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  1. Jake

    Pana. 7-14mm @ Ebay £20 reserve not met (at time of writing)

    This is now at £400 reserve not met and 2 1/2 hours to go.
  2. Jake

    How do you like your Panasonic Lumix 45-200mm lens?

    Hi Camerhoon, the 14-45 is a very good lens from what i can tell and from reading around the web. It has a very sold feel to it and is soon to be replaced by the 14-42 which is apparentyl not as good in the build quality area. General opinion is to pick one up if you can...
  3. Jake

    I love my "little" kit

    I wonder............a GF-1 goes in the bag,but what comes out? Say a few magic words,give the bag a shake and voila!A strange hybrid that would be the ultimate m4/3 camera........hehe
  4. Jake

    How do you like your Panasonic Lumix 45-200mm lens?

    First shots with 45-200 Just went into town and took some pics with my new lens. All took on Ia mode and handheld on a windy promenade and straight out of the camera with no pp or cropping. I am more than happy with my first results. Seagull Candid shot Spot the odd one...
  5. Jake

    I love my "little" kit

    That is SACRILEGE!putting that GF-1 in that PEN bag.........hehe:rofl:
  6. Jake

    How do you like your Panasonic Lumix 45-200mm lens?

    :eek: My wife is going to kill me!!!! I have just picked this lens up second hand for £165 on ebay. I could not afford to miss it at that price. So thats 2 lenses bought in less than a week but its not bad-total spend £335 for a 14-45 and 45-200.:2thumbs: I am off now to look around the...
  7. Jake

    Panasonic 14-45 on ebay now for £170

    Just to let anyone know who is considering buying this lens. Mine arrived today and it is fully boxed.The listing stated unboxed? Amazing service seeing as i ordered it on Monday evening. I have not seen this lens brand new and boxed any cheaper anywhere! The lens seems to have a great build...
  8. Jake

    Who are some of your favorite photographers?

    My favourite photographer is Helmut Newton Here is a link to some pics. Of course it goes without saying any of the photographers that take part in Americas next top model...............hehe:tongue:
  9. Jake

    Panasonic 14-45 on ebay now for £170

    I have just picked up the 14-45 lens brand new for £170. There are 3 left if anyone else wants one. It is listed for £199 buy it now but if you offer £170 it will accept the offer.:smile:
  10. Jake

    gf1 not so fun outside

    I think i will be picking one of these up. Thanks noodlehaus for the link.
  11. Jake

    Resizing images?

    What a great idea.....why didnt i think of doing this. I guess i just thought that the bigger the jpeg size the better the jpeg image but if they are only being shown with a max res of 1024x768 online it makes sense rather than resize a big one which will lose quality. So this way i will keep...
  12. Jake

    Hi Bill, do you know if that voucher code you have is still valid for the panasonic uk...

    Hi Bill, do you know if that voucher code you have is still valid for the panasonic uk shop site.I am thinking of buying a lens if it still works. Thanks.
  13. Jake

    First day out with GF-1

    I couldnt believe it myself when i saw that toy in the bush. Just had to snap it.
  14. Jake

    What is the suggested upload method?

    I just uploaded mine using the link for the picture in my Flikr account. Im not shure if this is the most efficient way though as it might use up more bandwidth than if the files were linked from your user gallery on this site?
  15. Jake

    Bench Heads.

  16. Jake


    I really like the composition of this shot.I think i was just lucky to spot it.
  17. Jake

    Fruit and Veg and Street shot

    Just two quick snaps grabbed on the way to the woods. I was amazed with the sharpness of the 20mm.I think the sky is blown out though.......need to learn how to fix that.There was no sun though only cloud cover. Yummmy........Rhubarb..........hehe
  18. Jake

    First day out with GF-1

    Just a few randon pics taken today.All JPEG straight out of the camera. I love the symmetry to the trees.This is taken in 'Witchy Wood Walkway' I was lucky this fella didnt attack me. I like the shape of the bark.
  19. Jake

    Self Portrait.

    Testing my GF-1 with 20mm hand held. I was worried about no IS but it handled far better than i was expecting as it was shot at 100 iso and with only a tiny little lamp.:2thumbs:
  20. Jake

    Special Sunday with the 20mm panny

    Great pics Icon. What software did you use to resize the pics? Cheers Jake.
  21. Jake

    How to get the most current software uploaded to the camera and the lens

    I put both updates on the memory card and it updated my lens first and then the body? They both show as 1.1 though so it must have worked.
  22. Jake

    New GF1 owner

    Its arrived at my Mothers! Can't wait for work to finish so i can pick it up..................hehe Just think, if i get this excited about a camera what will i be like when our Son is born!:biggrin:
  23. Jake

    IBIS or OIS?

    I just thoughy i should add that my Son is not actually born yet.................hehe He is due in July so i have a couple of months to get up to speed with the camera but thank you in advance to those who wished me congtaulations.
  24. Jake

    IBIS or OIS?

    GF-1 on order.....many thanks for the advice guys.
  25. Jake

    New GF1 owner

    After lots of reading,comparing and seeking advice i finally ordered a red GF-1 with 20mm 1.7f lens. I have picked it up after the £50 cashback for a total of £570! The lens itself would cost me £300 so i have basically got a GF-1 body for £270! I think the things that swayed it for me...
  26. Jake

    IBIS or OIS?

    Lots of great advice. I dont have any old lenses and will only have a kit lens either Pan or Oly and the 20mm for some considerable time. Feel free to keep adding to the thread as i am shure it will help others aswel as myself. Great advice l and good comments shows this is a very friendly...
  27. Jake

    IBIS or OIS?

    I am really torn between the Pan GF1 and the Oly EPL1. My main worry is camera shake. Not that i have shakey hands but i will mostly be taking pics of my new born Son, general family pics and i would say 50/50 insde and out. My initial concern is that the Pan 20mm 1.7 has not OIS. Would the...
  28. Jake

    Panasonic 20mm/1.7 noise and other questions

    Looks like i am going to be ordering the lens. I think i was concerned with the noise for video but to be honest i think i would be using the kit lens for general video most of the time. Now i just have to decide if its the Ep1-Epl-1 or GF-1. Each one has features i want but not one has them...
  29. Jake

    Panasonic 20mm/1.7 noise and other questions

    I am considering purchasing this lens but i have never spent this amount on a lens before. I know it seems to have great optics but this noise thing is really putting me off. I saw a video on youtube and the noise was just awful. I think it is mostly heard when the camera is in C-AF mode and...
  30. Jake

    Olympus IB

    I see that this ships with the EPL-1. Is it just the same as Master? I cant find any information on the websites apart from Malaysia.
  31. Jake

    EP-1 or EPL-1 help please

    Sorry for posting in the wrong section..............and thank you for the warm welcome. I am in the process of trying to sell my E600 to fund my move. Any more advice opinions greatly appreciated.
  32. Jake

    EP-1 or EPL-1 help please

    I am thinking of switching form my E-600 to either of the mentioned models. I just have a couple of queries. I know the specs of both cameras but what i need to know are......... 1. Is the fit on flash for the Ep1 superior to the pop up flash of the EpL-1? I will probably be using the flash...
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