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    Sometimes you get more than just a picture of a train...

    I tried that, actually. I thought about it, and then left them in. Two different stories, both fun. There was some pure joy of discovery in those kids. They all had cameras. The one in the white was trying some interesting stuff with his; for one shot, he put it on the racks in front of the...
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    Sometimes you get more than just a picture of a train...

    Steamtown. Just relaxin' and shootin'. Not my kids.
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    walkaround in chilly busan

    I like the way the exposures catch the hard edge of the temperature.
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    Observations: A return to photography, after a bout with being almost blind...

    I had to wait all day to get home to pull this shot off my computer; of course I got cheerleaders! So's you know, this is from far, far away, at max tele with tele converter on the Canon G9. Not awful, just OK. And the band.... these are some of my daughter's friends.
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    Observations: A return to photography, after a bout with being almost blind...

    They actually make a "bullseye" bifocal implant lens, but because of my astigmatism I couldn't use it. But man, I wanted them! My glasses had been no-line trifocals for about 10 years, I never had a problem with them.
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    Observations: A return to photography, after a bout with being almost blind...

    Over the summer, my cataracts caught up with me. My left eye was uncorrectable with glasses (correctable to 20/100), and my right eye was correctable to 20/60; I was functionally blind in the one eye, and marginally able to see out of the other. (Interestingly, you only need to be 20/60 in one...
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    A return to jpeg

    I'm a firm believer in the idea that all that matters is the final photograph. RAW or jpeg is immaterial; shoot the one that works for you, and show me the results. That being said, there was never a time that "things looked great right out of the camera". Every photograph ever taken has had...
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    Words/No Words: One Colour.

    I don't see any orange here...
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    X-Rite color discrimination test

    X-Rite: Get exactly the color you need, every time, anywhere in the world. I do have a callibrated and profiled monitor; I scored a 39, which is somewhat average (0 is perfect, 99 is poor). I have cataracts in both eyes, and need lens replacement surgery, so I knew I was wrong on some but...
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    Photographer’s life in graph

    Hehe, I seen 'at, too. I like "The HDR hole", which starts back up after "first tripod".
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    So what are the *disadvantages* of a macbook pro ?

    Well, as I type this from my 17" Macbook Pro w/glossy screen (lol), I wrote my caveat about the glossy screen after reading, "I'll be aiming for a second hand/clearance...." That tells me that blue won't have a lot of choices, since even though you can get a matte screen, the default is...
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    So what are the *disadvantages* of a macbook pro ?

    About the only real disadvantage for one from a photography aspect is that they almost all have glossy screens. Otherwise, they are nice units.
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    techniques forum

    How about down 'n dirty black and white conversion? Not just HOW to, but WHEN to; B&W has a reason, a reason other than nostalgia. It is more than just a photoshop effect. It is important to know how to "see" the shot in B&W before you take it, and then how to make it look like what you...
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    perspective distortion w/E-P1 and kit lenses

    Anyone else think there's quite a bit more than they would expect? Now, when I consider the size of the kit, and the way the light has to travel through it, I'm not surprised, but it wasn't something I considered before I bought the camera.
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    comment, please; what makes this photo feel the way it does?

    I work to create coherent images. My mind is relentlessly representational, as I like to say. This is very different from what I would normally shoot. But there is also art in dissonance. I really dislike this image, and at the same time I think it's beautiful. It truly jumped out at me...
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    comment, please; what makes this photo feel the way it does?

    Oh, no, no; I didn't want it to come out anxious, it just did! It came out completely different from what I wanted, even though it was exactly what I wanted. That is why I put it in this section. It is important to know why. I think that part of it is what Djarum and photoSmart42 alluded to...
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    comment, please; what makes this photo feel the way it does?

    That doesn't bother me, it's just a photograph. It is exactly the one I wanted; I'm not taking it the wrong way. The shot makes me feel anxious. I want to know why. It was taken on the train, in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, from one car into another as we left a small tunnel. I was...
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    comment, please; what makes this photo feel the way it does?

    28 views and 1 comment? There are no wrong answers! The shot is exactly what I wanted it to be, but as an image, it feels completely different from when and where I shot it. I would say what I think, but I don't want to steer anyone.
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    comment, please; what makes this photo feel the way it does?

    It came out the way I wanted it to. How does it make you feel, looking at it, and why?
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    Are we expecting miracles with the format?

    It's all about which set of compromises pleases you, the user, the most. I started on this journey with point and shoots, and was unhappy with the image quality compromise that I got by accepting the small size. I then went to the DSLRs, and I was unhappy with the size compromise I made with...
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    Got a mu4/3 thumbs up from a professional photographer!

    We been down here in Disney World all week, the trip being the reason I bought the E-P1 (well, that and the nice casino win that allowed me to pay for it). Anyhow, there are a lot of DSLRs, which is cool, and there are a lot of P&Ss and phone cameras, and video cameras, and that is cool, too...
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    The Real Street Thread

    Inside the Mexico pavilion at WDW Epcot World Showcase; E-P1 with the Panny 20mm, ISO 1600, 1/8@f/1.7.
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    Oly ooc jpegs. Stunning.

    Nice today tho, Caleb! Here's another. Right out of the camera, no processing at all. Resized, posted to photobucket and linked here.
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    Oly ooc jpegs. Stunning.

    Remember I was raving about the Oly's out of camera jpegs? I'm on vacation here in Walt Disney World. This shot is from a moving vehicle, in the Animal Kingdom on the Safari. E-P1, with the 14-42 zoomie @ 42, ISO 400, 1/1600 @ f/5.6. Set to "vivid". I swear to the gods of photography, I...
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    We are already at the "optimal" 4/3 sensor?

    "That thing will never get off the ground." Q: "What would happen to a man in an automobile going a mile a minute?" A: "That man would die." I remember when I was a senior in high school, oh so long ago. I was being recruited for colleges. It was 1971, and I was visiting Carnegie-Mellon (I was...
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    W/NW - Camera phone photography

    LisaO, I like those effects! They remind me of the '60s!
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    W/NW - Camera phone photography

    I posted this one in a different thread, but it's still my favorite phone pic.
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    Do not underestimate the E-PL1 kit lens. You have been warned.

    I agree; it is a fine lens, a great balance between quality and portability, just like the body it is attached to. Biggest strength, color fidelity; biggest weakness, perspective distortion (in the first picture, notice how the line on the right doesn't just lean in, but also bends slightly)...
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    I think that the general tenor of the mu43 format, and of this forum, is more about the joy of photography and less about being technically perfect, and as such you will see more images from more users of all levels of technical expertise. But the cameras are sharp. When I say that the tenor...
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    Boeing Stearman Vintage Aircraft at KDCA

    I love them all, but #3 stands out as an exceptional photograph. I mean really striking.
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    Any Android users?

    I don't know that phone. But on the Droid, you go into settings to turn on the GPS receiver. You might want to try that. Google Navigation on the Droid is better than any GPS I've ever owned.
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    Any Android users?

    Enjoy your new smartphone! Two months ago, I would have never thought that I needed a device like that for anything other than making phone calls. But once you have the world of information at your fingertips, the feeling is almost intoxicating. It's Hive Mind.
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    Any Android users?

    Get the phone that satisfies you, I don't mean to sell the other one. Whichever you get, make one of your first apps "Task Killer". Touch TK and it kills all running apps, including Google Voice. All these things have lousy battery life, including the iPhone. I bought a second battery...
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    Olympus 17mm Lens

    I have 'em both, like 'em both. I prefer the 17mm because it's lighter and smaller, and I like the wider fov. But I'm sure there will be a situation where the 20mm will be the better choice.
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    Any Android users?

    Some quick shots; I spoke the words, "micro four thirds forums."
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    Any Android users?

    I've opened the keyboard maybe half a dozen times in the two months I've had my Droid; and I never use the onscreen keyboard, either. There's a little microphone on the onscreen keyboard; touch it, say clearly what you want to type, and it converts it to text. The only time I open the keyboard...
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    Any Android users?

    I have a Droid; it is a pretty poor camera, to be honest. There are a couple worthwhile apps, though. DoFCalc is a depth of Field calculator; put in the focal length and fstop and it gives you the particulars. For example, an 85mm lens @ f/8 on a subject 22' away: Near limit = 18' Far limit =...
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    Show "Dog"

    OMG, it looks like half dog and half horse! And that tiny thread for a leash!
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    Apple's Retina display and the future of viewing photos online

    More people have seen any one of my photographs posted on the internet than have seen all the prints I have ever made in my life. For me, it is just as much about the communication as it is about the craft and preserving the memories. For me, it is enough for someone, anyone, to think; "Thanks...
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    Apple's Retina display and the future of viewing photos online

    I saw the article the other day, and then Amin's post today. I'm one of those who rarely prints his work; even though I take time to craft my photographs, I have a very peculiar set of motivations that does not include printing them. I don't burn to take photographs, but I enjoy taking good...
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    What a great group!

    I agree with rpress; there's a lot less posturing, a lot less brand devotion, and a lot more joy in the images.
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    First night shot

    First: I am not an art professional. All I do is look at stuff and ask if I like it, and then ask why. Now see, that is what I liked about the shot; the curve of the tree substituting for the edge of the garage and the line of the roof. For me, it brings together the animate and the inanimate...
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    Lightroom 3 available

    I ask that question in reverse; do I need CS4 if I have LR? I have both, and I use LR for about 99.9% of my photo processing. I import into LR, convert to DNG, browse for keepers, create a collection from picks, edit, then save in a new folder with a shoot name. Imports are saved in dng by shoot...
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    EP1 and optical viewfinder

    I bought one before seeing this, along with those excellent instructions (and I have one of those insta-cameras right over there. The viewfinder is really nice, but now I wish there was a way to turn off the live view when using it, and just have the info.
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    Shooting art - fine line between documenting, stealing, and value added...

    Djarum, the copying in this case was done intentionally. That makes a difference, IMO. And both photographers are professionals. In the case of the photograph of the artwork, Brian might be documenting an existing work, but he still created a new thing. Its value is proportional to its...