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  1. Robert Spoecker


    I often go to the "Gallery" by clicking the "Gallery" button on top of all the pages. The 10 photos change frequently there. I want to know how these are selected and changed. Robert
  2. Robert Spoecker

    Remember when...

    How does... How does one take a picture of a gas sign reading $1.19.9 with a Mu-43 digital camera?
  3. Robert Spoecker

    How are you storing your filters?

    Filter Stack Caps Filter Stack Caps are my favorite solution
  4. Robert Spoecker

    July 2011 Photo Contest Sponsored by NIK

    My friend Steve My friend Steve Robert
  5. Robert Spoecker

    Show "Cars"

    My new Mazda I just recently bought this Miata and wanted to share it with you. It is totally impractical but boy oh boy it's fun to drive. :biggrin: I wonder if it is appropriate for an old man (see my avatar above) to be purchasing a babe magnet? :rofl: Car info: 2011 Mazda MX-5...
  6. Robert Spoecker

    Show: Waterfalls.

    Some waterfalls are horizontal The exposure challenges are about the same for horizontal and vertical waterfalls.
  7. Robert Spoecker

    Nauticam Announces NA-GH2 Underwater Housing for Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2

    I know little about finances, having made a mess of my own but isn't it supply and demand? How many GH2s are sold for every under water housing? I bet it's a lot and the engineering and manufacturing costs must be paid somehow. Besides, how expensive is SCUBA diving?
  8. Robert Spoecker

    Show your cell phone photos

    OK, here is a picture of my cell phone although I don't quite know who would be interested in that. Sent from my iPad using Mu-43 App
  9. Robert Spoecker


    This is a detail of a bush growing in my back yard. I don't know what it is but I have posted a few birds on this site that I did not know what they were so that's par for the course. Come to think of it I have posted a self portrait or two and didn't know who that was either. Please feel free...
  10. Robert Spoecker

    Share Birds

    It's just another Mourning dove but I think this is my best so far. This bird landed on the ground about ten feet in front of me. All my other bird photographs so far were about the size of this one's head on the full image where this one is very slightly cropped. That makes a huge difference...
  11. Robert Spoecker

    Share Birds

    I think this is a California Thrasher but I am usually wrong so please do correct me. I have just ordered 'Western Birds. an Audubon Handbook'. I hope to improve my embarrassing bird identification record Robert Sent from my iPad using Mu-43 App
  12. Robert Spoecker

    Share Birds

    I am having some luck with capturing small birds by attracting them to my new feeder. I am not so good at identifying them but I will hazard a guess that these two birds are a female house finch and the one with the red markings is a male of the same species. Robert Sent from my iPad using...
  13. Robert Spoecker

    Announcement: Free Mu-43 App for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) Devices

    Thank you Amin. Please do not make me email your wife to tell her she needs to buy you an iPad ASAP. LOL LOL LOL Robert Sent from my iPad using Mu-43 App
  14. Robert Spoecker

    Announcement: Free Mu-43 App for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) Devices

    Sometimes I get a notification badge (the little red circle with a number in it) and see that it seems to have been generated in the 'subscribed' area but when I go there a page comes up but nothing is identified as the location where the badge came from. I hope I am explaining the question...
  15. Robert Spoecker

    Share Birds

    Thanks sprinke, That makes sense as I quite often hear the mournful cry of the mourning dove. They seem to be well named, don't they? Robert Sent from my iPad using Mu-43 App
  16. Robert Spoecker

    Share Birds

    I just managed to shoot a medium sized bird on my back yard barbed wire topped fence. The bird feeder full of delicious bird seeds about five feet bellow helped I am sure. I think it is a rock pigeon. Please correct me if I am wrong. Wow, his little feet are awfully close to the steel barbs...
  17. Robert Spoecker

    Announcement: Free Mu-43 App for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) Devices

    Tapping on posts with HTML code displays the little emoticons well but not so in the listing of all messages. Should not there be a display of the possible emoticons in the new reply area so that we do not have to memorize the codes to be typed between colons? Robert Sent from my iPad using...
  18. Robert Spoecker

    Share Birds

    I have a Lumix G2 with a 45 - 200mm lens. This is a 90-400mm lens in 35mm terms, as you know. I have succeeded to get one good image of a house finch which I have posted to this thread but even wit a 400mm lens it's tough to get these kind of shots of such little birds. Do they make 1.4X or 2X...
  19. Robert Spoecker

    Announcement: Free Mu-43 App for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) Devices

    Thank you Amin Thanks for the Mu-43 iPad application. I can now easily post to this forum and include any image I have in my iPad Photos. I previously had to walk all the way to my office to use my desktop computer instead of sending images from my easy chair in my living room. This made me...
  20. Robert Spoecker

    Hardest Post: Your FAVORITE photo EVER.

    My favorite actresses This is one of my all time favorites that I took of the three principle actresses in a local town theatre production. The play was 'Crimes of the Heart' It is the shot that taught me it is not my skills that make good pictures but access to nice subject matter and these...
  21. Robert Spoecker

    An Insanely Long and Detailed Review of 3 Sling Straps

    I am slightly miffed at Gordy. I ordered a wrist strap from him and it took longer to get here than if it were shipped from stock but then I realized he must make them when ordered because he has so many options he could not keep them all in stock so then I was ok with that but after it was...
  22. Robert Spoecker

    Poll: Tapatalk or Forum Runner

    Tapatalk I tried using tapatalk for a short while but decided I can use Safari quite well. I have been useing Safari on my Mac dekstop and Mac laptop and now on my iPad for quite a while to visit several forums on a regular basis and maybe I just don't want to learn something new. I do...
  23. Robert Spoecker

    step up ring - 49mm filter

    Step up rings should be no problem as long as you are going from a small lens to a larger filter. Vignetting only occurs when you go from a large lens to a small filter. Don't forget that the camera may not auto focus properly using a regular polarizer. You should always use circular...
  24. Robert Spoecker


    Ewww Bugs!!! This little flower was shot straight from above with my telephoto set at 200 mm. I never saw the bugs till I imported it into photoshop. I then measured the yellow center at 1/2 inch so you can see the bugs are very small. I have no idea what kind of flower it is and no...
  25. Robert Spoecker

    Minor G2 anomalities

    I have recently bought a Lumix G2 camera kit and am noticing a different behaviour than in all the other digital cameras I have owned over the years. When shooting indoors in incadescent light the white balance is way to warm. I have to either shoot with flash or correct the white balance in...
  26. Robert Spoecker

    Share Birds

    Hi Chuck, I took that in my front yard in the high Mojave desert in southern Californie not far from the Joshua Tree national monument here. Thanks :wink:
  27. Robert Spoecker

    Share Birds

    My first bird with my new Lumix g2 at 200 mm focal length (400 in 35 mm terms). What is it? I am not a bird type. :biggrin:
  28. Robert Spoecker

    I get nostalgic sometimes

    My brother and I were born in Germany and the whole family emigrated to America in 1953 by ocean liner across the Atlantic. We arrived in New york about one year after Ellis Island shut down. I turned 10 years of age somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic and we landed on the day peace was...
  29. Robert Spoecker

    What Noise Reduction do you use?

    NoiseNinja Sample Here is a sample of what NoiseNinja did with a previous image that I posted. It was done in the fully automatic batch mode. I do not know what else I could ask for in noise reduction.
  30. Robert Spoecker

    The Cockatoos are back

    cockatoos do not eat the bird food in the feeder but just eat the feeders? :rofl:
  31. Robert Spoecker

    Will this catch on?

    I bought my E-P1 because it is such a compact well built camera. I will be darned if I have any desire to hang "stuff" on it to ruin the look and feel of it.:tongue: Robert
  32. Robert Spoecker

    The iPad

    Last time I posted on this thread I promised that when my Camera Connection Kit arrived I would write a little about it. Good news friends, with the plug I just downloaded about twenty images from the camera memory card to the iPad and then downloaded the images from the iPad to my Mac as a...
  33. Robert Spoecker

    The iPad

    I am following this thread with much interest. Next Friday I expect both the Apple case and the connectivity kit (Two plugs). It will be good to form my own ideas what I can do with the plugs, but so far it seems very encouraging. I also follow whats going on the TOP (The Online...
  34. Robert Spoecker

    The iPad

    Actually I am listening to my music on my iPad as I play scrabble and it comes bundled with a dock plug to USB cable which I can use to connect to my Mac to sync and I can also review my pictures while listening to music. Robert
  35. Robert Spoecker

    The iPad

    Ok friends, are you ready for another of my installments on iPad issues? The iPad is not suitable for storing images to be retrieved later. To sync photos over from my Mac I put a few JPG images into a folder on the Mac and synced them over to the iPad easily. It put them into the "Photos"...
  36. Robert Spoecker

    The iPad

    Hi Kevin, I have camera raw files on my Mac and made a folder to which I added some JPG files and 1 ORF and 1 CR2 file. This folder I synced from the Mac and then all my JPG CR2 and ORF files where on the iPad and viewable. Maybe the Mac converted these to files that display right on the iPad...
  37. Robert Spoecker

    The iPad

    My own questions self answered Hello everyone, Much earlier, in this thread, I asked some questions about the iPad. I got my iPad yesterday :yahoo: and am now in a position to answer my own questions. Raw files can be displayed. I synced a CR2 (Canon 5D II) file and and an ORF file over...
  38. Robert Spoecker

    Drink of Choice

    Cool Clear Water :rofl:
  39. Robert Spoecker

    The iPad

    Thanks to all responding to my questions. Let me make clear why I want to upload raw files and not go through iTunes. The iTunes method goes over the slow Internet and who knows if I will have access to the Internet while shooting away from home? I want to upload raw files not to...
  40. Robert Spoecker

    The iPad

    I ordered my iPad today I just ordered my iPad and can hardly wait. I have a few questions that maybe someone would kindly respond to... I assume it wont display raw files like orf or cr2? Can I upload files it does not recognize such as raw files and store them in a folder just to be...
  41. Robert Spoecker

    PL1 owners listen up!!!

    Wow, thanks for this thread. I just updated my E-P1 and it worked flawlessly. Now I can get rid of the semi useless (to me) software that came with the camera, as the only reason I kept it was to do updates. I wonder why Olympus could not keep all updated versions on their update site. It...
  42. Robert Spoecker

    New Member Introduction Thread

    It' me Hi everyone, I am German born but have lived my life in America since I was 10 years old and have been a naturalized citizen since I was 15. I spent my professional career as a computer programmer but now am retired. I have been photographing 35 mm from mid to late teens and...
  43. Robert Spoecker

    Time change in USA: camera's time settings

    If I want to know when I took a picture a year from now and I get the right day it's close enough. Hey; I learned that the day I retired. :yahoo: Robert
  44. Robert Spoecker

    Who's that guy with Bob?

    For our friends down under Robert
  45. Robert Spoecker

    What does your user name mean?

    Not good at making up cute nicnames I am German born and the family emigrated to America when I was 10 years old. I became a naturalized American citizen along with my parents and brother when I was 15. The emigration officials suggested that the family change the name from Spöcker to...
  46. Robert Spoecker

    Lens Cover Tether

    I do not fish but I went to the sport fishing department of a department store to look for fish line swivels. I was going to use two of them along with a stout string to make a lens cover tether for my Olympus. I found something better which was described on the package as.. NYLON COATED...
  47. Robert Spoecker

    Fixer Upper

    Bill, Joshua tree is about 150 miles (250 kilometers) from Los Angeles. Los Angeles is big, but not so big they consider us a suburb. :biggrin: Robert
  48. Robert Spoecker

    Fixer Upper

    Hi BBW You know that a bomb never occurred to me and neither did fire. I now suspect that long ago it was gutted by a fire and never restored again. There are black/grey marks that might be soot marks but they look very old. Not at all fresh, and there is no smoke smell either. A bomb in...
  49. Robert Spoecker

    Fixer Upper

    A Fixer Upper Perfect for the handyman Roof opening ready to drop Sky Light in Just needs a little bit of cosmetic work Ready to move into (next summer when it isn't raining) Robert
  50. Robert Spoecker

    A simple rock

    I live in the desert in Southern California. This rock was part of the landscape in front of the house. Robert