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  1. Jamie

    E-PL1 image thread

    love the sandals picture, looks like it ocould be right off a holiday magazine :)
  2. Jamie


    Im a vignette addict, I add it to most of my photos, even if its just a small amount. To me it makes a picture feel more like a photograph heyho
  3. Jamie

    How many Photographers use Macintosh?

    Windows fan, have used both systems for years and I have always found windows easier to work with (as well as much cheaper). It's insane the mark-up price apple put on their hardware.
  4. Jamie

    Fixing E-PL1 Video footage

    I notice it on my raw footage off the camera as well, Im using a class 6 card atm which I assume is fast enough. Ive heard something about the noise reduction filters playing goolies with the footage Ill try turning those settings off when I next do some filming to see if that helps. Maybe it is...
  5. Jamie

    Fixing E-PL1 Video footage

    Ive noticed that videos recorded with the PEN series while the quality is high at 720p it doesn't handle motion that well most of the time. I don't really know the technical term to describe what i'm seeing with the motion is. Possibly a jarring effect around the motion or jittering. I have...
  6. Jamie

    One Day On earth GH1 + C-mount lens

    I loved this movie, thank you for the experience. You should consider entering it into a film festival competition or something it is really that good
  7. Jamie


    Welcome, I am sure you will find the community here most friendly and helpful, look forward to seeing some of your 20mm snaps as its next on my shopping list :)
  8. Jamie

    E-PL1 image thread

    I took a few pictures walking around the park today with my kit lens.
  9. Jamie

    The Pinwide - 11mm Pinhole Photography for Micro 4/3

    I really hope this sells well and they make another batch so I can afford one when either my old sax sells or my next student loan comes through, the pictures are really nice
  10. Jamie


    I fell asleep amid the flowers This is my first attempt at some flower photography. Olympus EPL-1 with kit zoom and some Lightroom post pro effects.
  11. Jamie

    E-PL1 image thread

    My dusty Guitar:
  12. Jamie

    the "ordinary household objects" image thread

    I'll bite first :smile: Taken with E-PL1 and kit zoom
  13. Jamie

    E-PL1 image thread

    wow those flower pictures are incredible. The colours!
  14. Jamie

    E-PL1 image thread

    Beautiful framing and colour in the above shot +1. This is a snap I took on the first day with my E-PL1. It has a little post work done to it to emphasize the contrast
  15. Jamie

    Cropping Photos

    Thank you, this information is invaluable for me. So far I have been cropping by eye to what I think fits the scene. As I am learning I should keep the possibility of prints in mind so I'll try to keep to some of the standard ratios. Hopefully I shouldn't need to crop too often if I get my...
  16. Jamie

    Cropping Photos

    I hope this is in the right place. I have a quick short question. When i'm editing photos and I want to crop the scene, should I ideally be sticking to certain ratio sizes when cropping my work? Kind Regards Jamie
  17. Jamie

    Hello :)

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking this forum most of the summer trying to decide which camera to buy and absorbing some amazing information from the users here. I've settled on the EPL-1 which I have just purchased and on my way to pick it up in the next 15 minutes. Im pretty excited and...
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