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  1. sparkin

    EM-1 wouldn't turn off ..

    Thanks for the heads up everyone. Good to know that it is mostly benign.
  2. sparkin

    EM-1 wouldn't turn off ..

    Had a weird occurrence with an EM-1 today - the on/off lever would not turn the camera off. It returned to normal after popping the battery out and re-inserting it. Has anyone else experienced this ?
  3. sparkin

    Oly 60mm macro or extension tubes?

    I have some OM-mount tubes and a set of OM bellows, which I use occasionally with an OM-m43 adapter. This works well with old legacy lenses, and you're not limited to OM-mount lenses either (I just happen to have a bunch of them). I also have access to the m43 60mm macro, which is a wonderful...
  4. sparkin

    Waterproof P/S Recommendations?

    I have the TG-830 since about 18 months ago - it is quite happy in the sea for ordinary snorkeling etc. I expect the newer models are just as good or better, but they cost more. PQ is not like the EM-1 of course, but that is to be expected.
  5. sparkin

    My M43 vs my Sony FF (an observation)

    Looks like a polarizer on the sony but not on the olympus to me.
  6. sparkin

    Who's getting the 40-150/2.8 and why ?

    I expect I shall get this at some point. Several years ago when I used Canon equipment I had their 70-200 f2.8L lens. It was light years ahead of any consumer-grade lens I had used before. The Oly 12-40 f2.8 is similarly superior to the cheap stuff, so I expect great things from the 40-150 f2.8.
  7. sparkin

    9 Most Expensive Photographs In the World

    Ain't that the truth!
  8. sparkin

    3 axis -5 axis stabilisation question

    Yes that sounds about right, and agrees with my experience.
  9. sparkin

    3 axis -5 axis stabilisation question

    The IBIS on the EM-1 is better than the OIS in the Canon 17-85 efs and 70-200 f2.8L lenses. IBIS has come a long way - the version in the EP2 is nowhere near as good.
  10. sparkin

    Are watermarks pretentious?

    Sometimes a crappy photo is what someone needs. Years ago I had a disk with scans of some ektachrome slides of pictures of lab. equipment stolen. One of the pictures ended up in a textbook. Go figure.
  11. sparkin

    Are watermarks pretentious?

    Fawlty Towers, right ?
  12. sparkin

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera Available for Pre-Order at B&H

    I quite like how they've priced the 12-40 f2.8 lens. A thousand bucks is still a big heap of change, but the Pana 12-35 f2.8 is listed at $1298 on B&H.
  13. sparkin

    E-M1 with 12-40mm f/2.8 looks excellent

    When I first got m43, thats the lens I wanted to have. The EM-1 looks usable too, but I do like the Pen form. Luckily I have no money, so this is moot. :-(
  14. sparkin

    Panasonic GX7 - The Most Revolutionary Micro 4/3 Camera to Date?

    The paradigm shift to mirrorless (if there ever is one) will be when a full frame (well, 35mm at least) sensor, is put in a smallish, light package (think OM-1 size), along with a decent selection of high quality glass. As much as I like the m43 cameras, they do seem to be a transitional series...
  15. sparkin

    Is This the Olympus Pen E-P5?

    I stand corrected.
  16. sparkin

    What are you Drinking ... Right Now ... ?

    Good man - the coffers of Ky need all the help they can get.
  17. sparkin

    Is This the Olympus Pen E-P5?

    It looks like a photoshop job to me. The font is all wrong for 2013/4.
  18. sparkin

    Got stuck in Cincy without a winter jacket

    The airport is right by Covington, KY - hence CVG as its three letter code.
  19. sparkin

    Inntel Hotel Zaandam, The Netherlands

    That's great - it looks like a model.
  20. sparkin

    There Will Be an E-P3 Successor?!

    It wouldn't surprise me in the least if there is an e-P5. The pen style and the hump style can easily co-exist because they all use the same lenses.
  21. sparkin

    Hello from North East England

    Welcome Baz. This is a good and friendly virtual community.
  22. sparkin

    Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 In Limited Stock at Amazon

    How does one get banned from Amazon ?
  23. sparkin

    Canon Mirrorless System Camera to Use APS-C Sensor

    Or perhaps editore/proofreadere etc. (Couldn't resist).
  24. sparkin

    COMPLETED Legacy Canon 50mm 3.5 FD macro

    A good one may cost you more than that, but perhaps not too much more. They appear regularly on E-Bay, but of course that's a crap shoot. I got lucky on one bundled with a bunch of other stuff for $100, supposedly from an estate sale (doubtful). Most of it was crap, but a few items were...
  25. sparkin

    Photokina Rumor: New Olympus 25mm f/1.8 and 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 Lenses

    What he (or she ?) said! I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  26. sparkin

    'Olympus Seeking Sony as Capital Partner' at

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but it should be perfectly well possible to build an m43 camera that has an APS-c sized sensor. They'd just have to restrict the active portion of the sensor (in software, or perhaps with some sort of mask) to match the image circle of the m43 lenses. I half...
  27. sparkin

    Using full size lenses ?

    It's not just the legacy glass. Old bellows accessories etc. attached via adapters add a cheap extra dimension that is great fun to play with. m43 is also far better suited for attachment to microscopes (and presumably telescopes) than other systems. I think it is the versatility that many of...
  28. sparkin

    My Oh-em-dee camera story. I can't believe whats transpired.

    My old OMs had superb straps. I still use one from about 1984 on my EP2, and prior to that on a heavy Canon kit. The length adjusts really short or long, has swivel connectors on both ends, the strap is wide, very sturdy cloth. I can unclip one side, wrap it a few times around my wrist at...
  29. sparkin

    Olympus 9-18mm, requires slim mount filters?

    Mine usually has a bog-standard Hoya SHMC UV on it, and no vignetting at all. Usayit's advice is spot on if there is sky in your pictures.
  30. sparkin

    English Summer

    Reminds me of home!
  31. sparkin

    COMPLETED Samyang 7.5mm fisheye

    Like your response - sounds like something I'd say. Post some pics when you get the lens.
  32. sparkin

    No kidding! DPR is too much for me.
  33. sparkin

    Taking IBIS to task - Hand Held -

    Post an example!
  34. sparkin

    POLL - What 2 lenses you think are needed!

    That would be nice, but to make a good one would be quite expensive.
  35. sparkin

    Disappointed in Olympus

    I would not worry too much about off-brand batteries. I've had a few no-name batteries for Canon cameras and they all worked at least as well as the original.
  36. sparkin

    Share your giant panoramas!

    Promit: Is that JHU ?
  37. sparkin

    Another DSLR shooter wised up

    Welcome NMM. Yes, this place is largely free of pretence - a nice change from some other sites.
  38. sparkin

    What car brand you drive? POLL

    But why ??
  39. sparkin

    Zuiko 50-250 f/5?

    In my OM days I had a push-pull 70-210 Vivitar series one. I always found it totally natural and a pleasure to use.
  40. sparkin

    Is it possible to adapt optics from Leitz microscope?

    I have attached my EP2 to a pair of Olympus stereo microscopes as well as to a Nikon diaphot inverted binocular microscope. I've used c-mount adapters from Metabones and from Rainbow Imaging, and both work well. For the stereos, the image circle cast by the scopes is similar in size to the m43...
  41. sparkin

    Should do the NDA thing?

    Do it, and if it doesn't seem to work for you, then end it. I've signed several NDAs for work, but only for things that nobody in their right minds would be interested in. Ask yourself these two questions: 1) Do you want to play with stuff before anyone else ? 2) Can you keep quiet about it ...
  42. sparkin

    Very Disappointed

    Finally some common sense here!
  43. sparkin

    More Pictures of the Olympus E-M5 (OM-D)

    I had thought something similar, but for a different reason: it would enable graduated blurring of the out of focus regions, using any number of blurring effects.
  44. sparkin

    More Pictures of the Olympus E-M5 (OM-D)

    I hate to be a party pooper, but it looks like an incongruous mash up to me.
  45. sparkin

    Panasonic 7-14mm or Olympus 9-18mm?

    Surely at least part of the reason for the lack of CA on the 7-14 vs the 9-18 is that Panasonic does a software correction for CA while Olympus does not. I have the 9-18 and enjoy it very much - the size is perfect. But ... Olympus should take the cue from Panasonic and implement some sort of...
  46. sparkin

    OM alike PEN?

    I for one would welcome an OM-style mu43, having started with OM in the early 80s. We can only speculate, but here's what I would do: Body style and size very similar to the OM1. Make it so that the EVF is in the prism hump, keeping the shape and size of the bump as close to the old OM series...
  47. sparkin

    EPL1 Rule of Thirds

    I share your humble opinion.
  48. sparkin

    Samyang fish for 360° VR ?

    Nobody ?
  49. sparkin

    Samyang fish for 360° VR ?

    Does anyone know the minimum number of images for a full 360° VR pano. with the Samyang 7.5mm fish ? Is it possible to make do with 5 images - that's four around, angled down just enough to cover the nadir, and then one zenith shot ?
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