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  1. e.besana

    [EXPIRED] Olympus E-P2 + extras (Cash, Local pickup)

    $525 CASH ONLY, LOCAL PICKUP (Westchester County, NY, USA) Olympus E-P2 camera w/M. Zuiko 14-42mm lens (not the MKII version), VF-2 veiwfinder, battery, battery charger, strap, software, manual, box. The camera is in 100% working order and is in good cosmetic condition. Also included in the...
  2. e.besana

    Win a Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 ASPH lens from #mu43

    I have a serious gear addiction. Please feed me! :smile:
  3. e.besana

    Think Tank Photo Retrospective 5 Giveaway at #mu43

    been looking for the perfect "not" camera bag for a while. this might be it. :thumbup: good luck to everyone especially me!
  4. e.besana

    Problem with EVF and LCD on E-P2

    Hi Everyone, When using my M Zuiko 14-42mm on my E-P2 I notice that the brightness (during composition) on the LCD and EVF is way too bright even though the meter says that it is correctly exposed. I have to underexpose 1.5 stops to get the EVF and LCD to look right. Then when reviewing the...
  5. e.besana

    A 15-shot night panorama of Glendale-Los Angeles-Hollywood from top of Griffith Park

    Sweet shot. However, I think you forgot to include the energizer bunny at the far right of the photo.
  6. e.besana

    dear friends in the USA, where do I go?

    Visit the Hudson River Valley Hi Kosta, I am from the NYC area. I was born in Manhattan and grew up in the suburbs about a 40 minute train ride to the center of Manhattan. Much of NYC was built on industry dependant on the Hudson River. Many industry big wigs built estates along the...
  7. e.besana

    Win an Olympus PEN E-PL2 from #mu43

    Good Luck Everyone...especially me! I want that EPL2:2thumbs:
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    Show "Cars"

    Toyota Venza
  9. e.besana

    post your ONE best photo of 2010

    great shot! love the composition and its ultra sharp. exif info?
  10. e.besana

    Share: "What's for dinner?"

    Carbonara, made with a 20mm Pan!
  11. e.besana

    post your ONE best photo of 2010

    Wonderful images everyone. Thanks for sharing. I shot this one a couple of days after I got my EP2. I'm not sure how to go about choosing my "best" photo but I know I always stop on this one and linger. taken with the oly 17mm f2.8 @ f18
  12. e.besana

    Showcase Zeiss 50mm f/1.8 Pancolar Electric

    Christmas time 2010 (taken @ f2.8)
  13. e.besana

    Show "X-Mas Time"

    Thanks Stephen. I took this shot with a Zeiss Jena 50mm f1.8 Pancolar electric
  14. e.besana

    Show "X-Mas Time"

    :wink: Christmas Self Portrait
  15. e.besana

    Trekking for 2+ Weeks with an EP-2

    Hi dwrz, I use the E-P2 as well and have a few replacement batteries from Maximal Power. These batteries are working well for me and seem to last longer than the original. I've read some reviews on them about not fitting well but never had that problem myself. The link is below...
  16. e.besana

    Showcase Zeiss 50mm f/1.8 Pancolar Electric

    These are my first shots with this lens. Both are at f1.8. No pp done. RAW to JPEG using LR3. Focus on ridges of vitamin dropper Focus on latch of candy jar I can't wait to put this lens through its paces.
  17. e.besana

    Mamiya Sekor E 50mm f1.7

    Hi all, Does anyone know if this lens performs well on a m4/3? I am thinking about buying this lens and but I'm not even sure there is an adapter out there for it. This lens is from a 1980 Mamiya ZE 35mm film camera. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks -eb
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    [EXPIRED] On Hold: Oly's legendary OM 50mm 2.0 macro

    PM sent about Rokkor + adapter
  19. e.besana

    Autumn in the northern hemisphere - let's share our pics !

    Love this. It has that toy/miniature, tilt shifty feel. How was this done?..If you don't mind me asking?
  20. e.besana

    The Pinwide - 11mm Pinhole Photography for Micro 4/3

    I will probably preorder tonight but I'm concerned about sensor exposure to the elements. Anyone else think about this?
  21. e.besana

    It Only Takes A Minute, Girl

    hey goldenlight, all great images. #2 does it for me though. Multiple exposures?
  22. e.besana

    Lightroom - cant see thumbnails on card.

    Hey Streetshooter, Yeah I tried that thinking there might be problem with the card. I see the thumbnails just fine when I plug the card into a card reader or put the files on the desktop. Do you recommend not importing directly from the camera? Thanks -EB
  23. e.besana

    Lightroom - cant see thumbnails on card.

    Hi all, Not a m43 question but I'm confident that someone here will have the answer! I'm having trouble with Lightroom/Camera. When I plug my Canon T1i into my computer and open Lightroom to import images, I can't see the thumbnails of the images on the card. All I see are the...
  24. e.besana

    Is this true? No NR on EP2 during burst mode

    Hi Alan, I noticed this when I got mine as well. It probably turns it off in burst mode in order to write to the card faster. Reason being per the manual "While noise reduction is activated, it takes about twice the usual time to take a picture" - pg. 104 of the manual
  25. e.besana

    Night shots

    those are great photos. I havent delved into the night photography yet but I will probably refer back to this thread when I do so. Thanks for sharing!
  26. e.besana

    E-P2 support wireless mode FL-36R

    thanks for the info. so let me ask this...what would be the best thing to do if I want to use the EVF and a flash?
  27. e.besana

    E-P2 support wireless mode FL-36R

    Does anyone know if the E-P2 supports the wireless trigger mode of the FL-36R? Thanks -EB
  28. e.besana

    Autumn in the northern hemisphere - let's share our pics !

    Croton Dam .. Croton-on-Hudson, NY
  29. e.besana

    Crazing affect Images?

    Hi all, A friend of mine recently gave me an SMC Pentax 50mm f2. Upon inspection of the lens I noticed significant crazing of the lens coating on both rear and front elements. I'm hesitant to purchase the adapter for this lens not knowing if it will even produce usable images. Does...
  30. e.besana

    Share: GREEN

    Foggy Summer Morning Late to work because I wanted to take this shot! Also the first time messing around with the RGB curves. I think I used Lightzone for this.
  31. e.besana

    My E-P2 is throwing a hissy fit!

    I would first suggest verifying the USB port on your MacBook is functional. Maybe try plugging a thumb drive or some other USB device into it. If the port works, try connecting your camera to another computer to see if the issue is in fact with the camera/cable. If the other machine can...
  32. e.besana


    @ x2h: I have a vivitar 28mm f2. I picked it up on ebay for $25. It is prone to flare so for outdoors a hood is a must. It is also not very sharp at f2 but definitely usable. f4 and up yield some very nice images. IMO nice bokeh. good for the price. -eb there's a front view image of it in...
  33. e.besana

    Adapter for SMC Pentax-M 50mm f2?

    Does anyone know what adapter I need to mount an SMC Pentax-M 50mm f2 on my EP2? Thanks -eb
  34. e.besana

    HDR Software for Landscape Photography?

    Thanks everyone, I think he's sold on Photomatix Pro. I knew I could count on mu-4/3!
  35. e.besana

    Olympus mZD 14-150mm f4-5.6 Experience Diary

    hmm...Pay school tax in full, or, get this lens and pay the second half of taxes in January?
  36. e.besana

    Hipsters, Hustlers, and Handball Players: Leon Levinstein's New York Photographs

    To those who might be in the NYC area, There is a great street photograpy exhibit at The Met until Oct. 17th. It's definitely worth checking out. Current Press Releases | Press Room | About the Met | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  37. e.besana

    [EXPIRED] WTB: MZD 14-150mm

    hmmm...more often than not
  38. e.besana

    Some 7-14 seascapes.

    amazing...I am officially suffering from glass envy!
  39. e.besana

    [EXPIRED] WTB: MZD 14-150mm

    Hi all, I'm jumping on the wagon and looking to acquire a super-zoom. More specifically the MZD 14-150mm for use with my E-P2. As of today the lowest US retail price is $483 (which includes tax+shipping). If you can beat that by $70 or more I'd be interested. :smile...
  40. e.besana

    HDR Software for Landscape Photography?

    Hi All, I always brag about how helpful this group is to my fellow photography enthusiasts. A friend of mine has decided to put my words to the test. He shoots with a Canon T1i so he is not part of our little clique here but I've told him that for the most part everyone here has shot with...
  41. e.besana

    Dawn Ride

    I love how the rider is riding into the dark which is me at least. sweet shot
  42. e.besana

    Have any bird pictures?

    seagull over hudson river
  43. e.besana

    Why I went to bed 1 hour later than expected.

    So I was brushing my teeth and I noticed the faucet dripping. My wife had inadvertantly left the faucet just enough to form a drop every 3 seconds or so. I decided to try to capture it. Not as easy as I thought! I ended up bringing 2 150W halogen torchiere lamps into the bathroom on top of...
  44. e.besana

    What pouch or case are you using for your E-P1 or E-P2?

    I'm thinking about getting a Domke camera wrap available on amazon but I'm not sure what size I should get. They have a 15x15 and an 11x11. I need it to wrap around my E-P2, EVF and kit 14-42, or Pan. 20mm. Any size recommendations would be great. Thanks. -eb
  45. e.besana

    Bags and more bags

    I'm thinking about getting a Domke camera wrap available on amazon but I'm not sure what size I should get. They have a 15x15 and an 11x11. I need it to wrap around my E-P2, EVF and kit 14-42, or Pan. 20mm. Any input on recommended size would be great! thanks
  46. e.besana

    Lightzone question

    Thanks Bill and Brian. That answers my question about the color. Any ideas about the "perspective" change. The best I can describe it is a flattening out of the image. Is it doing some sort of lens correction maybe? When I get home I'll post an image developed using the Olympus software...
  47. e.besana

    Lightzone question

    Hi all, I'm new to Lightzone and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. I noticed that when I select a RAW file and then click the "Edit" button the image changes slightly before I've even done any processing. It is hard to describe but the perspective seems to change slightly and the...
  48. e.besana

    Fast prime around 28-40mm

    The vivitar is not sharp at f2. It is also prone to flare w/o a hood. It produces some great bokeh though. I have some pics of my daughter posted in the adapted lens image thread taken with this lens at f2. hope this helps.
  49. e.besana

    Adapted Lens Image Thread

    Thanks next!:smile: