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    E-LP1, E-P2 & 20mm F1.7 lens issues

    Looks pretty good to me too.
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    Photography under threat: The shooting party’s over

    No, they must be good surely - they have to be checked and licenced and stuff don't they? CRB and all that? It reminds me of the joke in the old days when people could claim they must have gone to a good school because it was 'Approved'. For the non UK readers and the younger generation who...
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    So how fast does you lens need to be ?

    There is some really nice, inexpensive old glass out there - so long as one knows and works with its limitations. Here's a question though. Why would manufacturers seek to produce ultrafast lenses these days unless they are for Pro's and very expensive? The light issue is becomeing a...
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    Photography under threat: The shooting party’s over

    Isn't it ironic that politicians and so called 'celebrities' will, seemingly, do almost anything to land a photo call for the media or get their faces on TV and yet seem to support this abuse of 'authority', whether permitted by backdoor rule changes or not, either directly or by absence of...
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    April 2010 : Lightzone Raw Contest #3

    Hi Brian, You know I am utterly in awe of you PAD people. I browse the results once a week at least. Good work. No rush for the download - the month is young! But I thought I had better let you know that there seemed to be a vacancy of link. (Would that be better as 'link lacuna'?) Grant
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    April 2010 : Lightzone Raw Contest #3

    Hi Brian, I'm not seeing the attachment with the RAW file. Do we have a glitch in the system? Grant
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    March 2010 : Lightzone Raw Contest #2

    Hi Angus, LightCrafts have indicated that they are working on the next version - one of the developers posted a screenshot on the forum a couple of weeks ago. Some time late last summer there was an indication that they sort of hoped for something in Q1/Q2 2010 but I suspect it will now be...
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    March 2010 : Lightzone Raw Contest #2

    Hah! I thought so. Your last winning image suggested as much. I totally agree. Well, may except for the PS comments since I have never managed to feel comfortable with using layers in any application that uses them (I don't know why). And although LightRoom 3 has some nice features I'm not...
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    GF1 does Wigan v Liverpool well will do Monday

    It wold be interestnig to know the answers to two things. I don't suppose you can answer either of them but it would still be interesting to know the answers. 1) Why did the police not want you to take photographs? 2) Why are the stands so empty? Grant