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  1. neil Davidson

    E-M10 Overexposing + Live View Not WYSIWYG

    Your settings look neutral and you should be getting WYSIWYG. Try shooting in RAW and use "A" rather than iAuto. The images should look the same in the viewfinder/screen before and after you take them and also on your computer using Lightroom or Photoshop. If they don't look correct in this...
  2. neil Davidson

    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Image Thread

    Arg, I'll look into this matter that I was not aware of. I used LR6 to generate the hi res image. I'll certainly try again with the DNG converter and compare. I thought I'd been unable to view the ORI file in the past and did not know how to see it. Can LR see it? Thanks, Neil
  3. neil Davidson

    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Image Thread

    EM-5 II High Res image comparisons. Some viewers have wondered about the images from the Hi Res mode on the EM5 II so I've tried to prepare some examples that might be of some interest. Since I've never added images here I've no idea of what difficulties I might encounter also if the website...
  4. neil Davidson

    Em5ii Hi Res Mode?

    I've just posted some pics comparing the high res with standard res and with a 5D3 image.
  5. neil Davidson

    Seems that the EM5II has the same eyecup problem as the EM5I...

    I'm thinking one or two very tiny drops of superglue or superglue gel may do the trick. Easy to carry more with you if you find it after it falls off the camera again. Oly had long enough to fix it for the EM5II but guess they are focused on the upcoming EM-1? and new firmware for the EM5II...
  6. neil Davidson

    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Image Thread

    Yes, that second image is magical and mysterious. Looks like a setup but amazing that it is a grab shot.
  7. neil Davidson

    Adobe Cloud

    I think it will be interesting to see if suitable alternatives become available over the next few years. This is a serious business decision to make for any company with the expertise to develop such products. Adobe certainly has some feel for what market matters to them. Is there a large "...
  8. neil Davidson

    Adobe Cloud

    My understanding is that you will get PS and LR plus some storage and some other things for the $10 per month. The software works offline for 30 days then it checks back in again with adobe to see if you are still a paying member. If you've stopped paying then I believe it will be completely...
  9. neil Davidson

    Are "coded" batteries/chargers 100% compatible with OEM chargers/batteries? (for OM-D)

    My recent experience is that their charger works well. I wished I could say the same for the 2 batteries.!