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  1. addieleman

    Trains! All aboard! Post your railroad photos

    These are quality pictures, also from a photographic perspective!
  2. addieleman

    Trains! All aboard! Post your railroad photos

    I suppose this is somewhere in The Netherlands? If so, where? Just curious!
  3. addieleman

    Which 50mm 1.4?

    The 45/2 is one of the slower standard lenses and it's worse than its faster brethren like the 50/1.4 varieties. Almost all Minolta lenses need to be stopped down at least 1 stop to get really good.
  4. addieleman

    Which 50mm 1.4?

    I too have experienced that the slower Nikon lenses can be better than the faster ones: 28/3.5 AI vs. 28/2.8 AIS is one example, or the 50/1.8 AI vs. the 50/1.4 AIS etc. However, for Minolta you can safely assume that the faster lenses are better. This certainly holds for the 50/1.4 vs. 50/1.7...
  5. addieleman

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    Nice stuff (says a Minolta user/fan/collector). :thumbup: How do you like the 135mm on your µ4/3 camera?
  6. addieleman

    Lightroom philosophy help??

    +1. I watched both her Lightroom and Photoshop videos, very helpful.
  7. addieleman

    tilt-shift lens for M43

    For me the point is that I can compose the image in the camera like I want it to. It's much more inspiring to me than trying to previsualize how I'll crop later. Also, correcting keystoning in Photoshop isn't the same as preventing it and you lose some sharpness as well in the parts that are...
  8. addieleman

    tilt-shift lens for M43

    These look just the same as the Fotodiox adapters, so I'm certainly not going to spend $300 on those!
  9. addieleman

    tilt-shift lens for M43

    Option number 3 is out: B.I.G. announced later that they cancelled the project. Samyang has hinted on a 24mm shift lens for full-frame; maybe not very interesting on a µ4/3 camera, but on my Sony NEX-6 it's getting closer to useful, provided the image quality is good. Especially distortion is a...
  10. addieleman

    tilt-shift lens for M43

    I have one and it's crap. It has developed so much play that it's essentially useless. I have also tried a Kipon shift adapter for Nikon F and returned that one the same day: not very sturdy, too much play in the Nikon F mount so that the lens would wiggle and one of my lenses (Nikkor 50/1.8 AI)...
  11. addieleman

    Did some lens tests today Minolta and Konica

    In my experience there can be several reasons to use legacy lenses. You mention one, MF for video. For me the reasons to use legacy lenses besides native ones are: Manual focus is much easier when doing macro. When shooting mushrooms I preferred the Minolta MD Macro 100/4 over the PL45 for...
  12. addieleman

    Did some lens tests today Minolta and Konica

    Nice set of lenses! The Minolta 50-135/3.5 is not too good indeed wide-open, but stop it down to f/5.6 or rather f/8 and it's very good. I use it on my NEX-6 and it's excellent all the way into the corners at f/8. I have two samples and they're very much alike. In short: don't write it off yet...
  13. addieleman

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    I like the reflection of the sun in the lens!
  14. addieleman

    First prime for beginner?

    Oh, and can the bickering about "normal" be stopped? I don't think the OP is waiting for that kind of answers...
  15. addieleman

    First prime for beginner?

    In that case I'd go for the Sigma 19/2.8, at $99 you can't really go wrong with it and you can always sell it later if you decide you want a P20 or a different focal length. I have a P20 and I'll not part with it. I also have a Sigma 19/2.8 for my NEX-6 and it's quite good on that as well, but...
  16. addieleman

    Show us what your adapted lens looks like on your camera

    Nice set! How does the Nikkor 28 compare to the Minolta?
  17. addieleman

    Crush the composition

    This could take me out of a stale period. Very insightful!
  18. addieleman

    LED lights for diffuse macro lighting

    So it seems a quality unit will cost more than $200 and I think I need 2 of them. Maybe I'll go for halogen lighting instead, much cheaper solution probably for lighting with good colour balance. Thanks for the warnings, I have a better idea now where to watch for.
  19. addieleman

    LED lights for diffuse macro lighting

    I'm thinking of buying some LED lights for macro shots. I want to have fairly diffuse lighting so I'm looking into the ones with a number of LEDs in a square. Anyone using these? How much light do you get from them? How is colour rendition, any weird colour casts? Anything else to watch out...
  20. addieleman

    Metz CT 45

    Depends on the type. If you have a Metz 45 CT-1 you definitely need a voltage limiter, mine has a trigger voltage over 200 V. My CT-3 has a trigger voltage of 6.6 V and the CL-3 15.7 V which apparently is safe for a GH2 (used it, no problem). I edited this post after checking type numbers and...
  21. addieleman

    For all you Voigtlander fans... such as nickthetasmaniac!

    Yup, no ****** name calling on this forum!
  22. addieleman

    Take 10 with the GH2 - that'll be all folks...

    Nice in memoriam. All are nice, #9 is my favourite. Did you do something special to kill off your GH2? :smile:
  23. addieleman

    'Lens disappointment, Lumix G HD 14-140mm'

    Maybe the 14-140mm is a very good lens considering it's a superzoom. Having said that, I've had it twice and sold it both times. I just couldn't live with the image quality, pics always kind of disappointed me.
  24. addieleman

    Question for Hexanon 50mm f1.7 owners

    This is certainly not normal, it looks like the lens is stopped down to f/2.4. The diaphragm leaves should move when you operate the aperture ring or the lever at the rear of the lens, otherwise the lens is defective.
  25. addieleman

    COMPLETED Panasonic BLB-13 battery and DMW-DCC3 mains power | Location: EU | Ships: Worldwide

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Panasonic BLB-13 battery and DMW-DCC3 mains power </br>Prices</br> BLB-13: € 15 DMW-DCC3: € 10 Both combined: € 20 </br>Location</br> EU </br>Ships to</br> Worldwide </br>Description</br> These items are left-over after I sold my G1. The...
  26. addieleman

    You know you're old..

    You're old when this was not your first camera system. The SR-T 303b was a camera I instantly got along with, it delivered perfect shots from day one. What do you mean a GH3 is big? :smile: The black cannisters hold home-spooled films from 30m bulk rolls, FP4 and Tri-X. At the right the 28mm and...
  27. addieleman

    Showcase Minolta 28mm f/2.8 MD W. Rokkor

    See my answer to your post at TalkNEX, it's the same for µ4/3.
  28. addieleman

    Forget APS-C - MFT is the new APS-C :)

    And there I was, thinking that this was the main purpose of your starting this thread... :biggrin:
  29. addieleman

    Interesting article about "Full Frame Equivalence"

    Second that. Anytime a forum user asks a question about full-frame equivalence (or 135 format equivalence? :smile:) in any shape or form, we can simply direct him to this article and close the case as soon as possible.
  30. addieleman

    Native lens wishes...

    Same here. In fact the Panny 20/1.7 is normal for me, anything else is just not as attractive. Next up is the Panny 45/2.8 and only because there isn't a 50mm native lens, when possible I use a Minolta 50mm.
  31. addieleman

    What Minolta to use w/extension tubes?

    Apparently you want to achieve magnifications higher than 1:1. In that case I would go for the reversal ring approach, where the lens is mounted with its filter thread on the reversal ring, so that the bayonet mount side of the lens is up front. You can add extension rings between the adapter...
  32. addieleman

    How to test new lens?

    These front and back focus issues are mainly applicable to DSLRs, I had a hard time with my D200 and D300s for instance. Mirrorless cameras use contrast AF which is much less susceptible to this kind of thing. I tested my G1 with some lenses at the time, no problem at all. While focus accuracy...
  33. addieleman

    Ilford ID-11

    Standard practice in my time was to use a 1:1 diluted solution only once. I guess that the second roll will come out differently, most probably lower density. I never used the solution twice so I can't tell.
  34. addieleman

    Ilford ID-11

    I have used Ilford ID-11 and Kodak D-76 (same thing) for quite some time in the distant past. I too followed the practice of dividing the made-up solution over 125ml brown glass bottles filled to the rim and use each bottle for developing 1 film, diluting it 1:1 to get my Kindermann tank filled...
  35. addieleman

    Showcase Minolta 50mm f/1.4 MD Rokkor

    Beautiful, great idea!
  36. addieleman

    New to me G2 arrived

    Congrats, the G2 is a fine camera indeed (coming from someone who sold his G1 after acquiring a NEX-6 :eek:). If I remember correctly you promised yourself not to buy any gear this year? I would have thought that you could at least get through January without buying any. :biggrin:
  37. addieleman

    Looking for Panasonic G5 remote shutter accesorie

    You can also search on eBay for the Panasonic DMW-RS1. It is the older version of the DMW-RSL1, missing the lock slider. I have acquired two of them from eBay, both under € 20.
  38. addieleman

    GX1 does graphic

    Wow, beautiful as ever, I love every one of them and I'm sure at least one of them would be hanging on the wall if these were mine. :thumbup:
  39. addieleman

    Selling lens regrets.

    Of the many Minolta lenses I've sold I only regret selling the Rokkor 20/2.8. I'm looking to get another one, also because it would double as a moderate wide-angle on my NEX-6.
  40. addieleman

    Final 3 lens kit decision. Poll

    I did not vote. I don't like the fields of view of neither a 12mm nor a 25mm, so I'd go for 14mm - 20mm - 45mm.
  41. addieleman


    I too like the branch included, but IMHO this picture would have really benefitted from a lens with smoother bokeh for the big branch and less unsharpness near the edges for the bottom part.
  42. addieleman

    What is needed to use my konica hexanon AR lenses on micro 4/3 ?

    Search on eBay with the words "adapter micro konica", you'll find plenty of µ4/3 -> Konica AR adapters.
  43. addieleman

    35-100 and 45-175 compared

    Thanks for sharing that. It's a night and day difference in contrast and colour balance, the 35-100 looks a lot warmer.
  44. addieleman

    Is my lens' infinity focus out of calibration?

    The lens could be at fault, but your adapter may be a bit too long as well. If you use a cheap-ass adapter from China like I do, try to tighten the screws (if any) on the FD bayonet mount. Or order another adapter, I order them with this seller and they are mostly a bit short, meaning that the...
  45. addieleman

    Input on image management

    I'm one of those people that reprocess old raw files. I have more than 20,000 raw files and not for a moment I will consider throwing them away. I too feel locked in by Lightroom because once a raw file is processed in LR there is no other program (I think) than LR in which you can see how your...
  46. addieleman

    Foggy morning

    Beautiful, especially the first shot! :thumbup:
  47. addieleman

    The Streets of Tallinn (photo heavy)

    Great series, really enjoyed it. For you as a Fin it mustn't be too difficult to at least pick up some Eesti. Do you know if people there speak English? Looks like a wonderful place for a city trip.
  48. addieleman

    Canon EOS M sale

    Even quicker than I expected one well-known camera store in The Netherlands has a sale on the EOS M with 18-55mm kit lens: € 639. I'd really like Canon to come on strong on the mirrorless market but the EOS M doesn't seem to do it for them.
  49. addieleman

    Problems with Panasonic 45-175 on Olympus body

    So if the clicking only appears during still photography, I don't think Panasonic is going to do something about it. I've heard it but never gave it any thought, to be honest. I was much more concerned with the blurring (even at OIS off) at shutter speeds between 1/60 and 1/500 s, which is why I...
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