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    Cheapest entry to "good" IQ?

    E-PL1 refurb kit on Amazon for $369, free shipping. Hands-down best buy/deal and cheapest entry into m4/3.
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    HorusBennu 50mm F1.7

    I may grab this for my new NX100. Pentax/Samsung mount!
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    COMPLETED SOLD: (US) Panasonic G2 14-42mm New Open Box $430 or trade E-PL1

    Bumping one last time, then withdrawing/keeping the G2 as I'm getting more used to the UI. I'd still consider a trade for NX10 or E-PL1 + cash.
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    Considering a switch

    Thanks for the link, that'll make a great read for me, having come from an E-PL1 (then diverted to a few Nikon DSLRs) and finally to the G2. The one complaint I have so far is the UI being rather convoluted... Tap this, drag that, menu dive for this other thing. I'll take this over a NEX, but...
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    Considering a switch

    The G2 can produce quite good results right up to ISO-800, even OOC JPEGs, which aren't that camera's strongest suit. My D5000 with 35mm 1.8G looked pretty good at ISO-1600 but 3200 is pushing it, even on a decent APS-C sensor. The G2 at 800 is certainly cleaner than the GH2 at 3200... Look...
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    [EXPIRED] FS: 14-42 I and MMF-2 + 40-150mm Zuiko

    I live in Petaluma... Got anything to trade for a complete G2 kit? :)
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    E-PL2 vs E-PL1 build quality

    I also had a winner with my original E-PL1 14-42mm kit lens. No vibration visible when taking shots, even in the much discussed 'danger zone' around 1/100-1/200. Didn't do much testing with the second one I had, but both lenses 'wobbled' a bit at the outermost segment, as does the new 14-42mm II.
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    COMPLETED SOLD: (US) Panasonic G2 14-42mm New Open Box $430 or trade E-PL1

    Bumping - changed to a For Sale listing.
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    E-PL2 vs E-PL1 build quality

    The E-PL1 front shell is aluminum, too. It's basically the same approach as the E-PL2.
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    G2 Orientation Sensor (14-42mm) not working?

    How exactly is the auto-leveling or orientation rotation supposed to work on the G2, anyway? I have a MEGA O.I.S. 14-42mm kit lens - that's supposed to work with the G2 orientation correction, right? That's what I keep reading, anyway... Problem is, my pics are not being corrected/rotated...
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    Just bought an EP1 - get an EP2 instead?

    To answer OP question, I think E-P1 and P2 high ISO is virtually identical. The only difference you're going to see would be from the Px to PLx series, with the latter having slightly weaker AA filter and (on the PL2) higher ceiling ISO. Using IR comparison, the P1 looks -marginally- smoother...
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    Anyone purchase cameras from Olympus?

    The E-PL2 comes with the new 14-42mm II lens. In order for it to have the older lens, a seller would either have to take a body-only set and add one, or swap it out for some reason (in either case they would be obligated to make this clear).
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    Nikon 4/3 m4/3 coming in April

    I just bailed out of my D5000, my third Nikon DSLR in as many months. Lack of hot pixel remapping is appalling - and they definitely have a hot pixel problem with their newer models (search D7000 threads). In fact, the D7000 and D3100 (the latter of which I had for a few weeks) were not...
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    Another E-PL2 Review

    Maybe I'm being harsh, but I get a headache trying read this guy's awful writing - and I thought his E-PL1 review was far off the mark. Opinion is one thing, but he makes sweeping statements that simply aren't borne out by reality. His photos, as Ulfric says, are very gimmicky. It's like some...
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    Something about this guy just cracks me up.
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