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    BLOOD MOON - last night

    Very cool set, Rob!
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    On set stills for a short film (E-M1/GX7)

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Both on-stage and behind the scene shots are great!
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    Well Said, Michael!

    Totally agree with MR's comment. This certainly wasn't the case for the previous generation 12MP 4/3 sensors, but with the arrival of the latest generation 16MP sensors, I find 4/3 sensor IQ to be good enough for my use, that I no longer feel the need to upgrade due to a lack of sensor IQ...
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    Is SONY A7/A7r a real game changer? What can we expect next?

    Didn't you just recently started a thread saying that the E-M5, which is clearly targeting enthusiasts rather than "pro"s, should have come with the US$1,000+ "pro" 12-40/2.8 as its kit lens, rather than the "cheapish" 12-50/3.5-6.3 as its kit lens? Now, you are complaining that the Sony A7(R)...
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    OM-D owners...DO NOT click on this. Seriously. You will be jealous. Just look at another thread. Ple

    Here's mine, from a gacha toy capsule vending machine. Just one twist and I got the one I wanted (matching my now-sold E-M5)...
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    Featured: 'Andromeda Galaxy revisited' by aloysius

    Stunning shot! Thanks for sharing the image and the details of your rig... Very impressive indeed!
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    Confused about operating the FL600r in manual.

    For me, the pre-flash in the TTL mode often causes people to half-close their eyes when the actual flash is fired off, so manual is preferable in some situations. I also find the flash output indicator of the FL600R to be somewhat confusing, so I'd very much appreciate others' input on this...
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    Olympus 25mm f/1.8 Impressions Part I: Panasonic Comparison - Build, Perspective, Brightness, Bokeh,

    Thanks for the write-up, Napier. I agree that both seems to be excellent lenses, and that one can't go wrong with either. I have never read a review of the PL25. Back then, I just bought the lens because of the fast aperture, and better AF performance compared to my 20/1.7. It has since...
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    Roger Cicala on disruptive technologies

    Thank for sharing. I enjoyed reading both articles. As for light field camera, I agree with James that it could potentially be a disruptive technology, with Lytro being the first mover, but with an unattractive/unrefined product. Which is why Apple was so interested in buying the company a...
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    Dilemma deciding between EP5 and EM5

    So, you're recommending against the E-M10 based on the lower pricing and a "general" observation... Interesting...
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    Dilemma deciding between EP5 and EM5

    Really? :confused:
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    A huge dilemma... OMD E-M5 vs Fuji X-T1 vs Pentax K3

    I second that... :evilsmile:
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    The Mirrorless Market

    Same as the mirrorless, which is why I'm interested to find out how many of them actually buy anything other than the kit lenses, AND how many of them actually swap lenses... and I guess this study should apply to the mirrorless buyers as well to better understand camera consumer behavior... :wink:
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    The Mirrorless Market

    Cost is certainly one of the major considerations, as others have pointed out. It would be interesting to study how many DSLR buyers actually use anything other than the kit lens on their camera. I bet majority of them never swap lenses. This segment of the market will have no interest in...
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    Dilemma deciding between EP5 and EM5

    Agree that E-P5 sounds like the right choice for you. Some of the advantages the E-P5 enjoys over the E-M5 are: the 1/8000s shutter speed, which I find absolutely handy in bright daylight if you want to use faster aperture; Wi-Fi with remote control, which has recently been updated to allow...
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    Firmware Update soon for OM-D series

    So, we want: 1) Auto info rotation between landscape and portrait orientation; 2) Easier image review setting for EVF; 3) Split image focus assist; and 4) Ability to show multiple info settings at once. I say, "Bring them all to us, Olympus!"
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    My personal thoughts about Robin Wong's blog (comments welcome)

    That is exactly how I feel, too. I enjoy reading Robin's blog for what it is - an entertaining blog written by a great photographer and an Olympus enthusiast, who has recently became an Olympus employee. I still like my PL25, and won't be trading it in for the Olympus lens after reading his...
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    Share your giant panoramas!

    A panorama showing the second tallest Guan Yin (Buddhist Goddess of Compassion) statute in the world in its beautiful neighborhood... The original can be found here.
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    My Olympus E-M1 editorial got published in a magazine!

    Congratulations, Joe! The shots are beautifully done, as always! Actually saw these images you posted on Google+ and +1 it before I caught this thread! :wink:
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    New to Micro 4/3rds....Olympus

    Welcome to m4/3, and also to the forum! I have been using my E-M1 extensively with the 50-200 SWD. I must say the 12-40/2.8 + 50-200 SWD is one heck of a combo for the E-M1. With the EC-14 teleconverter, this combo covers the whole FF equivalent range of 24 to 560mm, which basically covers...
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    EP5 new firmware

    This is an excerpt from Olympus in regard to the latest update: These were not available in the previous WiFi remote function of the E-P5, but has been implemented on the E-M1 at release. It makes the WiFi remote shooting function much more useful...
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    4/3 Lenses and E-M1

    That is reassuring to know. I use both the 50-200 SWD and 150/2.0 on my E-M1 extensively, and find AF speed outdoors under natural light to be fast enough although I don't have the luxury to compare it with an E5. I did have a chance to test the 150/2.0 at the camera shop with the E-M1 and E5...
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    Sigma hires a 5 year old to design new camera!

    Sorry, but sarcasm ≠ joke...
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    M. Zuiko 300/4 and 7-14/2.8 PRO lenses!

    Chad, I might be wrong since I've never used a speed booster, but I think the math goes like this: The APS-C 10-20 becomes 7-14 when speed boosted, or 14-28 (FF equivalent) if put on an m4/3 camera...
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    Where is fast 300mm lens

    I dream of owning an Olympus 4/3 300/2.8, but in reality, there's no justification of getting a US$7,000 lens as a hobby. I also cannot imagine lugging around nearly 4 kg (camera + lens) anywhere to take pictures unless I do wildlife photography for a living! Then again, m4/3 might not be my...
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    Olympus 25 1.8 arrived today

    Happy to hear that Olympus is now including lens hood with it new lenses other than its PRO line... Look forward to seeing images taken with it. More interested to see an in-depth comparison between the PL25/1.4 and this lens! I can feel my G.A.S. building up again!!! :eek:
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    M. Zuiko 300/4 and 7-14/2.8 PRO lenses!

    Finally, there's an alternative to replace my 7-14/4.0! Don't get me wrong. I love that lens, but have not been using it much since upgrading to the latest generation Olympus camera because of the purple ghosting. I have been considering a Panasonic camera with the latest sensor to back up my...
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    On the Edge of a Volcano

    Wow, what an experience! Thanks for sharing the 360 Pano shot, too! It really shows how grand the crater was... BTW, just curious, how long did it take you to hike up from your truck to the crater?
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    Do you know rakuten?

    Rakuten is an online B2C trading platform like Amazon, and it is one of the largest in Japan. I've bought stuff from them (mostly sporting equipment) via their global site, and have not had any problem with them, except as someone else has pointed out, their marketing emails are a bit spammy...
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    Luckypenguin, thank you for years of Super Moderation!

    Thanks, Nic, for all the hard work in keeping this one of the friendliest forum online!
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    Which lens "speaks" to you? A Mike Johnston article on the 40mm view.

    Thanks for the post, Jim. I have always found 20mm on m4/3 to be my favorite focal length. It felt just right for me, not too narrow, and not too wide. In fact, the 20/1.7 was one of the first lens I bought for the system that didn't come with the camera. I also bought the Olympus 14-150 at...
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    Focus Peaking needed?

    Here's a good explanation (with images) of how focus peaking works: In the case of Olympus, you only get black or white highlights (instead of red as you see in the thread)... I don't know about Panasonic's implementation since...
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    Sigma hires a 5 year old to design new camera!

    I am sure a lot of people will hate this design, but I happen to like it. It's original. I suspect that it will be more comfortable to hold than some thought... I just don't think it will work very well if it is matched with any larger lenses. Having said that, I echo what Jonathan said...
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    Filters, how big is TOO big for M43?

    Since you already own some 77mm filters, and your primary usage for your filters are landscape and long-exposure, there is really no need to get smaller filters to do the same job, unless, as someone else has pointed out, the 77mm filter doesn't fit into your camera bag for m4/3 gears. I use a...
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    E-M1 uses Panasonic sensor!

    I wish this were true, but the firmware only improved noise performance on long-exposure shots with NR "On". The hot spot issue in long-exposure shots with NR "Off" hasn't been fixed...
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    E-M1 uses Panasonic sensor!

    It really doesn't matter who made the sensor on the E-M1 as long as it is on par with the performance of the Sony sensor in the E-M5, but it does explain why the E-M1 suffers from severe hot-pixel problems in long exposure shots (with NR off) when the E-M5 doesn't. It is a completely different...
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    Selling my DSLR collection........changing to m 4/3....what would you get?

    :thiagree: :laugh1: Now, back to the topic, you really can't go wrong with any of the m4/3 camera bodies with the latest generation sensor, including the GX7, GH3, the 3 OM-Ds, E-P5, etc. It's just a matter of finding the style and ergonomics you feel most comfortable with. As someone else...
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    Panasonic GH4 Announced - 4K Video Comes to Micro Four Thirds

    My guess is that Panasonic decided to go against tradition this time around as the 4 also signifies the camera's 4K video capability...
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    Would anyone else like it a little Bigger?

    As Nick has said, a larger sensor like that of the A7 will require new lenses to take full advantage of the sensor, and I currently have no intention of adding more expensive lenses to my collection of m4/3 and 4/3 lenses. If I ever felt the need for a larger sensor mirrorless camera, I might...
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    Has anyone swapped their primes for the 12-40? Regrets/Success?

    I have the Olympus 12/2.0, 45/1.8, 60/2.8 Macro, and 75/1.8 prime lenses, as well as the Panasonic 20/1.7 and 25/1.4. However, since getting the 12-40/2.8 zoom lens along with the E-M1 last December, only the 60/2.8 and 75/1.8 have made their ways onto my camera. The 12-40/2.8 is just...
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    Robin Wong's review of the Oly 9mm fisheye lens

    Robin sure put this lens to good use. Having said that, I was very tempted to get one before reading his review, but have actually decided against it after reading the review. I find the images not "fisheye" enough, with the 140 degree angle of view, and the close-focus not quite close enough...
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    Share your giant panoramas!

    Nice shots, hazwing! That indoor panorama is awesome!
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    New Oly 9mm pancake...grrrrrr

    First of all, it's a fisheye lens, so, as tjdean01 has said, you'd probably see the filter around the edges if you stick one on. Secondly, it's a body cap lens! Doesn't it defeat the purpose to stick a filter on a body cap? :confused:
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    Share Birds

    My mistake! It's the 4/3 150/2.0...
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    Share Birds

    Here are a few shots taken back in December at the Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong. They are all shot with my E-M1 + ZD 150/2.0 + EC-20 2x teleconverter. The birds were actually quite far away, making it quite difficult to nail focus. Some of these are heavily cropped already: 1...
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    Showcase Olympus 150mm f/2 SHG ZD

    An endangered Black-faced Spoonbill at the Mai Po Nature Reserve, captured with the EC-20 attached: f/5.6 | 1/320s | ISO-250 | +0.3 EV
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    I'm new. Tell me all your secrets...

    Welcome to the forum, bumblebee! This is great advice, but remember to watch your step, especially when moving backward! :biggrin:
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    Bag solution... GH3 + OM-D + Four lenses (12+25+45+75) + FL600R

    I second something like a Domke F2. It has enough dividers inside to hold your two cameras with lenses attached plus the rest of your gears securely in each compartment. The smaller bags might not have enough dividers to isolate the lenses and flash. I personally use an Incase DSLR Pro Sling...
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    Which lenses to take to Africa.

    Since you already have the 12-40/2.8, I would also suggest the ZD 50-200/2.8-3.5 and EC-14 1.4x teleconverter to compliment it. It gives you full frame equivalent coverage of 24-560mm without requiring too many lens swap (you miss a little bit of coverage in the middle, but it's something I can...
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