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    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    The one thing that would push me to the the Gx10 is highres II. I am really liking it, and every year I take a trip to image the SW. I have a small travel tripod and highres would get used. Actually this is the only thing my Gx85 lacks as a travel camera. So after looking at the EM5 III, I think...
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    Show Machinery

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    Well I did it. Went from GX8 to GX9 and back to the GX8 again

    Comparing the G9 and Gx8 I see a little difference but not so much as to say that one is better than the other in a meaningful way.
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    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    I have trouble differentiating between images taken with the Gx8 and G9 when I've used the same lens,. I agree that the Gh6 or G10 will be the first to get the 24 mp sensor (more likely 32 mp for 8K video), I am just afraid that if it is 8K and a global shutter the cost will be very high.
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    Does the thought of various dangers keep you from shooting in the city?

    I don't have a CCP, but Oregon is an open carry state, and in the woods/deserts I am carrying either a .38 or my BlackHawk .30 cal. (I an old guy so my pistols are revolvers). Downtown I tend to carry a pretty nasty pocket knife (I think 4.25" is the longest you can have) and thanks to the US...
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    Does the thought of various dangers keep you from shooting in the city?

    I have a friend who refuses to go downtown due to what he considers dangerous areas in Portland. He says he is uncomfortable, he is not a big guy and he thinks he is an "easy target". I still go downtown but am more cautious about some areas. We are both older (I'm 70) so the poll tries to break...
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    The Urban Landscapes/Cityscapes Thread

    Taken a while ago with my Cpix 4500, I guess this is what it means when they say "working in the cloud".....Denver, Colorado
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    Share Birds

    Mr. Sleepy (Night Heron):
  10. D7k1 - add live composite to G9

    I can tell you the upgrade does one heck of a job with near/far settings. I could never have gotten this night hearing catching a daytime nap without the up grade. And I for BIF's with near I get about 50% keepers now with fast flyers.
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    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    I am finding the Gx8 and the G9 is the perfect combination. Next camera to get replace is the Gx85, pretty sure it will be a Gx10 or EM5iii. Will just have to wait and see.
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    The need to move forward with M43

    It depends where and how you shoot mostly. But I bought the 12-35 & 100-400 at the same time when I got the Gx8. You can get the 12-35 v1 fairly inexpensively as someone said, and I can tell you it is very fast and the dual IS gives me about 4 stops on my Gx8 (4 years old) and about 5 on my...
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    I just received my E-M5 Mk III and...

    Gx85 probably feels heavy because of its heat sync (it feels almost as heavy as my larger Gx8), but its a greatly little camera. I have the 3 bears when it comes to camera sizes. I too like small cameras and will see how the Gx10 compares to the OMD5 III when looking for a Gx85 replacement. BUT...
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    1st high Res Results from the G9 (30 x 40") down rezed to 1980

    1. Normal Type 1 High Res (no motion removal) Type 2 highres with Motion Reduction While you can barely see it here, Type II vs normal is much better and type 1 is not suited for moving waters. Although I forgot to capture both JPEG and RAW (these are JPEG) the 30 x 40" on my 50" 4K TV is...
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    Panasonic reviews from a (former) Olympus user standpoint?

    I've owned both, to me it is like a Ferrari vs Ford GT. One has great design but its software and durability of minor parts can be an issue, the pany is tool for some one who uses his/her gear day to day. Olympus has a few nice features (first to have high res and live composite), Panasonic now...
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    Who is use high res mode?

    Look at the moss/lichen - the difference to me is significant.
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    Who is use high res mode?

    So here are my thoughts (recognizing that you can do similar stuff in most good processing programs and with a good panoramic head). IMHO once the 35-40 MPX global shutter comes to M43 it will be for many imagers (pro/semipro/amateurs (those who are left) ) a system that can do it all from...
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    Who is use high res mode?

    Your missing the fact that Panasonic has HighRes II which removes ghosts and every review I've read said that Panasonic HighRes I was sharper. What makes you think that 1 second or less exposures don't stitch well?
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    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    So I've been thinking (just in the last day or so) about maybe replacing my travel camera with one with a 20 meg sensor to match my G9 and Gx8. I really like the Gx85 but it is missing a few things that I'd like. What I really want is a min G9 in a small package. HighRes, 6K video/stills, the...
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    Showcase Panasonic Leica 100-400mm f/4-6.3 DG Vario-Elmar

    A Black Crowned Nighty Night Heron
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    Who is use high res mode?

    Yes only Oly has the handheld, but now Panasonic has the "remove ghosts" thing you can do in Photoshop call HighRes II. Got to love competition:)
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    Who is use high res mode?

    Its been raining here in Oregon for the last 10 days. Today it rain and medium (25mph winds). 10 day forecast more rain and/or snow.
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    What prime(s) to add? 7.5, 15, 25, 56, 75... etc

    I don't use primes much but I can say you have to cut my arm off to get me to get rid of the Oly 60mm f2.8 macro.
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    The Dedicated Black & White Image Thread

    The 75-300 II @75mm can be magical.
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    Who is use high res mode?

    In the latest software upgrade Panasonic introduced something similar to the "remove ghosts" in the adobe stacking algorithm and it works pretty well from the posts I've seen. Actually I think it might be a good landscape option and if it every quits raining here Portland I'll try it.
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    Who is use high res mode?

    T he couple of images I took with both forms of high res on the G9 with new upgrade software were significantly sharper than the standard raw files. So I think that at least on the G9 (especially type 2) it is a useful, I can not get motivated to use it.
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    Who is use high res mode?

    So last April I wanted a new body for birding (and lucked out when Pany issued the latest firm ware update) and convinced myself that I wanted a High Res Mode. I've shot lots of birds but nothing but a few high res tests. It's not the tripod use (I have a very good tripod and us it for lots of...
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    Faces in things (pareidolia)

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    Why is the panasonic 35-100 f2.8 rarely talked about?

    Lets see, Mr. Bolt can run a 27 MPH for a very short time (Perhaps on a track hitting 27 MPH for half a hundred yard dash) In the real world a Ursus arctos can run much farther at a normal top speed of 35 mph. In the real world a human within 100 yards (and say car is not right behind them), is...
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    what photography related item did you buy this week?

    A .8 reducer for my 4" APO and a set of extension tubes (to get to the 55mm focus plane of the reducer) to be used with my astro cameras and my M43 cameras.
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    Panasonic Leica 12-60mm F2.8-4 vs Lumix G X 12-35mm

    Anyone know the Panasonic repair policy on the 12-60? I insured my 100-400 due to their repair policy.
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    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    I've been using my Gx85 as my travel camera with the 9-18/75-300II or 35-100 4/5.6 and so far I think it is still a very good tool. It will take something that has more than just a bigger sensor to get me to upgrade it. I don't think Pany will revisit the Gx8 (that's why I'm keeping mine), but...
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    Rumoured Panasonic GX10

    I'd be very happy if it was just a Gx8 with G9 innards - in fact that is one of a very few combination of features that would temp me to upgrade.
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    Share: RED

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    Showcase Panasonic Leica 100-400mm f/4-6.3 DG Vario-Elmar

    Just a couple I already posted in birds but thought it would be good to have them here. I have never regretted getting this lens since day one. Good technique and knowing what the limits are (as with any long lens) can bring about images that are entirely "good enough" for me. Take a look at the...
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    No Olympus or Panasonic lens profiles in LR classic?

    You should be seeing "Built-in lens profile applied" at the bottom of the profile box.
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    Share Birds

    So the other day a friend who shoots a D3/D500 from a tripod was saying I need to start shooting from a tripod. So these are my handheld shoots at some slow shutter speeds - what do you think? Only the bubble head is a crop. You can not bird in Oregon without seeing Nutria in fresh water.
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    Balancing expenditure between hobbies......

    [ Compete while you can, so I say go for the sight. You won't be young forever spend it wisely:)
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    Balancing expenditure between hobbies......

    We have a separate travel budget. My and here friend are going to Paris this year, I may go to Iceland or just take some weeks and RV to areas in the US I have not imaged before (few and far between). Until I had a medical issue I was going to the Amazon, but I've been told by my doc's -...
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    Balancing expenditure between hobbies......

    I have three hobbies: Photography (including video), Astrophotography (perhaps the same thing?), Music (composition). Have not spent money on Music since I bought a professional level DAW with a high level digital orchestra last year. My studio is complete, its my skills that need upgrading:)...
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