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    Free HDR on mac

    Almost everyone uses photomatix - it's not that expensive really, especially the lite version. Sorry :)
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    Thom Hogan Opines on the Native Lenses

    Please show me a sharp shot taken with it at 200mm :smile:
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    COMPLETED Sold: Olympus M.Zuiko 9-18mm F/4-5.6 Digital ED for micro 4/3

    I will offer $500 including shipping to the UK and paypal fees for paying on credit card. :)
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    focusing with the GF1

    I manually focus just fine and I never used film cameras.
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    Thom Hogan Opines on the Native Lenses

    I find it slightly baffling that the 45-200mm gets a highly recommended where the 20mm pancake only gets recommended, and the 14-45 only gets qualified recommended. The 45-200mm is definitely the poorest out my M4/3 lenses.
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    Winter has set in, share your pics with us !!

    Taken in the North West of England. To be specific, the first and last were taken in Langdale in the Lake District, and the middle two in Lancaster.
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    Portfolio site - all M4/3

    You're very kind, thanks a lot :biggrin: I have thought of running workshops, as I currently work in education and do run them as part of my current job (music related). I would feel a little presumptuous doing it for photography though as I only really started at the beginning of this year...
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    Portfolio site - all M4/3

    No worries, thanks for accepting it :)
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    Portfolio site - all M4/3

    I've got rid of the watermarks now, and done a bit more tweaking. Any views on the latest revision would be very welcome.
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    "Show Door"

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    HDR Anyone?

    These are all HDR apart from the second one.
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    Portfolio site - all M4/3

    Thanks Vivalo, you're very kind :) I've done some tweaking to the appearance of the site, nothing too drastic - haven't had time to sort out the watermarks yet.
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    Orchestra practice at Cathedral

    Cracking shot, really nice. The colours and lighting are great.
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    Portfolio site - all M4/3

    Thanks BBW and Malo - much appreciated. :D I will add it to my signature, but I might wait 'til I've sorted it out just a little more. It seems the opinion on the watermark is overwhelming! I will need to reupload all the pics but I think you are probably all right so it's worth doing...
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    Portfolio site - all M4/3

    Thanks everyone. I know what you mean about the watermark - will try making it more discreet. I have had people take and use pics without consent from facebook/flickr before so I'm not sure I want to do away with it completely. If people are going to take pics I would at least like to have a...
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    Portfolio site - all M4/3

    Not sure if this is the right forum. It's not quite finished yet, but I've been making a portfolio site, all pics were taken with the GF1 or G1. Let me know what you think. Thanks Graham Wynne Photography | Photography Portfolio and Print Sales/Licensing
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    GF1 Wireless remote?

    For a slightly more expensive option there are some cactus wireless triggers that work.
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    Craig Mod Panasonic 14/2.5 Review

    Where are you getting that from?
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    Craig Mod Panasonic 14/2.5 Review

    I'm interested in this lens too but it's a little pricy for me at the mo. The 20mm is noisy though? :confused:
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    Hello from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

    I'm sure it's good, but the 20mm 1.7 is amazing - imo. Sorry, only messing, I'm sure you will enjoy it plenty :)
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    First pic published (sort of :) )

    Thanks Glenn - your photos are always great btw :)
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    First pic published (sort of :) )

    Yeah, I posted it to a Midland Hotel group on flickr and tagged it - I don't suppose they would have found it otherwise. The image on flickr was watermarked too - I suppose less scrupulous companies might have just taken it if it wasn't.
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    Hello from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

    Welcome - ditch the 17mm and get the Panasonic 20mm 1.7 though ;)
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    First pic published (sort of :) )

    Thanks again people - I'm very 'chuffed' as we say in England :D Thanks :) Though that's just one page of the brochure, there are loads more pics (some good, many not so good imo). I am going to try and get some more work out of them as I think I could do better in a lot of cases. It was...
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    Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 - Lowest Price Yet

    An unboxed 20mm is £239 from Mathers in the UK - still not as good as that US price but not bad for an amazing lens.
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    First pic published (sort of :) )

    Cheers everyone :) joanne - I'm staying at Storrs Hall in the Lakes - it had the most expensive restaurant :) Would like to stay at the Midland but it's a little close to home for me.
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    First pic published (sort of :) )

    Thanks :) By the way it was taken with the G1 and 45-200mm
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    First pic published (sort of :) )

    In the new brochure for English Lakes Hotels My pic is the one of the reflected sunset. They found it on flickr. Got a nice luxury stay at one of their hotels in return. :D
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    New Panasonic Lenses--UK Pricing on DPReview

    Mathers have the 14mm at £285.
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    GF2 has been announced

    I don't think people would be so disappointed if this was called a 'GPL2' - but the GF1 was a real enthusiasts camera and you can't help feeling this has been dumbed down. A real enthusiasts GF2 would still appeal but it looks like that might not happen now. As good as they are the bigger G...
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    GF2 has been announced

    That already exists ;) GH1 Firmware Hack
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    GF2 has been announced

    To me this should have been called a different camera rather than a GF2. One of the things everyone criticised about the NEX was that everything was controlled in on screen menus, so why emulate it? I would love a GF1 with either a built in or better quality EVF, and slightly better high ISO -...
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    Urbex with the G1

    Thanks for the comments everyone :) Basically we had in the UK built a lot of these big Victorian institutions for the mentally ill - now the emphasis is on 'care in the community' apart from the most severe cases, so there are a lot of abandonded facilities. It's an old Olympus wide angle...
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    Urbex with the G1

    Thanks daimos zpierce - there's quite a few ruined asylums round here, will try and find more :)
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    Urbex with the G1

    Thanks folks - the building was an mental asylum - it's part of a huge complex, some of it is still in use as a secure unit!
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    Urbex with the G1

    These were all taken with the 20mm, and mostly with the Olympus wide angle adapter. Never really done anything like this before, but it was fun. Having light kit is handy when climbing walls and dodging security guards :) Few more here - Urbex - a set on Flickr Any comments...
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    Panasonic 14mm f2,5 samples

    Look good to me too - look forward to seeing some reviews. Just wish they had made it a teensy bit wider. Love the smallness of it though - great match for a GF1 surely.
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    GF1 video quality tips (and hack) help

    So the manual controls are now working with the GF1 hack. :eek: Think I'm going to have to take the plunge.
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    G1 vs DSLR image quality?

    The main thing is the high ISO performance - if you want to shoot gigs or weddings a DSLR is clearly going to win. The AF is also not as good for fast moving subjects etc But for 90% of instances there really isn't much difference. Also I and potential subjects are much less conscious of the...
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    Konica Hexanon AR 50mm F:1.4

    Thanks for posting these - are they all shot wide open?
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    Working in the middle of the sea

    Cool, love the sky in the second one.
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    Replacement hotshoe cover for GF1?

    Thanks everyone - have looked on ebay and seen the generic covers. I was wanting to get one that covers the EVF slot too, but maybe I don't need to worry about it. Will try the place I got my GF1 from anyway and see how much they want.
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    Panasonic Unveils New 8mm Fisheye Lens Today

    Apart from the kit lenses the other Panasonic Lenses are crazily overpriced. Makes me think I will stop buying native lenses and stick with what I've got plus legacy lenses. Might pick up an SLR at some point (which will cost me about the same as one of these lenses) with better options at the...
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    Replacement hotshoe cover for GF1?

    Due to being an idiot I now no longer have the hotshoe cover - anyone know if you an get replacements? I looked on ebay but they were only to cover the top part not the lvf connection bit on the back.
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    Some more Singapore with GF1

    These and the other set are really impressive Glen - the GF1 is really an excellent travel camera.
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    Moon with 4/3 40-150mm

    This is my effort with the G1 and 45-200mm, handheld (cropped)
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    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    It's the SGP Skin Guard.
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    Panasonic vs Olympus

    That forum is just horrible - half the threads seem to be either Panasonic vs Olympus or trolling about why M4/3 is rubbish and Sony will destroy it blah blah blah... Shame because there is some useful stuff on there sometimes but I don't really go there any more.
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