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  1. aragorn1980

    Abstract Nature Photos

    Very nice topic and good work!
  2. aragorn1980

    For the dog lovers

    Great piece of work everyone!
  3. aragorn1980

    Show: Fall Colors / Autumn Colors / Colours ...

    Truly nice colors and exceptionally nice work everyone! Thank you for sharing!
  4. aragorn1980

    Share: Trees

    These are old and i have posted them before but i thought they would be a nice contribution to this beautiful thread. Nice work to everyone! 1020056_7_8 by aragorn1980 posted Sep 12, 2012 at 5:27 PM 1020064 by aragorn1980 posted Oct 2, 2012 at 2:15 PM
  5. aragorn1980

    Sun thought the tall grass with OLYMPUS M.75mm F1.8

    Very nicely captured! Thank you for sharing!
  6. aragorn1980

    christmas rural

    Looks like a nice place to be! Thanks caimi for another beautiful shot!
  7. aragorn1980

    December on the River

    Very nice shot!
  8. aragorn1980

    Holiday in Switzerland

    Beautiful set! Thank you for sharing!
  9. aragorn1980

    The Official m4/3 Merry Christmas Thread

    To the great family of MU43 forum from the bottom of my heart Merry Christmas to everyone!
  10. aragorn1980

    West Coast Steam Railway

    Fantastic set!
  11. aragorn1980

    Share your Christmas tree photos

    Hi everyone. Thought to start this thread due to the Holidays. I think it's nice to show the decorated houses and christmas trees after all it is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. So for my contribution this is my Christmas tree, an HDR attempt, 5 shots combined. Wishing you all in...
  12. christmas_tree_hdr_1_of_1_


  13. aragorn1980

    Share Santas Image Thread

    Hey scott great shots!
  14. aragorn1980

    Share Santas Image Thread

    Thank you Crdome for your kind words.They are all taken today inside my house. I have seen a lot of good work from almost everyone in the forum and i am a huge admirer of your and caimi's work. So when i saw you started this thread it was almost as an inspiration for me. I have learned a lot for...
  15. aragorn1980

    Share Santas Image Thread

    My contribution I find it a great idea for a thread given the Holiday Season! Here is my contribution,looking forward to see many more photos! Many thanks to Crdome for starting this thread! My wish to all of you fellow members to have a great holiday!
  16. 1024_5_of_7_


  17. 1024_6_of_7_


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  20. 1024_4_of_7_


  21. 1024_1_of_7_


  22. 10204291


  23. aragorn1980


    Beautiful shot!
  24. aragorn1980

    the bottoms

    Very nicely taken!
  25. aragorn1980

    There and then

    Good set!
  26. aragorn1980

    locker 9

    Good shot!
  27. aragorn1980

    Night River Cruise IBIS worked!

    Wow! One of the best night sets i have ever seen!
  28. aragorn1980


    Nice capture!
  29. aragorn1980

    the stockings were hung

    I like it! Nice work!
  30. aragorn1980

    happy christmas from . . .

    Caimi this is a very nice capture! It delivers the atmosphere of Christmas in one of the best ways i have in my mind! Very good work and thank you for sharing!
  31. aragorn1980

    Ice Storm

    Wow! ''Crystal'' clear images! Thank you for sharing!
  32. aragorn1980

    Paris before Christmas

    The set is very nice! Thank you for sharing!
  33. aragorn1980

    waterloo christmas parade 2013

    I love the work you did in that set! Thank you very much for sharing!
  34. aragorn1980

    past life in a southern illinois sinkhole

    It is a very good set! Thank you for sharing!
  35. aragorn1980


    Hi Andreas and thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.I must admit that the very first one with the dog relaxing is my favorite! You did great work in your photos!
  36. aragorn1980

    December Twilight

    +1 for me! Good shot!
  37. aragorn1980

    Stormy waters in Brighton Sussex

    It's a really good piece of work! Thank you for sharing!
  38. aragorn1980

    Florence Park, Oxford - IR

    Both shots are great!
  39. aragorn1980

    Harvest Party Portraits

    Very nice work especially with the B&W!
  40. aragorn1980

    Farm and Agricultural Photo Collection

    This is a very nice piece of work! Thank you for sharing!
  41. aragorn1980


    Beautiful set! Thank you for sharing!
  42. aragorn1980

    Northern lights ...Iceland

    This set is fantastic! Very nice work!
  43. aragorn1980

    The Infrared Image Thread

    Very nice thread!
  44. aragorn1980

    A weasel is weasily identified

    Very nice capture!
  45. aragorn1980

    The New Forest - UK

    Very nice set!
  46. aragorn1980

    Autumn and misty mornings

    Exceptional piece of work! Well done!
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