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    Oh No!

    So the beak fixing video really did work - my camera fixed itself! I turned it on and it make a "thunk", must have been the IS popping back into place or something. Hooray! Thanks for your help in my E-PL1's time of need. I'm still available for commission work. :-)
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    Oh No!

    I followed the instructions in the video above and it's fixed! ;-) I do rely on the IBIS, more often that I'd like to admit, but more so "IS" flashes in red on-screen the entire time the camera is on. Kind of annoying!
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    Oh No!

    In fact, I do commissions! :smile: So far it does look like the only damage is the IBIS, luckily I do have a (rather horrible) tripod, but half the fun was the IBIS and legacy glass. I'm sure there's at least a dozen good camera shops in town. This camera is probably worth less than $100...
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    Oh No!

    Who wants to buy some paintings? :-)
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    Oh No!

    Well, I don't have high hopes for any warranty claim, which is fine. I can't imagine that it would be cost effective bring this camera in for repair, either, since they're less than $300 new now. Its looking like I'll have to either shoot without IBIS or get a new body. I'm a little...
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    Oh No!

    Unfortunately I bought this camera when it first came out, so it's long out of warranty. The problem is in the body, it's the same no matter which lens I use.
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    Oh No!

    So I dropped my beloved E-PL1 today from about 4 feet up and onto a hard wood floor. Now when I turn it on, it makes a tiny grinding noise. Also, in the on-screen shooting info, "IS" is always flashing in red, and the IS doesn't work regardless of the settings. Basic shooting functions...
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    The Forgotten PEN?

    I think I'm heading in the same direction. I bought the E-PL1 when the only other alternatives from Oly were the E-P2 (at $999-1100!) or the E-P1. So at the time it made sense for me to save some money and still get a great camera. I think the video options were slightly better, too? I think...
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    The Forgotten PEN?

    Just a silly thread here- I'm still shooting with an E-PL1, but I rarely see them mentioned here. Regularly I see threads on the E-P1, 2, and later L-series. I can understand the E-P1's lasting appeal since it was the first, and the E-P2's lasting appeal since it was an improvement on the...
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    Who needs to upgrade reeaaaally???

    Presets for Aperture or LR are the way to go as the camera on the iPod Touch is horrible, really horrible (I have one). For some reason Apple decided to have different cameras in the Touch vs. the iPhone, which seems strange to me. You'd think they'd "reward" their customers that bought a...
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    Power supply for E-PL1?

    Sorry for the anti-PEN rant, just a little frustrated with recent projects- thanks for the suggestions! While Rob's got some very creative ideas, this all seems like way too much for me to take on. I'd rather have a system that better matches my needs. Unfortunately as a student I can't afford...
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    Power supply for E-PL1?

    Yeah, it doesn't seem like there is one.... I'm getting closer and closer to needing to go back to my old Canon DSLR (previously a 20D, now I'd get a T2i or T3i) for my photographic & video needs. I dig the PEN series & the M43 format, etc. but there are some tiny features that I'm finding I...
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    Power supply for E-PL1?

    Is there a power supply available for the E-PL1, so I can power the camera from the wall and not batteries? Since you can't capture frames via USB, I need to start using my E-PL1 to shoot frames for stop motion animation. Removing the camera from a tripod to constantly change batteries is...
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    Grey dot in my pics

    Is there a way to check warranty status with Olympus?
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    Grey dot in my pics

    Probably no longer under warranty, bought it when the E-PL1 first came out. A little disappointed in the frailty of design in regards to sensor placement, although I realize it could happen to any camera.
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    Grey dot in my pics

    It's definitely underneath, both a clean brush and a swab can't touch it. Some dust must have worked it's way back there somehow. Oh well! I guess I'll just have to clone it out.
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    Grey dot in my pics

    So I checked again and the dust is actually underneath whatever that top layer is. Is it the lowpass filter? How do I get it out of there? Rocket blower? I have no money to spend on this.....
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    Grey dot in my pics

    I checked and there is indeed some spec of dust or something on the sensor. Doesn't blow off easily. I have a can of air, but I can't imagine that it's good for a camera sensor. Time for Google!
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    Grey dot in my pics

    Would it be obvious or visible if I take off the lens and look at the sensor?
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    [EXPIRED] Canon EOS 20D body - Excellent condition in box with all accessories

    Do you have any cheap lenses to go with it?
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    Grey dot in my pics

    Hi everyone- I've been noticing a grey dot appearing in my pictures lately. It's always in the same spot, and seems to happen at smaller apertures. I've posted some pics for examples, yes I know the metering/exposure is off, etc. but they happen to illustrate what I'm talking about. The spot is...
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    [EXPIRED] FS: Olympus VF-2 viewfinder EVF

    Look, it's not wise to badmouth other members here publicly. I got home late from work, logged in this morning to tell you I was sending payment, and saw this post. Not very cool of you, ART.
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    [EXPIRED] FS/FT: Olympus VF2 with EP9 EyeCup

    Hey, take it easy there tiger.
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    About art filters...

    Sure wish the E-PL1 had the "Dramatic Tone" filter...
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    EPL1 shooting in low light

    The 20mm is worth it, it's a great lens! Once you get one it will rarely, if ever, leave your camera.
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    Showcase Konica 50mm f/1.4 Hexanon

    What adapter are you using? I have this lens and want to use it on my E-PL1.
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    Checking Shutter count on your E-P1 and E-P2

    I finally got it to work, cool! Very useful info! 2186 shots taken...
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    [EXPIRED] FS: Mint Canon 30D + 18-55 Kit Lens

    Camera Model: Canon 30D Approximate age of Body: 3 years? Body Condition: Excellent, near mint. 9.5/10. The factory sticky film is still on the screen and the top LCD! Number of Shutter actuations: Not sure, low count. Sale Includes: 18-55 kit lens (non-IS), 2 batteries (both Canon)...
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    DigitalRevCom video review of EPL2

    I love this guy's reviews, he's hilarious!
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    dust on sensor, hot pixels or what? (E-P1)

    I too have had recurring white and red dots in my pics with the E-PL1. They will be in the same spot across a series of pics, but then not in others. Pixel mapping never seems to change them in the heat of the moment. Longer exposures seem to result in more hot pixels, while higher ISO's are...
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    [EXPIRED] FS: Olympus E-PL1 + 14-40 Kit, Black

    Willing to trade for a Canon S95... ;-)
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    [EXPIRED] FS: Olympus E-PL1 + 14-40 Kit, Black

    Alright, $350. If this sells I'll be listing a Panny 20mm 1.7 separately too since I won't be needing it! I'm selling off my m4/3 gear.
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    EPL2 pics are up!

    Drool, drool, drool....!! Looks very nice, they've changed enough to get me interested. Larger screen, better button layout, thumb wheel, better spacing & sizing of the on/off & shutter.... I like it! If only it had a built-in VF like that new Fujifilm......
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    [EXPIRED] FS: Olympus E-PL1 + 14-40 Kit, Black

    Bump for price drop.
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    [EXPIRED] FS: Olympus E-PL1 + 14-40 Kit, Black

    Hi All, I'm selling my black E-PL1 kit with the 14-40mm kit lens (plastic mount). I've had it for about 7 months and it's in great shape. I bought it new and I've never even taken the plastic off the screen. It works perfectly, no issues whatsoever, and I think I've taken about 1500 shots with...
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    Has anyone taken their E-PL1 out in the weather?

    I take a large zip lock bag with a pack of desiccant in it with me when I shoot in cold weather. As I'm coming inside I put my camera (with lens attached) in it, zip it up, put it in my camera bag and let it slowly warm up to room temperature. Same goes for any DSLR. I don't shoot in pouring...
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    20mm panasonic on E-PL1

    It's a fine lens, but you have to live with the aperture noise and tight mount. Oh, and weird manual focus throw on the ring. You have to turn it quite a bit to get it to react, and the ring keeps turn even if it's reached it's max. Other than that, it's great! ;-) Very sharp, little CA- your...
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    Dust in my E-PL1 Sensor

    I've got what looks like a big speck of dust on my EPL1 sensor, but it's not on the surface. I tried to brush it off and it's under whatever the outer layer of the sensor is. Yikes! How did that get in there?
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    anyone biting at the E-P2 for approx. $500?

    The Amazon price keeps creeping up. It started at $500, then $518, now $526...
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    E-PL1 Honeymoon Over?

    I'm thinking that the VF-2 will help me love this camera again...
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    E-PL1 Honeymoon Over?

    Good points made regarding the marketing of this camera. For me size was the biggest issue. I hated lugging around my Canon 20D DSLR (and all it's associated stuff), and ended up leaving it at home most of the time. People didn't like having it pointed at them, either. So I wanted a tiny DSLR...
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    E-PL1 Honeymoon Over?

    I've been shooting with an E-PL1 for about 6 months now, mostly with a Panasonic 20mm and occasionally with some Minolta legacy glass (from my trusty 35mm X-700). I used to use a Canon 20D and I'm kind of missing it's performance- but not it's bulk. I generally shoot in A, M, or Art Filter...
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    [EXPIRED] WTB: Olympus E-P1

    Hi, I'm looking to buy an E-P1 body. I've already got an E-PL1, Panasonic 20mm, and Oly 14-42mm so I guess I'm just looking for an E-P1 body + battery, etc. I want an E-P1 for the dials to make manual shooting easier. I have 100% feedback (277) on eBay, and can pay with Paypal. Whaddya got?
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    $150. What lenses would you get for video? (novice on a GH2)

    Any recommendations on a tripod & head?
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    Pro's and Cons of an adapted Lens

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    E-PL1 Hot Pixel in Low Light

    I seem to have a hot red pixel when I shoot in low light with my E-PL1 & Panny 20mm. Anyone else have this problem? I re-mapped the pixels and still have the same issue..