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    Going from windows to mac..

    Unless cost is a really, rally big issue, I would go with the 6quad mac mini, 16 Ram and 1TB Fusion or 512 SSD
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    Let's Enhance

    Has anyone used this program? Is it safe to download? One of my main reasons is cropping images. Sometime I need or want to crop an image - usually to create a "portrait" from a larger full figure image and I can only go so far and it loses clarity. I wondered if this would help in those cases...
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    COMPLETED For Sale: Panasonic Leica Macro-Elmarit 45mm / F2.8 ASPH / MEGA O.I.S | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS

    I'd like to purchase your lens for the $350 price. I've been a member for about a year, maybe a bit less. Have purchased one item from forum members before. But guide me through it once more please.
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    Finding responses

    I'm having trouble finding the responses to my posts. I see an "Alert" and who responded, but I can't find the response. I seem to recall that the responses in the past used to come to my personal email, but they no longer do - or was I mistaken? At any rate, please tell me how to "open" or...
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    Extracting still from GX85

    I have a Lumix GX85 and have used the 4k for mini video bursts. My challenge is trying to select which 4k files to keep as individual jpeg files. I would much rather be able to load the video file on a computer so I can do a better job of "selecting." I've figured out how to use screen shots...
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    Travel discussion sub forum?

    Good idea. Crazy as it may sound, I just really don't know where to go sometimes to begin taking Street pictures. It would help to know some good places both in my state of AZ and other states as well. Suggested gear is also always great.
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    Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 now $1,297.99

    Just bought an open-box G9 from Samy's via eBay, $999 wit regular panasonic Warranty, eBay ad said they have 3 more open box available
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    Joining a Forum

    Can someone tell me how to join a forum, I am interested in Street and B&W Thanks
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    Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 now $1,297.99

    Just purchased an Open box G9 from Samy's camera via ebay. $999 with regular panasonic Warranty.
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    Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 now $1,297.99

    I watched the AF video - Great! Is DFD somehow different on the G9 as compared to the GX85? I currently have a GX85 - would I be getting the same thing vis-a-vie AF if I bought a G9? Or are there other focusing enhancements? I don't do much in the way of high speed photography or birds in flight.
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    C&C: Formal Headshots

    Strange, but what is actually distracting is the amount of blur in the background. Head shots all look good, but the total blur of the background seems distracting.
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    IBIS and using a tripod with Lumix cameras

    Do you need to turn off image stabilization when using Lumix cameras on a tripod?
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    Macro lenses for Pana, stationary objects like ceramics & Flowers

    I'd love to hear some recommendations for Macro lenses for my GX85. I've read that primes with a 1:1 ratio are best. Is that correct? My only current prime is a 15mm F1.4, which is undoubtedly too wide. How fast should the lens be, if, as I've also read, the "sweet spot" is typically a couple...
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    Olympus starter camera

    Thank you all - great feedback and recommendations for me to check out. I currently own the GX85 and have only used it once, but with good results. I also own the FZ300, also just recently purchased. Perhaps CameraLabs was a bit "off" with his comments about Panasonic being more of a...
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    Olympus starter camera

    Actually I'm glad you mentioned that - yes, probably a viewfinder, but I think more importantly a flippable screen. I want to begin street photography and I think holding the camera close to waist level would be less obtrusive
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    Olympus starter camera

    I currently own some Lumix 4/3 cameras (relatively new to 4/3) and lenses and was watching a Gordon Laing micro 4/3 lens you tube video where he describes Panasonic cameras as having an emphasis on Video and Olympus as having an emphasis on Photo. So, since the lenses are compatible and the...
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    low light photography with GX85

    Maybe I'm missing something, but did you try 4K photo? You'd get multiple images and then pick the acceptable one.
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    Turning off Stabilization when on a Tripod- Lumix GX85

    Great feedback - thanks to all!
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    Turning off Stabilization when on a Tripod- Lumix GX85

    Is it true that you need to turn off image stabilization when using the GX85 on a tripod? If so, why? and how do you do that?
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    New GX85 owner!

    The grip for the GX9 works on the GX85, but they are currently only available on eBay. B&H has them on backorder
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    Olympus with 4K photo capabilities lime Lumix GX85

    It was just a thought. But thanks for your reply. I thought I would get emails about responses, didn't realize I needed to go back to the site - My bad. But maybe you can help with something else - I set Bracket Focus on my GX85 and now I can't shut it off - you know, have no bracketing done at...
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    Olympus with 4K photo capabilities lime Lumix GX85

    I'm considering adding an Olympus to my camera lineup. Are there any Olympus 4/3 cameras that have the 4k photo capabilities like Lumix? The ability to easily extract stills from short video bursts and/or Focus bracketing, photo burst, etc? I like the size of the GX85 and was close to getting a...
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    First use of new macro lens.

    Nice photos! If you want to try hand-held again, you could try the Post focus, stacking or focus bracket features of the G9...
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    D Monochrome Filter

    Thanks - so far I am tremendously impressed with the GX85 - talk about a 'computerized" camera with all those 4K, Post Focus, Focus Bracketing features, etc., etc. Really needed for me with stroke caused balance issues - no more MUST USE tripod issues for everything!
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    D Monochrome Filter

    I was reading about the effects of L Monochrome D with the GX9 and then came across an article where someone just said they use a monochrome D filter on a Panny camera, but didn't give any specifics. Is there a Monochrome D filter you can purchase and put on a panasonic/ I have a new GX85 and...
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    Bluetooth vs WiFi

    How do you set up bluetooth on an iPhone 7 and a Lumix GX85. That might be a lot easier than wifi
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    Setting up wifi to phone with GX85, Encryption key

    When my lumix GX85 asked for my Encryption Key, I assume it means my wifi name - correct? When I try to enter it, you press the number of times needed to get to the letter in the series on the key (example, ghi means press 3x to ket to the "i" and that letter shows as the one you want. I need to...
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    Pushing micro four thirds to the limit

    Some very nice street shots!
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    Sell Me on the GX85

    I recently purchased the GX85 and am just getting back to shooting and Lumix 4/3. Initially, I was also concerned about the hand grip, but my concern was solved by purchasing a 1/2 case from Amazon. It provided the extra "grip" needed. MegaGear "Ever Ready" Leather Camera Case for Panasonic...
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    Panasonic 4k Photos

    Thanks - I'll check out Burst Mode
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    Panasonic 4k Photos

    I took my first 4k photos with a Lumix FZ300 and took some Monochrome L with my GX85. I was very pleased with the images, but I have two questions (I am new to these two cameras - just got both recently) You get a lot of images to choose from with the 4k; almost too many and when they are still...
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    7Artisans lenses

    Does anyone have any experience with 7Artisan 4/3 lenses? Some good retiout there and they are very reasonably priced.
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    Monochrome L on GX85

    Thanks for all the help - that would be 5.6 on the 12-60 and I'll probably set it for 60 for the equivalent of 120
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    Monochrome L on GX85

    Yep - that did it. The book just said take it off iA+ Is there any way to use a Scn Rortrait mode with Mono L or just use apertures f8 or less and move in (on a tripod for me)
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    Monochrome L on GX85

    I set it back to iA+ and SDT shows, but when I arrow it just gives me the Monochrome option, not L or any of the other Monochrome options. The book says Monochrome L does not work with iA+
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    Monochrome L on GX85

    I'm looking at the back screen and iA is at the top, right under that is the image of a camera, I scroll down and the major heading is REC, but the list starts with Aspect Ratio, no Standard? I know I've seen it before, and the only thing I've changed is from iA+ to iA
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    Monochrome L on GX85

    I haven't been able to set my new Lumix GX85 to Monochrome L. I turned off Intelligent Auto + to just Intelligent Auto, but the option for l doesn't appear. Not sure what I'm missing Thanks
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    How to use the Lumix 15mm 1.7 Prime

    As I just got the camera tester day, please explain a bit more about the exposure compensation setting you would recommend on that rear dial. Thanks for the comments so far - very helpful
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    How to use the Lumix 15mm 1.7 Prime

    I've been away from cameras for a long time and finally had a panasonic GX85 delivered. I understand the Intelligent Auto and Scene features and know from the past that if I select S for speed settings, the FX85 should automatically set the Aperture (at least I believe that is correct.) I want...
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    Bluetooth vs WiFi

    Some cameras (i'm looking at Panasonic) have built in blue tooth and some only have WiFi. I've never sent photos direct to my phone, but I have sent photos taken with my iPhone to my laptop and that technology is pretty nice. Is Wifi adequate for sending images taken with a camera to my iPhone...
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    GX8 and Shutter Shock

    I've seen posts on both sides of the equation whether shutter shock is a serious or minor problem with the GX8. Is it confined to one zoom lens generally or a possibility with all lenses put on the camera? Anyone find it to be a serious flaw and thus avoid the camera?
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    Selling GH4 and all lenses; should I sell individually or altogether?

    I've recently sold a lot of camera gear on eBay and you need to do the research to decide how to sell your items. i sold many items individually, but a few items were bundled with a camera. Check the "sold" listings to see what price you should shoot for and if you will have more buyers by...
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    Macro Lens

    What is a recommended Macro lens for a Panasonic GX8? I checked one out, but it had mega vs Power OIS. Now, I know I would usually have the camera on a tripod for macro, but not necessarily always. Is there a good power OIS Macro lens?
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    GX8 or G9

    Don't know what to say - you guys have been a tremendous help! Thank you..
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    COMPLETED For Sale: Selling My Entire Kit! Ship to US Only | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Why are you selling and is the camera just 3 mos old or have you just had it for 3mos? Is the Lumix 12-35 lens a Power OIS lens?