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  1. Baenwort

    Olympus vs JJC lens hoods

    Does anyone know of a good cad or shape file of the lens hood interface? The 3D printed EM1.2 grip has me thinking about doing it for more parts and it would be nice tto have cut outs for filter adjustments.
  2. Baenwort

    Show and request

    Show Rad...ical Show: Baked
  3. Baenwort

    News from Topaz Labs

    I was willing to pay the high price (for how much I used it) of the products because I thought I was paying for years of support up front. If I'm only buying a year of support I'm not going to pay $$$ for the product. Given I think they are aiming at a $$$ making Pro market it means I likely...
  4. Baenwort

    Your favorite fast wide lens?

    For me it was a toss between the Sigma 16/1.4 and the Olympus 12-40/2.8 but I ended up keeping only the Sigma as for my shooting I am often beyond 40mm due to active subject or able to take the time to stitch if the 16 isn't wide enough. The extra speed of the 16mm makes it my go to indoor lens...
  5. Baenwort

    rubber grip peeling off

    Do you have it on your etsy page?
  6. Baenwort

    Show and request

    Panasonic FZ30 Show: Medieval
  7. Baenwort

    10mm f/2.0 autofocus (intended for drones) from DZ Optics

    Do you not count the Sigma lenses as being third part?
  8. Baenwort

    rubber grip peeling off

    It is Luton Camera. My auto correct didn't like it. They gave me a quote via PayPal when I emailed them.
  9. Baenwort

    rubber grip peeling off

    You can buy a replacement from Luton camera in the UK for 15 pounds. I've had mine replaced under warrenty twice in two years. The next time I'll fix it myself as it is gone for a week each time. (I have my local camera store handle the warranty repair as they have a faster turn around then...
  10. Baenwort

    Show and request

    show : unruly SHOW: Woozy
  11. Baenwort

    my images not loading for me!

    I have been trying to pin this down and even turning off https everywhere and privacy badger (the only two plugins I use for FireFox Android) the exif part loads but not the images for mu-43 hosted pics. I've submitted a request to the AdGuard folks as their filter list blocks but...
  12. Baenwort

    my images not loading for me!

    So this has been going on for nearly a month. I can see the Flickr hosted images and the EXIF info shows up for the mu43 hosted images but the actual image never loads.
  13. Baenwort

    B&H Deal: X-Rite i1Display Pro for $154.99 AR (reg. $259)

    So as part of their dealzone you can pick up several calibration tools. This goes to the end of the year. My recommendation is the X-Rite i1Display Pro for $154.99 AR + MIR (reg. $259). It is broadly compatible and you can use it with a rang of software...
  14. Baenwort

    Hot shoe cover?

    I would like to say this thread is useless without pics. :D
  15. Baenwort

    FYI on E-M1ii Separating Grip

    I got mine for 15 GBP shipped from to the USA. Exchange rates and card fees might raise it but they will sell you genuine Olympus parts. I'm still under warrenty but I didn't want to be without my camera for that long of time.
  16. Baenwort

    Picolay 64 bit 20190831 update (focus stacking)

    How much better is this than the stacking in Olympus Workplace if I haven't yet tried a shot that I had a problem with yet? Is this aimed at solving problems that only crop up at extreme macro? Or does it help with stacking with the Pro lens with the MCs?
  17. Baenwort

    "Camera Bag" for Photo Editing Software

    My wife likes this over any other she's tried for the number of film presets for the price. Other than that it seems to hit the basics checks. They have been making the software for years and even gave her a free upgrade from version 2 to thier latest version so we like thief customer support...
  18. Baenwort

    FYI on E-M1ii Separating Grip

    I wish there was a law requiring that if they sell the parts to anyone to repair it they have to sell to the public or anyone who asks. I don't care if there I a quadruplicating of the cost, I just want to buy a precut replacement grip. And while I'm wishing, can we also get the specs or...
  19. Baenwort

    my images not loading for me!

    I haven't been able to load any site hosted images since Friday. This is getting rather annoying. At least some of you seem to be intermittently working.
  20. Baenwort

    Share - Beautiful People

    And fighting the light with more light is the right idea for that situation. I've taken to making sure the window screens for our car have a silver side, and when combined with what ever bag we have with us as a rest, they work well enough as reflectors in this kind of light. Getting actual...
  21. Baenwort

    Olympus lens roadmap updated 2019-11-27

    The 12-45 seems like it would be launched with a new body as everyone keeps saying it is a perfect kit lens. I was surprised that the EM5.3 didn't have a new lens with it so perhaps this lens was intended for.that but production issues in the factory move pushed them apart? That would give...
  22. Baenwort

    Olympus 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 IS lens

    Their are nonpro weather sealed and now non-pro IS but there hasn't been both in one lens that wasn't also pro. That is my worry, I'd take WR over IS due to my usage environment and how it makes me feel more comfortable to every day carry my gear in a readily accessible manor.
  23. Baenwort

    Olympus 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 IS lens

    I'm just worried that with IS and being a non-pro lens that it will not be sealed. Otherwise it looks like the lens I've been waiting for.
  24. Baenwort

    Looking for a new general purpose / editing computer... need suggestions

    Your going to want to keep an eye on sites like which is a manufacturer refurb that has a decent processor, a dedicated graphics card, a...
  25. Baenwort

    Please advise me on telephoto zooms

    Your comment about the focal length caused me to recall that there used to be a site that would calculate or give you the equation to use to know the height of the cylinder you needed for a given focal length. It was a simple calculated value as it didn't plot petals or anything based upon...
  26. Baenwort

    Please advise me on telephoto zooms

    I love mine. You can see examples over at The one advice I would give is to use extra glue on the joint of the metal ring and plastic body of the telescoping hood. This is a weak spot that fails on many of us. The fix...
  27. Baenwort

    Looking for a new general purpose / editing computer... need suggestions

    Are you willing to get a refurbished laptop on BF? HP often will have refurbished laptops with Dreamcolor displays. If you keep an eye on the outlet toucan sometimes snag them for near your price. And even if not DreamColor certified they still tend to be more accurate from the factory than not.
  28. Baenwort

    Looking for a new general purpose / editing computer... need suggestions

    If that is your budget and you want this for portable editing I second an iPad with a Pencil. To do more you'd need to give more details about what you have and why you think it lacks. Also helpful would be a more clear statement about what your current display device is and if you want...
  29. Baenwort

    Show and request

    Show Obsolete EM1.2 + 40-150 Pro The 16inch Whisky River Line runs several actual steam engines that have been rescued from old mines and spur lines. Show: cutting Edge
  30. Baenwort

    Show and request

    Darn it! it happened again. Show: Joy EM1.2 + 40-150 f2.8 This was the afternoon of the Bristol RenFaire and she had been finger painting with a crowd of kids. Everyone was joyful and a little messy. Show: Tide
  31. Baenwort

    Show and request

    Show: Somber EM1.2 + 40-150 f2.8 "Won't anyone throw it?" Show: Tide
  32. Baenwort

    Topaz just released DeNoise AI

    Does your laptop have a thunderbolt port? I used to use a external GPU case when I was at home to address this very problem. I've since upgraded to a desktop at home but this worked well for nearly two years.
  33. Baenwort

    Showcase Kowa Prominar 8.5mm f/2.8

    What do you consider a decent deal on this lens? I got a 8mm BCL for Christmas last year and found it way more fun and engaging then I would have ever figured for such a wide FOV. It fell out of a pocket on Halloween and I'm considering spending a lot more this time.
  34. Baenwort

    New Olympus Lens Roadmap

    How do you judge the size? I also wonder at the fixed f-stop. The old 50-200 had a variable on and I wonder if this one is fixes due to marketing wanting all the Pro lenses to be fixes?
  35. Baenwort

    Winter Gloves

    Would you say the liners are good down to freezing on their own?
  36. Baenwort

    Winter Gloves

    How do these work with the touchscreen on the back of the EM1.2? I tend to use the slide to change focus points a lot. From that thread I found what looks like the exact same gloves I used to get on clearance every year...
  37. Baenwort

    Creative brainstorming for Olympus.

    I'd say they should double down on the software end of things. Computational in the camera space seems like a place they can make a mark. Roll out more AI modes. Expand and reformat the options so that you can have modes for things like 'kids indoors', BIF, or 'ball in motion'. Basically, I...
  38. Baenwort

    Halloween 2019

    Who decided that this date would always be fall? EM1.2 + 40-150 2.8
  39. Baenwort

    Mu-43 Monthly Photo Contest for October 2019 - Halloween: WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

    Second Entry. Oct 31st. EM1.2 + 40-150 PRO IT?
  40. Baenwort

    Mu-43 Monthly Photo Contest for October 2019 - Halloween: WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

    First Entry. Oct 31st. EM1.2 + 40-150 PRO A complete accident shot as I grabbed for the slipping trick or treater. Managed to squeeze the camera under my arm as I grabbed him and the button was pressed.
  41. Baenwort

    Winter Photography goals

    Get out of my NAS! ;) These are also my goals for the winter. I don't carry a tripod enough to use HR. Unless they add HHR to the EM1.2 this winter.
  42. Baenwort

    Winter Gloves

    So I used to pick up a cheap $2 pair of neoprene fishing gloves at the end of the ice fishing season as they cleared them out. However, ice fishing isn't the thing it used to be as the local lakes don't ice over safely for very long any more. So they don't carry them in enough bulk to have...
  43. Baenwort

    omd1-mkii quick focus point change

    This does work on the Mark 2. the limitation is that it just toggles back and forth and if you or someone changes the size to what you set as default via another way it wont toggle to anything else and may frustrate you at a bad moment.
  44. Baenwort

    Sigma F1.4 line for m43 is $50 off round the web

    At multiple sites there is the Sigma $50 off the entire F1.4 line for m43. This is the 16mm, 30mm, and 56mm. Which site you use should depend on who you have reward points or a CC with. Amazon, Adorama, BnH, and Focus Camera are listed but all Sigma authorized sellers should be participating...
  45. Baenwort

    Show and request

    Show Distracted: EM1.2 + 40-150 2.8 Show Boardgame
  46. Baenwort

    Show and request

    Show Chamber: EM1.2+ bodycap FE A modern chamber performance at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. Show Purple
  47. Baenwort

    Olympus Workplace now available for download

    Has anyone seen a good list for what the new 1.2 update does/fixes? The date on it is 17OCT2019 The list in the readme mentions a muticomposite but there are no explanations.
  48. Baenwort

    New patent: Olympus 8-24 f/4 MFT lens

    It has been discussed since Saturday over in
  49. Baenwort

    Show Photographers

    EM1.2+40-150 Pro There was a fashion event of some kind going on September 5th at the National Portrait Gallery in DC. I avoided getting any paparazzi style pics of people arriving but I did take this of one of the photogs and his assistant in the main room.
  50. Baenwort

    Where to Place Car on Road?

    4K video and pic the frame?
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