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    Thai- Burma Railway War tour

    Great pictures and thanks for the story.
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    Apple watch app

    Make a folder for the apps you don't care about. Put them in there and forget about them.
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    Lightroom 5 is out!

    Only LR 5 will handle GX7 files natively but you can download the free DNG converter that Adobe makes, convert your GX7 files and use them in an older version of LR if you want.
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    "About My Switch From Mac To Windows"

    He's wrong about this. As long as you had the latest version, Adobe would allow you to switch platforms for the cost of shipping. I don't know if they still do.
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    Surrendered to LR4

    You can work with the raw files in the Book module. LR will do the necessary conversion when you upload the book to be printed.
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    Some shots of NYC

    These are great pictures. Not the usual NY set.
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    Little Building, Big City

    I think it looks great -- definitely tells a story!
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    GH3 and Glamour Photography- anyone?

    Your best bet is probably going to be Flickr. Here's a GH3 group with some people photography in it: Flickr: Panasonic DMC-GH3
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    In honor of Pearl Harbor Day

    Cool shots. A lot of memories there.
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    Mu-43 App for iOS issues..

    If you're using IOS6, can you turn on Do Not Disturb to get rid of the overnight notifications?
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    Looking for Arca Swiss compatible tripod head

    Here's an excellent head: BH-25 LR: Ultra-light ballhead with LR - BH-25-LR - Kit Configuration Page that is good for M43 bodies.
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    Sigma 19 or 30 users (slow stratup)

    I see the slow startup with a Sigma 30 on Sony NEX. It doesn't bother me as much but it does exist.
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    Nik Plugins: Photoshop v Lightroom

    Do you mean Silver Efex Pro? In LR, you render a tiff and edit in SFX. The pixels are baked in the tiff. In PS, you get a new layer with the B&W, you can paint B&W with a brush and you can edit the file as a Smart Filter so you can go back and make additional B&W edits in the future. The...
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    Sigma 30mm issues

    For Number 1, read the instructions that came with the lens. It's perfectly normal. I can't help with Number 2. Sorry.
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    M4/3's DOF loses in portrait ??

    No, it's not true. Look at some of the threads here -- portrait thread, creamy bokeh thread, etc. The APS and full-frame sensors have an advantage in this area, but it still can be done with M43.
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    Trains! All aboard! Post your railroad photos

    This is great. All of these were with a GF1. <a href="" title="Ottumwa, Iowa by Tom Rockwell Indy, on Flickr">"1024" height="689" alt="Ottumwa, Iowa"></a>
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    Trains! All aboard! Post your railroad photos

    It worked!! Now I'll try a larger version... <a href="" title="Iowa by Tom Rockwell Indy, on Flickr">"1024" height="567" alt="Iowa"></a>
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    Trains! All aboard! Post your railroad photos

    This is my first time trying to link to my Flickr account... <a href="" title="Sioux City, IA Yard by Tom Rockwell Indy, on Flickr">"640" height="339" alt="Sioux City, IA Yard"></a>
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    Relaxing in Costa Rica

    Relaxing in CR looks fairly easy. :-) Nice shots and I like your treatments.
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    Shooting paintings: hints?

    Google photographing paintings and you'll find all kinds of info.
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    What I've done with my GH2 recently

    very cool!!
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    The Poison Road

    Very cool. I like it.
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    ORF + JPG in Lightroom

    BTW -- This won't help files you've already imported it only affects files you import after ticking the box.
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    ORF + JPG in Lightroom

    On the General Preferences tab of LR there's a checkbox "Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos". Check that box.
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    Your other hobbies

    Cameras, Computers and Guns. Stuff I can point and click.
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    A Very Brittany Christmas!

    Very nice. Thanks for the PP steps.
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    Wow Ricoh's peaking Rocks !

    The Sony NEX cameras do that, too.
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    Lens correction without LR/PS

    Yes, LR has lens correction and it's on sale today. I just saw a thread on this board somewhere. Check the "New Posts".
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    Aperture 3 Metadata - Add lenses

    That Automator script is pretty slick but keep in mind it's writing to your original raw files. If you don't have them backed up separately somewhere, you may have an issue in the future. Then again, you may not. I use keywords and it works just fine. Still doesn't show the aperture, but at...
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    Some flies in the garden

    Wow. I'm off to google "Raynox 150" now.
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    Bee on Wallflower

    These are great. I can't believe how crisp they are.
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    Adobe released a beta LR 3.5 which supports E-P3 raw files

    But the new ACR won't work with PS CS4, you have to have CS5.
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    Adobe released a beta LR 3.5 which supports E-P3 raw files

    And it supports the Panny G3 (and GF3, I think).
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    Dig for Victory

    These are great picture and I love the treatment you've given them.
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    iPad for culling images?

    Here's something interesting for the iPad if you use LR: Photosmith – the iPad mobile companion for Adobe Lightroom My issue with this app -- if you mark a file as rejected, it's ignored during the sync process rather than being marked for deletion in LR. You could get around that by using the...
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    Lightroom users: do you use/keep the presets?

    You actually can delete the built-in presets but when you update LR they come back. Why not just collapse the folder and ignore them?
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    Critique Pls: Couple's shoot at Santa Monica Pier

    I think they're great. I looked at the pictures first, and then read what you wrote and at first look I thought you had lit them.
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    25mm f/1.4 PL update.....

    Here's a review of the shipping lens but their bandwidth has been exceeded so you can't see any pictures!! Review of the Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25 mm f/1.4 ASPH Micro 4/3 Lens
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    25mm f/1.4 PL update.....

    I heard somewhere they were supposed to start shipping around 7/22 but I haven't seen any evidence that they are shipping. I'm curious, too.
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    Showcase Panasonic 100-300mm f/4-5.6 (mk I)

    I read on the internet that M43 cameras can't be used for things that move fast. I think you better take these down :smile:
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    Aperture or Lightroom for this Apple user?

    BTW -- here's a poll about "What software do you use" that has some interesting discussion in it.
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    Aperture or Lightroom for this Apple user?

    Adobe has the finest minds in digital imaging working for them. Without a doubt, the sharpening and noise reduction in LR are much better. Adobe updates for new cameras faster. Adobe has lens corrections built into LR. Aperture will let you brush on any adjustment. Search for LR and Aperture...
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    The Highline in NYC

    Great set of pictures. I watched the entire Flickr set.
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    Wedding Reception Details With GH2 and 20mm Lumix 1.7 Lens

    These are great, but I'm sure they'd be great with whatever camera you used.
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    Honfleur, France

    These are great. I like your processing. Can't wait to see more.
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    Post your G3 Photos here

    Great shot!! My wife has one of those plants. It's some sort of banana that isn't edible.
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    Ethiopia revisited

    Snapseed is great. You've put it to good use in both those shots.
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    Good place to get adapters?

    I've only bought one and it was a Fotodiox for Minolta. It's fine as far as I can tell. Here's a link so you don't have to google Fotodiox
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    A Drive To Work

    I'm surprised you make it to work. Why not just take pictures?
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