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    Can I get rid of other forum conversations?

    I can appreciate that, but they are in the top right corner of the header are they not? maybe others don't realize this?
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    Can I get rid of other forum conversations?

    Is there anyway to make front page as it was before? If I wanted too see discussions on other forums I'd go there...this is like sponsored spam!!!
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    COMPLETED Olympus EM1 (Black) | Location: Vancouver | Ships: US/Canada

    Would be interested in just the grip.... I'm in calgary, Alberta so shipping shouldn't be a big issue
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    OMD-EM5 or GX7

    I had an E-M5 and loved it, but don't miss it now that I shoot witha GX7. Either will be quite an upgrade for you, personally think you'll enjoy the GX7 more as your right eye dominant, and is an easier carry around cam.
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    Panasonic GM1 vs Olympus OM-D E-M10

    E-M10 is 396g w/o lens or memory card so bigger,heavier, and bulkier than GX7. So by that comparison neither is an option for you. If weight and size are the deciding factor, maybe you should just use a phone withan attachment kens like what Sony makes.
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    Panasonic GM1 vs Olympus OM-D E-M10

    Just wondering why your only considering the E-m10 and not the GX7? My opinion, of course, but the GX7 would be more suitable as a daily carry. Built in viewfinder ( which tilts) flash, fold out screen, much easier to pocket them E-M10. I use one as my daily carry, and an E-M1 for planned...
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    GX7 Image Stabilization

    I haven't used an epl5, but have an E-m1 and a GX7 and find that a lot of the time the difference in stabilization is minimal. By the way, my hands shake constantly due to medical reasons, and I can't use a cam without stabilization. If it works for me, it should probably be fine for you. Your...
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    Cracked screen EM5

    I believe you can buy a replacement screen on ebay for about $85 bucks and if your handy can swap it out yourself.
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    OM 50mm 1.8 vs 1.4

    If your 1.8 has a serial number over 1million I believe that's supposed to be the best of the 1.8's has an advantage over other copies( research the 1.8 the final version has a distinguishing factor looking at the front element and surrounding labelling) that may make it sharper. I have a 1.8...
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    For those who already own and use the Oly 12-40 2.8 PRO

    I know how to react to issues(lighting, camera parameters) with the 12-40 . Have no clue how the LX100 will feel, react to issues, and how to adjust the camera. I use the 12-40 on E-M1 and GX7 and am content. If it ain't broken, not gonna fix it. I'm sure once real world reviews are in, I might...
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    COMPLETED Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 Asph. Lens | Location: USA | Ships: US/Canada

    Maybe change title, as this looks like a fake ad, not being about what is expected.
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    Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 300mm f/4 PRO Lens

    All I can say, is I'll plug along with my Olympus OM 300 F4.5 no matter what the price.
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    Selling items as Paypal gift...

    Yup I paid with credit card, and they refunded me and paypal went after them, and in the end credit card reversed charge and I was out the cash still!
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    Selling items as Paypal gift...

    Not always, bought a GX1 off of ebay( American seller brand new) seller never insured package, didn't follow paypal protocol ( requires signature on delivery) , and I got no package yet I was out cost of camera. PYpal screwed me hard. Nothing is an absolute.
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    Voigt 10.5/0.95 announced

    Impressive, but falls short for me. It needs to be an 7 or 8mm to get me to line up for it, then the size and weight would be worth it.
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    1.4x Digital Teleconverter

    Not the first time Adorama has mis-represented. When I bought my E-P2 kit the pic showed the all black kit with the pen F lens cap for the black 17 F2.8. The cap was the only reason I ordered from them instead of B&H, as pricing was on par. When it arrived no cap, it took me 3 months to get the...
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    COMPLETED Olympus 25mm f1.8 or Pana 25mm f1.4 | Location: NZ

    Well I must be good luck, cause I think I can do it. Black 25 1.8 , 2 months old, have box, warranty card(blank). Let me know your address so I can confirm. I'll be shipping from Alberta, Canada. P.S. JDK504 don't be so snide, especially when your a newbee. Way to impress people!
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    Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 300mm f/4 PRO Lens

    Just guessing, but I'd bet it will be way more than the 40-150 + teleconverter. $2500 or higher. Maybe look at pricing on the 4/3 long glass for a ball park.
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    Olympus 40-150 f/2.8 is available for pre-order

    Well then I don't have to worry about it for now, beautiful glass but I can't use it, as I'm not allowed to lift more than 2 kg. so many penny's saved. I'm still envious though. Anyone know why it only works with these two behemoths?
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    Olympus 40-150 f/2.8 is available for pre-order

    The lens is impressive, but I really want the teleconverter first. I'll slap it on the 75 1.8 and be thrilled, may be useful with 25 1.4 and 42.5 1.2 as well. If it plays nicely with panny glass.
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    E-M1 Firmware V2 Update Error

    Wait a day or two, early adopters almost always run into issues. Especially on day one! Unless of course your life depends on the incremental changes. I bet it's nothing your doing, but possibly Olympus is still implementing the changes on their end.
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    Look into your magic 8 ball-GX7 price

    Well it'll be redundant, when it can compete with the Gx7 with 75 1.8, 42.5 1.2, 25 1.4 and I can mount any of my collection of manual 50's. But I get what your saying, I think it will replace my X20 as the go anywhere small package. Now just to see some "honest, real world reviews".
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    Olympus FL-LM2 Electronic Flash

    So how much power does the VF2 require, and it would be constant vs a surge for the flash...would it not? I'm just guessing, I by no means have any engineering training. Just smart enough to get into trouble.
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    Look into your magic 8 ball-GX7 price

    I wouldn't count on another price drop anytime soon, in fact I figure it'll go up again after this promotion is over. There is nothing new to replace/compete with it so why flog it if they don't have too? get one now, while the gettings good.
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    Olympus FL-LM2 Electronic Flash

    I may be wrong, but every flash I'd seen used on an e-p2 was powered by a battery. Possibly the shoe isn't able to provide enough power for an unassisted flash...
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    How can you tell a native lens?

    Anything made,produced currently by Olympus would be m4/3. I don't believe anything OM mount has been produced for years, and 4/3 mount is just new old stock. All m4/3 lens, as far as I know, will have the m4/3 logo on them.
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    LCD vs EVF?

    I thought the portability was destroyed by the lens, the viewfinder just creates a proper balance with the camera being the fulcrum. I now know why sigma has been on my don't support list for so long. I'll only give them a chance if they ever create an actual designed for m4/3 lens instead of...
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    Who Doesn't Use Their 12-40mm f2.8 Lens Hood? Who Does? Why?

    Always, always, always use a hood. Go ahead take it off...but when you screw up the front element we'll see you posting again about how much to fix,replace, or repair. I never use uv filters( protective filters) as they degrade quality, but a hood has never degraded quality and saves the front...
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    Metabones Speedbooster question.

    Is that possibly the lock for the mount, FD adapters have a lock that turns and is commonly labeled on/off?
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    Oly 45 vs OM 85 f2 with Metabones Speedbooster (60mm f1.4)

    Love that 80 F2, had to let mine go, need to find another, and apparently a speed booster as well.
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    EM1 grip glue problem

    Gorilla glue...water based and has never let me down. Used it to reattach mouldings on cars, my glasses, leather on my shoes, haven't had to try it on my E-M1 but if anything goes I will.
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    Thrift Shop Finds

    Well my best find to date... The limited edition 12mm F2.0 black, with the hood, filter, metal cap, all boxes warranty card, instructions, mint, mint all for $300. Heck I couldn't find a silver one , just the lens for that price. I guessing the release of a regular black 12mm made the owner...
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    Tokina 11-16 replacement

    Surprisingly, no one has mentioned the 7-14 f4.0 can use filters you just have to either invest in a filter holder set-up and filters, or modify lens with filter holder from Lumix 8 mm fisheye lens and go with gel filters cut to size. Same modification used with written gel filter to avoid...
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    COMPLETED Panasonic 20mm 1.7 version ii Black | Location: CONUS

    That's a version I , not the version II that was requested.
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    Olympus OMD e10 or e5? Which would be the best choice as I am needing on board image stabilisation.

    Just I case you didn't consider, the GX7. Haven't noticed any advantage to E-M5 stabilization vs the GX7. In fact, it's my daily carry, where as my E-M1 is for planned shoots. Can't say the E-M1 gives me any more stabilization75-80% of the time. GX7 will work seamlessly with all your Lumix glass...
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    [WTB] Black Gariz leather half-case for Panasonic GX1 | Location: New York

    I offered you this case with my GX1 kit.
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    Sell GX1

    I've had so many not wan to pay a fair price for mine( only has 327 actuations, 2 OEM batteries, and the lvf2) ans was asking $350 Canadian including shipping that I'm seriously considering just converting it to IR. If you include hassle, your better off to find another use for it, or someone...
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    New GX7 and card woes...

    May want to take into account that the sandisk extreme pro is about twice fast for write speeds than the lexars you have. Lexar 400x 45MB/s write 60MB/s read Sandisk extreme pro 90MB/s write 95MB/s read I have a gx7 and use sandisk cards exclusively and have never had a problem, hence I've never...
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    GX-7 broken. Anyone else had this problem?

    The other listed case of this happening was with an optima card as well. Think it has to do with the quality(or lack thereof) of your memory card. May be a design flaw that break the camera( both Panasonic cameras as well). I have a GX7 and a GX1, and had a GF1 in the past and have always used...
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    Are the Olympus Zuiko 28mm f2.8 & Olympus Zuiko 50mm f1.4 any good?

    You've just started what may become an addiction. I have 2 50 1.4's ones a chrome nose, 24 2.8, 85.2.0, 50 2.8 macro, 300 4.5, and they are great. Pretty reasonable performance to cost ratio vs. the m4/3 equivalents. Just can't get wide but that's due to crop factor not the glass. Enjoy!
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    [FS] Olympus OM, Pen F, 4/3 and m43 lenses | Location: USA | Ships: CONUS

    I don't see photos of the 200m f1.7, I'd be very interested as I've never heard of this lense before.
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    Is E-M5 the best recommendation for those with hand tremors?

    I can vouch for E-M5 as a viable option for hand tremors. If it wasn't for IBIS I'd have never even tried photography. My hands tremor non-stop( due to type 1 diabetes and kidney failure) and I used an E-m5 with no issues, have now upgraded to GX7 and E-M1 both work, but the E-M1 is more...
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    Canada - Olympus 25mm 1.8 $299

    Just a note, don't forget to add in import taxes. I'm betting it won't be such a deal once those are paid. Oh and they may not show up for 3-6 months, then you'll get a bill in the mail and realize it wasn't such a hot deal. Although the exchange rate will help to offset hopefully.
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    DMW-GWC1 vs 7.5 FE

    We'll if corner sharpness is a concern forget the GWC1...
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    COMPLETED Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 & Lumix 45-175mm f4-5.6 Lenses | Location: USA | Ships: US/Canada

    Do you have the correct front lens cap for the 25, as it's not the one pictured with the lens?
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    E-m5 pro kit ?

    I think the only pro part is the 12-40 it's paired with, otherwise cosmetics seem to be the only difference.
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    Panasonic 20mm or Olympus 25mm

    Well if that's the case your gonna have a hard time getting a decent amount for it anywhere... Ebay and it will end up being an issue unless you divulge in which case you'll most likely get very little. Camera store, more than likely they'll find the issue and won't want it, or offer you 10-20%...
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    Panasonic 20mm or Olympus 25mm

    Is this the PL25 you were complaining about a haze or some other issue with the front element. If it is, then maybe that's why you aren't selling it here?
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