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    Panasonic 20mm 1.7 lens on Olympus bodies and focusing speed

    Had a mk1 20mm for a few years- on an EPL-2 and now on Em-10- focusing isn't the fastest but It's no problem
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    20mm 1.7 not available anywhere?

    For those in the UK I got one from here avfew weeks ago for £250. Its gone up a bit but still one of the cheapest. Panasonic 20mm f1.7 LUMIX G ASPH @ CameraWorld
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    Anyone else face this issue?

    Same for me with EPL2- would non polarised sunglasses be OK?
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    weird yellow and green band on PL2, EP2

    My EPL2 doesn't show that. Are you using the same lens on both cameras? Does it show using all lenses?
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    New and hopeful

    Had an epl2 for four weeks (mine came with two zoom kit lens). I also bought the Panasonic 20 mm which really does transform it into a take anywhere camera. The quality is also superb. In my opinion these cameras take a bit to get used to them but as tsated above start on on of the automatic...
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    Hello from Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Hello-been to your country 4/5 times. Skiing in Kranjska Gora and also in the summer also Lake Bled. Lovely country and v friendly people!
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    What's your E-PL2 settings

    Still gettong to grips with mine-looking forward to hints and tips here.
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    Checking in...

    Welcome- just got a new EPL 2 myself and starting to get to grips with it. Nice camera!
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    Advice on Central Park, NYC, as a photo location

    We are staying at the Hotel Chandler which seems to get good reports
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    Advice on Central Park, NYC, as a photo location

    I'm going for a week next month- this info is useful... Thanks
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    New Landscape Magazine

    Just seen this which is an interesting online magazine Landscape Photography Magazine - latest issueLandscape Photography Magazine | A unique project dedicated to landscape photography
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    Hi new EPL 2 UK user here

    Thanks for the welcome. Just uploaded my first four (been playing with the art filters). One of the reasons I decided to get back in to photography and buy a decent camera is that we have a number of holidays planned this year but we go to NY for a week in April (which I notice is where you are...
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    Hi new EPL 2 UK user here

    Had an epl2 now for just over a week- having moved from a compact its going to take a while to get used to all the various settings but I've got the basics now. (many years ago I owned a CanonAE1 and printed and developed my own b & w)