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    [EXPIRED] Mint G1 14-45 Lumix case - Kit $375

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    20 f1.7 Barrel Distortion Corrected with PTLens

    Hi, I just love the 20 f1.7, but have been troubled by its barrel distortion. A contributor on the Lightzone Forum, Grady Beachum, suggested I try PTLens. I did and I love it! I use it as a standalone and it works wonders on the already amazing 20 f1.7 lens. PTLens Before PTLens...
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    Olympus 4/3, 50 f2 on m4/3...anyone?

    Hi, I would like to hear from anyone who has used the Zuiko 50 f2 4/3 lens on a G1. Thanks, Angus
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    Street views: Front St., Toronto. G1/20mm

    Hi, Some things that caught my eye near The St. Lawrence Market. Window reflections are always fun to shoot...trying to decide whether to focus on the surface of the window, what's in the window, or on the distant images reflected in the glass. The angled screen and the 20mm...such a...
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    Toronto, St. Jmaes Cathedral revisited. G1 and the 20mm

    Hi, Another visit to one of my favourite photo sites. Starting to get the hang of the 20mm; just love it! Hope you enjoy. Best, Angus
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    G1 and the 20 f1.7 at the LCBO, Toronto

    Hi, It's a fun place to photograph; so many beautiful shapes and colours. Thirsty anyone? (I continue to be amazed and delighted by the 20.) Hope you enjoy. Best, Angus
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    20 f1.7, so sharp AND so soft (bokeh)...

    Hi, Another thing I love about this lens is its out of focus renderings: Best, Angus
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    The 20/1.7 blows me away...

    Hi, I cannot contain my enthusiasm for this amazing lens!! Mounted on my G1, it reminds me of my old Contax G1, with its 45mm prime; but the IQ of this new combo is even better!! The improvement over the already good 14-45 and 45-200 is astounding!! You're right, I LOVE my new 20!! has...
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    New 20 f1.7...

    There's nothing like a new prime, especially the 20, to get the juices flowing! Shot these with the new 20 fresh out of the box, on my G1. What a great combo!! Can't wait to get out shooting tomorrow morning. Best, Angus
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    Toronto Wall Art

    Near The St. Lawrence Market. G1 with 14-45 and 45-200. Hope you enjoy. Best, Angus
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    Toronto Flat Iron Building

    May cities have their version. Is there one in your city? Have you seen one on your travels? Here's Toronto's. G1 and 14-45 and 45-200. Hope you enjoy. Best, Angus
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    20/1.7 lens hood?...

    Thanks John... ...for the link. That's just what I needed. Best, Angus
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    20/1.7 lens hood?...

    Do any of you use a lens hood? If so, would you mind posting a pic of your camera with the hood attached? Where can one obtain such a hood? I tried cameraquest with no luck... Thanks, Angus
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    Arctic Wolves

    Beautiful animals seen at the Toronto Zoo recently. All shot with the G1 and 45-200. Hope you enjoy: Gallery at Arctic Wolves - Mu-43 Gallery Best regards, Angus
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    G1 and 14-45 at Toronto Auto Show...

    Thanks. Here's #5 in B& this the one you meant? Best, Angus
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    G1 and 14-45 at Toronto Auto Show...

    Hi, The G1 with 14-45 kit lens; so light and compact; easily portable for many hours at the show. Hope you enjoy the cars. Here are some that caught my eye: ( the remainder in my album ) Best, Angus
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    Toronto, Reflections, Wall art...

    Hi, These caught my eye this afternoon on Queen Street...( after shopping at Henry's, of course! ) G1 with 14-45. Hope you enjoy: :2thumbs: Best, Angus
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    20/1.7 or 14/2.5, too close to call?...

    Thanks to you all... ...for your thoughts. Personally, I tend to agree with Michael. The 20 seems to be the most useful addition to the already excellent G1 kit lens. Gotta love those primes! Best regards, Angus
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    20/1.7 or 14/2.5, too close to call?...

    Hi, Now that the 14/2.5 is here, what would be your first choice? The 20/1.7 has such a stellar reputation, I'm thinking that will be the next lens I add to my G1. What about you? Thanks for your thoughts. Best, Angus
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    G1 at Santa Monica & Getty Centre...

    I am loving my new G1. Hope you enjoy these photos form California over Christmas. I've created two Albums: One labelled Santa Monica, an image from there: and one labelled Getty Centre, an image from there: The complete galleries can be seen at: Lumix G1 Photo Gallery by Angus at...
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    Thanks to you all...I finally got it! To actually see the image one has to preview the post...duh!! Sorry. Best, Angus
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    Hi, I'm trying to upload from pBase. Thanks for your help. Angus
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    Thanks, I'll keep trying! Angus
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    Delete all my

    from my entries in a lightzone contest. Thanks, Angus
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    Delete all my

    Hi, Is there a quick way to delete all my photos? Thanks, Angus
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    Hi, How does one use the Insert Image icon? I enter the correct URL, but the image doesn't load. HELP, please. Thanks, Angus
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    Brian's videos...

    Hi, I am having trouble finding Brian's instructional videos. Can't remember where to find them...have been away for a few months trying out some old rangefinder film cams...Olympus 35RC, SP and XA. Kindly point me in the right direction. Best, Angus
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    April 2010 : Lightzone Raw Contest #3

    Got it. Thanks Brian. Best, Angus
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    April 2010 : Lightzone Raw Contest #3

    Hi Brian, How do I edit my photo's title once it has been uploaded to the contest gallery? I just want to move " Old Times " to the title bar that shows under the photo and remove what is currently there. Thanks, Angus
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    E-PL1 Experience Diary

    Hi Brian, Thanks so much for taking the time to do the comparison. I just downloaded all the pics you posted and ...the two lenses apppear very close in IQ. Which is one can simply choose a favourite lens and not worry about missing out in IQ. If you are ever so inclined, I know...
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    E-PL1 Experience Diary

    Thanks so much, Brian that was really helpful. Do you have any impression, if both lenses are used on the E-PL1 with the same settings, that they might be quite close in IQ? Thanks for your thoughts. Best, Angus
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    E-PL1 Experience Diary

    Thanks so much, Brian. I'm now off to check them out. Best, Angus P.S...If you ever feel so inclined, would you please compare the 17/2.8 vs the 20/1.7 both on the E-PL1? Same settings and wide open. Thanks again.
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    E-PL1 Experience Diary

    Hi Brian, Have you had a chance to shoot the same scene, first with the 17/2.8 and then the Panny 20/1.7? Just curious if you think the two lenses are closer in overall IQ on the E-PL1. Thanks, Angus
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    A day in the life of a PAD...

    A couple of Post Processing queries... Hi Brian, A couple of questions...hope you don't mind! Are those in-camera settings you use camera specific? I have found that using those settings with my E-510 renders the conversions in Studio quite a bit too soft. Do you find that saving as a...
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    E-PL1 image thread

    Steve, I am impressed how well the 17/2.8 is performing for you on the E-PL1. Could it possibly be that it does better here than it does on the EP2? Or might we be seeing the effect of the lighter AA filter? Do we really need to go to the Panny 20/1.7 after all? Would be interesting to see...
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    March 2010 : Lightzone Raw Contest #2

    Grant, So good to see you here. I follow you on the LZN forum. Is there a LZN4 coming this year? Thanks, Angus
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    March 2010 : Lightzone Raw Contest #2

    Hi Brian, A suggestion: There are several regular contributors to the LZN forum..., Tex Andrews and SFA...that have a lot of experience with the program. Do you think they might like to join this new m4/3's contest? Cross polination. Perhaps we could all learn...
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    March 2010 : Lightzone Raw Contest #2

    Thanks, Brian. Worked like a charm. What a wonderful learning resource, eh? I was intrigued to see how you got that nice contrasty B&W effect. Best regards, Angus
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    March 2010 : Lightzone Raw Contest #2

    Hi Brian, How does one download one of the entries in the contest to see what the tool stack was? Thanks, Angus
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    Feb 2010 : Lightzone Workshop Thread #1

    Unable to see tool stacks... Hi Brian, I'm having trouble with the download process of LZN workshop submissions. How does one do it such that the tool stacks show up? Thanks. Angus
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    HG lenses on your mu-4/3.

    Hi, Anyone using their HG lenses on their mu-4/3 cameras? I'm thinking of using my 14-54 and 50-200 on the upcoming E-PL1. I know the lens size difference kind of defeats the whole idea of going smaller with mu-4/3, but I don't want to lose any IQ from my current set up of E-510 with these...
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    Olympus E-P2 Quick Start Part 2

    Thanks Brian...for the two thumbs!! Do you not also just use the mode three setting for S-AF and C-AF? I have my E-510 set up this's quite handy and I'm practicing for when I finally get an EP-1. All the best, Angus
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    Olympus E-P2 Quick Start Part 2

    Hi Brian, First off, thanks so much for these extremely helpful set up tutorials. Have you changed your preference for setting the AEL/AFL button? I remember your suggestion on UKPSG to set it to activate autofocus, setting mode 3, to use it as a prefocus to cut down on shutter lag time when...
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    EP-1 with silver 14-42 lens?

    Thanks Cosinaphile... I will check them out. Best, Angus
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    EP-1 with silver 14-42 lens?

    Hi, Anyone know of a reputable source in the US/Canada for this? Thanks. Angus