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    Should I stay with MFT system?

    M43 is like a rocket ship when comparing AF to the slow Fuji. Fuji is like them old screw drive lenses for AF...if your lucky! There is a big dif with the IQ at least from 12mp M43 to the Fuji X. I never used the 16mp M43 so can't say. I have 4 Fuji's, all types of X cams. Some are better...
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    Should I stay with MFT system?

    Yep, AF is Fuji's downfall. They should have made it a true rangefinder Leica knockoff. Then they would have had something.
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    Should I stay with MFT system?

    OP... I use Fuji X for most of my street work now. Last year I was all about M43. M43 IQ is not that good for big prints. (13 x 19) That said, I keep my extensive M43 system and use it for max stealth shoots where the Fuji may be too big. All cams have their uses. M43 with a kit lens is a...
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    I am rapidly changing to Fujifilm X

    OP...I'm with you. The M43 is a great little cam if you don't demand big prints. But for 13 x 19 the Fuji is much better. But the M43 AF can kicks Fuji's ass all day and night. Fuji has very poor AF and the focus by wire is TERRIBLE. For street use the Fuji is only good for me if I zone...
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    Are watermarks pretentious?

    OP...I think people just like to have their name stick with the photo. I took off my watermarks, reduced size to only offer a free 8 x 10 and renamed the files with my name. Sure name could be changed. But an image search on Google leads the search back to me. I have to chuckle at the...
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    Oly...make a old school, manual control M43

    Oly...make a old school, manual control M43. An area I hate about the M43's is the hard to adjust controls. Way too hard to adjust on the fly. I'd gladly pay $600 - $800 for a body with an old school shutter dial on top. Just make it user friendly with basic controls and a kick ass sensor...
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    M43 to Fuji X?

    OK, some say the lens may vignette. Not a big deal for me. Does anyone make a M43 to Fuji X adapter?
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    working methods - how do you shoot?

    Outstanding post! Many thanks!
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    Are we anachronistic?

    OP, the cell phone crowd would most likely not be shooting but for the fact their phones are cams. The true photogs may use their phone, but they also go way beyond with specialized gear.
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    Olympus quits low end compact camera business....

    I wish they built a small m43 Leica style.
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    Olympus...make a M43 with a shutter speed dial.

    The reason I bought into the Fuji x system was partly due to the small size. But if the Fuji did not have the shutter speed dial on top, i would not have been interested. Olympus make a m43 mini with a shutter dial on top. This is one of the things I hate on my m43. Having to do so much...
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    Adapter for Adaptall2 lens?

    Who makes a m43 adapter to mount an Adaptall2 lens on the cam?
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    Tokina 300mm MFT now in stock @ B&H

    OK, who here has bot the 300mm Tokina and is old school and has used mirror lenses from the film days? I don't mind the donut bokeh and the fixed aperture is just how mirror lenses are. So, no use complaining about them. My quesion is... Does the Kenko Tokina Reflex 300mm lens perfrom...
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    New York

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    Interesting observation (to me anyhow)

    Yep, world is just polluted with photogs. 2 billion pix a week go to Facebook alone.
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    Do I need Photoshop?

    I use PS elements for printing wide boarders. LR for the rest. LR can print as well, but like PSE better for that.
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    Is Samsungs NX camera going to kill m43?

    I don't know very little about the NX. But saw one on a video clip on Youtube. One model looked as small as my little Oly m43 and the NX had a bigger sensor. And from what the guy was saying it sounded like it outdoes the m43. Like 8 frames a second drive and lots of other things. What is...
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    Remote shooting Ep1

    Thanks for all the help!
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    Remote shooting Ep1

    I bought my cam used. I didn't get an instruction manual with it. Is there a way to shoot the EP1 with a remote? If not, what m43's allow for remote shooting?
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    Some shots of NYC

    Nice work Arvin! I saved 3-1/2 of your pix to put in a file I have of my favorite work from other photogs. (The 1/2 is your self portrait to identify with your pix.) You have talent. I see lots of street work that is very poor...just snapshots of nothing. You have a good eye, keep up the...
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    What is the verdict on the stick on soft release button?

    Do the stick on soft release buttons hold up and work well? Are you happy with it? Where did you buy yours?
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    Who makes Lumix lenses?

    Does Pasnasonic make Lumnix lenses or do they use another maker?
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    Problems with EPL-1

    I bought 2 EPL-1's. One of them puts the days photos into its own file. The other camera just keeps adding photos to one giant file. Time and date are set in both cameras. How do I get the camera that only has one file to put each days pictures in seperate files?