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    What are you listening to?

    I had the large Advents and it worked superbly with them. Same kind of load as the ARs.
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    What are you listening to?

    I used to own the same amplifier many years ago. Haven't seen one of them in decades. It was a very nice amp.
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    M43 Monochrom?

    When the Leica Monochrom was originally released I was really interested by the concept of a monochrome camera but the more I looked at the idea the less I came to like it. In the end I decided I didn't want one because I came to realise that the Bayer filter delivered 2 big advantages that I...
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    Yumi La Rosa Flamenco Dancer

    You typed "flimingo" in the thread title, the title on the video said "flamingo" which is a bird, and the music and dance style is actually "flamenco". Sorry to be picky but the way "flamenco" keeps getting misspelled is one of my pet peeves since I once tried to learn flamenco guitar but never...
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    Balancing DR against correct exposure

    I'm going to assume that when you said you never had this problem with film, you were referring to shooting negative film for prints, not slide film. With negative film the highlights went dark on the film and it was the shadows that went clear. If the shadows went so clear that you simply got...
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    Sharpening setting recommendations for wildlife/birds?

    In Lightroom the "Sharpen-Scenic" preset is a good starting point for things like birds. The radius and detail settings in the preset are fine for things like feathers if you have fine detail showing. You need to adjust the masking setting since it's set at zero and you can increase the amount a...
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    Too much red in Lightroom's Olympus Camera Presets?

    ^ I was aware that you were referring to those specific profiles. You can't avoid the fact that there are 4 of them and if they're all going to be accurate then they are all going to be identical. They aren't identical therefore they all can't be accurate. They all tweak the colour response in...
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    Too much red in Lightroom's Olympus Camera Presets?

    1 question and some comments: Question: is your monitor calibrated? If not you have no way of knowing whether it's the red in the profiles that's off or if your monitor isn't showing reds accurately. I've got a calibrated screen and most of the time I have no problem with red but I almost only...
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    Tips On Reprocessing Older Images

    Your processing style may not have changed much but what I find when I go back over older images and reprocess them is that my processing technique has often changed, that I've learnt new and often simpler ways of getting to a similar result with less work and fewer adjustments. The picture...
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    Value of highlight and shadow in M mode?

    OK, that makes things a lot clearer and the answer is actually pretty simple. The red and blue tell you what's clipping but even though you have the exposure set manually so the exposure is effectively locked, the meter is still working. Every time you recompose the shot, you change what's...
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    Value of highlight and shadow in M mode?

    What do you mean by "using highlight and shadow in M mode"? Do you mean using the highlight and shadow clipping indication in your display to help you set the correct exposure? I think 2 things are going on. First, the colour changes you mention are likely to be caused by the fact that the...
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    A philosophical question about learning photo basics using whiz-bang gear...

    Interesting question, should you learn with the "latest and greatest"? The obvious answer is that that is exactly what the first photographers did and they had no choice. The earliest, least technically accomplished gear ever used for photography was once the "latest and greatest" and people...
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    Camera insurance in Australia

    I'm like Phil, I've got my camera gear listed on my home contents insurance for cover outside of the house.
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    Is it just me or.....

    The "normal" focal length for a format traditionally was based on the diagonal of the negative/sensor and is basically intended to approximate something like normal field of view for the eye but our eyes adapt to what we're looking at and how we want to look at it so if we're looking at...
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    Street Art: Please Post your Pictures

    The first version includes too much for me, and I tend to like including things that others crop. Your second version is very close to what I prefer but loses a little too much at the bottom for me. The last version still loses too much at the bottom but it also loses a lot of the window and the...
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    Showcase Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 PRO

    I think it's your sharpening settings. For a start you have masking set to 0 which means you're sharpening every pixel of the image. There's nothing to sharpen in the sky and that's where you're seeing problems so I'd avoid sharpening the sky and you can do that by adjusting the masking...
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    Showcase Olympus 25mm f/1.2 PRO

    E-M1, ISO 200, f/1.6 @ 0.8 sec Late dusk, a few minutes before last light. I exposed for the clouds. I usually try to avoid shallow depth of field and camera shake and this has both. It was a totally still evening, the branches weren't moving, and it looks like it was quite windy. I like it.
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    C&C Sunset Photo - I don't shoot many

    Phil, I've often grabbed my camera early in the morning when I've looked outside and seen some strange colour cast and tried to capture it. I've taken a lot of photos of things that aren't worth photographing just to try to capture the light, and even processing the shot straight away I've had...
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    C&C Sunset Photo - I don't shoot many

    Rather than saying that getting the colours right is hard for this sort of scene, I'm going to say getting the light right is hard for this sort of scene. Part of getting the light right is the colours and part of it is more in the realm of mood. Suggestions more than anything else: - instead...
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    Some color issues with omd em 1

    The only problems with colour I've noticed with my E-M1 relate to the Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 lens which I found delivered a slight green colour cast compared to Olympus lenses and to white balance. I leave the camera's white balance setting on Auto but sometimes find it a little off. Using...
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    O-MD E-M1 ii RAW Processing and Noise

    I've got an E-M1 MkI, not a MkII, and I use Lightroom but don't worry, this isn't a "swap to Lightroom" post. I've found 2 things over the years. First, different applications do their noise reduction slightly differently from each other and you have to learn how to use the noise reduction...
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    Kodachrome Basin State Park

    A couple of those photos look like they were taken in Monochrome Basin State Park. :-)
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    em1.2 High Res Mode

    TIFF is a file format and it is encoded differently to a RAW file format. Because of the differences in the way TIFF files are encoded, they are bigger than RAW files but the resolution should be the same so they use more mb than RAW files. Are you confusing mb with mp? The RAW high res file...
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    What's the best, single, photo tip you've ever received.

    I forget who it was that said if your pictures weren't good you weren't close enough but I now wonder what that person was talking about. There was a time when I was intrigued by Henri Cartier-Bresson's concept of "the decisive moment" and like everyone I had seen comment on that idea, I...
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    Show us a remarkable licenseplate

    No, they didn't cut me off. They were stopped at traffic lights in the lane beside me and a bit in front of me. The photo was taken through the side window. They were driving ahead of me in my lane until a hundred meters or so before the lights when they moved into the lane for the right hand...
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    Show us a remarkable licenseplate

    Taken with my iPhone:
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    Show: Random picture thread

    I live in suburban Brisbane in Australia and there's a walkway just like that one in my local suburban park which goes over an area with grasses just like those in your photo, and I'll never feel safe crossing it again after seeing this photo :-)
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    Post Processing Challenge #308 - Tokyo train station

    This is not an entry but I did want to participate to the extent of posting my efforts. Like savvy I really enjoyed this photo. All processing was done in Lightroom. I didn't want to crop but I tried doing a perspective transform to correct the verticals as much as possible but didn't like the...
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    LR update out today

    LR uses the lens profiles embedded in the EXIF data for m43 lenses so our native lenses never appear in the list of lens profile additions because there's no need to add them, the profile is always present in the image file.
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    Breaking the Rules .....

    Rules aren't laws, they're guidelines and guidelines aren't absolutes. You broke nothing. Diffraction doesn't suddenly start making images unacceptably sharp, they just gradually become less sharp as you keep stopping down and f/13 isn't going to be a problem for a lot of photos. It doesn't...
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    Apple Photos vs Adobe Lightroom, the eternal dilemma.

    The last Adobe said, ages ago, was that they would continue to support the stand alone version of LR. They did not mention a period but you could just as well ask how long they are going to continue with the CC version, or how long DxO are going to continue with DxO Optics or how long any other...
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    Please SHARE your Lightroom Tips and Tricks

    A few things I do: - I find Auto WB on the E-M1/E-M5 (both Mk I) is pretty good but often just Shift click on the Tint label for an auto adjustment to the tint without affecting the temperature works well. The camera seems to get the temperature right but can be a little off on the tint...
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    My RAW can't beat Oly's jpeg

    If there were anything in that argument, then 35mm film would never have replaced medium and large format film cameras as the dominant professional format back in the days before digital. When the first 35mm camera came on the market, it couldn't compete with medium and large format for image...
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    Does gear make you better.......?

    Years and years ago I used to play classical guitar. I had a guitar made by a local classical guitar and lute maker and I often watched him working in his workshop, including watching him build my guitar. He used a bandsaw for cutting the rough shape for a guitar neck but then "rounded" the back...
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    (Landscape) Photography Books/Tutorials specifically for m43

    I've got a couple of books on landscape photography but in general I'm unimpressed by them. They tend to rehash the basics of exposure, depth of field, and some basic processing and toss in some good looking pictures to illustrate a point but they never really seem to impress me as much as some...
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    SHOW: Before and After Shots

    Well, we've got a slider called "Contrast", Highlights and Shadows sliders which adjust contrast, Whites and Blacks sliders which adjust contrast, and Curves which adjust contrast. If we aren't being spoiled, we're being confused :-( The reasoning behind using the Contrast slider first in the...
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    LR CC develop settings applied at import OMD EM5 MKII

    You'll probably work it out but it may take time. I accidentally created an import or develop preset once a couple of years ago and it took me probably over a month before I managed to find what I had done. There's a lot of things buried in funny places in LR and if you're not an expert—and I'm...
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    SHOW: Before and After Shots

    Julia, If you're using LR CC you have a Dehaze slider in the Effects pane which can help at times. I often find it's a bit "heavy handed" and that I often have to go very easy on it, but it can help at times with haze and mist. It seems to do something like Clarity does, plus something in the...
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    LR CC develop settings applied at import OMD EM5 MKII

    There's a black bar which runs across the whole width of the window right at the bottom of the window and it's in the centre of that. It runs across the window and the Import and Cancel buttons at bottom right are part of that bar so the Import Preset drop down is to the left of the buttons just...
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    The Real Street Thread II

    A shot from the future? Is that an aged Pauline Hanson sitting at the extreme left of the image? Nice series of shots but this one made me stop and look a little harder because of the resemblance.
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    LR CC develop settings applied at import OMD EM5 MKII

    The next time you are importing photos from the E-M5 MkII, before you press the Import button, look at the bottom of the Library window, right down at the bottom in the area just above the absolute bottom of the window. In the middle of the bottom of the window there's an area labelled "Import...
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    Does gear make you better.......?

    I don't think gear makes you a better photographer. I also don't think taking 10,000 photographs makes you a better photographer either, as another view has it. I do think you will be a better photographer if you take 10,000 photographs and spend a bit of time thinking about what you're doing...
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    5 photo "pet peeves"

    Sure, the issue has been addressed but there are no "standards" for judging art, or even for judging art criticism which can be an art in itself. In the end we tend to defer to "the judgement of posterity". Is Bach's music good, or great? Pretty much everyone agrees that they are and a lot has...
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    E-M5 and E-M1 are showing different WB numbers in LR (and not even the WB I set)

    First, White Balance relies on 2 settings, Colour Temperature and Tint. You can't have one without the other and tint isn't always 0. The two settings define the colour in relation to 2 different colour axes. That's the easy bit. I don't know why the WB is coming out different for the 2...
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    Can we judge a lens by its edited pictures?

    The RAW data is unedited but the RAW file contains the RAW data plus other information is included as metadata. The lens profile which includes correction instructions is contained in the metadata. RAW processing software has 3 options and there are programs which choose different options: 1-...
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    My RAW can't beat Oly's jpeg

    My point stands that it's a choice you make based on how you want to work. RAW isn't a beginner's technique and shooting JPEG's isn't an advanced technique. They're both just techniques. You can approach either as a beginner and get beginner's results or you can approach either as an expert and...
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    My RAW can't beat Oly's jpeg

    Ken Rockwell got it wrong again. Surprise! If you want a comparison between RAW and JPEG, how about this. Ansel Adams' black and white photos shot on film and his colour work on Polaroid (he also did colour with colour film but that's not the comparison I want to make). Adams' black and white...
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    My RAW can't beat Oly's jpeg

    And thank god for that. I remember those days and that's all I'll say :-)
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    My RAW can't beat Oly's jpeg

    Olympus' JPEGs are processed from the RAW data using settings you can adjust in the camera's menus including your choice of picture mode. If, for example, you like the look of the Vivid mode, choosing that mode will generate JPEGs with that look automatically. If you shoot RAW and you want that...
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    Can we judge a lens by its edited pictures?

    OK, I'll bite. Warning: I'm going to be using the words "processing" and "editing" pretty interchangeably in what follows. If I use one word and you want to think of that aspect in terms of the other word, then it probably isn't going to make any difference whatsoever to my view. What the...
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