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  1. rlb

    Dang It... I did it again!

    I'd advocate options A & B. Chargebacks should be reserved for a vendor who has really screwed you over and refuses to work with you.
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    C&C First time post processing RAW

    I was leaning more towards fundamentals vs. taste. Essentially what @kevinparis said is what I'm looking for, because there is a huge gap in my knowledge here (that should really say gaps, since I'm equally inexperienced behind the camera as I am with post-processing). And that's it! I do have...
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    C&C First time post processing RAW

    Since the discussion seems to have steered in this direction, I'll throw this question out there: Does anyone have some good resources to learn the basics of processing? I don't mean the platform specifics (LR, Darktable, Raw Therapee) but more along the lines of concepts (and what you should be...
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    Video issue? Audible clicking from E-M10 II with 17mm f1.8 lens

    I experienced the same noise with the same camera/lens combo. I just don't shoot enough video so I forgot to dig into it further. I can't offer a solution, but at least we know we're not alone!
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    Why are pictures of camera items for sale on places like eBay so poor?

    Well, as someone said above, caveat emptor. That's not the only thing that goes into the decision process!
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    Why are pictures of camera items for sale on places like eBay so poor?

    I always frame it this way: if someone took the time to clean up the item a bit and take nice pictures, they also probably took the time to properly care for their gear. The other person, not so much! Fairly unrelated, but have you ever browsed home listings and come across ones with trash...
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    Curved Sensors Not Well Suited to ILCs

    Come and find me when they get AI involved :rolleyes:
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    The Real Street Thread II

    A couple from the day of the NYC marathon in early November. This was my first time taking my M10 along for a casual day out. We were walking to see a friend run, so I didn't have too much time to stop but I got a few shots I like. Still trying to figure this whole thing out!
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    8TB external HDD = $124

    Glad you've had some luck with them! It's funny how people tend to have good luck in one HD brand and bad luck in another.
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    8TB external HDD = $124

    A good deal, but FWIW every external (3+) and internal (5+) seagate I've owned has died on me. I stopped buying them about 5 years ago and haven't had a drive fail since.
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    Show your bag (with contents)!

    That's brave keeping your gear on your back! I've been thinking about how to bring along my M10 and I don't think I have the guts to drop it in my camelbak and ride off. I'm considering a small frame bag but haven't begun to look into one yet. This ignores the reality that I haven't been on...
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    For the dog lovers

    Closeup of my old lady
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    Question about the Peak Design Leash strap...

    I use both the leash and cuff depending in the situation. The leash is sturdy yet not intrusive at all (unlike the Oly strap) and I use that when out and about (walking around). I use the cuff when I'm home or at a relatives house etc. The PD anchors make it easy to swap between the 2. While...
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    Giveaway: Think Tank Signature 10 shoulder bag (completed)

    Keep them entertained, any way you can!
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    Bags and more bags

    I think this is still a bit too big for me, even the 140 might be. Giving the Tradewind 2.6 a shot, thanks @algold. I'll update when it comes in. This bag also seems to have potential despite being a no-name brand. I may order one just for the heck of it.
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    Bags and more bags

    I love the Peak Design stuff, and I've checked out the 5L sling but it's too big for what I have. I'm looking in a weird in-between space of bags around this size, and minimal "camera only" bags. This looks promising, I need to find some more pictures. FWIW I am currently using this bag but it...
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    Bags and more bags

    I've browsed through this thread and several others but still haven't come across a small bag that looks good to me. I'm looking for something that can carry: An EM10 w/ small prime mounted (17 or 25) and neck strap The other prime and the 14-42 kit zoom lens A few small accessories like a...
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    Show: Random picture thread

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    You just got a new Olympus... what are the first settings you change?

    While I generally agree, I do like to see what others do just for ideas or the "I hadn't thought of that" factor.
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    Show: Random picture thread

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    COMPLETED FS: Olympus 12mm, f2

    Where in NJ are you? I've been mulling over a 25, if we are close it just might be enough to convince me to impulse buy.
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    Share your Golden Hour & Blue Hour Photos

    This is my first photo shared here. Took this one from the roof at work about a year ago, shortly after getting my m10.
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    Cards for OM-D EM-1 Mk II

    Good question, and I don't know the answer. I briefly tried to find this info but came up empty handed. I went ahead and bought the card with the idea that it can always go in a faster camera some day.
  24. rlb

    Cards for OM-D EM-1 Mk II

    I know it's an unfair comparison, as the Lexar is of course rated better. My post was more to the point of "any old card" as some people recommend is not always going to cut it, and you might not know what you're missing without doing some digging. Sure is, thanks. And you are correct, it's...
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    Cards for OM-D EM-1 Mk II

    This is on an M10, so take it FWIW.... My Lexar 2000x came today and I decided to do a very non-scientific test. My camera is set to store images in LF + RAW, and for the test I set the camera to Sequential H. I found a neutral scene (microfiber cloth on the desk) and took some shots until I...
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    Cards for OM-D EM-1 Mk II

    I grabbed one yesterday from Adorama via the link in the comparison.
  27. rlb

    Cards for OM-D EM-1 Mk II

    While true, this still helped me temendously. When I bought my M10 last year I picked up "any old card" which is a SanDisk Ultra 80MB/s 64GB (with avg write time of 13.8 MB/s on the list!!). So I can clearly see I have room for improvement, and this may be one of the limiting factors I'm hitting...
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    EM10 mkii - Fn buttons stop working

    I just figured out what's locking me out, it's when I have a focus target selected (i.e. green box on screen). It locks me out of changing ISO/WB (which is my current use of Fn2, which is assigned to "Multi-Function"). Fn1 & 3 still work. I'm using Fn2 to change ISO/WB. If I switch to a...
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    EM10 mkii - Fn buttons stop working

    Has anyone else experienced this? I reset the camera to factory defaults a few days ago and didn't use it much until this morning. However, it happened again. GI'm going to contact Olympus but I thought I'd check here once more. Something seems to lock me out of using the Fn buttons but I can't...
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    EM10 mkii - Fn buttons stop working

    I'm a new EM10 mkii ower. I'm enjoying the camera so far, but today I noticed that the Fn buttons randomly stop working after taking a few shots (P,A,M modes and probably others). If I switch shooting modes or dig into some settings they will start to work again. Am I misunderstanding something...
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    I may have figured out the EM5 II for sports.... (long)

    I want to say thanks for this thread. I'm new to photography so some of this feels over my head, but at least (I think) I'm following everything you're saying! I recently bought an M10 markii to start taking pics of my 5 month old daughter. I took some indoor action shots today with...
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    New vs Refurbisbed vs Used

    I'm quite new at the game so my buying/selling in this realm is limited. When buying my kit I opted for a refurb from Olympus (bought on Amazon). The camera and lens were like new and included all accessories. They give a 90 day warranty and you have the option to buy a 2 year extended warranty...