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  1. Brianetta

    Jessops in administration

    They're gone. All of them. )-:
  2. Brianetta

    It's now called DSLM

    I'm going to use DSLM to describe every non-reflex camera I see. (-:
  3. Brianetta

    It's now called DSLM

    A system camera is defined by its interchangeable bits, particularly lenses. Describing our cameras as compact system cameras really hits the nail on the head for me.
  4. Brianetta

    It's now called DSLM

    According to the BBC,
  5. Brianetta

    It's now called DSLM

    I propose DSLH, because these things definitely don't appear to have any sort of equine components.
  6. Brianetta

    What is your shutter count?

    An average of one photograph every ten minutes, around the clock. I'm astounded! (-:
  7. Brianetta

    If you could pick 1 lens for the OMD?

    If that were the single criterion, I'd be buying some other camera. My first new non-kit lens (I have an E-P1) was bought on the basis that I wouldn't be able to afford another for quite some time, rather than being the only one I'd ever have. That said, it's still my favourite - the Panasonic 20mm.
  8. Brianetta

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    What film did you use? (-:
  9. Brianetta

    What is your shutter count?

    In under two years my E-P1 has passed 13,500 on the shutter counter.
  10. Brianetta

    EM5 - two little things

    The same is true (in both cases) of the E-P1. (-:
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    Show your aircraft photos!

    "Miss Demeanour," a privately owned Hawker Hunter. <a href="">[img]" height="481" width="640" /></a>
  12. Brianetta

    Found a really good monopod and head combo

    A 30mm washer with an M6 hole seems to be the one! <a href="">[img]" height="300" width="400" /></a>
  13. Brianetta

    Epl1 battery problem

    If you do freeze your camera, be very careful about the conditions in which you open the bag. If you remove it from its freezer bag whilst still cold, any humidity in the air will condense, on both the outside and the inside of your camera.
  14. Brianetta

    Found a really good monopod and head combo

    Well, this little thing has arrived. 38g on the scales, and much smaller than the pictures on the web site suggested. Here it is on Helen's Manfrotto (as pictured above). It has full freedom, including the portrait notch and a panning base: <a...
  15. Brianetta

    C-mount lens thread!

    So that's what the lens cap of my Pentax-M SMC 50mm f/1.7 would have looked like! (-:
  16. Brianetta

    Is the 14-42mm lens enough for travel?

    Without my camera, I'm just looking at all the missed photographs. I don't find photography to be an extra distraction, in that I'm doing it anyway. The camera just lets me record some of the images I see. With just one lens, I'm discarding all the shots that couldn't be pulled off. With many...
  17. Brianetta

    Is the 14-42mm lens enough for travel?

    I can only speak personally, but I'm quite capable of switching lenses whilst walking, chatting, etc. It's just a matter of how comfortable you are with interchangeable lenses generally.
  18. Brianetta


    That golden mean grid doesn't change with selected aspect ratio, which kind of spoils it. The only compositional aid I use is the crosshairs with levels screen, which identifies the centre of the image for focus and spot metering.
  19. Brianetta

    Is the 14-42mm lens enough for travel?

    Not sure I'd agree with that. (-:
  20. Brianetta

    Memory card compatibility

    My E-P1 is fine with a 32GB card, which is the largest capacity SDHC. Since the E-PL2 supports SDXC as well, and SDXC doesn't even come smaller than 32GB, I'd suspect that it's almost a dead cert that it'll be absolutely fine with the 32GB card you have.
  21. Brianetta

    C-mount lens thread!

    You're going to need that LED, for sure. Manual focusing in near dark environments isn't fun with the 20mm Panny. That said, the results can be amazing.
  22. Brianetta

    Newcastle UK

    They were all taken in Gateshead, not Newcastle! You'll upset the natives. (-:
  23. Brianetta

    Photos seem to be lacking "umph"...

    White balance, sharpness, contrast and gradation settings won't affect raw files in the slightest. They're settings the camera uses to produce a JPEG from a raw file. In almost every case, I let my camera cook the JPEG for me. Luckily, the Olympus' raw edit feature lets you try different...
  24. Brianetta

    Rescue Pro Deluxe

    I received something very similar to this with my new Sandisk SDHC card: © 2012 LC Technology International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I do not use Windows or a Mac, and my OS comes with software that already does the same job. So, if anybody here has lost some precious images and would find...
  25. Brianetta

    Found a really good monopod and head combo

    My ball head is available un-branded from Hague. There is a quick release variant, too, from both retailers. It isn't a lot more cash, but it is twice as heavy.
  26. Brianetta

    Found a really good monopod and head combo

    I've been wanting to get a decent monopod for some time. I have a couple of floor-standing tripods (as opposed to tiny little desktop ones); one very old and very heavy, with no quick release, and one very light and inexpensive, and fairly wobbly. In the spirit of µ4/3, I wanted to get a very...
  27. Brianetta

    Google Plus Hangout with Giulio & Olympus

    Miami time or UTC?
  28. Brianetta

    Showcase Panasonic 45-200mm f/4-5.6

    All my shots with this lens (such as the zoo ones on the previous page, for example) were taken with an Olympus E-P1.
  29. Brianetta

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    I don't believe that there are any rules at all about cropping, and I certainly wouldn't want you to remove that image, because it's brilliant. I was simply curious! (-:
  30. Brianetta

    C-Mount Question

    I have a 4mm CS lens (and a CS network camera). I tried it on my C adapter on my E-P1, but the only things I could get in focus were actually in contact with the front element. Extreme! The macro rings are, I found to my delight, simply C to CS adapters. Using one, I put my C mount 25mm lens on...
  31. Brianetta

    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    I have this lens (mine's the M version; there's also an A). I love it to bits, despite it being heavier than all my native lenses bar the 45-200. I have found that the easiest way to focus with this lens is to open it up to f/1.7 first. This makes the depth of field so ridiculously shallow...
  32. Brianetta

    best body for adopted lens

    Yet I just cannot grow to love one. On every camera that has offered me a choice (I've owned two, and used others) I have never found myself using the viewfinder. I find the screen far too liberating to explore the EVF's advantages.
  33. Brianetta

    best body for adopted lens

    Helen's GF3 has picture-in-picture zoomed focus assist, which lets her seek focus and frame at the same time. That's pretty neat.
  34. Brianetta

    Observations on brand penetration

    ...and suddenly you can't buy a C-mount lens on eBay without a bundled adapter.
  35. Brianetta

    The Best Deal in Micro Four Thirds, Period

    I can only speak for my E-P1: it corrects for distortion with Panasonic lenses, but not chromatic aberration.
  36. Brianetta

    Rubber zoom ring is coming off :(

    Cool. Another use for my camping stove's fuel. (-:
  37. Brianetta

    what lens to get?

    Mileage there varies with the user. My E-P1 will never have an EVF, but in bright sunshine with manual focus I rarely have trouble. Something about the Moiré effects on the screen let me get a good feel for what's in focus, especially when wide open. I focus wide, then stop down (and all my...
  38. Brianetta

    Rubber zoom ring is coming off :(

    Any particular type of gasolene? Will pure hexane do the trick, or do you need something heavier?
  39. Brianetta

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    Is that a crop? I'd expect you to have got a wider shot from up on that crag there with a 20mm.
  40. Brianetta

    Choosing an SD card

    Photographing my monitor with showing, it takes my E-P1 about five seconds to save a raw+JPG onto my class 6 card, and about three seconds to save the same thing onto my SanDisk Extreme. After a burst, this is a very noticeable difference. Of course, that's not even taking...
  41. Brianetta

    Newbie; flash problem OM-D EM-5

    Every time I see a reaction like this, I'm relieved that somebody's camera has been saved from damage. It's not something that seems to be as widely known as it should be.
  42. Brianetta

    Newbie; flash problem OM-D EM-5

    Get a voltmeter and measure the voltage across the flash's terminals when it's switched on (and not connected to your camera). Olympus' cameras can handle about 6V according to the manual, but some older flashes can be giving more than 200V. This isn't an issue with an older camera, where the...
  43. Brianetta

    14-42 Kit lense over 14mm Prime

    The 14mm prime is sharper at the edges of the frame than the 14-42 zoom, and it achieves focus much more quickly. It's also vanishingly small.
  44. Brianetta

    Choosing an SD card

    I was using 4GB class 6 cards on my E-P1. The manual said that class 6 was required to keep up with video at full resolution, and I couldn't afford better back when my camera was new. I recently found a really good deal on a 32GB 45MB/s class 10 by Sandisk (class 10 is 30MB/s or faster). The...
  45. Brianetta

    Tornado Aftermath

    One trick is to get close to the ground, and let that provide some foreground interest.
  46. Brianetta

    Single sign-on would be a clever trick to pull off here. (:
  47. Brianetta

    Why keep the E-P1?

    My E-P1 is still my only real camera (I do have a 1 megapixel Kodak in the house). Although Helen has a GF3, I really do prefer using my E-P1. Hopefully, by the time it dies, the E-M5 will be affordable. Should last me a while yet... only thirteen and a half thousand on the shutter counter.
  48. Brianetta

    Showcase Unbranded CCTV 25mm f/1.4 (ebay)

    Re-linking some older photos: <a href="">[img]" height="400" width="600" /></a><a...
  49. Brianetta

    I shall try to get my wife on here...

    Well, Helen did manage to save enough. Here she is, looking utterly chuffed with her new glass. I was using my 20mm, so we're both all pancaked up now.
  50. Brianetta

    What's your photography education?

    I'm not a professional, but I've hired them on a couple of occasions. Speaking, therefore, strictly as a customer, I'd have to say that any qualifications mean nothing at all compared to examples of the photographer's work. I didn't even consider their qualifications.