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    Komura 35mm f2.5

    Komura was a quality piece of gear a very long time ago, the importer in the United States was Ehrenreich Photo Optical, now known as Nikon USA. I was a young man in those days and was an assistant product manager for Komura and other products, and I can tell you without any doubt that they...
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    Olympus E-P2 / E-PL1 colour modes...

    still can't find them in the icc set up on Capture one On the Mac, you can drop them in the Library, Colorsynch, Porfiles and you can do that in several places but still not showing up. If you have a chance to chat with him again, please ask him to respond back to my email. I know it is on...
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    Olympus E-P2 / E-PL1 colour modes...

    Thanks Brian Because we do workshops we have a great many Raw process softwares on our machines. The primary ones I use are Capture One 5.xx and Lightroom 2.2. I find them to be excellent. I gave up on Bibble some time ago because of their constant delays of getting product to market on...
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    BREAKING: Apple releases Aperture 3 with RAW: GH1/G1 & *on 2/25: the E-P1, E-P2, GF1!

    typicla of Apple, they seem to have a problem supporting cameras that every other software manufacturer has supported for several months now. With the release of 3.0 I would have thought that Apple wanting to be a contender in the raw processing market, which is why Aperture even exists...
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    eyecup for Olympus electronic view finder

    I is removable Good idea. It can come off and looks like it is designed to take an accessory. Thanks for the reminder. el
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    eyecup for Olympus electronic view finder

    After hours of shooting in our record snow, I kept wishing for an eyecup to block out the light that kept blacking out the viewfinder. Has anyone come across a product that would attach to the EVF to accomplish this? Thanks.
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    Micro 4/3 at the Richmond Va. Matathon slide show

    Sorry here is the link to the Richmond va. race
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    Micro 4/3 at the Richmond Va. Matathon slide show

    shooting action in still and video at the Richmond Va. marathon
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    when the Olympus Ep-1 came out we ran a few slide shows for our customers
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    Small light tripod for GF1

    Ray, I'll have to add that brand to my data base of tripods I have never seen these before and some of my students will really like them. There are so many brands out there and I have a tendency to stick to the primary one. I love Gitzo but for a lot of folks it is much to expensive but...
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    Infrared photography and Pen conversions FYI

    Take a look over here These shots were the first out on a test - on a pretty cloudy day in the Shenandoah mountains a few days ago. If we can stop the snow I may be able to really get out and use this thing. The two top shots are with the EP-1 and the Spencer 830 Black and White Conversion...
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    Olympus Photography Workshops by Blue Ridge Workshops and Olympus USA.

    I am going to take a shot and post this here. My company, WWW.BLUERIDGEWORKSHOPS.COM is going to hae three (3) workshops in 2010 for Olympus Camera users, involving 4/3 and micro 4/3 products. We are having these workshops which are sponsered by Olympus with Olympus tech on hand and Olympus...
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    What's your total investment in M4/3 to date

    In American courts one can plead the 5th, which means I do not have to testify and incriminate myself if I don't want to. All I can say is this: I started with the EP-1 and the 14-42 and from there it kept going. 2-ep1 one with a 17mm 1-ep2 with 17mm Gh1 G1 14-140 14-150 pani 7-14...
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    How do you like your E-P2?

    Incredibly pleased. What is not to like. This camera is very functional, and provides incredible images in both Jpeg and Raw. The EVF has made a world of difference for focusing manually with either my Nikon G lenses or Voigtlander lenses with adapters. The camera system is so...
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    Batteries - OEM or other

    Battery beware Having spent the majority of my working life in the photo industry working for Nikon (Now retired in the world of micro 4/3), I can tell you with a great deal of certainty that you should stay with the camera manufacturers batteries. There can be differences, in regards to heat...
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    Picked up from dpreview article

    Attached is the French to english translation of a blog written about the GF1 which works for all m43. It is a google translation so it takes a bit of work to get through...
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    "In what's sure to be a controversial result, DxO has published test results for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1's sensor that show it outperforming that of the Canon 7D in many areas, and standing head and shoulders above other Four Thirds-format sensors."...
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    Rear control panel of EP1 and Ep2 Olympus

    and the best answer that will work for my pudgy hands is Turn it off in the menu or use it for the purpose of moving the focus sensor. That works perfect for me. Thanks for all the great replies.
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    Which is your favorite adapted lens?

    I guess favorites should be classified by type of shootiing Panasonic 25mm 1.4 Voigtlander 40mm 1.4 Voigtlander 70mm 2.5 Zeiss with Nikon to micro fouir thirds 100mm 2.0 Macro lens These are my favorite "adapted" lenses
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    M43 portrait lense...

    Novoflex adapters for nikkor g lenses I have a few Nikon manual lenses that work fine with the voigtlander adapters. Also have Carl Zeiss lenses which also are incredible. They have F mounts. for G series lenses the Novoflex adapter allows the use of G lenses which have no aperture rings...
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    Which µ4/3 camera(s) do you own?

    total immersion I guess I go for total immersion. I have the G1 Gh1 Ep-2 two Ep-1 and lots of lenses.
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    Black and White in Digital

    This is a great thread - Black and White is just incredible to shoot I love black and white and grew up in the darkroom in New York with my dad, a very very long time ago. Later on in life a taught a few classes in it, but today I shoot digital black and white and use lightroom plus Nik...
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    Rear control panel of EP1 and Ep2 Olympus

    Thanks for the tip. I shall give that a try. Heading to the wrist strap site.
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    Olympus EP-1 OR 2 with Panasonic ois lenses

    Thanks for the info Thanks for bringing me up to speed on that.
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    Image Aspect Ratios and Cropping

    A matter of personal choice and experimentation The EP-1 AND 2 offer easy ways of changing the format. I shoot mainly in the native 4/3, but took all of my cameras in the m43 bag and went out for day and shot in the 6.6 square format, with the understanding that their was going to be some...
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    Olympus EP-1 OR 2 with Panasonic ois lenses

    I may have mislead someone the other day, so I need to back up and see if anyone can clarify something for me. If I am using the subject cameras and put a Panasonic i.e. 14-140 ois lens on them, and that lens has Mega Optical Image Stablilzation, can that lens stabilize on an Olympus EP body...
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    Rear control panel of EP1 and Ep2 Olympus

    Well, I guess I am the only one with pudgy fingers.
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    Rear control panel of EP1 and Ep2 Olympus

    I have been using the EP1 and now also the EP2 and have had difficulty with the rear control panel. It seems I am always inadvertently hitting the WB button (Most often) and others less often and changing setting without realizing it. A: Does any one else experience this B: Has anyone...
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    Do your E-P1/2 a big favour...

    Sandisk Having been in the business for too many years to count, and having worked for Nikon, I have found over time that the Sandisk technology always continues to advance. I make it a point to use the fastest cards they come out with. The class 10 cards from Sandisk have been performing...
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    Attracting more nice people to mu-43

    From Elliot For anyone who might be interested, I put out one to several news letters a month for Blue Ridge Workshops. This is a link to the last one just a few dayts ago. If for...
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    L Bracket for Panasonic gf1 from Kirk Photo In case anyone might be looking for one
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    Infrared photography and Pen conversions FYI

    As soon as the sun breaks through I shall be more than happy to, but want to wait for the sun to shine. Pretty dismal the last few days.
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    Infrared photography and Pen conversions FYI

    I wanted to let anyone know who might be interested that there is now a company out there that is doing a variety of infrared conversions for Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds cameras. I had one of my Ep1 converted the other day by and the work was great. There was...
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    Metz 36 AF-4 for GF1

    Working with Metz I am using the larger Metz flash and it seems to work just fine on both my Olympus pen cameras and the GH1 and G1 Panasonics. I do more available light when I can, but the flash does seem to be accurate. The only time I had a problem was being to close - which meant I...
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    Which adapter for lens Leica-M and MFT

    I should have mentioned that I purchased them as well as some Voigtlander lenses from Very nice folks. Elliot
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    Which adapter for lens Leica-M and MFT

    I am using the voigtlander adapters for both M and Screw mount and older Nikon mount lenses that hae aperture rings. They are the best quality I have seen to date. Buying cheap which you can because cheap adapters are out there would be a mistake in my opinion. I had a couple of the cheap...
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    Attracting more nice people to mu-43

    There are 3 workshops planned for 4/3 and Micro 4/3 users this year. One is in May and that is a one day workshop. The next is in the fall in the Shenandoah region and that is a Friday,Saturday,Sunday. The next after that is on Chincoteague in the Fall in November. We did a non Olympus...
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    Attracting more nice people to mu-43

    Hi Brian, I got your email today, and jumped on quickly. I shall try and stay involved as time permits but I am glad you reminded me that there are other M43 forums. I have been around for a lot of years, and 33 of them were spent with Nikon as a sales and technical rep until early...
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