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  1. Luckypenguin

    Anyone else with a half-dead 9-18? (Only works 9-14)

    Mine turned into a 9-14mm back in 2013 and is still working as such today. When the lens attempts to autofocus between 15 and 18mm it will report a lens error. To reset the lens you need to collapse it and then extend it again.
  2. Luckypenguin

    Weather resistant primes - a survey

    I would just be in the category where once mounted, I would stick with the lens I had and not attempt to change it on a camera covered in water, snow or dust.
  3. Luckypenguin

    Any demand for a PL 25mm f/1.4 Mark II?

    - Increase sharpness at apertures wider than f/2.8 - More reasonably sized, reversible petal shaped hood with bayonet mount. - Increase resistance of manual focus ring and make it smaller so it is easier to support the lens without touching the focus ring. - AF improvements (existing lens feels...
  4. Luckypenguin

    Weather resistant primes - a survey

    I've often used my 25mm lens as my walkaround lens, so I don't see that much less of a reason for a prime to be sealed compared to a zoom. Of course the big limitation of a sealed zoom lens such as the 12-40mm is that the lens hood, having been designed so that it doesn't obstruct the wide-angle...
  5. Luckypenguin

    For Australian Buyers

    I bought a Panasonic G7 body from them last year for about $400, which arrived in as new condition.
  6. Luckypenguin

    Questions about built-in EVF....

    The E-M5 eye level viewfinder has the same resolution as the VF-2, and the E-M10 does also. Not sure about the MkII.
  7. Luckypenguin

    Who's still happy with the original em-5 and doesn't feel the need to upgrade?

    The big feature from later model Olympus cameras that is missing on the E-M5 is the switch built in to the rear screen mechanism that disables the EVF proximity sensor when the screen is pulled away from the body.
  8. Luckypenguin

    For Australian Buyers

    Refurbished Panasonic Lumix G7 Body Only for $379 + shipping from 2ndsworld.
  9. Luckypenguin

    For Australian Buyers

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 body for $706.40 on eBay at Dick Smith using the C20DS 20% off coupon code at checkout. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Body (Black) Please be aware that as a Kogan subsidiary, the Dick Smith store is now a drop shipper selling grey market items out of Hong Kong. Warranty T&Cs are outlined...
  10. Luckypenguin

    What say Ye?

    Check completed listings. Used E-M5 body ~ $250-350, used Voigtlander 17.5/0.95 ~ $700-1000. Combined value ~ $950-$1350 The value of included accessories in the combined bundle may increase it's value assuming that they are useful to you or could be on-sold.
  11. Luckypenguin

    The Real Street Thread II

    Cheers. These were taken a few years ago in Trinidad, Cuba.
  12. Luckypenguin

    Why is the box important?

    A sign of a fastidious owner (or a hoarder).
  13. Luckypenguin

    Zuiko 9-18 vs M.Zuiko 9-18

    I had a Zuiko 9-18mm for a while that worked fine when using an Olympus MMF-2 or MMF-3 adapter, however I would not choose it over the M Zuiko version on the promise of better image quality.
  14. Luckypenguin

    Fuji X-T2 launched

    With their wide "pentaprism" top, the X-T1/2/10 remind me more of Contax SLRs. Contax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  15. Luckypenguin

    Poll: Tilt-Only vs. Fully Articulated LCD Screen

    One of each, please.
  16. Luckypenguin

    For Australian Buyers

    Olympus 15mm Lens $10 @ Gerry Gibbs Camera Warehouse - Starts Midnight 23rd
  17. Luckypenguin

    4:3 Frame composition

    The GH2 also had a multi-aspect sensor. Regardless of the aspect ratio chosen, the recordable area of the GH1/2 sensors uses the same diagonal measurement i.e. it doesn't capture data outside of the nominal 4/3 image circle. By comparison, the floating sensor in an Olympus camera can move and...
  18. Luckypenguin

    Rumor Time: Olympus patent for FF 28 f2 lens

    More so than any other brands of ILCs that you have used?
  19. Luckypenguin

    4:3 Frame composition

    The first page of DPReview's GH1 review gave a good visual guide to how the old multi-aspect sensors worked. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Review
  20. Luckypenguin

    4:3 Frame composition

    He was probably correct back in 2004. Having said that I would still let the content and composition of an image dictate its proportions, not the output device.
  21. Luckypenguin

    Do You Use A Strap

    A few loops around my hand and the neck strap becomes a wrist strap. Best of both worlds.
  22. Luckypenguin

    Is it me, or are things quiet around here...?

    Other interests and responsibilities have meant that I don't have as much time or inclination for trolling camera forums lately.
  23. Luckypenguin

    Photokina 2016 Looking very important

    Probably wondering why other corporations continue to support loss making camera divisions.
  24. Luckypenguin

    For Australian Buyers

    Hopefully Ted's hasn't jacked their ebay store prices up at the same time like Kogan has.
  25. Luckypenguin

    Best Travel Lens?

    8.7 million pickles. Cropping to 4 million pickles gives you about the same real estate as a 2/3" sensor.
  26. Luckypenguin

    Bye bye m43

    This thread would have been best ignored. It was a bait from the Talknex forum. Link
  27. Luckypenguin

    I'm trying to avoid the Marketplace

    The more cameras and lenses you buy now, the bigger the pile of depreciating electronics you'll have lying around doing nothing when you get bored with photography.
  28. Luckypenguin

    M43 Weather Sealing

    I have found the weather sealing of Olympus bodies (E-M5 and E-M1) and lenses (12-40mm and 12-50mm) to be reliable, with the following caveats; 1. The zoom ring of the 12-40mm started to grind and the manual focus clutch became difficult to operate following exposure to desert sand. Both of...
  29. Luckypenguin

    the Sigma DN-Arts are 'mostly' perfect

    I had to switch from S-AF+MF to S-AF only on my Micro 4/3 cameras years ago when I first purchased the Panasonic 25mm f1.4 because the focus ring on that lens spins way too freely.
  30. Luckypenguin

    First review of Panasonic 12-60 isn't pretty

    Thanks for going to the effort of finding a visual comparison between the two lenses. The issue you raise about comparing the two lenses at the aperture that coincides with the Fuji's optical peak is a good one. In real world use I typically shoot a Micro 4/3 camera about one stop wider than I...
  31. Luckypenguin

    Panasonic 14-50 Elmar vs Elmarit?

    The Elmar was designed to be (somewhat) compatible with contrast detect autofocus, whereas the Elmarit was not. The 14-150mm Elmar (also CDAF compatible) is probably the pick of the PL4/3 zooms.
  32. Luckypenguin

    50-200SWD, EC-14 + E-M1 = unreliable autofocus?

    That is true. Some 4/3 lenses are very slow and jerky and cause the AF motor to work hard, and even the CDAF compatible 4/3 lenses aren't great. I would just like the E-M1 to use CDAF when the PDAF fails or the ability to force the it to use CDAF. The other advantage of CDAF is that the focus...
  33. Luckypenguin

    50-200SWD, EC-14 + E-M1 = unreliable autofocus?

    My take is that if I want the fastest possible autofocus with 4/3 lenses I'll use the E-M1. If I want the most reliable autofocus I'll use a CDAF body. As far as I am aware you can't make the E-M1 use CDAF with a 4/3 lens.
  34. Luckypenguin

    Olympus full frame future?

    Technology already exists that improves on current levels; they just need to find out if it's for sale. What if there was a 20mp BSI Micro 4/3 sensor?
  35. Luckypenguin

    Do you ever use super high ISO values (on m43)?

    The screenshot below from an Exposure Plot analysis of about 1000 images represents a pretty typical distribution of ISO values for me. The spikes at ISO 100 and 200 represent shooting mostly with Samsung/Canon and Olympus cameras respectively.
  36. Luckypenguin

    What if there was a 20mp BSI Micro 4/3 sensor?

    I agree about the ISO 100 vs 200, but that is an inconsistency manufactured by Olympus and their chosen sensor supplier by presenting ISO 200 as their recommended base ISO for maximum dynamic range. What I have taken from this little experiment is that there is no technical reason why any future...
  37. Luckypenguin

    What if there was a 20mp BSI Micro 4/3 sensor?

    Oh, I see. So it's because of how Imaging Resource uses different framing to deal with differences in aspect ratio. I also just realized from looking at their site that in their studio test scene they shoot with (approx.) the same focal length (~50mm) and the same aperture (f/8) regardless of...
  38. Luckypenguin

    What if there was a 20mp BSI Micro 4/3 sensor?

    Shouldn't the objects on each side display at the same size if the E-M1 has been upressed to the same horizontal resolution as the NX500?
  39. Luckypenguin

    What if there was a 20mp BSI Micro 4/3 sensor?

    Perhaps if I was trying to directly compare the E-M1 to the NX500 in all it's full APS-C sized glory :). In that case I would also need to use different focal lengths for each camera to achieve the same framing. The aim here was to create a theoretical Micro 4/3 sensor by cropping the images...
  40. Luckypenguin

    What if there was a 20mp BSI Micro 4/3 sensor?

    While it is true that cropping an image has no impact on the remaining image at a pixel level, a greater level of magnification will be required to achieve the same display output size as the original and therefore the threshold at which noise becomes objectionable becomes lower. Noise increases...
  41. Luckypenguin

    What if there was a 20mp BSI Micro 4/3 sensor?

    For a while I've been meaning to do a comparison between a Micro 4/3 camera and one with a state-of-the-art APS-C sensor, using lenses of the same focal length and cropping the APS-C image down to equalise the framing. To do this test I have used an Olympus E-M1 and a Samsung NX500. When cropped...
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