f2 and I like the focal length it gives. There's also the VC Skopar 25mm I think, but haven't tried it.
  47. noodlehaus

    E-P2 w Kit zoom and EFV for $899 at Amazon

    I can do you a favor and take care of your M8 for you :D
  48. noodlehaus

    Just a Few questions before i decide.....

    Yup for both your questions Andy :)
  49. noodlehaus

    M4/3 picture published in local newspaper

    Congratulations Antonio, this is truly inspiring :)
  50. noodlehaus

    Sony's NEX System: Announcement today

    I somewhat find the form very odd, especially with long lenses. The mount's diameter being longer than the height of the body, as well as the very slim body somehow makes me think that sony made everything tight and compact just for the sake of getting the claim that their system is the...
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