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  1. jonima

    post your ornament pics here!

    Christmas in Amstelveen A white Christmas in the Netherlands this year!!
  2. jonima

    Winter has set in, share your pics with us !!

    Winter in Amstelveen, the Netherlands White Christmas is coming!!!:smile: Shot with Pana G1 and 45-200mm
  3. jonima


    Nice shots!! Scary though! :frown:
  4. jonima


    Graf Real nice shots off all different places to find Graffiti. Here are some I came across near a school in my home town!!! All taken with G1 + kit lens 14-45 mm
  5. jonima


    Hi, They all look great to me, great pictures. Personally I like pictures where you are drawn to the subject, vignetting can help doing this when subject is around the middle of the picture. It looks like the third one has the strongest vignetting?? It works in this picture also because...
  6. jonima

    How's weather?

    Not Really Herman, Here in the Amsterdam Area it is also Cold and Wet.:mad:
  7. jonima


    Really nice Wall Art!
  8. jonima

    Architecture image thread

    Part of the World Trade Centre Station and Building Group Amsterdam
  9. jonima

    Greetings from Crete

    Welcome and looking forward to your contribution! Good luck with you :43: gear! Johan
  10. jonima

    Hi All

    Welcome, That's a nice piece of equipment you have there. Looking forward to your pictures on the forums!! Have fun!!! Johan
  11. jonima

    Hi from an absolute beginner, UK

    Welcome and good luck with your gear!! Johan
  12. jonima

    Hello from the Philippines

    Welcome from the Netherlands! Johan
  13. jonima

    Hello from Brisbane

    Welcome to the legacy lens format!! Johan
  14. jonima

    Suspended in Jaffa

    Very nice indeed!!
  15. jonima

    the "ordinary household objects" image thread

    Kaas-schaaf Now this one I use every day, being Dutch!:biggrin: Johan
  16. jonima


    Here are some from the Netherlands.
  17. jonima

    What's your favorite non-native Lens?

    I have used my 28mm 2.8 Leica R lens the most off all lenses! It is already very sharp at f 2.8 and on a :43: camera it is a great focal length for street shooting! Johan
  18. jonima

    Hello from Saskatoon,

    Welcome and lots of fun with your upgrade to :43: digital photography! Johan
  19. jonima

    Dramatic Skies

    Very nice all those different layers of clouds and the sun shining through! Johan
  20. jonima


    Very funny indeed!! thanks:biggrin: Johan
  21. jonima


    Welcome, looking forward to your contribution! Johan
  22. jonima

    Dramatic Skies

    Hi Texascbx, Land of the rising sun?? Nice capture of the sun beams! Johan
  23. jonima

    Dramatic Skies

    Great shot of the moon. Especially the left cloud is picking up some sun light!! Very dreamy feeling! Johan
  24. jonima

    the "ordinary household objects" image thread

    Lamp on Ceiling Evening Still Live on my ceiling: :rolleyes: Johan 14-45mm kitlens
  25. jonima

    Wide Lens Choices For G2?

    Hi, Did you try the following Threads for comparing the two lenses?? Oly 9-18mm Pana 7-14mm Good luck! Johan
  26. jonima

    Hello from Cheltenham, UK

    Welcome and good luck with your gear!! Johan
  27. jonima

    Lenses for video

    Hi Rider, I have read in a few forums that first off all the 20mm is a great lens, but that the focus meganism makes some noice which can be picked up by the camera micro phone. On the DP review site it reads: "The...
  28. jonima

    New to the boards

    Welcome from the Netherlands. Johan
  29. jonima

    New to forum

    Welcome from the Netherlands!! Johan
  30. jonima

    Panasonic (Lumix) 20mm f/1.7

    Thanks for posting. Your cats are realy a good subject to show off the quality of the lens.... and the photographer!!!!:thumbup: Johan
  31. jonima

    Salinas Sunset

    Very nice colors and composition!! Looks like a nice evening at the beach. Johan
  32. jonima

    Indoor Photos... who's taking good ones?

    Hi, I find that up to ISO 400, using a good noice reduction software, it is still usable (taken from RAW) Using higher ISO, noice will be too visable. But when you change your picture to Black and White people start talking about GRAIN instead of NOICE and how nice it looks!!!!:biggrin...
  33. jonima

    New 14mm and 100-300m on HK site.

    Panasonic 100-300 mm review + samples Here is a first short review of the 100-300 mm lens of Panasonic. Using Google Translate it is readable!! Google Translate Or if you can read Czech :cool: Rychlý test teleobjektivu Panasonic Lumix G 100 Johan
  34. jonima

    Lenses for video

    What I have read "optimized for Video" means that the auto focus is: Internal (no front lens movement) Fast Accurate (less hunting) Silent Also the zoomring should be smooth and silent. For Panasonic this is the 14-140 mm For Olympus the 14-150 mm and the 40-150 mm Also the...
  35. jonima

    Olympus 40-150mm vs Panasonic 45-200mm

    Hi there, I think in de end the best what you can do is look at the image Threads for both lenses to see what lens you like the best. Than go to a shop and try out both lenses for a while on your camera using them for Photo's and Video. That gives you the best feeling of what you like and...
  36. jonima

    Showcase Panasonic 45-200mm f/4-5.6

    Got this lens second hand. Focus with the G1 is really slow. outside it performs ok. Contrast and color is good. Only the 200mm end is a bit soft, but when you get the subject fully framed and a good lighting it's ok. For far away portraits it is even very nice. Johan
  37. jonima

    greetings from nyc

    Welcome and congratulations on your great combo gear!! have fun with your :43: camera!! My first camera was my father's Pentax ME super, great memories.... Johan
  38. jonima

    New 14mm and 100-300m on HK site.

    Hi Dennis, I also have the 45-200 and focus is realy slow, in low lights it is even not focussing sometimes. Although I will have use for this lens, indeed for sports or fast moving objects it is not a good deal! I wonder if the 100-300 will be that faster since the camera only uses...
  39. jonima

    A Day at the Leica Akademie

    Deirdre, Thanks for sharing this. Looks like you have had an very inspiring day taking the Leica for a spin!! Nice colorfull, realistic colors, images. I like to take my R Leitz lenses out and enjoy a different way of making pictures manually focussing!! In low lights the G1 EVF is still...
  40. jonima

    Hi from Cambridge, UK

    Welcome and hope you will enjoy your Gear!! Really nice photo's when you.........saw the light!! Johan
  41. jonima


    TREE GRAFFITI !!! Johan
  42. jonima

    Photos at the pier

    Great pictures, very nice!! If you are a :43: user but also use other sytems and really want to share some pics taken with another camera that's ok with me. Always nice to mention it and the process behind it. Please also share your experience with your :43: camera !! Johan
  43. jonima


    Thanks to all who have posted their pictures here. Really nice series and refreshing to see all the different Graffiti styles around the world!! Keep them coming! Johan
  44. jonima


    Graffiti Series Thanks Raffael. Realy nice series. I did like the Railway station and the close ups very much. Nice color very smooth pics!!:bravo-009: I ried a search on Graffiti in the Gallery, nothing showed up. I am not a big fan of all Graffiti but sometimes it does look like a piece of...
  45. jonima


    Here are some pics with the Pana 45-200mm. Want to start a Thread about GRAFFITI. Please share your pics about his strange Art Form.:rolleyes: Thanks, Johan
  46. jonima


    Just received my second hand 45-200mm in the mail. So finally I can close up on some Animals!! AF is slow but these ones posed for me Nice Thread! Johan
  47. jonima

    Gunung Ledang, Malaysia

    Like B03 the best. Nice moving water captures and people still sharp in focus!! Johan
  48. jonima

    NYC pigeons & sparrows

    Nice shots. Bird in flight always tricky!! The 45-200 does not focus that fast so well done!!:thumbup: Johan
  49. jonima

    On the way to work...

    Nice scenes!! Where do you work?? Did you get in on time that day??:smile:
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