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    COMPLETED Olympus E-P5 body | Location: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to BuyWant to Buy Olympus E-P5 body Location USA Description Looking for an Olympus E-P5 body that (silver if possible) typical accessories that come in box. Condition 8-9+ Offering $300-$400 References Ebay: jbuch1984...
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    COMPLETED WTB E-M10 body | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    WTB E-P5 body | Location: USA Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellBuying WTB E-P5 body Prices $300-$400 Location USA Description Looking for a used E-P5 body. Doesn't have to be perfect on the surface but must operate without any problems. Must also include...
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    Babinet BPM sensors

    I know I haven't posted in ages and this could have been shared elsewhere but Just in case it hasn't, I'm gonna post it :-) its just a lil video that explains to future of Panasonic sensors.. Big things are coming. Babinet BPM Sensor
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    1 day Offroading

    I'm diggin the dove tailed samurai!
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    Showcase Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4 DG Summilux

    Don, where are you in Indiana? I live just west of the Wabash River (Robinson, il) and spend much of my time in Indiana!
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    Portraits only Thread -Share yours please

    My girlfriend at her Indiana University graduation, shot with the Oly 45mm at f 1.8
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    Olympus 45mm vs PL 45mm?

    Are those samples of the leaf mislabeled? If not then somehow the panny lens looks to have a shallower depth of field somehow....
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    Can we sell prints to each other ?

    I would do prints too but only if there was a way to insure what you see on screen gets transferred to paper as had hoped!
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    Can we sell prints to each other ?

    Not a bad idea at all. I've been asked a few times if I'd sell a photo on this forum but never thought about an actual seperate topic for just that. I do think I would rather buy a raw file or jpeg file instead of trusting someone to use same printing qualities I would like to see on my walls...
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    My thoughts on lenses for Florida/Disney trip

    Just went to universal islands of adventure in Orlando with my gf2 and 20mm and 45mm. I def used the 20 more than the 45, although did pull some nice portraits with super heros using the 45. Was a few times that I missed having a zoom.. But for the most part I think I would have been plenty...
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    GF2 screen coating etched?? :-(

    it's not scratched but seems more like the salt in the air ate through the coating on the screen.. i've thought about using a strong chemical to remove the rest of the coating but am afraid that maybe the coating is on there for touch screen reasons.... any idea?
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    lightroom 4 beta tutorial free on (limited time)

    Have been watching the free lightroom 4 beta tutorial on Software training online-tutorials for Adobe, Microsoft, Apple & more Tutorials | Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta Preview It's only free for a limited time, but wow...some of the new features and things they show you are awesome!
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    Too many lenses, need to thin the herd!

    I'd have sold the 14-45mm and 45-200mm also and kept the Oly 45mm (such a nice lens). I had the same problem as you in owning the 20mm 1.7, 14mm 2.5, 14-45mm, 45-200mm. I sold all but the 20mm and 45mm and all that i miss is having a zoom but i'm planing to buy a power zoom as they are so much...
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    GF2 screen coating etched?? :-(

    Just got back from vacation to Bahamas and noticed a problem with my gf2 screen. It functions fine but the screen seems to be etched. Touch focus works and it is completely visible but you can see marks on the screen when it's in light. I think salt in the air did something to it... Won't clean...
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    Official X-Pro1 press release

    wowzers, thats what im talking about!
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    Show: Very last '11, 1st '12 mu43 image.

    I didn't snap it since I'm in it but last/first my camera got
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    Showcase Olympus 45mm f/1.8

    Cross post but oh well, was shot with the oly 45mm 1.8
  18. J

    Let's see those Xmas decorations!

    Haven't posted in awhile but snapped a photo after putting the Christmas tree up!
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    Show: Fall Colors / Autumn Colors / Colours ...

    Thanks Livnius, I was out playing with my new oly 45mm and pana 20mm... don't remember what i shot those with but i know the first one was wide open and the second at about 5.6 if i remember right.
  20. J

    Remember when...

    haha, I insulate equipment and piping so that it runs more efficiently!! Apparently I need to do a better job of it by the looks of our prices :biggrin:
  21. J

    Remember when...

    I actually pass that sign all the time, it's just leaning against an older building on the outer limits of town along with an old coca-cola bottle vending machine and an old cigarette dispenser. Every time i pass that sign it reminds me how twisted things have become (and I work at an Oil Refinery!)
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    Remember when...

    Crazy how high gasoline is anymore.. And when it falls to $3.14 you think it's a steal because your not paying $4.. It's ashame. I'm bitter about it, gf is in school 2 hrs away and my vehicle has a 6 liter engine, boo
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    Remember when...

    20mm f 1.7
  24. J

    Show: Fall Colors / Autumn Colors / Colours ...

    I already posted these in the olympus 45mm thread but they are fitting here too:
  25. J

    Where's that &$%#* 45mm f1.8?

    I got mine from an ebay auction for $399, free shipping to Illinois from Korea... Ordered late Thursday night, had it Monday morning!
  26. J

    Showcase Olympus 45mm f/1.8

    Thank you Don!
  27. J

    Showcase Olympus 45mm f/1.8

    Just some quickies with my new lens, loving it so far!
  28. J

    Showcase Olympus 45mm f/1.8

    Just got confirmation that mine arrived from Korea today..only three days to Get here.. Not bad seeing that I ordered on Friday haha
  29. J

    Olympus 45mm in stock

    Figures, day after I order from over seas...
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    iPhone 4S - color me impressed

    Galaxy S II has 2.8 aperture as compared to 2.4 on the Iphone 4s, same sensor though
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    Showcase Olympus 45mm f/1.8

    woohoo, after a week or so of stalking this thread I finally bought my own!
  32. J

    [EXPIRED] Panasonic 14mm, 14-45mm, and 45-200mm for 20mm 1.7 or oly 45mm 1.8

    Thanks for the quick payment! I will get that lens out to you asap
  33. J

    1.2 Bokeh Panoramas :-)

    Thanks guys, I sold the lens a bit ago and actually think it is up for sale again by the user that purchased it from me. Look for the Canon 55mm f 1.2 in the classifieds, good lens!
  34. J

    1.2 Bokeh Panoramas :-)

    It's just a coined term for the Brenzier Method, I certainly didn't name it :-) and you're right about the highlights and stitching BUT they were just for fun and experimenting and wanted to share. Sure there are flaws to pick at, but why? Just fun to share!
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    1.2 Bokeh Panoramas :-)

    Thank you! and yes in a sense it does, even shallower dof than with a full frame if you want. Just depends on how many shots you stitch, the lens you use and also how close you are to the subject
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    [EXPIRED] Panasonic 14mm, 14-45mm, and 45-200mm for 20mm 1.7 or oly 45mm 1.8

    Just as title says, I'm looking to acquire the Panasonic 20mm 1.7 and have a Panasonic 45-200mm I would like to trade plus cash... or sell straight out $215 Panasonic 45-200mm f/4.0-5.6 Lumix G Vario MEGA OIS Zoom all sales including shipping to conus, you pay paypal fees PM me any offers
  37. J

    1st post but been lurkin' :)

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing some of your photographs in the future!
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    Quick Comparison of OM 50 1.4 to Oly 45

    Very nice comparison! They do produce a very similar picture. Already owning the OM 1.8 I'm debating if auto focus is worth the $350 difference!
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    GH2 Wedding with 12mm, 25mm, Hack, Glidecam

    I like it, very nice!
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    MLB Playoff thread

    Let's go red birds!
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    Haven't posted in some time, just some randoms.

    I've really fallen off here, hadn't posted much but figured what the hell.. I'm bored :-)
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    High-End Panasonic GFX1 Rumored for Early November Annoucement

    sounds like a good camera to replace my recently stolen gf2 :-(
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