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  1. jesito

    Win an Olympus PEN E-PL2 from #mu43

    Hello! Nice initiative, here is my post as well. :) Regards. Jes.
  2. jesito

    Hello from Spain

    !Hola Olga¡ There are some other spaniards here ;) Welcome!. Jes.
  3. jesito

    Hullo. Northumbrian.

    Welcome! Micro 4/3 are great for manual focusing lenses. Regards, Jes.
  4. jesito

    Hello from Spain.

    It looks like there are many spaniards here...;) Welcome!. Jes.
  5. jesito

    Some Background on grandpagord

    Welcome!! Jes.
  6. jesito

    Hi from Toronto area

    Welcome, Pelao!. Where do your nick comes from?. I know of another Pelao in some spanish forum, BTW, are you the same?. Kind regards, Jes.
  7. jesito

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    My Pentacon 135mm 2.8 "Electric": My Industar 50-2 on top of a bellows: My Auto Sears Rikenon 55mm 1.4 My Cosina Cosinon 28mm 2.8: Regards, Jes.
  8. jesito

    Hello from Spain

    I lived in Madrid for seven years, my son was born there... So you know what to do the next time you go to Sitges :smile: Kind regards. Jes.
  9. jesito

    What brought you to the micro four thirds system?

    My only reason to get a micro 4/3 (the G1 in my case) was the ability of mounting old manual lenses of all brands and types. It's short register distance allows me to use the old Hexanon, M42, Tamron, Exakta lenses that I was keeping in my drawer. Since I got it, I've barely used my other...
  10. jesito

    Plants on the wall

    Taken with my AF setup: Lumix G1 plus a Zuiko 14-42 lens (collapsible): Regards, Jes.
  11. jesito

    My first post. My daugther Palo

    Like this shot!. You're a lucky man. My daughters are very elusive when I try to shot them... So you're using manual focusing lenses on your EP-1?. I got some adapters for my G1 and I'm curently trying some M42 lenses (including a bellows), and some Tamron Adaptall-2. The Konica Hexanon AR...
  12. jesito

    Hello from Spain

    ¡Bienvenido, Enrique!. There are more spaniards in this forum ;) From which place is Spain are you from?. Kind regards, Jes.
  13. jesito

    G1 macro setup with bellows and M42 lens

    Thanks for your comments, colleagues. I bought it at a flea market here in Barcelona. A Zenith camera with the Industar and the bellows (in a different seller), all in all 45€... Regards, Jes.
  14. jesito

    G1 macro setup with bellows and M42 lens

    I've been investing some time on past weekend, to try a setup for macro that could be used with the G1, and this is what I've gotten: A M42 bellows mounted on a M42-to-M4T adapter, and an Industar 50-2 lens on it: And this is a sample gotten with it: Used 1600 ISO because the...
  15. jesito

    Hi everybody!

    Thanks Lex!. Amin, I got the M42 and the Leica-R adapters and there is an Hexanon AR adapter in the way. Regarding lenses, I do have a big bag. I've been just trying some 50mm, the Super-Takumar 50mm 1.4, the Industar-50, the Industar-61, and some 135mm Sonnar 3.5, Jupiter-11, etc. I also got...
  16. jesito

    Hi everybody!

    Thanks Amin and Brian! For sure I'll be wandering around often! Kind regards, Jes.
  17. jesito

    Hi everybody!

    I just dropped by this subforum to say hello (not sure if it's the right place). Anyway, it's a pleasure to have such a dedicated forum for the uicro 4/3. I own a Lumix G1 body, an Olympus (collapsilble) AF lens, and some adapters where I place my manual focusing lenses. Thanks for keepin...