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  1. Pelao

    Confirmed: Panasonic G5 Uses the GH2 Sensor with Multi-Aspect Disabled

    Interesting information for the Geek in me. I wonder will this information now be reflected in comments on the G5s image quality. Will people start to see things differently? Or will the camera be judged on its merits, regardless of the sensor?
  2. Pelao

    The Official Lumix G5 image Thread

    Don, Great shots. The G5 looks like a winner. I liked the G3, but not enough for it to replace my beloved GF1. This has improvements I like, and at a good price too. All that said, these shots are as much about the photographer. You have the eye...
  3. Pelao

    Is The Olympus OM-D E-M5 a Game Changer?

    Interesting discussion. I feel that this camera is a game changer for many individuals. It's a camera that is very versatile, has a good selection of lenses, and good IQ; certainly good enough for many people. So it's a camera that for many can deliver what their traditional DSLR can deliver...
  4. Pelao

    Olympus E-M5 Sensor is (Allegedly) 'Completely New'

    I share your frustration Amin. It would not put me off investigating the new camera if they were to announce that it is a Panasonic sensor, and that they have made some changes to meet their goals. What matters in the end is the output quality, and Olympus should be proud of their record in...
  5. Pelao

    X-Pro 1, $1700 M9 alternative?

    My ideal is to have one system that can cover all the bases for me, yet remain relatively compact as a system. M43 can't (yet) do that, so this camera and the Nex 7 are candidates. I like a lot of things about both. The new Olympus appears to be very well thought-out, and versatile. The price...
  6. Pelao

    DigitalRev reviews the Sony NEX-7

    Hi Yes - Steve Huff's video review was very explicit about the clicks, and it was mentioned in some other reviews: Reichman I think, for example. In Huff's video the dials seemed nicely 'notched', but I haven't handled a 7 so can't judge for myself.
  7. Pelao

    DigitalRev reviews the Sony NEX-7

    That part of the review disappointed me. The very nature of the dials precludes markings because they change function depending upon mode and user selection. That's a key part of the ethos of the camera, and seems well-liked by most experienced reviewers.
  8. Pelao

    Showcase Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

    mix123 Some great photographs - but what struck me was the face that they are straight from the camera. Nice.
  9. Pelao

    How Many Still Bother With Printing?

    For me the paper choice is driven by the final result and the image. I use matte, semi-glossy (which goes under various names depending upon brand), and glossy. Generally, but not always, my B&W photographs end up on a more matte paper.
  10. Pelao

    My E-PL3 review

    Thanks Alf, A real pleasure to read. This is the sort of review that I both enjoy and find useful.
  11. Pelao

    How Many Still Bother With Printing?

    I much prefer printing to sharing images digitally. To me, the screen version is a representation of the final work, which is the print. The ability to make photo books is wonderful, adding another dimension to the printing of photographs.
  12. Pelao

    Anybody not want an OM-D?

    I look forward to the release, and especially to some hands-on information. I am ready to move on from my GF1. It seems likely that I will have two systems again, because at this stage M43 does not quite hit the sweet spot for some of my shooting. If I had gone for an EP3 I might not look at...
  13. Pelao

    Micro 4/3 vs a Full Frame Legend

    Well, maybe. I wonder how scientific that 90% can be? But will it do it as well? Depends on the standard doesn't it? Anyway, to each his own goals and tools.
  14. Pelao

    Micro 4/3 vs a Full Frame Legend

    Lots of assumptions in there. I am not talking pro or not pro. And I don't need to 'try' M43. Have shot thousands of frames and am very happy with the format. But I am also aware that it has limits - all things do. Those limits may or may not be important to everyone. For me, I have found...
  15. Pelao

    Micro 4/3 vs a Full Frame Legend

    I am not sure I agree that M43 is close to old FF DSLR, but I suppose what's more important to me is where is it not close. For some things I am delighted with my M43 gear. But there are things for which I find it far off for my standards. I think what matters is the absolute quality needed...
  16. Pelao

    Micro 4/3 vs a Full Frame Legend

    A fair reaction, which also illustrates that it depends on perspective. So far, I have seen M43 build high ISO ability, but not so much in DR, which interests me more. I am not so sure that past developments guarantee those of the future.
  17. Pelao

    Micro 4/3 vs a Full Frame Legend

    Tests like this can be fun. The M43 sensors are certainly very capable. For some of my shooting, the one glaring weakness is in shadow detail. I hope the next generation is able to do better at lower ISOs.
  18. Pelao

    Interesting article concerning 4/3 Printing

    Some good points. It's an interesting article, not unlike this one from Reichman, concerning an even smaller sensor: Kidding I feel that the general point about technique is the most important part of the article. Overall, a great deal depends on your output, the subject matter and...
  19. Pelao

    I thought about a move to the Fuji X-Pro1....

    I start with the end result I need and work back to get the right gear. My M43 stuff gives me good to very good quality (for my needs) and is way more portable than my DSLR and quality lenses. I certainly did not get into M43 for size: it was the size / performance mix. So much depends upon what...
  20. Pelao

    First REAL image of the OM-D

    It seems to me that we have to decide what meets our needs. I hear you on comparing M43 to some DSLRs even a few years old. For me it's not so much low light performance (not so important for me), but the shadow and highlight range abilities of M43. For some of my shooting M43 so far is not...
  21. Pelao

    Featured forum post: GX1 Initial Impressions and a Sample ISO 1600 Image

    Great reports, flu of the real-world information I need and enjoy. Thanks for the photographs too - though the beer one will get my vote, regardless of ISO...
  22. Pelao

    B&W workflow: free video tutorial from Luminous Landscapes

    B&W Workflow in Lightroom
  23. Pelao

    Pana-Leica 45/2.8 macro

    Very, very nice.
  24. Pelao

    G3 worth getting?

    Very, very good advice.
  25. Pelao

    Nice review on GF1 w/20mm lens

    Ya, this was influential in my purchase too. No regrets.
  26. Pelao

    A way to better Learn exposure?

    Excellent. You had extra Cheerios this morning, didn't you?
  27. Pelao

    Oly 45mm f/1.8 Review

    From what I can tell, the 12 seems like a fine lens. For my uses though, I don't see it as significantly better than the Pana 14, which of course is considerably less expensive.
  28. Pelao

    Oly 45mm f/1.8 Review

    It looks like this is one of those lenses where the performance is great and the price reasonable. If I stay with M4/3, this will likely be my next lens buy.
  29. Pelao

    Luminous Landscapes GX1 first impressions

    Panasonic GX1 First Impressions
  30. Pelao

    American Censorship Day

    Well cool. Good for you. Exactly.
  31. Pelao

    Scott Bourne calls the E-P3 his "new favorite portrait camera"

    Nice summary. What I take from all this is what I already know: for many photographers, and for many forms of final output, MFT has really opened some doors. I love my GF1, but also acknowledge it's limits for some of what I do. The newer sensors don't fix those limits - but that doesn't make...
  32. Pelao

    Panasonic GX1 Announced

    And that's always a good staring point. My GF1 produces what I need from a M4/3 camera. The G3 / GX1 sensor is no doubt much better at high ISO, but I rarely shoot over 800. What I need is better low ISO performance.I increasingly doubt if M4/3 can reach the levels I would really like...
  33. Pelao

    Panasonic GX1 Leaked on Panasonic Website

    Looks good. Not sure if it provides me with any reason to upgrade. The sensor will likely be better, but most probably at high ISOs, not where I need it. I would have to test in person before being able to comment on the buttons, and the thumb wheel - I hope the latter is like that on the GF1...
  34. Pelao


  35. Pelao

    Ian's B&W GF1 images

    What a pleasure it is to scroll through those photographs. You have the eye and the technique. So good.
  36. Pelao

    New GX1 EVF Non-Compatible With Older Bodies?

    The VF incompatibility does not really surprise me, for two reasons. First, I think that it's likely the connection can't handle the bandwidth. Second, Panasonic doesn't appear to plan strategically with their designs. When the Gf1 came out it was a choice not to develop a high-res VF: their...
  37. Pelao

    Anyone buying a NIkon V1 2 lens kit for $1150!

    If you have any spare armor I would love to borrow it. I am not too excited by the GX1 and can feel the sights zeroing in... Would love to see shots form your new camera. The system itself is not likely to be of real interest to me, but I am always curious about these things.
  38. Pelao

    Meet the Panasonic GX1

    I had not complained about the high ISO performance of M4/3. I rarely shoot over ISO 800. For a great deal of my work M4/3 is somewhere between very good and excellent. but in nearly two years of M4/3 only, I have missed some of the capability of my FF cameras. So it's simply a matter of me...
  39. Pelao

    Meet the Panasonic GX1

    Good questions. Some history: most of my landscape work was with FF. I too have had some satisfactory large prints from M4/3. But I have noticed limitations too - it's not about complaints, but about my own standards. I've been shooting a long time, and am comfortable with my abilities and gear...
  40. Pelao

    Meet the Panasonic GX1

    Hi Gary, I think I would frame it differently. I was hoping to go down to one camera system. My M4/3 gear is good for a lot of what I do, but for some things, particularly landscapes for larger prints, it is not quite there. It's me, not the system - I can get very good results, but I have...
  41. Pelao

    Meet the Panasonic GX1

    I tink the 'your needs' art of the equation is critical. I have been happy with my GF1, both with native and legacy glass. For much of my shooting it is adequate in terms of IQ, and far ahead of my DSLR in terms of portability. There are portions though, especially landscape shooting, where it...
  42. Pelao

    Meet the Panasonic GX1

    Ah - the sense of betrayal! If I did move to another small-camera system I would keep my GF1. My daughter is enjoying photography more and more, and unlike me rarely prints over 8 x 10, so I think she would enjoy it.
  43. Pelao

    Meet the Panasonic GX1

    In business terms this sounds reasonable. In reality though what counts is actual use of the camera. For many users Sony have enough lenses. With the 24 and 50 alone I would be happy. I have enjoyed my GF1, and in general I like M4/3 primes. But for my purposes bothOlympus and Panasonic are...
  44. Pelao

    Meet the Panasonic GX1

    Over my current GF1 it seems this will offer a different sensor, be a bit smaller and with a decent optional EVF. AF should be faster too, though the GF1 is fine. The grip looks useful. I am a bit concerned that the thumbwheel will be the same as that on the G3, which I found too small. I would...
  45. Pelao

    High-End Panasonic GFX1 Rumored for Early November Annoucement

    Me too - I held off on the G3 because it's mighty close in many ways, but not quite there. I will be pleasantly freaked-out delighted if this comes to pass. A GF1 with a built-in EVF and a better sensor. Yum.
  46. Pelao

    Which would you get? The Oly 12mm f/2 or the Pany 25mm 1.4?

    Ya, nice summary (as usual). I admire the 12, but don't shoot that wide often enough to justify the cost.
  47. Pelao

    Where's that &$%#* 45mm f1.8?

    In my view you are overstating the case significantly. A run through threads with PL45 will reveal a strong portrait capability. Even allowing for taste, it seems pretty clear that the PL45 is highly regarded for portraits and much else by many of those who use it.
  48. Pelao

    Should I do it? G3

    Well, that would not make sense for me at all, and perhaps not for the OP. I am not sure how it is possible to state firmly that the Olys are better if you use the primes. I only shoot with primes and I don't use an Oly. They don't offer any advantages for mr and I prefer the Panasonic...
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