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  1. icase81

    Photography workshop?

    Check out Photo Workshops; New York, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco | Digital Photo Academy Its given by Panasonic/Lumix and is all over the country. The prices are very affordable as well. I'm going to an intermediate workshop with my father and a buddy on April 2nd in Philly and can...
  2. icase81

    m4/3 prices going up ...

    Im guessing they can't get more very quickly because of the earthquake.
  3. icase81

    OM lens choice... question

    I have a 75-150 f4, 28mm f2.8 and the 50 f1.8. The 75-150 isn't that great, but its cheap. The 28mm f2.8 is very nice, and the 50 is great. I didn't pay any more than $60 for any of them.
  4. icase81

    Cheapest entry to "good" IQ?

    Adorama has a refurb (refurb by Olympus, so good as new) Olympus E-420 with a 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens for $269 with free shipping. Its got live view on the LCD, and in body image stabilization. Seems like an E-P1 with a more DSLR look that takes xD and CF cards instead of SD cards...
  5. icase81

    Before & After Aperture Presets 45-200

    Using Aperture. This was with the Oly 40-150. Before: After:
  6. icase81

    A few bridges and a factory

    I've been wanting to take some photos here for a few weeks now, and finally had some time on my way home from work along with cooperating weather. All photos with an E-PL1 and PP done in Aperture. This one is my favorite. Oly 40-150 @ 40mm f5.6 1/250sec exposure This is a passenger...
  7. icase81

    Time for a Midnight Snack

    haha.. yeah... 'clever'. Thats EXACTLY how I planned it! :shifty eyes:
  8. icase81

    Time for a Midnight Snack

    E-PL1, VF2, Olympus 40-150mm f4-5.6 @ 40mm f4 Just a quick shot of my wife making a sandwich in the kitchen. I thought the undercabinet lighting made the shot look pretty nice.
  9. icase81

    Photoshop Lightroom vs Photoshop?

    Correct. The interface is completely different, however, and it is MUCH cheaper than Photoshop. Lightroom can be had for ~ $80 on Amazon. There are some videos here...
  10. icase81

    Photoshop Lightroom vs Photoshop?

    Lightroom is standalone, and used for 'processing' images, not editing them. Adjusting exposure, color balance, that kind of thing.
  11. icase81

    Best free photo editing software?

    I've played with it, but the learning curve is pretty steep.
  12. icase81

    Rock climbing with the GH-1

    Pretty sweet. I don't have much video of my climbing, and all of my climbing has been indoors, but I really want to get back into it. Its been a few months since I've gone and I def miss it. <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="720" height="500"...
  13. icase81

    Best free photo editing software?

    Windows or Mac? On Mac, Pixelmator is about 85% of Photoshop for $30. Theres also iPhoto, which is $20. Aperture is more in depth, but costs $60 I believe.
  14. icase81

    Pro Photo shoot. Captured with GF1

    We got a friend that was a pro-photographer and still does weddings on the frequent to do ours. It was disappointing. He wouldn't accept money, insisting it was his gift. He did our engagement shots, which turned out wonderful. Being friends, his family was there with him as well, and it seemed...
  15. icase81

    Aperture for MAC vs. PHOTOSHOP

    It was $30 on the App Store 2 weeks ago... Weird. If you buy it on the App Store though, you get an upgrade to 2.0 free, if you buy it on Amazon, you don't.
  16. icase81

    A week or so with the Panasonic 20/1.7

    I know I chose the Oly 17 because of price. I got one for $160 shipped with 2 quality B&W brand filters. I have no issues with the 17 at all, and to be honest, if you took photos with each and showed 100 people, chances are that 99 of them couldn't tell you which was which, and the 100th would...
  17. icase81

    E-PL1 for legacy lenses

    The kit lens is actually very nice once you update the firmware to the 1.1 version. The 1.0 had very serious autofocus issues.
  18. icase81

    E-P1 darkens while zooming during videos

    I should learn to read better :)
  19. icase81

    E-P1 darkens while zooming during videos

    Could be because you have the aperture wide open. When you zoom, that max aperture gets smaller.
  20. icase81

    VF-2, how can I live, without you?
  21. icase81

    Bargain Bin Shoot Out!

    I have the same Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f1.8. Some pics:
  22. icase81

    Bus Depot

    Ray, You live in Norristown? Me too! Closer to Plymouth Meeting though.
  23. icase81

    Samyang 7.5mm fisheye for MFT (prototype)

    I think the glass isn't the final glass going into it. It looks more like a mockup kind of prototype than a working prototype. Else, I'd imagine, there would be a few sample pics.
  24. icase81

    EPL1 - cannot change shutter speed in M mode

    I have had this happen to me as well. I would have to go into S and change it, then go back into M and it would let me change it again.
  25. icase81

    You have had the same camera...

    My dad has a Nikon CoolPix 5700 (one of the first 'bridge' cameras out there) that still works fine. The lens motor got funky a while back but Nikon fixed it for free. I think it came out in 2000 or 2001?
  26. icase81

    PEN PAL?

    I'm not sure about the PEN PAL, but you CAN do this with an EyeFit SD card. In fact, you don't even have ot be near your PC, just be in a place with wifi access.
  27. icase81

    EPL1 shooting in low light

    Even the Olympus 17mm f2.8 is a LOT better in low light, and can be had for ~ $150 used. Its a great lens. Maybe not up to the standard of the Panny 20, but its also half the price.
  28. icase81

    Got the GF1, but something is sort of bugging me.

    You're getting the reflection in between the filter and the lens. This is fairly common.
  29. icase81

    Pen Pro 2 to 3 years away... Oh dear!

    If anything, go even further retro to look like the Fuji X100 did. Would LOVE this.
  30. icase81

    Pen Pro 2 to 3 years away... Oh dear!

    Yeah, I really would just like an Oly cam with a built in EVF, and more of an SLR 'look' to complement the E-PL1 i have now. Really, I'd aim for better AF, and a better sensor for high ISO performance.
  31. icase81

    VF-2, how can I live, without you?

    I have a Sony DSC-H50 (bridge cam) with their articulating 3" screen. It really is super nice. I just ordered my VF-2 through Staples with the discount. $180 shipped! Can't beat that deal. Theres people on CraigsList locally selling them for $200ish.
  32. icase81

    Do you own a P+S as well?

    I've got a Sony DSC-H50. It has full manual controls, but its photos are very noisy in regular indoor light, and the flash is terrible. With adequate lighting its a very competent camera though, but its large.
  33. icase81

    Replacement parts? Specifically, LCD screen?

    Yeah, this isn't just a scratch, its a gouge. I'll snap a pic when I get home in a few minutes And I mistyped, I meant a G1 (or a new G10 for $299), not a GH1.
  34. icase81

    Replacement parts? Specifically, LCD screen?

    Yeah that was the main problem. Someone else said that that specific LCD was listed in some UK ads as a replacement for the EP-1 screen, but I haven't been able to figure out if they're the same or not. I may take it out tonight to see if the connect 'looks' the same or not.
  35. icase81

    Got 20% Olympus Coupon Today

    I really doubt that there will be a new EVF. This one seems to be the bees knees according to everyone that has one.
  36. icase81

    Replacement parts? Specifically, LCD screen?

    And I don't need to pay them for labor :) I've done PLENTY of similar work in the past.
  37. icase81

    Replacement parts? Specifically, LCD screen?

    Not really. LCD SCREEN DISPLAY For Olympus U1060 U7000 / Kodak Z980 Camera: Camera & Photo $30. The same one can be had on ebay for ~ $18.
  38. icase81

    Replacement parts? Specifically, LCD screen?

    They won't sell me just the screen. I need to have it sent to them and they want $150 to replace it. I'd just as soon buy a used GH1 body for $250 and use that along with what I have.
  39. icase81

    Got 20% Olympus Coupon Today

    Sweet. If you enter 905932-L1 into you can get the VF-2 for $199, and buy a $30 off $150 coupon on ebay for $2.50 to end up getting it for $172.50 as well.
  40. icase81

    Replacement parts? Specifically, LCD screen?

    A few months back, on a trip home from NYC to Philly, I was the passenger in the car and fell asleep with my E-PL1 on my lap. it slid in between the seats and scratched the LCD glass. When the screen is on you can barely notice it, but it is ugly and I'd rather not look at it. I've emailed Oly...
  41. icase81

    Firmware update for E-5, E-PL2 & XZ-1

    E-PL2: Changed default setting of Image Stabilizer (IS) to “On” when converter lens scene mode ([FISHEYE EFFECT], [ WIDE-ANGLE], and [ MACRO]) are selected. Now if only we could BUY said converter lenses in the US.
  42. icase81

    Fuji X100 samples

    By this i meant that body, with that look, but with an m4/3 sensor and lens mount. As it stands now, I really don't have the budget to spend however many hundreds of dollars on a fixed lens camera with a small sensor, no matter how beautiful the images are, seeing as its ~ 5.5x crop factor. I...
  43. icase81

    Fuji X100 samples

    If they made this in m4/3, I'd buy it in an instant. I have too many m3/4 lenses and accessories to trade them for this, and I don't think I could justify buying it with a prime fixed lens just because of how the body looks, unfortunately. I'm actually surprised Fuji hasn't made a m4/3 body...
  44. icase81

    Show Sunsets / Sunrises

    The gradient here from the top to the horizon is amazing. Love this photo.
  45. icase81

    Show Sunsets / Sunrises

    Not quite a sunset yet, but 20 minutes later it was. This is in Dubai overlooking the Palm Island.
  46. icase81

    Olympus Pen...perception vs reality

    haha, I've had 80's saabs, a few MGs, and now I'm restoring a 1980 VW Scirocco. I'm no stranger to the character over reliability myself.
  47. icase81

    Olympus Pen...perception vs reality

    In the end though, if you showed an image taken with a 'poor' lens next to an image taken with a 'good' lens, 98 out of 100 people couldn't tell you which was which. People often forget we tend to show these images off at 2-3mp resolutions on the web to people. They also often get horribly JPG...
  48. icase81

    Olympus Pen...perception vs reality

    Agreed. I'd like to see some lower priced lenses. I am not a pro photographer by any means, but I enjoy taking photos. I really don't have it in my budget to buy an $800 lens to take UWA shots, esp when the camera itself costs only $400. Its a hobby, not a profession. I was under the...
  49. icase81

    Olympus Pen...perception vs reality

    The one thing I'd like in a Pen is an integrated EVF. My $200 Sony P&S has one, why shouldn't my $500 Interchangeable lens. Sure, I can put the VF-2 on, but then I lose the ability to run an external flash in the shoe. I like the form factor of the G10. I might pick one up because the bodies can...
  50. icase81

    Are you able to focus using a cheap u4/3 macro tube set?

    I might try and make something. Taking 2 of these: From here: AF Confirm / IS Programmable chip for Micro 4/3 EP2 GF1 - eBay (item 230545838863 end time Mar-01-11 19:33:49 PST) And epoxying them in the proper positions so that they would touch the contacts on the lens and on the body...
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