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  1. peak4

    Tell me your opinion on my new neck and wrist straps *thread moved*

    Have a look for Maillon Rapide I'm about to get some of the 2.5mm stainless ones for a similar job.
  2. peak4

    Problem with Eclipse cleaning solution on Sony sensor???

    I shouldn't worry too much, the dust shaker sits in front of the filter, so Sony, Panasonic or Kodak as a manufacturer is immaterial.
  3. peak4

    My OM-D E-M5 is an expensive brick...

    From my experience of Oly service, I'm sure you will be fine with your warranty. The camera only came out in April 1012 and Oly UK give a 2 year warranty; was yours a grey import? Mine's got the screen bezel crack and black paint wearing through prematurely, but I'm holding out until towards...
  4. peak4

    Olympus 15mm Body Cap $49

    Consider yourselves lucky, I've just checked Amazon UK where it is £67.27, equating to over $100 Ouch
  5. peak4

    Panasonic to Announce Fast Telephoto Prime at Photokina

    I assume it was supposed to point HERE
  6. peak4

    OM-D: Damage Code 8807

    Lots of lockups for me, mainly with 100-300mm, but a clear "D" screen with no errors recorded. As regards pressing the OK to clear the error message; I'm not sure that's a good idea. Normal punters aren't supposed to know how to get into the service mode, it's probably intended for Oly...
  7. peak4

    OM-D third party batteries: has anybody tried these?

    I've tried what appears to be the same battery from 2 Chinese suppliers and a UK one. Yes they work, they are lower capacity than genuine batteries, depending on the luck of the draw they might be a Very Tight Fit in the battery grip (they all seem fine in the camera itself, they don't charge...
  8. peak4

    OMD hangs/freezes - ones in a while

    Just an update, still getting regular lock-ups with the 100-300mm. Been away for the weekend and had up to 10 lock-ups a day. Seems that when it goes into hibernation, sometimes but not always, the only way to wake it up is to re-seat the battery. Similar problem when chimping, sometimes locks...
  9. peak4

    OM-D E-M5 Firmware Update Requests

    I'm with Mattia on this one And ALSO please fix the lock-up problem with the 100-300mm Panasonic lenses.
  10. peak4

    OMD hangs/freezes - ones in a while

    Numerous lockups, but only with the 100-300mm when in review mode. When it locks, it really does; even turning off the camera at the main switch leaves it powered up and locked with the previous image showing on the screen. :confused: Pulling the battery seems to cure it.
  11. peak4

    [EXPIRED] UK Sale; E-P1, VF-1, 14-42mm mFT lens.

    A gentle bump back up to page 1 for a week or so, and then off to ebay.
  12. peak4

    [EXPIRED] UK Sale; E-P1, VF-1, 14-42mm mFT lens.

    25mm Pancake gone pending payment. Before I even advertised it :smile:
  13. peak4

    [EXPIRED] UK Sale; E-P1, VF-1, 14-42mm mFT lens.

    Tim, That's a shame, when I saw the reply, I was hoping you were going to buy the lot and send me a bottle of Bowmore as thanks. :rolleyes: Here are the steps, the same as an E-5 ► Camera OFF ► Hold down MENU button and turn ON the camera ► Release MENU button and press MENU again to...
  14. peak4

    [EXPIRED] UK Sale; E-P1, VF-1, 14-42mm mFT lens.

    Due to this week's purchase of a refurbished E-P2 I have for sale the following items. E-P1 for £ 175 to include P&P by Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery. Currently showing 3800 exposures, though this may rise a little if I use it again. I will include one New battery and New Charger...
  15. peak4

    Why Not Olympus Master 2?

    Ned, I hadn't realised tethered shooting was available on any of the micro 4/3s bodies. There is another route, Studio 2 has tethered shooting. As I'm sure you know, it was a paid for program which is now out of date and no longer for sale, Viewer being Oly's preferred program. If you e-mail...
  16. peak4

    Site problem @ mu-43?

    I'll go along with that, I right clicked said box, selected properties and voila;
  17. peak4

    Custom lens adapters? Critical measurements...

    Hi, You will find lots of useful measurements Here on Wikipedia With a bit of basic adding and subtracting, you should be able to work out the critical thicknesses of any adaptors you need
  18. peak4

    UK Panasonic 20mm @ £199 & GF-1 @ £299

    For anyone after a pancake Harrison Cameras of Sheffield have just the one unboxed one in at £199. I've just bought a second hand one for more than that :frown: Also got a GF-1 for £299, body only of course.
  19. peak4

    [EXPIRED] FS: in UK, Panasonic Leica MACRO LENS. 45mm, F2.8

    Hi if the 20mm sale to ChopChop falls through, please consider me as a second choice as I've an E-P1 body on it's way to me (I hope)