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    My incredible experience: India

    Awesome photos. I love break down of photos taken by lens. Its always struggle choosing lens to bring on a trip. Also even more interesting, being from India, I would probably pass many of these photo moments as I would be used to seeing it. Noob photographer here.
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    Leica 15mm for $403.50 [ebay]

    I wouldn't be too worried about buying from ebay. I have bought few lens like this from hongkong/taiwan, never had any issues. My rational was ebay protection and paypal. The policies are geared towards the buyers and protecting them from frauds.
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    Purchased E-M1 with 12-40...

    Why is e-m1 not good for long exposure photography?
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    white E-PM2 + 14-42 for $200 + 15% savings...ends tonight

    I bought e-pm2 to complement my e-m5. $181 after taxes, once I sell the lens the price is a no brainer. Thanks for the post!
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    Most Used Lens?

    20mm is my most used lens also. I have 9-18mm, 14mm, 14-42mm, 45mm, 40-140mm, 60mm macro, 12-50mm.
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    Refurb Olympus 12-40 in stock right now $639

    I picked up the 60mm Macro lens, at the time 12-40 was available too. Just keep trying.
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    Featured: 'Journey to the West of USA' by Etude

    The only picture I came close to on my San Francisco trip was the first picture of the Golden Gate bridge. lol I would love to get similar results to any of the other images. Great job!
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    So I have narrowed down my choices. Now i need help to pick just one

    I have no issues with my E-m5 with Panasonic 20mm using the AF light. I used to hate it with my e-pl1 but now I have no issues with it. Af is slow but it will lock focus the first time in a dark room. But 20mm and 25mm are too close of a focal range when you are looking to expand your lens...
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    Attention: Suspicious Activity in Buy & Sell: Lothe1961 and various aliases

    Any equipment sold should have the actual image of the equipment with the date and username of the seller in the same image. This will eliminate many scammers/fraudulent transactions.
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    Labor Day Fireworks

    Hello Everyone, Its been long time since I have posted on this forum but some of these images might be worthy. :thumbup: What do you think? <a href=""> "Untitled by Khushvanreep Singh on" border="0" style="margin: 0 0 5px 0;"> </a> <br/> <a...
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    OMD and 3 primes do urban Vancouver (lots of pictures)

    Those are gorgeous photos. I would love to see the Image information for the settings. Did you use any polarizers or nd filters for any of the shots?
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    Busy Dragon Fly....

    Nice work
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    Do you have a silver or black OM-D?

    I am surprised there are more black cameras than silver. Just because most picture I see on this forum are of silver cameras. I myself have a silver one.
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    Featured Forum Post: '7 days in Myanmar'

    Amazing photos. First few don't even look real! lol
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    Phuket vacation shots, iPad, EM5 RAW and Snapseed

    What is sd slot hard drive model #?
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    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Image Thread

    Lovely pics. What is the key to having blue sky without washing out?
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    Showcase Olympus 60mm f/2.8 Macro

    You did very well for few minutes of sunlight. I wish I could get those shots in one day. lol An eye for photography makes a huge difference.
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    iPhone 5 Launch Event

    Apple recently revealed in a lawsuit against Samsung that they spent close to ~$465 million in advertising. Dont quote me on it because I read this 2 weeks ago but it is pretty close to this. Apple make great yet simple product. The key is to control everything and they only let out what works.
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    So, Do You Want The New iPhone?

    I pre-ordered one hesitantly. I have droid x right now but giving iphone a try. I need better life and less bugs.
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    Hiker photographed grizzly bear before it killed him

    It sucks. Maybe he didnt play follow the instructions given to him for bear encounter. Its sad either way.
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    Ethics of Camera Returns

    Some of this conversation is going in circles here. But retailers use the return policy also as motivator to spend money. Coming from a country (India) with no return policy, I feel at ease buying product and not having to worry about return policy if its defective or not to my liking. To this...
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    Macro Fly

    I would love to get shot like that one day. How do you even come near a fly before it flies away? lol
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    12 Great Deals in Micro Four Thirds

    Its never been easier to get in to micro four thirds! I dont need any of this because i have equivalent lens and camera but I still want some.
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    Welcome to the summer of pictures!!!

    Great pics. I like the first one better of the two pictures of the path in the forest. The only reason I am commenting is because I'm trying to learn about perspective. This example shows how a little change can make difference in perspective.
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    OLY OMD body or GX1+PL25mm 1.4?Help Please:)

    Atleast for me high ISO comes in handy. Especially in social environment where more often than not high ISO is needed to get proper shutter speed. Dont forget to look at the price difference either. Some things can be measured, others cant.
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    OLY OMD body or GX1+PL25mm 1.4?Help Please:)

    I agree with OM-D as the choice. But if you switch bodies often then go with GX1 for now then wait till the OM-D is available or even becomes cheaper. I have the OM-D. The IBIS is worth noting. I can easily take half second shots with my primes. I have take 150mm shot in my room with very slow...
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    Cameta Drops Refurb PEN Prices Again....

    As OM-D owner I hope not! :tongue: lol
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    Cameta Drops Refurb PEN Prices Again....

    Those prices are beyond amazing. I already have e-m5 and e-pl1. But would love to feel the size of e-pm1 with 14mm.
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    LEICA Summilux PL25mm f/1.4 on my E-pl1

    Nice shots. Did you flash or other form of lighting? The lighting seems great which helps alot with the night shots.
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    How to Set-Up an OM-D

    These should come in handy. Thanks!
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    OMD 12-50 kit lens, Macro questions?

    AS the last poster said, you hold the macro button while pulling the zoom until macro in show on the window of the lens. I tried holding the macro button and rotating the zoom, that didn't work for me.
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    New OM-D E-M5 Owners' Thread!

    I just got my OMD. I am charging the battery right now. Coming from E-PL1, Im loving the speed and controls so for.
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    JoePa Statue ...

    I think this issues should go way beyond the statue. Remove any or all persons involved currently employed by Penn State. Protecting football program was culture it was not just one man. Every one got swept up in it. Hell even that janitor was too scared to say something because he saw it...
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    OM-D micro four thirds verses Pentax 6x7ii Film

    The first pic has more impact to my novice eyes. It seems like the focus has a purpose. I really cant tell where the focus is on the second image. I think its the plant in the forground.
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    Panasonic G5 Announced

    lol I just bought one. I have a feeling OM-D will be holding it's price atleast till the end of the year. Flagship cameras for both panasonic and olympus have historically held their price pretty well till the next iteration.
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    Olympus extends OMD rebate until Jume30th

    I have not received my order yet. Im afraid I might be past the rebate deadline by the time receive the camera. Amazon is notorious for taking their time with free shipping.
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    Olympus extends OMD rebate until Jume30th

    I am pretty sure Amazon is not considered authorized retailer. Can someone please confirm this since I can not find this information. I bought E-M5 from Amazon and I was wondering if I can get the rebate also.
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    OMD-Em5 delivery date in mid-April

    yea sorry I meant 12-50mm.
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    OMD-Em5 delivery date in mid-April

    I just ordered Silver E-M5 with 12-60 lens from Amazon. I can't believe I just spent $1300 in one click. It always a rush and makes the heartbeat fast. lol Now only if I could automatically be a better photographer. *Sigh*
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    Panasonic GX1 for $395 - Amazon Gold Box Deal (Usually $539)

    This is tough deal to pass up. But I think this is the E-M5 effect. There is so much hype and greats reviews for that camera, its is probably driving down the sales of alot of other mu-43 cameras. Even if people are not buying the E-M5 right away they are going to wait until the price goes down...
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    the Lovely color from the Olympus E-PL1 (image heavy)

    very nice. How are your indoor museum shots so crisp? Did you shoot raw and post process? I have e-pl1. I would like to know the setting you used for the shots.
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    COMPLETED Olympus OM-D EM-5 w/ 12-50mm SLIVER

    That is actually pretty good price. Considering you don't even need to pay tax.
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    Are We Too Hung Up On Shallow DOF?

    I guess its human nature to want what we don't have. lol Shallow dof does look more professional because it is usually the professionals with big sensors that create the photos. Honestly I do like the great dof pics coming the 25mm f1.4. :) But Ned is correct, shallow dof isn't everything but...
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    e-p3 or e-m5

    I'm in the same boat. BUt I have E-pl1 with whole bunch of native lenses and EVF. I want to upgrade but I dont know if I should pay more for the OM-D or get really good deal on rest of the bodies ie. E-p3 or e-pm1 (for size). I always loved the detail of images from the GH-2 and Olympus finally...
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    Photosafari in Tanzania

    Very nice photos. I liked every one of them.
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    O-MD sold Gone back to an EP3

    Blasphemy!! Kidding aside, I own the E-Pl1. I don't quite take enough photos to call my self an amateur photographer. But I do try every chance I get. I was thinking about e-pm1 because of its size. I have 14mm, 20mm and 45mm primes along with couple of other zooms. I love the size of the...
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    Passed by Time, as seen thru the eyes of a E-PL1..

    Amazing shots. I like the sharpness and overall colors.
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    Olympus E-PM1 kit refurb - $300 at Cameta

    Thats pretty amazing price. As cheap as that is, I want the OM-D but not at the current price. I'll keep waiting. :(
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    Some Pics of the EM-5 with Assorted Lens

    looks beautiful.
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    Digitalrev compares OMD, Nex7 and XPro 1

    Good idea on the comments. I usually like the underdog teams. I guess that goes for gear too. mu-43 is one of things people don't really take the time to understand. They go mostly for numbers and "name" brand products. I would surely like to own big sensor camera like the x100 one day but mu-43...
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