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  1. Jamus

    C-Mount Adapter Difficulties

    Thank you, Petro! They may have been falsely claimed as C mount instead of CS. Does anyone know of a place online to purchase these washer/spacer/extender adapters needed?
  2. Jamus

    Decent Mic for Live Music

    Hey, Gryphon, do you think you could provide links to all of those three items? I have a few sound guy friends and shoot live shows frequently. ;]
  3. Jamus

    C-Mount Adapter Difficulties

    Hey, guys! So, I haven't been on these forums for maybe 5 years now, as I moved away from MFT for a while, but the G9 enticed me back. It seems like a perfect hybrid camera for my needs. So far I am really quite happy with it. I decided to get a little weird and experiment with adapting C mount...
  4. Jamus

    Flickr - Tips and Traps

    Hit me up on my Flickr as well! :}
  5. Jamus

    Newb from Minneapolis

    Another Minneapolis member! Welcome d00d.
  6. Jamus

    Painted Naked Ladies

    Haha, especially like the army-painted gal. Kudos!
  7. Jamus

    [EXPIRED] FS: Voightlander 58mm 1.4 (+3 filters)

    Hey all, thought I'd let you guys know I'm bidding-off my Voightlander 58mm 1.4 Nikon mount. More details/photos: Voigtlander 58mm f/1.4 SL-II Nikon Mount +3 FILTERS! - eBay (item 170568680873 end time Nov-26-10 15:14:42 PST) Included as well are 58mm filters: UV, Warming &...
  8. Jamus

    Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 Camera Porn

    Man, I am indeed tempted. But I think I would buy the Nikon 50mm 1.2 before I went for the CV.
  9. Jamus

    Am I the only one? (E-P3 Concept)

    What exactly would you use that for? Making your pictures look flat? I avoid built-in flash with a fiery passion.
  10. Jamus

    GF2 has been announced

    This. Hopefully the X100 will meet the hype. But this? This is... disappointing to say the least. :[
  11. Jamus

    GF2 May Be Announced this Week!

    Better lowlight, better menu setting navigation, a dedicated ISO button, more megapixels... If they can offer something like that, I'd upgrade. Otherwise, I'm happy with what I got. ;]
  12. Jamus

    Nik Silver Efex Pro

    There is much... much more control. The presets are really great too, they help give you quick previews of where you should go with your conversion: ^how awesome is that? Lightroom brushes are OK, but again, I still don't think they offer the same amount of range and control.
  13. Jamus

    Panasonic 14mm f2,5 samples

    How much is the price (USD) going to be on this again? This was the range I wanted initially, when I bought the GF1, so I'm definitely planning on eventually getting it if the quality is good.
  14. Jamus


    A one-hit wonder is just fine with me. I don't believe in brand loyalty... just product quality. ;]
  15. Jamus

    Lines in the Sky

    Great composition.
  16. Jamus

    Dramatic Skies

    Wonderful shots, Jonima... What skies you have in the Netherlands! I am jealous indeed. Here is my contribution!
  17. Jamus

    Suitable Tripods ideal for μ4/3

    Maybe a GorillaPod?
  18. Jamus


    I stumbled across this wonderful video found on 43Rumors entitled 'Yoka'. It personally documents the creation of this panda, in a very loving and beautiful manner. Worth the watch. She filmed the video with a GF1 + Lumix 20mm f/1.7 + Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 (both handheld & tripod) and Nokton 50mm...
  19. Jamus

    The Portrait Thread.

    Good idea, Vidar! Here's a recent one of mine which I really like... Maybe it's because I rarely dabble in B&W.
  20. Jamus

    COMPLETED SOLD: Leica X1 with Leica view finder asking $1700

    Do you accept souls? If so, I'd be willing to sell mine for this camera! ;]
  21. Jamus

    Lensbaby Tilt transformer for micro four thirds

    Tell me if I'm wrong, but I believe this lensbaby allows for changing of aperture, so you can adjust your depth of field? Maybe that's why it's more pricier? IDK
  22. Jamus

    Showcase Nikon 60mm f/2.8 AF-D Micro Nikkor

    Yeah, I have yet to get a M34 adapter even! I got my GF1 simply for portability and a great go-to cam. But you can't beat that 60mm... That thing is a true Nikkor.
  23. Jamus

    Showcase Nikon 60mm f/2.8 AF-D Micro Nikkor

    Oh baby... This is my kind of topic! This lens is my favorite. It was my first true Nikkor lens bought, and has been used WAY more then any other lenses of mine. I'm sure most people will post macro pictures with it, but let me tell ya... it is CRACKIN' for street photography and portraits. At a...
  24. Jamus

    Samsung coming with 3D as well

    Well, we can't act THAT surprised, can we? They already make the TVs...
  25. Jamus

    Return of the prodigal Pen friend

    Welcome back! Checked out your site, and I love your landscape work especially!
  26. Jamus

    "It's rainy nights like these that make me dream..."

    Thanks! Yes, Photoshop allows you to do things with your image that could never be done with just a RAW editing program. It's absolutely worth the money if you have enough time to learn it's nooks and crannies. It's selective, and that's what I like about it. One of the best feelings of...
  27. Jamus

    "It's rainy nights like these that make me dream..."

    Shot at ISO 400, F11, 5 seconds, with my GF1 and 20mm1.7 Looking back, I think I would have been fine with a larger aperture, but at the time I wasn't sure. She held quite still, however here face did blur some... It wasn't too noticeable, though! Attached is the original version. As you can...
  28. Jamus


    If the focus and image quality is on par with the GF1, then I think it's time to sell some gear. ;]
  29. Jamus

    Lensbaby Tilt transformer for micro four thirds

    That is SWEET! I am very tempted.
  30. Jamus

    I have started today a FLAD

    That Leitz has absolutely WONDERFUL focus! Where'd you nab it?!
  31. Jamus

    New Panasonic lenses.

    The 14mm is a very tempting piece of glass, I must say. That's the ideal focal length I had originally wanted for my GF1. I'll have to wait for reviews, and comparisons between the 20mm and 14, first. :P
  32. Jamus

    Pana-Leica 45/2.8 macro

    I'd like to see some portraits done with it. That's what would sell me on it, really.
  33. Jamus


    I thought the very same thing. Why would they have an exposure dial over an ISO dial? Very strange... So it does have the ability to see beyond the framelines of the lens? That's what it appeared to be, but I didn't want to get my hopes up without confirmation. :P Also, I still don't see much...
  34. Jamus


    So is this a digital rangefinder? Meaning that square in the 'hybrid viewfinder' is what will be shot, and the outside of that square is extra space to help with your composition? Because if that's so, then that is SWEET! Tempted to sell my GF1+20mm.
  35. Jamus


    Beat me to the punch! I was about to post this. I want it. However, already having the GF1 makes it a no-go for me. I'd be interesting in hearing how good the quality is, though. Bravo, Fuji!
  36. Jamus

    Showcase Leica Summaron 35mm f/2.8 M

    The way Leica lenses handle lines and corners is to die for. Someday... someday... :P
  37. Jamus

    New Panny 14mm f/2.5

    Now this... This I want. :P
  38. Jamus

    Any thoughts on the National Geographic Explorer NG 2343 Small Shoulder Bag?

    It looks great. Personally, I hate having shoulderbags, as that shoulder begins to weigh on me after a while. Backpacks support the weight a lot better, and make it easier to trek (no bump...bump...bump as the bag hits your side while you go up some hill or another). So for normal walking, and...
  39. Jamus

    New Panny 14mm f/2.5

    Wish it was a little faster, but I suppose if that were the case it would have to be a lot bigger/more expensive, correct? However, I'm not sure I know how true this fact is, because the 20mm is quite compact, and much faster. Regardless, I look forward to reading reviews about this one...
  40. Jamus

    Researchers Needed!

    GOLD STARS?! Oh man, I am so in. ;)
  41. Jamus

    COMPLETED Sold: the D700 has to go!

    Ugh. So tempted! :P However, I just don't have a good enough reason to upgrade my D300s to a D700. Waiting for the next upgrade.
  42. Jamus

    The Tree

    It's the little things that count! Thanks, guys. :)
  43. Jamus

    The Tree

    Thanks. Time is a little hard to tell exactly, because I had been toying with this concept for a few days, making sketches and deciding what images of mine to use. But once I finally started assembling things, I'd say about 4 hours. As far as layers, that's really hard to tell as well. I tend to...
  44. Jamus

    The Tree

    Another of my photo manips. The tree was actually taken using a GF1, so I thought it would only be good if I posted it here! ;] Click it for details about the concept at Flickr.
  45. Jamus

    Oldest Lens

    Quite interesting what that focus does to the spoon! Looks different then most focuses these days. :]
  46. Jamus

    COMPLETED SOLD:Price drop Contax G 45mm f2

    Oh man, I am sooo tempted. :P This forum does a number on my camera-gear-buying disorder. ...must resist. :D
  47. Jamus

    My work.

    Thanks everyone! Yeah that 20mm is a keeper. Here's another shot from my 'Art a Day' project. This one was yesterday (click it for description and larger image on Flickr): I shot this on my D300s with my new 24-70mm lens.
  48. Jamus

    No more INTERVIEWS

    I like 'em. :]
  49. Jamus

    [EXPIRED] For sale: Voightlander 58mm f1.4 (nikon mount)

    Bump. Now selling here for 400$!
  50. Jamus

    The problem with m4/3s

    Ugh... My thoughts exactly. I wish there were AF Voightlander lenses... Oh the things I would do...
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