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    Showcase Panasonic Leica 45mm f/2.8 Macro Elmarit

    after seeing all of these pics, i can say that the elmarit 45mm is the best native lense the pany has to offer yet! i got to save some money now! :)
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    GF1 Image Thread

    dear hector, very nice composition! :)
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    m4/3s, and the rest, are dead.

    Nice man Bokeh Diem! i like your comment!
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    The Fifa World Cup 2010 Thread

    Now since holland & spain are the ones left..... i will be cheering on for Holland! :)
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    [ask] apperture value for infinity focus?

    You are right Tam! :smile: thanx for correcting! so with big f value we can have sharper landscape image --> thanx!
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    Steve Huff's two favourite digicams ever.

    why is it the EPL1 is better than GF1 ? lol
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    [ask] apperture value for infinity focus?

    Dear all, I'm curious about which apperture value to use when im shooting a far away object. Let say making a landscape photo, so the focus distance would be infinite. Is it better to use small apperture or big apperture? As for close distance the small apperture would produce shallow dof...
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    got my lvf1

    I purchased mine 3 weeks ago. For me, it's a really good aid when im shooting my gf1 with the 45-200 lens. My shooting stance becomes steady. It is very useful too when shooting outdoor during sunny wheather, because i cannot see the lcd clearly. To be honest, the fact that gf1 has only lcd...
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    Wish Panaonic kept the G1/Leica style for the G2.

    yeah one other positive thing from lumix is they resembles a bit of leica model (gf1 & L1). Rumor says the GF-2 gonna look even more similar to the leica rangefinder cameras....
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    Beautiful eyes

    could you tell, which photo is with the noctilux? thanx!
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    Protective filter for 20mm pancake

    i use a kenko PL filter 46mm. The best store in my town does not have a UV filter with 46mm diameter so i went on with a PL filter instead. I always attached it because i don't want my lense to get dirty.
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    New Member Introduction Thread

    Dear All, My name is Anto --> but i'd like it to be nTo as my 'nick name' I'm from Indonesia, and i'm male. My experience in photography is still minimum. The first time i used an SLR was when i was 12 years old, with my father's old Canon A1. I thought the camera was ugly, because it was...
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    Olympus, great success!

    Yeah, more post about oly's than panny's.... In my country too, olympus does more marketing campaign....
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    need help...trouble using NISSIN Di622 external flash on GF1

    Dear Richard, thanx for your valuable informantion! :)
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    need help...trouble using NISSIN Di622 external flash on GF1

    Dear All, I tried using Nissin Speed Lite Flash Di622 on my GF1 but i found these two problems: 1- the hotshoe was too tight --> i eventually forced it in 2- when i used the camera, the flash did not operate Does anybody knows why was it happen? Maybe the flash model i used was not...
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    Showcase Panasonic Leica 45mm f/2.8 Macro Elmarit

    those sample pictures made me wanna buy one! :) the leica dg 45mm is surely a great lens!
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    Panasonic LVF1 viewfinder replacement

    well, if you have to choose...which one would you buy first? - The view finder - Flash Thanx!
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    Olympus publish a Pen Magazine...

    Olympus gives more marketing efforts than panasonic, i guess..... here in indonesia, they even make darwis triadi (a well known photographer here) as the brand ambassador for PEN. They held some workshops & exhibition with him to let people notice and get familiar with the PEN series. Myself, a...
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    Panasonic G2 and G10 Officially Announced

    LoL ! Voyager, your stament does make a lot of sense! Those g2 & g10 are not as innovative as previous models...but anyways...i guess, both are necessary in terms of marketing purpose to gain more share... because looks like panasonic is really shaping-up itself as a serious camera...
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    Important Notice: Please Read Before Using Forum, Gallery, Groups, or Blogs

    amin, another reason why i really like this forum is because the directories are managed pretty neat! you have done such a great work in maintaining this forum!
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    WHat is your Favorite Aspect Ratio?!

    i always use 3:2 on my GF1, because if i'm not mistaken it's the aspect ratio that would maximize the image quality regarding sensor size of the GF1....
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    Question about the OIS

    Dear Brian, Honestly i am more confident shooting with mode 1, because i can see the OIS works even before i press the shutter button. I can see from the LCD that the image is really stabilized although my hands are jittering. Anyone also feeling this? Thanx! nTo
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    Tips & Tricks For Cleaning Up Lenses

    Dear M4/3 Comrades.... :) I'm totally new to photography, so even for that fundamental thing i do need guidance from you guys.... Is it actually safe to splash & rub our m4/3 lenses with lens cleaner liquid and cloth? Does the same cloth used for cleaning eye glasses can be used...
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    New to the forum and potentially to M 4/3 system

    this forum is sure full with don't worry about it! i also try learn from i am new to photography too...
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    Olympus Guests... don't miss this!

    geez, brian...thanx for mentioning about the mu-43 gallery...i didn't notice it :) okay, i'm gonna start uploading again.....
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    To frame, or not to frame...

    as for me, i guess framing can give significant impact to boost the pictures 'interestingness'....sorry if it is not a real word anyway... i do notice there are several kind of framings being done in this forum, but the one i really like is when you used a drop-shadow behind the picture and...
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    Micro Four Thirds Love Around the Web

    Yay! great thread! very encouraging for us m4/3 photographers! thanx amin!
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    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    i think this picture is really beautiful...the colours and lighting...just like a painting...! cheers!
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    Any Pro Shooters Using 43d's/M43d's???

    thanx Amin! i went through your link, and this line below is very encouraging! :) In my next exhibition there will be at least one photograph made with that camera. I promise I will make a gift of that photograph to the first visitor who will guess which one it is.
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    Photo contest: 'Black and White' - Ends March 1, 2010 ($100, $50, $25 prizes)

    here's my entry...actually i have posted it also in the pana 20mm images thread...i hope it's okay to submit it also for this contest... its a landscape shoot where i thought the clouds give more majestic impression to the overall picture.. cheers!
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    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    there are so many high quality pictures in this thread.....really encouraging for us m4/3 users.. :) anyway, can someone tell me how did you process/develop the RAW images into JPEGs? because i noticed in this thread that all pictures are clean from noises...and also very sharp...thanx so...
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    Olympus Guests... don't miss this!

    Hello, brian! Wow! what a great move you guys make with the tutorial video....i hope someday i can contribute as well but for the GF1...(what i owned).. Anyway, thanx also for encouraging us (relatively fewer post guys) post more... it's been quite a busy week, and my upload quota in...
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    M 4/3 users are the Mac users of the photography world because...

    i think this poll is very funny! (i meant positive intention)
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    Post your milestones

    just grab my lumix 45-200mm today! ^_^ lets see how good this lense is...
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    Rumor: Shooters gone and started a "Group"

    As long as we can keep it up to the right amount of balance between going out there to shoot and sit right here to post....both activities should energize each other ^_^
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    What brought you to the micro four thirds system?

    Dear Bill & all, For me...the GF-1 is a long awaited answer...i was so happy that this kind of camera finally came along... I believe great pictures are produced from the skill and effort of the photographer instead of the capabilities of the camera...even with only pocket cameras i was...
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    Rumors or possible upcoming 4/3 lenses

    Wow, amin...great info! this is really uplifting for m4/3 fans....thanx!
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    Deserted Buildings / Ruins & Rubbles

    Dear Amin & Brian, Thanx for your appreciation...i hope i can contribute to this forum and help the m4/3 community grow.. :smile:
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    Progressing our photography...

    makes it worth Geez shooter, that's very personal...i really appreciate that you share it in this forum...great post! Now i know what stands behind your 'third eye' concept...:smile: As for me, my motivation to have a good camera and learn how to shoot nice pictures is to have a beautiful...
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    Deserted Buildings / Ruins & Rubbles

    Frames Dear Amin, Thanx for your comment... I would like to post another pic then.... I tried to do an experiment on a broken window to create a creative frame.. However, i think i should have use higher apperture to make the front window looked sharp (that would make it be a better shot...
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    Panasonic G1 Discontinued

    interesting story...IMHO...G-1 doesn't have a 'winning point' over GH-1 & GF-1...besides its cheaper guess is that 90% of m4/3 potential buyer will go for the GH of GF its 'natural' that panasonic eventually discontinue it.... However....i'm sure the next model is...
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    E-P1 firmware 1.2 released - improves CDAF speed.

    Dear Brian and all, Thanx for the how about updating the GF1's firmware? What application should i use? Regards, nTo
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    E-P1 firmware 1.2 released - improves CDAF speed.

    Dear Brian, When u said there was also firware update v.1.1 for the 20mm f1.7 Is it for the Lumix-G Cameras? Or, still only for the EPs... Thanx.
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    Deserted Buildings / Ruins & Rubbles

    my office rooftop I just shot this picture today, as a 'test-drive' for my GF1... This buiding was used to be an Airforce HQ during the 60's... Lower floors had been renovated...the old part is only on the outer part of the top floor...
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    How do you like your Panasonic Lumix 20mm f/1.7 lens?

    lens protector filter Dear Amin and All, The 20mm lense is a superb lense! its quality exeeds my expectation... Now, as it is a valuable asset of the GF1, i wonder if you know does it has a protector filter accesories? Can you tell me the spec? Thank you very much!
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    Deserted Buildings / Ruins & Rubbles

    It doesn't have to be a pantheon, the colloseum, pompei, or the pyramids... lol :wink: Let see pictures about old buildings...before they blow it down!
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    Showcase Panasonic 45-200mm f/4-5.6

    wow! what a great and crystal clear! i just got my GF1 (20mm kit) gonna see how far this camera can take me! I'm planning to get an extra lense..and i'm convinced that the 45-200mm is a must!
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    How do you like your GF1?

    wow! the opposite thing happens here... The price of GF1 is raising constantly in stores... Luckily i found a good deal, and before its too late, i grab one GF1 for me! :smile:
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    How do you like your GF1?

    I just got my GF1 yesterday....and wow what a great camera it is!!! * above picture is a test the camera store Although i also found several ''problems" how stiff the thumb dial is.... it is surprisingly a heavy camera relative to its small size... and the shutter...
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