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    GH2 "Musgo" is now available On Demand!

    Great work -- hats off to you! Did you use the hacked firmware? If yes, can you tell us what bitrate and other settings? Thanks !!
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    Off-Topic: Headphones

    Another vote for Grado. They just sound incredible.
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    How to Super-Macro w/ m43?

    Any thoughts? Working on a project that needs greater than 2x magnification. Are adapted lenses the way to go? Any recommendations? (Low budget solutions are preferred.)
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    Is there a way to know what lenses were used on old photos?

    For example, in the great film "Blow-up" (1967), the photographer uses 35mm when he's out shooting for fun, but when it's paid work, he uses a Hasselblad
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    Is there a way to know what lenses were used on old photos?

    I'd be very surprised if it was 35mm film -- more likely to be medium format, or possibly large format (4x5 or 8x10). I'm not old enough to know for sure, but it's my understanding that during this era, 35mm film was not used for professional work, except photojournalism.
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    MOMA show

    I love MoMA and I love their annual new photography show....but this one was not the best, I thought.
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    Antwerp city with Distagon 28mm f2.0

    Great shots, great town. Contrast looks slightly low on my monitor (or more accurately, your blacks don't look fully black), but perhaps it's the look you were going for.
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    Using C mount lenses frequently?

    For about a year and a half, my main set-up was a Panasonic GH-1 with an Angenieux 25/0.95. The lens has a look that I just love: soft-sharp, smooth, romantic. It vignettes full-frame, so mostly I used it in 1:1 aspect ratio (used to shoot 6x6 a lot). The other C-mount lens I love is a Fuji...
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    So confused.. travelling with a camera..

    Only you can know what you really want to achieve with the photos you take on this trip. But if the primary purpose of your trip is pleasure, why not..."focus" on pleasure? If you're not a pro, it's supposed to be about fun. My rec: take the EPM1 and the Pana 20, and let taking photos blend...
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    Oly 45/1.8 vs Leica Summicron 50/2

    I've tried the V5 Summicron on a Pana GH-2. It did not perform as well as it does on a film body. Just a shadow of what it's capable of. However, the best shots I've ever taken were with this lens, on film.
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    Sad Story

    Backing up to an online file storage service, like Google Drive or, is a good idea, if you have internet access while traveling
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    What lens for scanning film?

    This bloke is using a DSLR for scanning 35mm negatives: How to Scan Film With a DSLR - YouTube He's using a Canon 5D with a Sigma 50mm macro lens. I'd like to try this with a Panasonic GH-2. What lens would give the best results? -- that is, close focus plus correct magnification for...
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    [Street] Embracing the grain

    Have you looked at the work of Daido Moriyama? Talk about "wrong"! His early work, especially, is completely "incorrect" in terms of exposure, focus, composition...and yet it's brilliant. The new closer images look great. You're correct: courage is essential to street shooting. And an...
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    Travel advice - extended hiking in Europe

    If you happen to make it to Bergen, Norway, the hike from Ulriken to Floyen is amazing. Cable car up, long day of high-altitude hiking across stunning and varied landscapes, then a funicular down to the center of town. Best day's hiking I've ever had.
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    What is the Best m4/3 Camera + Lens/Combo? so far?

    GH-2 with PanaLeica 25 / 1.4
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    COMPLETED Panasonic G3

    Last chance! Will go to EBay if not sold by Sunday evening [EST]
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    COMPLETED Panasonic G3

    Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G3 Camera: Black -- BODY ONLY 3 months use, less than 1000 shutter presses, warranty card unused Includes: battery, charger, body cap, manual, software CD, cables, strap -- everything that came in the original box (as well as the box itself) $400. Paypay only. Free...
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    COMPLETED Panasonic 20mm 1.7 // $240

    Lens is SOLD !! Panasonic G3 still available
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    COMPLETED Panasonic 20mm 1.7 // $240

    Panasonic LUMIX G 20mm / F1.7 ASPH Pancake Lens Includes: front and back caps, soft case, UV filter SOLD !! Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G3 Camera: Black -- BODY ONLY 3 months use, less than 1000 shutter presses, warranty card unused Includes: battery, charger, body cap, manual, software...
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    Showcase Unbranded CCTV 25mm f/1.4 (ebay)

    taran, nice images! when you say "double exposure" do you mean done-in-Photoshop double exposure...?
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    Itching to replace Panny 20 mm1.7 with PL25 mm1.4

    Yes the 25 is much larger than the 20. However, on the GH2 body, I prefer the size and weight of the 25: it balances better on the body. The camera + lens feel better in the hand. (Perhaps this might not be true for the smaller bodies, like the GF1.) And yes, subjectively, the image quality is...
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    How Many Still Bother With Printing?

    Every few months I get a pile of prints done from Adorama. They do excellent work, at a reasonable price. Going through piles of old prints is SO much more satisfying than hunting around in Lightroom...
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    Traditional Dance

    Really excellent images
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    'Kodak Ektar 100: Another Good Film'

    Really lovely shots, thanks. What camera, what lens...?
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    aspect ratio question

    I like to leave a lot of white around my images. Using Lightroom or Photoshop, shots done in 1:1 are placed on a 5x7 or 8x10 canvas. The "Polaroid look" works well sometimes: placing the image with an equal-sized border around the top, left, and right borders, with a big white space below. Try it.
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    Fix My Photo CHALLENGE - Hippo

    So far I like Janine4d's cropping, and KevinInParis' sepia tint treatment. Those two combined would be a winner, for me. Great thread!
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    Mexico City

    Great shots! Yes, Mexico City is incredible. I went there just once. When the airplane started to descend right in the center of the sprawling cityscape, past skyscrapers, to the airport right IN TOWN, I knew this was like no place I'd ever been to.
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    Post your G3 Photos here

    Wow! That butterfly (moth?) appears to be wearing his fancy pajamas. Great shots!
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    Compact System Camera Image Quality - An Analysis

    Beg to differ: LL regularly publishes poorly conceived, poorly written articles. I still check 'em out; but, I expect very little!
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    Showcase Kern Switar 16mm f/1.8 c-mount

    Beautiful look! The colors in #2 really show why vintage glass is worth the extra effort.
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    Alphabet City/Lower East Side

    Nice shots! This is my 'hood -- actually, my apartment building is visible in the background of one of these shots. Small world!
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    G3 body for $479 or the kit for $559 directly from Panasonic.

    Two weeks ago, I ordered the G3 body via PanaDirect for $479. But since then have received two emails saying "item is back-ordered, estimated shipping date: none". Oh, the pain...
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    Uh-oh, lens got what?

    Fresh water, luckily. But I dunno -- there is quite a lot of water in the lens. Theoretically, the glass might be salvageable, but I'm guessing the electrical components of the lens must be dead. I'll check with Panasonic about a repair. But I've had such a great time with this lens for two...
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    Uh-oh, lens got what?

    Seeking advice!! I had a freak boating accident this afternoon, and now the Panasonic 20/1.7 is soaked. Dripping. There are water drops between the lens elements. I'm on vacation. The body (GH-1) is toast, a total write-off. So what do you think? -- 1) It's worth sending the lens Panasonic...
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    Navitar 25mm F0.95 c-mount

    It's a cool look. This might be a great lens to use in square aspect ratio.
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    m4/3 or compact camera?

    The Panasonic G1 can be had for very cheap now--probably less than a new Canon S95 or other compact camera. Panasonic got so much right with this, the first mu43 camera. It is a very capable photographic device, and is unlikely to "hold you back" in any way.
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    o2 London & Weird New Building Next Door!

    #4 is killer. Pardon my ignorance -- is this building for the Olympics 2012?
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    film camera vs. micro 4/3

    iPhone light meter app works great, too
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    Why no M4/3 for shooting kids?

    Young kids are always a challenge to photograph -- especially while you are minding them! I think M4/3 is as good a format as any other, for this purpose. Small size, pocketability, fast start-up time, small fast lenses like the 20/1.7 all help. For me, the hardest part about photographing my...
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    Hexar RF

    One thing that might not be obvious from reading about the Hexar: it is a well-crafted, solidly-build machine. It has some weight and feels like a professional device in the hand. The weight may help hand-holding long exposures. The automatic film advance is quick, smooth and accurate. I find...
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    Hexar RF

    The Hexar RF is really excellent. It's easier to shoot than a Leica (say, pre-M7) because of the accurate auto-exposure, great viewfinder, and very fast loading. Bear in mind that getting it serviced is no longer easy. I've been lucky, have had mine for 5 years, and it's functioned perfectly...
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    New to m43, what legacy lens should I look for?

    If you like small lenses, the Fujinon C-mount lenses are really excellent.
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    Panasonic vs. Leica vs. Canon

    OK stating the obvious, here's what i see: at equal apertures, the Leica is equal or slightly ahead of the Panasonic, but in the corners, the Panasonic is clearly sharper. I wonder how much is due to the effect of the adapter....perhaps the Summilux would be sharper in the corners when used...
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    What do you travel with? And how do you carry it?

    I live in NYC, and here it's important to travel light. I carry only the GH-1 with two lenses, a long and a short. The short will be either the Panasonic 20/1.7, or the Angenieux c-mount 25/0.95. The long is the Fujinon c-mount 75/1.8. It all fits easily into the small Crumpler Four-Million...
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    COMPLETED Sold: Panasonic 14-140mm lens, NEW

    Lens is SOLD! Thank you, Phu.
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    What lens would you buy for a GF1 if you were me? (fast 50mm equiv)

    You say, "The main objective is to find a lens that that will produce some serious bokeh and shallow depth of field on portraits when taking torso to head shots on adults." In this case, why not go longer than 50mm equivalent? There are numerous adaptable fast lenses in 50mm, 75mm, 85mm, or...
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    your best lens for mu43

    The Panasonic 20 is the sharpest and easiest to use, it is an excellent lens. However, I wind up using an Angenieux C-mount 25mm/f0.95 more often, just because it has a certain weird filmic quality to it.
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    COMPLETED Sold: Panasonic 14-140mm lens, NEW

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    COMPLETED Sold: Panasonic 14-140mm lens, NEW

    SOLD !!! Lumix G Vario HD 14-140mm f/4.0-5.8 ASPH./MEGA O.I.S. Full Frame Equivalent: 28-280mm Micro Four Thirds Mount For Panasonic and Olympus m4/3 Cameras Silent Design for HD Movie Recording Optical Image Stabilizer I purchased this with the GH1, but never used it (too busy with...
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    Being playing with my GH1 for a few days, need some help!

    You can shoot long-exposure stills, then turn them into video. I use QuickTime Pro (v7) "Import Image Sequence"
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