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  1. Pap

    Something for the oldies

    Yea, I had one and loved it! Way ahead of the others and the games were so much fun. It was the main unit for sometime used for TV images. And yes, the top level executives killed it. That's one thing that hasn't changed over the years. bruce
  2. Pap

    Crater Lake, Oregon in B&W

    Beautifully done! I personally think B&W was the way to go.
  3. Pap

    Crater Lake, Oregon in B&W

  4. Pap

    How DxO mark tricks you into being stupid

    figures don't lie but liars figure. bj
  5. Pap

    One of the Million reasons to love Oregon

    The berries look delicious! Well presented. I might have eliminated the hand and the ring on that first shot which I find distracting. Pap
  6. Pap

    GF2 - WW2 Theme at East Anglia Railway Museum

    I really like the “atmosphere” of that last shot. Make me feel like I stepped back in time. Pap
  7. Pap

    Photos seem to be lacking "umph"...

    The first two on your flicker page. Pap
  8. Pap

    Photos seem to be lacking "umph"...

    This is only my opinion but looking at the two flower images they appear to be oversaturated and have a bit too much contrast. I know in today’s world of “Vivid” folks believe this is what they see but frankly, no they don’t. The detail on the flower petals is almost non existent. If you are...
  9. Pap

    Panasonic GX-1

    Has anyone seen one of these? Pap
  10. Pap

    Lake Valley, NM. A true Ghost town shot with a EPL-1.

    Wonderful set of images! Beautiful detail and color. Was a polarizer used on all images? Pap
  11. Pap

    question on comparing IQ

    Wow, wonderful, informative replies! I certainly appreciate everyone taking the time to respond. I use a DSLR for most situations but am considering the MFT as a carry camera when walking or wishing to travel a bit lighter. I must also admit that I’m not a huge fan of fixed lenses any longer so...
  12. Pap

    question on comparing IQ

    Forgive my ignorance but how does the GF3 compare? Pap
  13. Pap

    question on comparing IQ

    how much difference is there between MFT Panasonic cameras? Not features but image IQ. When using the comparsion on DPR they all look very much the same. Pap
  14. Pap

    EP-3 oversaturation and dynamic range

    The “shoot to the right” that is often given as the Holy Grail is O.K. if by doing this you don’t overexpose the highlights. It would appear that the sensors of today allow more shadow recovery than in the past whereas highlights that have been overexposed are gone forever. Pap
  15. Pap

    Olympus E-PM1 not a "serious" camera?

    Have to admit most of Amy Medina color images aren’t to my taste, too much contrast, lacking in DR, and a bit yellow at times. Sorry if this hurts the feelings of anyone but simply my opinion. The review, while it is a rather modest one, didn’t say anything negative, it is pretty much...
  16. Pap

    E-PM1 and inconsistent IBIS

    After vacillating for the last two months over what Micro Four Thirds was best suited for me I handled the EPM-1 last week and thought this was the one. Now I’m reading that the IS system in the camera may be faulty, not a good thing. Is it putting me off? Obviously I now feel I may just wait. I...
  17. Pap

    Another new guy

    Welcome to the forum! Your story sounds a bit like mine. Walked away from photography and remained away for nearly twenty years. Digital has been an interesting change for me as well. The aspect of shooting is pretty much the same but being able to see the results immediately is pretty great...
  18. Pap

    Thoughts on Nikon D5100?

    The D5100 has an excellent IQ, very quick focusing, the kit lens is quite good, and the viewfinder in dim light is fine. Obviously the faster the lens the better the light in the viewfinder. But it is bigger, though small for a DSLR. Matched with the 55-200 Nikon VR lens at around $200.00 your...
  19. Pap

    GF3 and the Citadel - at play!

    I’m developing a liking for this model. Small, excellent IQ from the few images I have seen, quick focus, and the touch screen seems fairly logical. This may be what I was looking for in a walkabout camera. Thanks for the images. Wish there were more. Pap
  20. Pap

    EPL1 firmware update problem

    One of the reasons I dislike having to do updating on cameras. Pap
  21. Pap


    What would be your opinion on purchasing the EPL-1 camera as a start into 4/3rds to determine if it is a format I may wish to get into? I have a DSLR and P&S cameras but am considering something in-between. Thanks! Pap
  22. Pap

    May 2011 Photo Contest - Winner Announced!

    Truly a beautiful image! Congratulations! Pap
  23. Pap

    Win an Olympus PEN E-PL2 from #mu43

    I would love to have an EPL-2; would I ever! Pap
  24. Pap

    More problems with autofocus

    well worth viewing! Pap
  25. Pap

    Best Buy selling Olympus Pen & GF2.

    Yes, I saw one thre as well. What I would like to see here is images produced with that camera and some feedback. It seems that no one is using the GF2 Pap
  26. Pap

    question on image info

    Why is it that the image information on the gallery is seldom available? What am I missing when I look for it? Pap
  27. Pap

    kit lenses

    other than the increase in AF what are the advantages of the new kit lens over the old on the EPL-1? I have heard the new lens has a better build quality, etc. I am more interested in the image quality differences. Pap
  28. Pap

    [EXPIRED] Mint LX5 (Black) with Lowepro case

    How much for thecamera and case? Pap
  29. Pap

    For our friends in Christchurch NZ

    Thoughts and prayers to all. Pap
  30. Pap

    E-PL1 image thread

    very nice image! Beautiful processing into b&w and wonderful detail. Pap
  31. Pap

    Nikon 4/3 m4/3 coming in April

    Well Panasonic has no clue how to market cameras in the U.S. I can’t relate to other areas of the world of course. Beta and the also deceased eight track tape system are well know failures. In part at least because Sony wanted to have the whole pie to themselves. And we all know the results of...
  32. Pap

    [EXPIRED] FS: Olympus/Zuiko 14-42mm AND VF-2 Viewfinder

    I'd be interested in the finder Pap
  33. Pap

    E-PL1 Experience Diary

    how does one go about saving this thread to be located later? Pap
  34. Pap

    Olympus E-P1 -EPL2

    I’m not certain what is driving the decision to bring out one model after another? Certainly the argument could be made that Olympus feels it needs a “higher end” camera thus the “Pro” model to be released according to rumor. But what I do find just a little strange that in the models past the...
  35. Pap

    E-PL1 image thread

    The thing you might want to consider when doing close ups is because you are using a high level of magnification it’s a bit like using a tele lens. On image #1 I suspect the shutter speed was to slow. On #2 the shutter speed was probably O.K. but the DOF was too shallow at that F stop to have...
  36. Pap

    Congratulations to the winners of our 'People' photo contest!

    Congratulations to all! Pap
  37. Pap

    E-PL1 image thread

    Not certain if it was focus alone or perhaps a bit of movement. What was the F stop and shutter speed? Pap
  38. Pap

    A Case for HDR

    Actually I prefer the first image as wood looks older and more interesting. Perhaps because it is somewhat darker. I won’t say the second image is bad because you used a very light touch with the HDR. It’s more of an exposure difference for me. Pap
  39. Pap

    Pixel Peeping Gear Freaks

    Jim, well, as is always the case, as I mentioned in your posts “over there” I have a great deal of respect for both you and your images and thoughts. And for me the pixel peepers are what they are. There is an old saying that if you can’t walk the walk then don’t talk the talk. Far too...
  40. Pap

    Olympus E-P2 Quick Start Part 1.

    when clicking on this I get a cannot find reply. Pap
  41. Pap

    Vivian Maier - What a find

    It’s difficult to understand her very private passion for photography. Most would seek some recognition for their work but it seems she did not. Was it a lack of confidence in her images? I view her images and what I see is the real truth of photography, not the spectacular sights of an Adams...
  42. Pap

    E-PL1 near the harbour (1st time usage)

    they look quite good to me. I liike the effect of that mode. A little like the images from the past. Pap
  43. Pap

    Show "Motorcycles"

    Bill, nice BMW. I have a 1985 (Red) RT since it was new. Great bike! Pap
  44. Pap

    Olympus 40-150mm lens

    anyone? am I to understand that no one is using this lens? Pap
  45. Pap

    Olympus 40-150mm lens

    M43 version thanks! Pap
  46. Pap

    Olympus 40-150mm lens

    as this is now part of a bundle offering on the EPL-1 how good is this lens? I tried a search but pretty much came up blank. Thanks, Pap!
  47. Pap

    Belated Hello from Chris Wormald

    Very nice Blog with some wonderful images. Definitely an enjoyable experience! Pap
  48. Pap

    give me five !

    you have some very nice images of "objects" and I enjoyed the site! Pap
  49. Pap

    Horses, wide angle with fake IR pp

    beautiful images! Pap
  50. Pap

    Blackwattle Bay at Night

    very beautiful, Peter! Wonderful reflections on the water. Pap