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  1. zettapixel

    Olympus 25mm PRO: Value proposition against FF

    Leighgion, My mileage is the same. I think however that we may be a tag overreacting just because Oly started releasing larger lenses. Don't forget - this is addition, not replacement. Minuscule collapsible zooms, tiny primes and cover lenses are still here to be used. The new macro looks to be...
  2. zettapixel

    Show Machinery

    Escalator being repaired. Processed by Snapseed.
  3. zettapixel

    Sony A7II with IBIS from E-M1

    Don't forget the lens sizes. m43 will be my travel cam for the foreseeable future (imagine a full frame UW). But A7II sounds like a killer machine - adding IBIS to FF is huge. Who cares what lenses Sony will release with it? All legacy lenses should be usable!
  4. zettapixel

    Assistance needed, tonight Ball - cocktail venue - lighting issue

    True, true... flashes can be disturbing. Which is NOT what want to do when I'm just a guy at a party - having fun is generally considered more important by guests than having their photos taken. Also I've been to a couple of weddings when Dave Barry's quote came to mind: "You'll want to have...
  5. zettapixel

    New to adapted lenses - need more ideas

    I love MF lenses as well. Purple fringing can be a bit nagging. 57/1.4 and 90 macro should be excellent. I have a Hexanon 57/1.4 - a very good lens! I also like new FD lenses - whenever I had a chance to test them vs others they did well. I waited patiently on ebay 2-3 years ago to get some...
  6. zettapixel

    Shrooms & Toadstools

    Me a city dweller don't have many :( A couple from a week in Poconos
  7. zettapixel

    Hummingbirds - End of Season

    Amazing shots!
  8. zettapixel

    Most Used Lens?

    Depends on the time of year. Lately it's been FD 50/3.5 Macro Oly 45 Oly 14-42
  9. zettapixel

    Share Dragonfly & Butterfly & Insects

    Orchard Orbweaver Giant Mayfly Inchworm
  10. zettapixel

    Process on iPad? Or not...

    Thank you Rob, I should give Photogene a closer look. Very nice!!! Looks like Snapseed...which filter did you use for it?
  11. zettapixel

    Process on iPad? Or not...

    Tried to play yesterday with Filterstorm (after my test showed it indeed works with RAW file) and PhotoRaw Lite (free). PhotoRaw claims to use 16-bit processing. It takes time for Filterstorm to open the RAW file (message: "converting RAW"), but after that Filterstorm works much faster than...
  12. zettapixel

    Process on iPad? Or not...

    I generally can keep iPad closer to my eyes than laptops so the difference is not that large. Also IMHO laptops in the same price range are 1) much larger/heavier, 2) don't have great screens either. I'm don't want to take a $1700 15" laptop with me on the trips. Second, and one of the reason I...
  13. zettapixel

    Process on iPad? Or not...

    Alrighty then, made a raw shot set to monochrome: - imported image looks B&W in the album - iPhoto opens B&W image - Snapseed opens B&W image - Filterstorm Neue opens a color image :thumbup: It's a pity Filterstorm screws up EXIF. Focal length is there but time stamp isn't
  14. zettapixel

    Process on iPad? Or not...

    Thanks for the link, also found A bit of disappointment ...
  15. zettapixel

    Process on iPad? Or not...

    I liked some of the Snapseed's filters. iPhoto is more limiting but what it does, it does well and is very comfortable to use. Fiterstorm IMHO has the best UI, the masks are very nice to use and feature set is very good. If not for the bug I mentioned it would've been my favorite.
  16. zettapixel

    Process on iPad? Or not...

    That's the problem, with iPad everything is hidden so I don't really know. The process starts with importing RAW file into iPad. Does it stay RAW? Is it converted to an intermediary format? I've no idea, but iPhoto does show it is a "RAW" image and all programs can open it. Also, Filterstorm...
  17. zettapixel

    Process on iPad? Or not...

    Hi, Although the Lightroom for PC is my primary processing tool I wondered if we a re far enough into XXI century to process photos on iPad. What I like - portability, nice screen close to my eyes, (assumingly) powerful controls - I'm a fan of touchscreen devices in general. We went to...
  18. zettapixel

    At The Zoo - Any Zoo with Any Camera

    Love the zoos. Let me gather some: Bronx Zoo Six Flags Safari in NJ Not really a zoo, but not wildlife either - that was at Iberostar resort in Mexico NY Aquarium Prospect Park Zoo Adventure Aquarium, Camden
  19. zettapixel

    Has anyone thought of moving to full frame?

    Right, that's kind of a big point. I think lenses define system more than a camera, and if consider FF it will be one that will let me use my Canon FD lenses. For "on the go" :43: will always tramp whatever other systems can throw at us IMHO, because of such a great sensor size / lens size...
  20. zettapixel

    Show: Fall Colors / Autumn Colors / Colours ...

    Mystic, CT
  21. zettapixel

    Who is it?

    I didn't try to trap it, just held the plant with my hand because the wind was very strong. It didn't hop away, gave me ample time...
  22. zettapixel

    Who is it?

    Jim, thank you very much! A beautiful creature it is...
  23. zettapixel

    A flame from sun(flower)

  24. zettapixel

    Who is it?

    This guy (or girl) was sitting on a leaf of Melissa (Lemon balm) with many relatives on other leaves. About 5-6mm long and very colorful. Does anyone by any chance know who it is? Thank you
  25. zettapixel

    I'm torn between B&W and Color.

    I like them both too :smile: What the effect of color is, imho, is that B&W photo is a photo of the couple, the color one is about the girl. But both are good and different enough to keep them, again, imho.
  26. zettapixel

    Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ

    Thank you. That was with 20/1.7 Gotta love the Lightroom spot removal tool - there was a number of lamplight reflections.
  27. zettapixel

    cellphone pictures

    Coney Island Galaxy S2
  28. zettapixel

    Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ

  29. zettapixel

    75/1.8 might be a Sigma?

    I didn't mean it as a negative remark :friends:. I know Sigma lenses are excellent - their primes especially.
  30. zettapixel

    75/1.8 might be a Sigma?

    A curious article on dpreview Apparently Sigma has filed a patent for a 75/1.8 lens essentially of the same design as Oly's. Not sure how patent filing now corresponds to a lens that's been in production by Oly for half a year...
  31. zettapixel

    Catskills (bandwidth alert - many pics)

    No sir - no wine in the boat - we are just mellow from the sunset... and the wine from the dinner of course... :smile:
  32. zettapixel

    Catskills (bandwidth alert - many pics)

    Thank you. Yes, that was Canon FD 50/3.5 macro.
  33. zettapixel

    Catskills (bandwidth alert - many pics)

    Nik plugins don't open basically. I tried it on SilverEfex and HDR Efex. With HDR LR starts processing the photos but gets stuck on what seems to be the last stage (I assume opening the plugin). I guess I should call Nik but don't really have any time so far...
  34. zettapixel

    Sam's Point

    Our friends drove us to Sam's Point, a relatively little known state park in Catskills. Very nice - the overlook from the plateau and the caves.
  35. zettapixel

    Catskills (bandwidth alert - many pics)

    Pictures from the previous weekend - we visited our friends in their Catskill home. This time with camera and enough time on my hands... My first pics processed by Lightroom - I like it... my Nik plugins still don't work with it though :frown...
  36. zettapixel

    Historic Toronto, mixed with today

    Brilliant!!! Nicely done :2thumbs:
  37. zettapixel

    Show Your Bridges

    Verrazano at sunset Bridges of Paris
  38. zettapixel

    Summer of Pictures II: a daily picture thread

    Homegrown 4th of July fireworks. At least this year they stopped at 10:30 :smile: Posting a little late - hate processing pictures in such heat.
  39. zettapixel

    Wildlife weekend

    Nice shot. Looks like a beautiful place. I should visit Vancouver area some day.
  40. zettapixel

    Bushkill falls

    I've been busy this summer, but finally we got away for a 1/2 day. In a hurry I forgot the tripod, but managed with IS and handrails :smile:. 9-18 + ND8
  41. zettapixel

    Wildlife weekend

    Nice! Are they from Vancouver Island? I like the one with a fawn but I would cropping it a bit tighter from the right and maybe bottom, and increase contrast. The grass on the left is in the way though. One thing I found works ok on overexposed grass is decreasing the lightness and saturation...
  42. zettapixel

    Where do you take a pretty girl? An abandoned house, of course.

    Possibly, but others work for me as well. Maybe something atypical, but very interesting and beautifully done. And a stunning model! I bet this girl can sell this house.
  43. zettapixel

    what's wrong here? something is clearly wrong with these Oly 45mm pics

    I would say, yes and no. I think the last 4 are fine. I agree with you on the first 4, but I believe it's just a poor contrast, which is common for backlighted or poorly lighted shots and should be fixable in PP. Otherwise, I don't think there is a focusing problem per se, in the first shot...
  44. zettapixel

    Sick of my posts yet?? Guess what I just ordered!!!

    Nice!! :thumbup: Right, I believe you... almost... :wink:
  45. zettapixel

    A storm on Skye across the Sound of Sleat

    Nice. Love the cloud and haze against the hill slopes.
  46. zettapixel

    Legacy Lens Flops

    I was a bit disappointed with Konica 40/1.8. I was not impressed by it wide open and it has only full stop aperture positions. Wasn't terribly pleased with telephoto OM lenses - 100/2.8 and 200/5 - expected a better bokeh from them, although otherwise they're good. Canon FDn lens - I think it...
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