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    [EXPIRED] Leica D-LUX5 with Pana LVF1 and handgrip

    For sale. Location: Belgium Leica D-Lux5 Handgrip Pana LVF1 Price: 699 euro (the price of the Leica and the 2 accessories for free - value in Europe 275 euro)
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    Is there not a lot of studio photographer/studio strobe users here?

    I do (no-professional) studio-shoots, and I think you are really exagerating here. The studio I work in belongs a pro photographer, who have to earn from it. The first time he saw my "little" G1, he laughed, very loud, till he stayed at a shoot, and looked at the results afterwards. He worked...
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    A dramatic model portrait. Opinions?

    The first thing that comes in my mind:"Where is the water?" :biggrin:
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    Why go u43?

    Well, I don't care what others think about my gear, people don't have to take me seriously because I own a Canon or Nikon, I have to feel good with my gear, and I feel much better with my G1 with the best kitlens in the world then with a much heavier Canon or Nikon with a 'not so good'...
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    Time to Vote! July 2011 Photo Contest - Sponsored by Nik Software

    oops Kelly, it was NEVER in my intention to create a massdebate about this. I think you do not have to blame yourself or your wife. Of coure you can vote for yourself. And so can your wife. BTW, you are a great photographer and your submissions to this board are worth a thousand times more...
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    Time to Vote! July 2011 Photo Contest - Sponsored by Nik Software

    What is going on here? Two days ago it was a tough race between Ulfric M Douglas and MichaelChiara . I looked yesterday again at the voting and suddenly KVG had 27 votes, out from nowhere, and today he is still in the lead, but less votes (24 to be clear). Do we have to take this voting...
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    Castle of Breda

    yes it is ... Yes, it is .... :biggrin: Wikipedia Breda Castle :wink:
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    'DXO Mark Values On The New NEX-C3'

    A picture say more then thousand words. It looks ridiculous big on a tiny NEX and then comes the lack of an EVF in. It looks really ridiculous to stretch your arms fully with that lens on a cam to take a picture :eek: If you have the intention to make a serious system cam, at least put an EVF...
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    Panny 20mm 1.7 or Oly 45mm 1.8

    I understand that you already own a mu43. And I doubt you gonna make better pictures with the t3i then with your mu43, and you will own 2 different systems then. I don't push you in any direction, but if you have the 14-42mm kitlens, shoot shoot shoot for a few months, and see what focal...
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    Share - Beautiful People

    Please, do not tell me this is really so, mine is 13 now and my god, she is making a real mess at the moment already :cool: Wonderfull daughter you have, Alan, and congrats, new-dad, we expect lots of portraits from you (euh, from her :wink: ) . And we keep Iconindustry at the leash for at...
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    m4/3 or compact camera?

    I am still wondering what Johnnie wants..... It is all in the perspective of your own mind. End October 2008, I bought my first (and my last) DSLR, to make pictures of my daughters confirmation (I am dutch native speaking, so don't know if that's the right word). Anyway, I had that brand new...
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    m4/3 or compact camera?

    Johnnie, I was reading all your posts you made. It seems you want a "near-dslr" cam, the G3 is out of budget, you considered the S95, you looked at a demo G2, ...... . I think you have to ask yourself forst what you wanna do with your camera. Set this first clear for yourself, then start to...
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    My first photoshoot with the Einstein monolight. Feedback please!

    give us more The only advice I have is: "GIVE US MORE PLEASE" :biggrin: Great model, great pictures, we just all want more, and I have no wife, so I can shout it out loud :rofl:
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    Canon S95 or M4/3?

    No, no need to guess, same mode, shutter speed. On the left D-LUX5 f3.3@iso400. On the right G1 f5.6@iso800. No flash of course :wink: And please do NOT talk about my wife :biggrin::rofl:
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    Canon S95 or M4/3?

    Both shooted in RAW, and used the same preset (dreamy) in LR, no other adjustments at all :wink:
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    Canon S95 or M4/3?

    fieldtest I made some shots last weekend in a church (baptism of that little girl), with both the G1 with original kitlens and the D-LUX5 (you can compare the D-LUX5 with the S95 at DPREVIEW :wink:), and here is a result from the field.
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    Canon S95 or M4/3?

    The S95 for low light shots? :confused: I have the D-Lux5 (compare it with the S95, but faster lens) and for low-light shots, I NEVER use it but my G1 with 20mm :wink:
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    G3 RED available in Belgium

    They have them in stock, I called today. It is just I do NOT need the 14-42mm kitlens, I own the 14-45mm, so I only need the body. It's a shame :biggrin: :wink:
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    G3 RED available in Belgium

    The G3 arrived in Belgium in a webstore, the red one :tongue: That is the good news. The bad news is the price :eek: PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-G3 RED 14-42mm 719 euro THIEFS :rofl:
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    Pre-Order the New Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 for $599 at Adorama!

    Well, I would chose the 25mm as low light prime, the 20mm is not wide neither, and I think, instead of the 9-18 the 14mm. Then you have the 14 for Landscape, the 14-42(or 45) for everyday shooting, and the 25mm low light. And if you wanna go all prime, the 14, 25 and 45, I am also dreaming of...
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    Pre-Order the New Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 for $599 at Adorama!

    Did you considered the "old" standard Panasonic kitlens? It is not expensive, has a range from 14-45mm (equiv 28-90mm) and is the best kitlens by far, much better then any kitlens on a dslr. If you shoot with that lens a while, and then look at the focal distance of most of your shots in the...
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    Pre-Order the New Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 for $599 at Adorama!

    A question only you can find the answers to (at the moment), depending on what you shoot, what you expect from a prime lens, what focal distance you prefere, .... and 100 other things; The 20mm is a fantastic lens, and this brand new Leica is very promissing also. For me it is an interesting...
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    Pre-Order the New Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 for $599 at Adorama!

    I think this is the 43-lens, not the MU43 :smile:
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    E-PL2 - Really Worth Shooting RAW?

    And what a "comic" waste of time it is to use layer masking in Photoshop :biggrin: :rofl:
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    Panasonic Leica 25mm Summilux Bokeh Samples at

    This is good news for MU43, and will be a wonderfull marriage with the G3. Till death do us part... :biggrin:
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    Panasonic Lumix GF3 Announced

    Makes sense? Money- and marketwise I even doubt that.. And what about the lack of the hotshoe and/or EVF????? And the manual controls? And programmable buttons???? I think a lot of users who own a GF1 are not so happy with the GF3, at least I am not. I was thinking about to get the GF3 to...
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    Suggestions on a compact please. $350. or so.

    Hi Alan, I personally own a Leica D-Lux5, the red dot version of the LX5, but just because I got LR for free with it, for the rest the cam is just the same (pic quality) The LX3 is just an older version of the LX5. I would recommend the LX5, it is a wonderfull little thing. Pro's for the LX5...
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    Chinese community volleyball (Ottawa,Ontario,CA)

    Don't you go a little bit to far now? The topicstarter made nice action shots, and you, of course, what else could we expect, are searching excuses why he made those good action shots. The worst part as the dslr's advocate is the fact you state the topicstarter is setting people up for...
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    Is the G3 "near DSLR"?

    Is their anything lighter, cheaper and better then the G3 at the same price? As long as they use P&S camera's, yes, I agree. but once i start to use my G1, I started to shoot in RAW, and postproces in LR. Strange, you are talking about difference in IQ in hig ISO shooting and shooting in...
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    Is the G3 "near DSLR"?

    Johnny, only you, yourself and you can decide IF MFT is for you or not. The best thing to figure it out is to buy one. What????? Yesssssss, buy a G1 with a kitlens 14-45mm, if you can find one, I bought mine 3 months ago for about 350 dollars, and go out and shoot shoot shoot. Be aware that...
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    What does the EVF do on the new G3?

    Is this so??? I tought the evf of the G1 is exactly the same as that one on the GH1
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    Panasonic Rangerfinder?

    The Pana L-X10(0) :smile:
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    Showcase Panasonic 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6

    Just playing with my G1 Just playing with the G1 and kitlens on this warm summer days ....
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    Dan in Maaseik

    I recommend a used G1 with the fantastic 14-45mm kitlens. You never get a better kitlens, and it is a good start to get addicted to mu-43 :biggrin:
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    Showcase Panasonic Leica 45mm f/2.8 Macro Elmarit

    Forgive me the following word please .... F**K :wink: I run to the shop tomorrow :biggrin: A membership to this wonderfull site gets expensive ha ha :smile:
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    A few questions regarding the G1

    Yes please :biggrin:
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    A few questions regarding the G1

    I love my G1 I also love my G1, and I never want to change it for a Canon 450D/1100D/500D. The kitlens of the G1 (14-45mm) is IMO the best kitlens you can find. Only to have that lens I would buy the G1 :wink: If I had to choose between my GF1 and my G1, I would sell my GF1, and keep the G1.
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    Shoot with a friend, my G1 and 14-45mm kitlens

    "You are stupid". "Loser". "For studio shoots you need a DSLR." "You fool." Comments I got all the way from so-called friends photographers, when I sold my dslr-gear and completely changed to mu-43-gear. They all laughed, and I was believing them, you never can make a good studio-shoot with...
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    G1 or EVF for my e-PL1

    I think the reason the topic starter wants the G1 is for the manual lenses, and he will keep his Oly for the Oly lenses :wink: A second body only for his manual lenses, and in that case I think it is a good choice :biggrin:
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    G1 or EVF for my e-PL1

    I would say, GO for the G1, I bought one on ebay and I use it as a second body, and only for my manual focus lenses. It works just better, and you can use your Oly for your native lenses and your G1 for your manual lenses :wink: At least, that is whaht i do at the moment, and I love my G1 (the...
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    New to GF1 -workflow question

    The world is not the USA alone... LX5 + LR3= 419+306 euro = 725 euro D-Lux5= 679 euro The D-Lux seem to be cheaper here. I think that you are NOT a student, so just pay for your software, it is worth the money.
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    New to GF1 -workflow question

    FYI, if you do not have Lightroom yet, the D-Lux5 is cheaper then the LX5 :wink: So, it is not about the badge...
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    Just musing...Olympus+Leica+Canon=God?

    The second picture is much better :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: If you could also show us the first, then perhaps I change my opinion :rofl: And IMO, Fujfilm is getting very close with the X100, perhaps their next step is IL. Small cam, big sensor (not FF but almost -crop 1.3), hybrid viewfinder...
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    Leica M9.5

    David babsky on Steve Huffs blog 'bout the Panasonic GF1, the GF2, the Leica's, and why Leica has to put a sticker on the new GF2 :biggrin: Fun to read (I mean that I enjoyed reading it) :wink: “Leica M9.5″ – The Small But Excellent Panasonic GF1 by David Babsky | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS
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    New to GF1 -workflow question

    I convert the raw files to dng in Lightroom.
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    Thom Hogan Opines on the Native Lenses

    IMO Thom Hogan better register here and on other forums, and look at the shots people post in the image topics. Tells me much more then his recommandations, or his qualified recommandations. Technical reviews, or reviews based on ... (whatever he base his review on, not on shooting in the...
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