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  1. ccunningham

    Ebay has $25 off Purchases of $119, or more, today only!!

    Gracias, I just picked myself up an old om-d I had been debating whether I would buy or not. Making it 25 simoleons cheaper made the decision easier.
  2. ccunningham

    First image of the Olympus Pen F

    I've been waiting for a pen like this. I liked the other pens, but got an em5 because of the evf and weather proofing.. I kept my ep2 because I like the form, but don't use it that much after getting an em5. But the in-built evf and size is probably going to push me into buying this pen...
  3. ccunningham

    What lens do you want to see?

    A wide to normal prime, f2 or faster, that's WEATHERSEALED.
  4. ccunningham

    Olympus stops sales of E-M10 Mk II

    This is the kind of after sales support I like from a company. I'm not affected, but it's still good to see.
  5. ccunningham

    Gray market hld-6

    I s'pose part of what bugs me is that it wasn't mentioned in the description. Plus my luck is never great, so this will be the one in a thousand where something won't work and I'll end up needing a repair. Ah well,time to cut the seal.
  6. ccunningham

    Panasonic announces 25mm f1.7

    Well there's at least two of us here who would buy one.
  7. ccunningham

    Gray market hld-6

    That's sort of what I thought, but then I'm not certain I wouldnt have just paid the extra for legit import had I known. Of course its also exotic, I mean how many people have a turkish hld6, outside of Turkey. And considering the poor chances I have of visiting Turkey, this may be the...
  8. ccunningham

    Panasonic announces 25mm f1.7

    I know, right? 'specially since there's a fair amount of overlap between olympus, Panasonic and sigma, I would have thought we'd have a weather resistant lens in the 15-25 f2 range. I guess I'll wait until the next product be slightly disappointed again.
  9. ccunningham

    Gray market hld-6

    I just got a new hld6. I thought I would grab one as it seems like the available stock is shrinking, and I wanted to get one while I still could. Thing is, it turned out to be gray market. I'm trying to figure out if it matters or not, so does anyone here have any experience with graymarket...
  10. ccunningham

    Panasonic announces 25mm f1.7

    Every time Olympus or Panasonic announce a new smallish, fastish normal to slightly wide prime I hope it will be weather sealed, but no luck so far.
  11. ccunningham

    E-P1 distortion in view mode.

    There are a number of display options for live view, but if you do not want to cycle through all of them with the info button, the options you don't want can be disabled through one of the setup menus. I configired my ep2 to have the options for histogram, magnify, shot settings and none. So I...
  12. ccunningham

    E-P1 distortion in view mode.

    This sounds like the exposure warnings or something like that. Turn the camera on and press the info button to see if that switches the live view to a different info display mode.
  13. ccunningham

    Why I think M4/3 cameras will take over

    It would be super to see a surge in m43 popularity and marketshare. I don't expect it, but it would be great.
  14. ccunningham

    EM5II the best looking OMD yet?

    I can't say I'll be first in line to preorder the m2, but the more I read about it, the better it sounds. As far as the mutisample sensor tech, if somebody could make that work I'd bet it would be Olympus. They've built some clever tech to help them compete. That 5-axis ibis is pretty amazeballs.
  15. ccunningham

    Need Advice on what to do with my New (used) E-M5

    I'm not usually taken in by this kind of thing, but that grip looks pretty nice, and hey I don't see brown goo anywhere.
  16. ccunningham

    Need Advice on what to do with my New (used) E-M5

    It was genuine bln1, fully charged, and it didn't seem to have problems with the adapted lens i tried, no freezes or anything. But with a native lens it had issues. I worked part-time in a camera store(when the maxxum 7000 was still new) when I was in school, and sometimes people (both staff...
  17. ccunningham

    Need Advice on what to do with my New (used) E-M5

    Meh, I'm not really upset or worried, it's really the hassle of having to repack it and ship it back that bugs me a little, it was from a reputable and recognizable dealer, and I've bought a couple things before from them with no problems. I only wanted something with controls that I can use...
  18. ccunningham

    Need Advice on what to do with my New (used) E-M5

    I just got my "new open box" ep5 that I bought from eBay to upgrade from my epm2(which I was planning to sell.) ...annnnnd.... No brown goo, it looks really nice. But its fried somehow. I put a lens on it, and it seemed to try to focus, but nothing happened, tried different AF points...
  19. ccunningham

    First images of the new Olympus E-M5II!

    As far as I know they mean that mk1 doesn't include focus peaking. I doubt you'Il have an issue, you've got experience focusing manually. I like focus peaking for manual lenses, but as you already know, it's not impossible to focus manually without FP.
  20. ccunningham

    Need Advice on what to do with my New (used) E-M5

    If the brown stuff smelled like dried earl grey tea .... But seriously, hoping you get a good resolution to it all. Most of us who buy online(which I'm pretty sure is most of us) know that feel bro, when what you ordered/expected based on the description wasn't close to what was delivered...
  21. ccunningham

    First images of the new Olympus E-M5II!

    Some of the new hardware features look pretty sweet. If its still weather resistant, I'm probably in for an upgrade since I haven't upgraded to an em1. Of course it makes you wonder what to expect in the eventual em1 mk2.
  22. ccunningham

    One Camera, One Lens, One Year

    Between work and everything else, it seems I get such a limited opportunity to get out and shoot these days that I want to take gear to cover all the possibilities when I get out. I would really like to try this, but I'm also not sure that I could manage it.
  23. ccunningham

    Need Advice on what to do with my New (used) E-M5

    Maybe it was the one Kai Wong used it for DR video. They're pretty rough with camera gear sometimes. Just kidding. Hope it's not too soon for a joke.
  24. ccunningham

    Need Advice on what to do with my New (used) E-M5

    Yeah, I wouldn't be happy with that condition at 380. Now 175 or so (if it was 100% functional) I could live with. New ones are like 600 now. And nice the mk2 is out the used price will probably drop for the mk1.
  25. ccunningham

    Maybe I have a freak 12-50, but here's how mine compares to the venerable 45mm

    One of the reasons why the belief in the poor quality of 12-50 is commonly held to be a fact, is that some people have trouble distinguishing between "not as good in comparison to" and "not good." In other words, since there are some lenses that are better, the 12-50 is not good. This is why...
  26. ccunningham

    LX100 reviews are up

    Just been reading up on this and I know it may not be for everybody, but it's pretty much exactly what I've been wanting for a looong time. Ironic that I had assumed I wouldn't be interested in it at all when it was first leaked, and now I just want to go get my preorder in. Oh well, I...
  27. ccunningham

    Olympus FL-36, FL-36R & FL50R are they both m4/3 compatible

    My only experience is with the fl36r on Olympus mft cameras. As far as I can tell, everything works properly even in wireless operation. I suspect the fl50r is the same and the fl36(except it doesn't support wireless,) but I haven't actually used them. And I haven't tried my fl36r out on a...
  28. ccunningham

    Chase Jarvis's Top Micro Four Third Lenses (another top 5? )

    P12-35 f2.8,P35-100 f2.8, O60mm f2.8, P25mm f1.4, O9-18 would probably be my picks, I own the last three but not the first two. Sadly no room for a pancake tho. Can I sneak in the 14f2.5 as a fancy body cap? Or even the bcl15?
  29. ccunningham

    Gh3 owners

    I wish I had some thing for this, but I just got my gh3.
  30. ccunningham

    Full Frame Olympus is coming

    Sorry, just wondering, it could have meant either... And as someone who liked his Minolta Maxxum film gear (and wanted but couldn't afford a Maxxum 7d,) I hear what you're saying.
  31. ccunningham

    E-PM2 as upgrade from E-PL1?

    I bought an epm2 because it was the cheapest or converted camera I could find at the time. I actually like it a lot more than I thought I would. For me, I was sure I wouldn't like the controls, but they're OK for me. The size and weight are great.
  32. ccunningham

    Full Frame Olympus is coming

    Do you mean it went well or ... Not well? On the well side- they still make a mount bodies, and a mount adapters for non a mount bodies. So if you want use your a mount lenses, you have several options. On the not so well side- as an film alpha/maxxum/dynax user, I was excited about the a100...
  33. ccunningham

    Full Frame Olympus is coming

    I'm just kind of at a point where I think the gear I have is fine. if Im honest with myself, at least for me, the crop sensor tech(whether DX or ft size) is not the source of my problems. Oh I'd love those pl lenses, sure. The new oly pro lenses would be great. But even then, not having them...
  34. ccunningham

    Full Frame Olympus is coming

    I desperately wanted FX when DX size sensors by had significant limitations for me. Lenses wider than 28mm fov eq were one problem, noise and IQ problems at or above 800, or for some models even 400, non tele fast lenses, etc. But in the last few years the apsc and mft gear has gotten to the...
  35. ccunningham

    E-PL1 image thread

    I don't mean to be Comrade Questions but I'm curious what lens you shot this photo with
  36. ccunningham

    Is this going to be the E-M5 II?

    I think there's room in the $600 price difference between the em10 and em1 for an em5 replacement. Frankly, I like my em10 so much that if they could just weatherproof the em10 chassis, but not change all the other stuff I like so much about the em10, I would buy that as an upgrade.
  37. ccunningham

    Alternatives to the olympus 75mm

    I have to second the comments on the rokinon/samyang/bower/bell+Howell 85mm f1.4. Mine has been great optically, but it is MF only. I'm not put off by that, butit might not be for everybody. One help is focus peaking if you have a body with FP.
  38. ccunningham

    ODD focusing problem with EM5

    I know one issue I've encountered on several cameras, including my em5 is that sometimes the af would focus on something behind the subject instead of the subject. It was rare and infrequent, but it did happen. The firmware update that allows smaller AF points pretty much fixed this for me. I...
  39. ccunningham

    The Infrared Image Thread

    Thanks for listing some lenses you've tried and the results. One of the most frustrating things (and part of the reason I didn't experiment more with it) when I tried IR with an unconverted DSLR a few years ago was the hot spots. I haven't noticed any on the few shots I've taken with the 14-42...
  40. ccunningham

    The Infrared Image Thread

    I finally jumped in and bought an FS converted e-pm2 last week. I originally didn't want an FS, but it was the closest thing to what I originally wanted that was still in my price range. I got out to shoot with it this weekend, and I'm actually pretty glad it turned out that I ended with an FS...
  41. Ir - pond near sunset

    Ir - pond near sunset

  42. ccunningham

    what body to buy ? (newbie)

    If it were me, I would first decide on whether the weather sealing was a critical factor. Then I would pick between the em5 and em10. I think the em1 is nice but it is a bit larger than the other two, approaching the size of an apsc dslr pretty much, and you say you wanted to travel light. So...
  43. ccunningham

    No warranty import vs used for Oly 45/1.8?

    i would probably buy used from someone dependable. KEH and Roberts Imaging are both a couple of good companies to buy used gear from. They both offer good warranty and service. So if I can find what I want used from them, they're typically who I go with. That's not saying there aren't Amy...
  44. ccunningham

    Panasonic 14-140 - $399 at Amazon

    It is the first version. Still, it was reputed to be one of the better super zooms and this seemed like a pretty good price if you're in the market for a superzoom.
  45. ccunningham

    Panasonic 14-140 - $399 at Amazon

    I don't know how many people are in the market for this, but the Panasonic 14-140 is on sale at Amazon.
  46. ccunningham

    Toy lenses - recommendations

    I broke down and ordered the lomo kit last night. I'm officially justifying going over budget by using the money I got from selling a dslr zoom lens I had sitting in my camera bag. And the fact that I've managed to NOT get persuaded into buying a tablet.
  47. ccunningham

    Toy lenses - recommendations

    Very cool. This is the kind of thing I'm looking for
  48. ccunningham

    Toy lenses - recommendations

    I had tried the bcl15, couldn't figure out what to do with it,.and sold it on. But now I'm wanting to do something different, something that could help me break out of the rut of work and chores and errands and get out shooting again. If it costs 100, it's worth it.
  49. ccunningham

    Toy lenses - recommendations

    Thanks for the insights. Based on a combo of what I'm looking for and the comments here, I just ordered a bcl15 to retry out, a Holga and a no brand 25mm 1.4. Still under budget! No need to abandon the discussion though, maybe it will help the next person who searches for the thread title.
  50. ccunningham

    Toy lenses - recommendations

    Right that 25 mm. sounds like what I wanted to play with
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